9:00 AM
The day starts with Shelly getting her alone time before the wake up call an hour later.

The house quickly bustles with a series of pre-Veto meeting meetings.

Brendon and Shelly talk. Mostly bashing about Dani. Shelly puts the bus in drive by making it known Dani will nominate Jeff and Brendon [next week] if Brendon doesn’t use the Veto [this week]. They also conspire on how to bring Lawon into the game.

Kalia chats with Dominic about how things might go this week and how Jeff thought she was lying to him yesterday. She says, “Well of course I am not going to tell him that I know they want to backdoor him”. Not long after Jeff walks by and Kalia says, “Hey Traitor Joe”. Jeff responds, “Hey Traitor”. This did not sit well with Kalia.

Lawon meets with Brendon and Rachel in the HOH. Brendon spills Kalia’s plan to get Lawon evicted in order to get Lawon to give up what he knows. Lawon says he has nothing to give. They want to recruit Lawon to do “recon” in exchange for continued safety. Lawon says if he hears anything he would tell them and also says he will vote however they want him to.

The highlight meeting of the morning; Daniele goes up to the HOH. Brendon and Dani go at it at length with Rachel keeping quiet. Dani continues her stance from yesterday that she will be very angry if Dominic is evicted. She also says over and over that she is no longer pushing for Jeff to be evicted. Brendon’s main stance is that he does not trust Dominic, fearful he would come after them at the first opportunity.

Brendon suggests a meeting with Jeff and Jordon to clear the air. Dani says to let her handle that. She’ll talk to Jeff herself.

Brendon gets a half hearted hug from Dani before leaving the room. Rachel then lets it be known to Dani she is not happy with decisions that Brendon is making.

Meanwhile outside Jeff doesn't think Dominic is being 100% honest with him. Dominic plays dumb, so they resolve to meet again after the Veto meeting.

Almost immediately Dominic and Dani are together in a bedroom where Dominic says Jeff is wigging out. Dani fills him in on the meeting with Brendon and Rachel. Daniele says she’s been playing too smart; she needs to dumb herself down.

Jeff meets with Brendon. Brendon reports his meetings with Dani and Lawon.
They agree they could have worked with Dominic, but Dani ruined it by trying to make a big move to get Jeff out.

Veto ceremony

1:00 PM
It doesn’t take long to determine the Veto wasn’t used and the post Veto-meeting meetings commence.

Porsche pledges to Brendon and Rachel not to put up the veterans if she wins HOH.

Kalia pledged loyalty Jordan and Jeff.

Jeff and Dominic have trouble finding a meeting place and end up in the Purple room. Jeff tells him if he doesn’t come clean in the first minute, there is no point in continuing. Dominic refuses to admit being a part of the plan to evict Jeff. Jeff isn’t buying it and suggests a group meeting to find out where it came from.

Jeff and Jordan report back to each other. Jordan could hear Jeff’s meeting because it was loud. She is ok with getting everyone together.
Brendan joins them and likes the idea to get everyone together and jokes they should make them swear on the bible. Kalia walks by and Jeff asks her to swear on the bible.

Adam meets with Brendan and Rachel. Dani is thrown under the bus about wanting to evict Adam. He thinks Kalia and Lawon should go before Brendon and Rachel and he let’s them know he is OK with putting up Dani if needed.

Daniele and Dominic get back together to compare notes. In this exchange Dani tells him Brendon wants to talk to the five veterans tonight and she told Brendon she didn't want to be thrown under the bus. Dominic asked why this could happen and Daniele said because it was my idea [to back door Jeff].

Elsewhere Shelly tells Brendon she thinks Dani’s dad would be disgusted with Dani's game play. Dani bashing ensues.

A little later Shelly tells Dani she heard from two different people that Dani blamed Shelly for the Backdoor Jeff plan. Dani denies she said it.

4:00 PM
The meetings have subsided for a bit as various Houseguests are exercising or preparing food.

Brendan, Jeff and Jordan discuss what to do with Dani. Brendan wants her just to understand why they’re not comfortable with Dominic, but Jeff wants to call her out.

5:00 PM
Dominic and Dani have been laying low in the Candy bedroom having a whisper-fest. At one point Dominic jokes about his interview with Julie this Thursday, “What was your biggest mistake?” Dani tells him to shut up.

Rachel and Porsche are jogging in the backyard and cutting through the patio area. Rachel manages to trip and fall pretty hard, but gets right back up and keeps jogging.

7:00 PM
Shelly prepares a Southern Spaghetti that goes over well. She says that and pancakes is all she can make.

Adam and Dominic talk at length. They think Rachel and Brendon have already made up their minds on who is leaving Thursday and they will get their way. They both are pretty sure that Kalia and Shelly are the two Newbies that flipped early.

9:00 PM
ShoToo Crawl
Veteran Player Rachel is the current HOH. For the 2nd week in a row duo Dominic and Adam are nominated for eviction. Adam, Lawon and Dominic strive to cut deals with Brendon and Rachel to stay in the house. Because of the luxury competition, there is no Have/Have not competition for the week. Danielle is working with Dominic to pit the veteran couples against each other. The next Veto competition and ceremony will air Wednesday night.

The Houseguests plan a treat for ShowTime. They play some game shows including Match Game and The Dating Game complete with costumes and blindfolds.

11:45 PM
Dominic, Dani, Kalia and Lawon meet in the Have Not room as the Veterans prepare to meet in the HOH. Dani asks to find a way to save Dominic before she heads to the Veteran meeting.

The long awaited Veteran meeting has been watered down since the goal changed from calling Dani out to making Dani feel safe with them so she won’t play so hard in the next HOH.

(ed. Not exactly in sequential order)
Brendon and Rachel set it up.
Dani says she feels left out.
Jeff worries that she leaves the room whenever he is there.
There was confusion about Dominic throwing the Veto.
Jeff didn’t know that was the plan.
Rachel thinks he tried to win.
Jeff asks Daniele why she would break their deal. She does not respond and there is a long silence.
Dani is acting defensive.
She is still on board, “I apologize, I'll take all the blame for it being awkward. I'm totally in for the final 5.” "I've already stated, Jeff, that I'm fine no matter whether Adam or Dominic goes home." She also tells him she knows he has final 6 deals with everyone in the house then later apologizes for the accusation.
Jeff wraps it up with a pep talk. Hugs all around.

After Dani left, the others don’t think she really bought into it and she’ll be coming after them.

Porsche takes a stab at working with Adam. They agree they just want to keep playing the game.

Kalia and Shelly are out back pumping each other for information, but neither gives up any.

1:00 AM

Jordan and Rachel have a nice talk about past seasons in the HOH and possible events coming up this season. They think Dani was in a good position but screwed herself up by trying to flip too early.

Dominic told Lawon he would tell him everything he knows before he goes.

Jeff and Brendon have a follow up meeting in the HOH. Jeff mentions Dominic didn’t throw the Veto. (ed. But he made a point to tell Dani earlier that it looked like he did). He can’t believe she is still trying to convince them to keep Dominic after everything today.

Rachel joins them and reports that Kalia is downstairs crying because she feels alone in the game. There is no sympathy from Brendon.

They continue to suspect a Lawon, Dani, Dominic alliance because they spend so much time together on the hammock late at night.

Meanwhile out in the hammock, Dominic wants Dani and Lawon to give him a preview of their goodbye messages to him.
While Dani is in the DR, Dominic tells Lawon he has one last shot at staying. He plans on throwing some people under the bus, "some people over 40". He’s going to make sure Brendon and Rachel know that Shelly is with Jeff and Jordan over Brendon and Rachel.

3:30 AM

Dani returns from the DR and Dominic stops talking about his bus driving plans for tomorrow. Dominic hopes the nickname "PT" doesn't stick when he leaves the house.
Dani tells the guys the vets alliance is called the DCA- Dream Crushers Alliance- and she came up with the name.
Somewhere after 5:00 AM they pack it in and the house goes quiet.

With everyone in the house swearing they will hold on for dear life in the next HOH, who is really serious? Can Dani recover if Dominic leaves? Or can Dominic survive long enough to see a power shift? It’s getting good, folks!

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