It’s a Crying Shane! Shane Meany Gets Evicted from the Big Brother House

This year’s resident Jeff Schroeder 2.0 seemed to be a kind, strong loveable lunk & Danielle immediately zeroed in on him as her Shomance of the season. For the feed watchers it was definitely a NOmance as Shane repeatedly rebuffed her advances and continually said derogatory things to Danielle in something I dubbed the Mixed Message Olympics.

When it looked like Dani had all of the power in the house, having won HOH & the POV, Shane suddenly had a renewed interest in our emotional Damsel-in-distress. He suddenly produced the tongue action Dani begged for all season in a seemingly blatant attempt to secure his safety in the BB house. But that must have been one powerful kiss because Dani & Shane’s brain power bit the dust as the they concocted an inane plan to take Dan off the block & replace him with Shane, thereby giving Dan all of the voting power & forcing him to get the “blood on his hands” from evicting Ian. Awww you silly kids!

In a move everyone saw coming but the other HG’s, Dan blindsided Shane & sent him out of the house, stunned & white as a ghost. Post eviction, Joker’s had the chance to ask Shane a few questions & this is our time with Shane.

Hello Shane, this is BestBBever with Joker’s Updates, we are sorry to see you out of the house, you were playing a great game & winning your fair share of comps. We have a thousand questions to ask you but these are the ones we have time for.

BestBBever: On your last night in the HOH with Danielle, the two of you plotted to have Dani use the veto on Dan & replace him with you, which the two of you thought would be a big power move & insure the two of you being the Final 2, in retrospect how do you feel about that brainstorming session?

Shane: Obviously, I wish we hadn’t come up with a plan like that and I wish the noms had stayed the same. That was my biggest mistake in the game.

BestBBever: Did the kissing interfere with your brain functioning?

Shane: No, I don’t think the kissing interfered.

BestBBever: From your early interviews & your conversations on the feeds, it is clear that you are a hardworking young man, are you still happy about your decision to play Big Brother?

Shane: I’m still happy I got a chance to play Big Brother. I’m not happy about my outcome.

BestBBever: What is your favorite memory of your time in the Big Brother house?

Shane: My favorite memory was the first night and sitting around and meeting everyone before the game actually got going.

BestBBever: Sometimes on the live feeds you were funny, sometimes you seemed a little sad & sometimes you were just a great part of the game but what do we need to know about Shane that you weren't able to show us or let us know while you were in the Big Brother house, in other words, who IS Shane Meany?

Shane: I’m an outgoing, hard-working, family oriented, giving person who puts his trust too much in people. I’ve always been the nice guy who gets screwed over.

BestBBever: If you ruled the Big Brother Universe and you could do your own RESET for BB14, who would you have formed a power alliance with?

Shane: Power alliance – Me, Kara, Ian, Danielle and Britney

BestBBever: Who would you permanently evict?

Shane: Permanently Evict – Frank

BestBBever: Who would you be sitting in a Final 2 with?

Shane: Final Two – Danielle

That was all the time we had with Shane. I hope he has time to realize his blindside was not that much different from the other ones he helped orchestrate this year & ease up on swallowing those bitter pills by the handful. He Got Got & it was his own doing. That has got to hurt but blaming others is just going to make the wound fester & get infected. Own it & let it go.

More than anything, I hope Shane forgives himself for forcing BB3 Marcellas Reynolds to relinquish the “King of Stupid BB Game Moves” Crown. Not since BB3 mastermind Danielle Reyes talked Marcellas into NOT using the POV that he won on himself, has anyone made such a blatant BB blunder. That crown is going to weigh heavy & I’ve heard that it leaves some painful indentations. Shane kept offering himself up as a pawn & like the foreshadowing in a Shakespearean drama it was inevitable that he would be his own undoing. He forgot the ONLY rule of CBS Big Brother; NEVER OFFER YOURSELF UP AS A PAWN, NEVER~~!~!

And for those feed watchers who were caught up in the soap opera known as the Nomance, between Shane & Danielle, it will be interesting to see if his last minute, new-found fondness for Danielle is due to cabin fever, grudge seeking/retribution or genuine affection. Color me skeptical, but he does look good in a beard.

@BestBBever for Joker’s Updates