It was my last day in the house, however I did not know it at the time. I was spending most of it relaxing in the HOH bed that I was sharing with Stratos. Thinking about the night before, I smiled at the surprise we had received. Marcellas Reynolds from BB3 came to visit. The thought of not only having someone from the outside come in, but that this man, who knew exactly what we were going through, was exciting. Closing my eyes, I reminisced...

JBB set up the backyard while we were competing with HOH, making a wonderful Hawaiian setting for us to entertain not only ourselves but also Marcellas. The parrot, which we had received earlier in the day, decided to make our special guest feel welcome by dropping a load on him. The human houseguests weren't so forward, but we did ply him with questions.

I watched as he and Stratos starting hitting it off, teasing each other with innuendoes that would make anyone blush! After gauging each other, the banter just went all out. Happy that Stratos was truly enjoying himself, I joined in while they played. Marcellas' wit caused the backyard to fill with laughter.

When Marcellas turned to me and said that I was his new Amy, I was overjoyed. Quite a compliment, as we all knew how much he loves that woman. I was just tickled-pink!

But alas, just as the party was beginning, our new friend had to go. Despite our protests, he least for the night.

I opened my eyes, not realizing that I too would be leaving the house in only a few short hours. But the whim of fate cast itself my way and I was voted out of the house. C'est la vie.

So what did I do now that I was out? Well, I got to attend a wonderful event where Marcellas is again the guest of honor. He was sad that I was voted out, but it didn't dampen the evening. Hugging and chatting, he regaled us with stories of his time in the house. Telling us who he was still close with; what he has been up to since he left; and what some of his thoughts were playing the game. We were all entranced with his stories. His thoughts about his other players were truly insightful and revealing; and despite even the toughest questions and comments, his humor shone through all night.

Marcellas is a gentleman who chooses his circle of friends with his heart. I am lucky to be in that circle; I am overjoyed he considers me a friend.