Casey gets up very early—about 5:30 pm BBT….Casey sits outside in the BY for a smoke, then heads inside for a shower…After the shower, Casey goes outside for another smoke….He looks very sad….After the smoke, Casey comes back inside, and gets back into bed.

The “official” BB wake-up call comes at about 8:00 am…As usual, the HGs beginning puttering around with their morning routines—showering, making breakfast etc. Not much conversation except morning greetings….Ronnie sits at the table looking at the wall of HG pics…He may even be crying…..Russ tells Ronnie not to stress because it’s going to be okay.

There is some giggling as the HGs get ready for the day….Jessie is dressing up like Kevin…(Ed note: Today was the day that the HGs decided to dress like each other, and it appears that some of them did, but they barely talked about or had fun with it, which is why don’t see anyting about it in this update…..About 9:10 am there is a backyard lockdown that lasts for about 25 minutes….While the HG are all outside it is very awkward—there is very little talking….After the lockdown is over, pretty much everyone goes inside but Casey stays outside to smoke….Nat goes up to the HOH and yells, “You in there?”….After a “Yeah” from Jessie, Natalie gets in bed and they watch the spy screen….The HGs continue morning routine—eating breakfast, doing laundry, etc…Chima heads up to HOH and asks Nat why she looks so depressed. Nat replies that she is just tired, and that the remote for the spycam isn’t working because Jessie did something to it last night…Nat and Chima play with the remote to try to get it to work…Chima borrows a blanket from the HOH bed (after getting Nat’s permission--LOL!) and settles into the round chair.

At about the same time, Michele and Lydia are in the spa room, and Kevin asks what is going on….Michele says that she and Chima were not supposed to go up…Kevin asks Michele who she would put up, and she replies that she and Jeff haven’t been doing too well…..Michele asks Kevin who he is targeting, and Kevin says he is targeting the athletes. Michele says that that is why she mentioned Jeff… Lydia says they all have an equal shot at HOH, and one time they will get it…Kevin doesn’t think that he and Lydia are targets, but thinks that Michelle, Jeff and Jordan are the targets. He thinks the reason they are keeping Ronnie is because of the numbers…More strategy talk between Michele, Lydia, Kevin, talking about what will happen next week if the athletes are HOH again.

In the HOH room, Nat is complaining about Lydia, and says to tell Lydia not to even have Nat’s name come out of Lydia’s mouth…Nat says if Lyida gets HOH, Lydia will put up Nat…..Jessie says that he doesn’t think Lydia will win HOH—she doesn’t seem to be trying…Nat says the next time Lydia talks about Nat tell her not to talk about Nat—Nat doesn’t want Lydia even thinking about Nat….Nat wants Jessie to put up Lydia (when Michele takes herself off at the POV meeting later today….Jessie says, “I was waiting for that, but they want Casey gone, too”

10:00 am BBT—Nat, Chima, Jessie are still in HOH….Nat asks God that she wins the game….Jessie tells Nat not to do that, because they all pray to the same god and someone has to lose. She should pray for strength instead….Chima laughs and asks god to keep her mouth closed…Nat asks Chima if she thinks Lydia should be sent home, and Chima says, “No.”…Nat wants to have it really be like high school and to have a schoolyard fight (presumably between her and Lydia—not sure.)…Jessie tries to convince Nat that she doesn’t have to worry about Lydia….But Jessie does hope that Ronnie doesn’t f*ck them…Nat says Ronnie can’t afford to. Nat wants Russell out because he is strong and a threat. Nat says that Russell wants Jessie out, because after Casey goes, all the strong people are gone….Nat says she doesn’t want people to think she’s as strong as she actually is.

Elsewhere, Lydia and Kevin have left the spa room and gotten in Lydia’s bed…Lydia says that Jordan rolled over in her sleep and said, “Backdoor Ronnie.”…Jordan has joined them in the pool room, and the three of them agree that they don’t have the numbers to save Casey this week….Kevin complains that Jessie/Nat don’t tell them sh*t.

Jeff and Casey are in the BY….They talk about Russell being a follower but pretending he’s running things…They talk about Nat riding Jessie’s coattails and wearing his T-shirts all day….Jeff/Casey say that no one wants to see that Jessie is playing to win, and everyone else is just following him around….Jeff says that no matter who goes home this week, he wants to make some “noise” even if it means he gets kicked out next week…Casey advises Jeff to sign up and drink the kool-aid…Casey says he will be home watching the show, f*cking his hot wife, while Ronnie is getting letters from is fat wife….Jeff/Casey marvel at how Ronnie was able to turn around the house’s opinion of him….Jeff says that once Casey is gone, who else does he have to keep his word to. He’ll carry Jordan as long as he can, but he has to start thinking about the money and getting focused….Casey said when he was Jeff’s age, he was flying all over the country sleeping with girls…Casey tells Jeff he could hook Jeff up with a bootie call if Jeff comes down to visit him. Jeff seems uncomfortable with this conversation.

11:00 am BBT….Casey is called into the DR…Michelle has joined Jeff in the BY. Michelle tells Jeff that she doesn’t think Ronnie is completely safe….Jeff doesn’t understand why Jessie wouldn’t put up Ronnie….Casey rejoins them and continues to vent…Casey says, “Banana suit, margarita party, and evicted in the same week—that must be some sort of record. Jeff kids that at least Casey isn’t bitter about it, and they all laugh…. More funny comments from Casey—he’s trying to convince himself that he is okay about being put up up for possible eviction.

Just before noon, Jeff/Jordan are at the pool, discussing a possible alliance with Kevin, Lydia, and Michele.


Around noon, there is an outside lockdown….There is very little talking.

About 12:20 we get first FISH, then TRIVA—it’s the POV ceremony….The feeds come back at 12:54….Michelle used her veto to save herself and Casey was put on the block…Jordan and Casey are in the BY and Casey asks, “Where is the outrage?” (about Ronnie not being nominated)….Jeff has joined them outside and is upset that Jessie threw in a “zinger” at Casey—that it was bad enough to nominate Casey, but why did Jessie have to throw in a zinger?....Casey says he has a couple of “zingers” for his eviction Thursday…..Caseys says he could have won the POV, but he thought he was safe, (and gave up points for the margarita party) so he takes responsibility for the fact he was put up.

1:00 pm BBT…Jordan has joined Jeff/Casey….Jordan hopes America sees Jessie for what he is….More of the same kind of talk—varying between bitterness and jokes, but one funny comment from Jeff is that “Ronnie wants it in the backdoor from Jessie.” (Ed. Note: Mean, but funny.)

Around 1:30, somewhere Ronnie is droning on and on about when he was a manage at Blockbuster….Ronnie is called to the DR a little later, and Casey yells out, “Teflon Ron. Nothing sticks to that dude.”…Casey goes inside to take a shower and we find out that Casey wears “tighty whities.”…On the way in, Casey attacks Russell and asks him why he isn’t outraged…Russell says that, like Casey, he’s there to win the money. Russell asks what the point is (in being outraged). It’s done, and it wasn’t Russell’s choice. If Russell starts complaining, he tells Casey that he (Russell) will be in the same position next week as Casey is in this week.

2:00 pm BBT—Lydia goes up to the HOH room….Jessie is in bed with headphones, sleeping….Lydia tries to put the blanket up over them and Jessie pushes it away, saying he is too hot…Then Jessie puts a pillow between them…..Lydia is baby talking and Jessie tells her to get out..Lydia thinks Jessie is joking and tells him to chill out….Lydia keeps trying to put the moves on Jessie, but he doesn’t respond….Jessie asks Lydia why she is dressed like a boy. He says he liked how Lydia dressed at the veto comp…They start talking about dancing and music, and start a little flirting….Lydia tells Jessie she’s not dressed like a boy anymore…Jessie looks under the covers and says they are going to get in trouble.

Jessie turns to serious conversation and asks her about his POV speech….She says that she and Kevin were confused by it….Jessie gets a little confrontational and keeps repeating things Lydia’s said before and but that now she’s changing her tune…Lydia gets back under the covers, and in a baby voce asks if Jessie wants a tootsie roll or a lollipop….Jessie says he wanted one thing and Lydia couldn’t even give it to him. He tells Lydia to quit poking him…..Lydia gets up and says she’ll come back later looking like a girl…Jessie points under the sheets and says, “Look what you did to me.”…Jessie and Lydia are now under the sheets, and it sounds like they are kissing. (Ed. Note: Not sure exactly what is being kissed, since Lydia said the other day that Jessie had never kissed her on the mouth. Either Jessie has changed his mind, or some other body part is being kissed. LOL)….After a bit, Lydia gets up and tells Ronnie to enjoy his nap.

Meanwhile, it’s about 2:30 in the house and Russell and Ronnie are in the storage room….Russell tells Ronnie, “I told you I had you.” Russell says it’s himself, Ronnie, and Jessie…Ronnie gleefully says that Casey is going to be evicted in a banana suit.

Within minutes after Lydia leaves (about 2:45), Nat comes into the HOH room…Jessie offers Nat something to eat, and Nat immediate begins complaining that Lydia is pissed about Jessie’s decision….Jessie sticks up for Lydia, trying to explain things to Nat…Nat asks Jessie what Lydia told him…Nat says she hates Lydia, and can’t stand the way that Lydia comes up to HOH and is using Jessie, and that Lydia thinks she “has” Jessie….More talk from Nat about she hates Lydia and doesn’t like Jessie talking to her…Jessie asks Nat why, and Nat answers, “I just don’t.)

3:00 pm BBT—Kevin is outside talking to Casey, asking if Casey thinks they can get the votes to keep him…Kevin tells Casey he can work Chima, she is the weakest link….Casey doesn’t know about Michele, that Michele “blows with the wind…Kevin tells Casey that he and Lydia would vote for him if Casey has the numbers…Casey still can’t believe that there is no mob against Ron when there is one against him…Casey says that Ronnie and his wife making love is probably like two sea walruses. Casey says that Ronnie’s wife probably has hair on her nipples, which is such a turn-off. ..Casey once again brags about all the women he’s been with…Russell is now out with Casey and says he thinks Lydia is bipolar…Casey thinks Michele is—that Michele is psycho. Russell disagrees.

Kevin talks Ronnie into playing pool with him, so the two of them play while Russell and Casey continue to converse/make jokes on the outside couches…Ronnie tells Lydia he hasn’t ever lied to her or Kevin. (Okaaaaay)….Lydia goes into the WC dressed like a girl and putting on makeup for Jessie.

Funniest line of the day (at least so far)….BB calls an outdoor lockdown at about 3:45 and Ronnie says, “Oh no, my weenies are on.” (the stove, presumably.) (Ed note: Okay, it’s not THAT funny, but my taste is slipping the longer I type.)…During the outside the lockdown, all the HGs are very quiet, many of them try to nap, except that Nat continues to give Lydia the evil eye….The camera guys are also just as bored because they pick one HG after another and slowly zoom in and zoom out, over and over, then pick another HG to do the same…They do this to Jeff, then Lydia, then Kevin, then Ronnie….Ronnie is idly clapping his hands. (Ed note: Ronnie has amused himself this way before. Very strange to see a grown man playing pattycake with himself. Is he keeping time with songs inside his head or is this a code to his wife? Not sure I want to know.)

4:00 pm…The outside lockdown ends at about 4:10…Soon after, Jessie and Ronnie talk game in the Red Room….Ronnie tattles on Lydia….Jessie tells Ronnie he only trusts 3 people in the house and he never considered putting Ronnie up…..Ronnie thinks that his family probably voted to give the Have Nots cocktail weenies because they know Ronnie loves them.

Outside, Casey joins Lydia and Kevin on the couches…Lydia tells Casey she’s sorry he’s on the block—she had no idea….Casey said everyone knew but him…Lydia asks Casey if he stayed next week whether he’d go after “the four.”…Casey says “Yes, their time will come”…Lydia and Kevin are trying to be nice to Casey, but he’s not in the mood
Lydia goes inside….Kevin and Lydia talk game in the Red Room…They say they are out of the loop and piece together that Ronnie is lying to them….

Lydia goes to the splash room to talk to Jordan/Jeff, wondering why if everyone hated Ronnie so much last week they are spending so much time with him now….She also thinks that Russell was faking the yelling he did while Ronnie was HOH…The three of them think that everyone hating Ronnie was just a big show…Casey comes into splash room to lie down…Jordan leaves to get something to eat…Michelle, Ronnie, Natallie, Chima, Kevin are talking around the kitchen table…Lots of idle chatter.

5:00 pm….Kevin and Jessie go upstairs to play chess…Lydia goes into HOH, Nat into DR….Jessie asks Kevin if he’s okay with Casey going up…Kevin says as long as it’s not himself going up…Jessie says that Lydia didn’t seem happy….Jessie asks Kevin if Casey said anything…Kevin says that Casey is pissed, and summarizes his BY conversation with Casey…Ronnie joins them.

Nat goes into HOH and Jessie tells her that Lydia is in HOH…Lydia is sleeping…Nat gets herself a snack in HOH and doesn’t seem to worry about making noise.

Not sure where (maybe at chessboard and Kevin has left), Ronnie tells Jessie and Natalie about a new plan to fix the HOH comp….Ronnie says that since Lydia and Kevin know how to fix the competition, when they are around Lydia/Kevin they will continue to say “Pick A” but the rest of them will pick “B.” (Talking about how to fix “majority rules” type competition.)

6:00 pm…..Jeff and Jordan are in the BY…..Jeff working out. Jordan says her arms are sore…On and off, Casey sings “I’m a man in a banana suit, using a watering can as a microphone. (Ed. Note: It is very funny.)…Russell is working out, too….Jordan works out on the elliptical and Jeff tells her he’s proud of her…Casey quips that he’s going to vomit. (Ed note: LOL)…Jordan asks Casey about his wife. Casey goes into a lot of detail—wife is ½ Philipino, long fingers, long toes, pretty white teeth, she has good style and is very funny…No idea of the context, but Jordan says she only smokes when she’s drunk…Ronnie actually comes outside to work out.

Inside the house, Kevin is unclogging the toilet with Lydia and Nat also in WC….They think Ronnie clogged the toilet…Russ comes in and asks, “Who takes explosive dumps like that.”…Nat laughs and calls out Ronnie….Russ and Jeff both come in to look.

Nat tells Lydia that Jessie said Nat was rude to Lydia this morning and apologizes to her, saying she was just sleepy. Lydia says, “No worries.”

Around 7:30, Chima, Nat, Kevin, Lydia, Jeff, Jordan are in the kitchen…Jeff and Lydia are doing most of the cooking…In the BY, Jordan and Casey complain about people who cook but don’t clearn up…Jordan tells Casey that Jessie is really scared about going home the 4th week like he did last year….Casey says he doesn’t care about the game anymore—in his mind, he is already home…..Casey hopes he can sleep tonight, because he couldn’t last night…Jeff joins Jordan and Casey outside…Casey still feeling sorry for himself….Jeff asks if they are having sad burgers and cheese cries for dinner

8:00 pm BBT—The Jordan/Jeff/Casey convo continues outside….Jordan/Jeff tell Casey he will have a good montage in the banana suit….Jeff smells Jordan’s feet. (Ed. Note: No idea why.)…Casey continues to make up funny lyrics to his “man in banana suit” song. (Ed note: Casey is alternating between being maudlin and very funny.)….They talk about the live feeds and that they cost too much (LOL), and talk about posts and message boards are cheaper….Jeff thinks that everyone they know watches them on the Internet…They agree that Laura is watching them on the feeds….Casey says he feels like he let down the people who picked him to be on the show. He says he expects more from himself, but he isn’t going kiss Jessie’s *ss.

By about 8:30, Casey is in the kitchen eating. Chima says he doesn’t have to eat by himself. Casey says it’s okay…Russ and Chima go outside..then Russell called to DR.

Most of the HGs are in the backyard…Chima says she’ll work out next week when she’s not on slop…Chima thinks past HGs had more fun and they are boring…There is a lot of going back and forth between inside and outside, and idle chit chat….Chima and Russ sit together and share idle chit chat. Chima sweetly scratches Russ’s head while they talk…Chima calls Russ a little bear, a grumpy bear, an angry bear.

A little later, Russ dives into the pool and hits his head…Chima says Russ should see a medic because you never know…Russ is nonchalant about it.

9:00 pm BBT….Chima says she feels sorry for Casey….Russ says he has talked to Casey and so has Jordan…..While Jordan cleans her shoes (after the veto comp) Casey talks about his DJ digs and all the stuff he does in his music career….Kevin comes out and talks about the truth or dare game the other night, and Chima licking honey off Russ’s finger…Apparently the DR has been asking Kevin and others about it.

Now Russ is worried about his crack to the head when he dove into the pool. His neck is sore and he has a headache. Chima tells him once again to have it checked out….Chima tells Russell that the closer she gets to Russel the madder Lydia gets. Russell doesn’t think so. Chima snuggles up to Russ.

Around 9:30 Casey sings his banana man song, to a reggae beat…Then Casey does impersonations of the other HGs…Casey says, “I will remember all you f*ckers!”…Now the HGs make fun of Casey…Most of the HGs are outside, making random chit chat.

Inside, dumb stuff is going on, like Nat bugging Lydia by knocking on the WC door and Chima saying she’s going to hide any beer the HGs get because she is bored.

Just before 10:00 pm Jessie, Nat and Ronnie go out to the BY, and instantly the whole BY quiets down. Most of the guests just sitting and not talking…There is also moving back and forth between the house and BY….Natalie slips up and says Obama came to her school and did a speech at her graduation...Chima questions, “Obama did?” Natalie corrects herself by saying it was the school she is going to go to…Natalie asks Kevin if he voted for Obama since he’s half black. Chima tells Natalie that a lot of white people voted for Obama, too.

Natalie says she is bored and ready to go home and do things…Kevin jokes, “Did you hear that? Natalie WANTS to go home.” Natalie gets very defensive….Natalie says she wants to stir things up in the house…Jessie brings up the Laura vote again….Chima wants to play some kind of practical joke….They talk about hiding things like the Buddha, but say it would be hard to do since Lydia stays up so late. Nat says they will just have to let Lydia in on the joke….Talk about other practical jokes they could do, such as hiding food, or dismantling the hammock and hiding it…..Chima says she will go make out with Russell for something to do…Jess is keeping his feet warm under Nat’s bottom.

Ronnie and Michele are sitting on the edge of the hot tub talking…Ronnie is still talking about “majority rules”…Otherwise, they chit chat about their families watching the feeds…Then Ronnie goes inside to fix weenies.

The BY chit chat continues and is too miscellaneous and boring to report….Inside talk is about which fast food restaurants they like best, then TV shows….In the hammock, Jeff and Jordan talk game, and wonder what side Michele is on….Jeff says Michele makes weird noises and talks in her sleep, saying things like, “Backdoor Russell or Ronnie.”….Jordan says she was working Jessie by acting like she needed his help in doing lunges properly…Jordan says Russell always asks about her boyfriends…Jordan admits she flirts with Russell a little for game purposes….She tells Jeff to be nice to everybody…More game talk of the same type.

As it moves into the 11:00 hour, Jeff and Jordan’s game talk continues….They say several times that they are a package….They go inside a little after 11:15.

Ronnie and Jordan are in the kitchen together, but do not talk….Ronnie makes himself a big bowl of cocktail weenies, then goes back outside…Russell is called to the DR—the other HG’s speculate it is to see if Russ injured himself when he dove in the pool…Nat comes into the kitchen. She reassures Jordan that she is not going home. Nat asks Jordan if she is upset about being on the block. Jordan says she doesn’t always want to be the pawn. Nat tells Jordan to keep her head up and she has Nat’s vote.

In the BY the chit chat continues, and Jessie falls asleep on the BY couches….Lydia decides to paint Jessie’s toenails pink while he is asleep….The others in BY try not to laugh…Nat says Jessie will yell at “her” about the nail polish. Lydia tells Nat not to say anything. Ronnie thinks the whole thing is so hilarious he can barely breathe…Then Lydia suggests that everyone go inside and leave Jessie sleeping on the outdoor couch…Everyone goes inside.


Inside Nat is eating ice cream, and Ronnie asks her to play pool with him. (Ed note: This is minutes after the whole group decides to go inside)….Nat and Ron do go outside to play pool…In the WC, Kevin/Chima/Lydia talk about Russ’ injury…Casey was asleep in pool room, but he gets up, and puts on his banana suit..and goes outside for a smoke..

Jeff/Jordan are talking in bed and hear someone snoring very loudly. They think it’s Kevin (ed note: I THINK Kevin is awake and somewhere else—not sure) …Jeff massages Jordan’s shoulders….Then Jordan gets up and joins Lydia, Kevin, and Michelle in the WC, but Jordan looks sleepy….Lydia heads to the BY.

Lydia goes up to Jessie asleep in the BY and says “Hey” to him in a baby voice….Lydia plops down next to Jessie on the couch and asks if he wants to go “sleep sleep.”….Jessie wants to go eat. (Ed note: He still hasn’t noticed his toenails)…Jessie asks who is still awake and Lydia says they are all going to bed….Jessie asks Lydia if she is hungry, and Lydia says she will make him food. He is going to have peanut butter sandwich. (Note” Jess has still not noticed his toes.)

Nat walks into the kitchen…Lydia asks, “My turn yet? (Ed note” Not sure for what)….Nat says she didn’t get a chance yet and walks out with a mumbled apology, something like, “I didn’t mean…..” (Ed note: Sorry, I’m confused.)….. When FISH return Chima, Kevin, Nat, Ronnie, Michelle are in WC talking about someone possibly punching Russ and getting eliminated. (Ed note: Before the Fish, Casey had a pot and pan in his hand and is now in DR, so maybe they are talking about Casey.)….Nat says she is going to go lock herself in the HOH room.

Jessie joins the WC group and laughs about his toenails…No one admits to doing the toenail painting…Nat accuses Kevin

Casey comes out of the DR and puts the pot back…..Nat is tells Jessie that he didn’t hear about the nail polish thing from her….Jessie says Ronnie already told him….Ronnie is VERY excited about the toenails and wishes he could have seen Jessie’s face. Then Ronnie remembers that he will be able to see it later on YouTube.

In the splash room, Casey is making Jordan/Jeff laugh….Jeff heads out to the WC, and Casey speculates that Jeff may have some “wood.”….In the meantime, Casey talks to Jordan, once again alternating between feeling sorry for himself and singing his “Man in a banana suit” song.

In the BY Jessie and Lydia are fighting about the toenail prank…Jessie says, “If you would lie to me about such a small thing…..” Lydia apologizes in her baby voice.

Jeff is back in the swim room with Casey and Jordan…...In the green room Michele tells Chima and Ronnie that Lydia and Kevin approached her to join an alliance with them, Jeff and Jordan…Ronnie talks cr*p about Jordan….Ronnie says Jordan’s boobs are busted and she is playing for second place to get them paid off. He thinks they look awful…Chima says she thinks Jordan’s boobs look good and she’s seen much worse….Ronnie says that Casey is a poor educator because he drank before he was 18…Michele and Chima disagree and say that teachers don’t have to be perfect….After this conversation, Ronnie scurries upstairs to tell Nat about this conversation, taking Michele with him. Michele spills everything. Nat tells Michele that she is now part of their team.

2:00 am….Casey, Jordan, Jeff are still in the splash room laughing and talking….Jeff has traded beds with Lydia so he can sleep with Jordan…They are still wide awake…Casey gets up, puts on his banana suit, and goes for a smoke. Lydia is outside, lying on the couch….Lydia tells Casey that Nat told everyone that Casey was going to go crazy with the pots and pans in the early morning…Casey says that Nat hasn’t spoken to him in 48 hours….Lydia said she would love it if Casey went crazy with the pots and pans in the early morning….They count votes and Lydia suggests they might get Jeff’s vote…Casey says it won’t happen and he wouldn’t ask Jeff to do that…Lydia tells Casey that Russell abused Ronnie before, but is now having secret meetings with him…Casey says he sees it and that Russell drank the Ronnie kool-aid….Lydia wants Nat gone and to give Jessie hell….Casey says the only way to do it is to win….Jessie won and put Casey up, and that’s fair because Jessie earned that right…Neither Casey or Lydia trusts Michele and how she spends more time with the other side now…..Lydia wonders why Jordan stays. Lydia says she loves Jordan but she’s not an asset. Casey says it’s not that they want Jordan to stay, but that Casey is more of a threat…Lydia says that Jeff will have to drop Jordan sometime. Casey says, “Not this week.”…..Lydia and Casey both head inside…Go to WC and then to their respective beds…In the splash room, Jeff/Jordan are both asleep.

Back in HOH, Ronnie says that for sick purposes he wants to see Lydia and Kevin campaign against each other…Jessie/Nat and the Brains want Lydia and Kevin on slop next week…Ronnie says, “Imagine Lydia’s bipolar mind on slop.” Chima says, “In the insane asylum where she should have been before she came here….The group bad mouths Jordan, and Ronnie says Jordan has been caught in lies (but neglects to specify any)….Then the badmouthing of Kevin/Lydia continues…Nat says if Lydia/Kevin hadn’t pushed so hard, Jeff and Jordan might be next….Ronnie says that if he tells J/J about the Lydia/Kevin thing they might just…..Everyone interrupts and tells Ronnie, “No, Jeff/Jordan REALLY hate you. (Ed: LOL)

3:00 am….The brains go to bed…..Jessie and Nat are outside…Nat asks Jessie what he has to gain by talking to Lydia….Jessie replies, “Maybe so I can get away from you. Stop thinking about yourself.”…Nat says that all Lydia gives Jessie is false information, so he should stop talking to her. (Ed note: Well, Lydia gives Jessie a little more than that, Natalie. LOL)….Nat and Jessie move inside and play chess, not talking much

4:00 am…..Jessie and Nat are still playing chess and then at some point have moved to the kitchen….Nat says once again that she is mad that Jessie is hanging with Lydia so much. Jessie replies that he is doing what he can to get by, because he can’t have Natalie. He tells Nat she doesn’t know what he goes through every day not being able to have her.…(Ed note: Hmmm. First time I’ve heard that.)…They argue back and forth about it.

The rest of the HGs seem to be in bed, except that Lydia walks by Jessie/Nat in the kitchen about 4:30 am…Lydia goes out to the hammock in the backyard….Nat/Jessie make eggs…They argue about how many to make.

5:00 am Jessie notices that Lydia is out on the hammock and tells Nat that she is crying…Nat gives Jessie permission to ask Lydia if she wants breakfast, then says, “You don’t have to kiss her *ss, just ask once and let it go.”…Nat tells Jessie she might sleep with him in HOH…..Lydia comes inside and takes a shower….Nat tells Jessie that Lydia lies more than Kevin, but Jessie says he doesn’t care—it doesn’t matter….Nat/Jess decide to sleep until 2:00 in the afternoon….Lydia is still in the shower….Nat says they will lock the door to the HOH room…Jessie says that “our girl Chima” has to be able to get in (to HOH)

Nat talks about training for the junior Olympics….Apparently she trained at the Olympic center in Colorado and got to go to Greece.

Jessie asks Nat if she thinks Lydia is bipolar…Nat says, “No.”…Nat says let her ask the DR if they need her for anything before they go to bed….Both Nat and Jessie go to the WC, but neither of them says anything to Lydia..

Lydia says that Jessie and Nat were rude to others in the house by talking because sound travels in the house….Lydia leaves the WC pissed…..Jessie tells Nat that the cat is out of the bag and relays the convo he just had with Lydia….Lydia heard Nat say that she wants Lydia gone…Jessie and Nat hug good-night…Nat confirms with Jessie that he is going to lock the HOH room door…Jessie says, “yes.”…Nat leaves….Lydia is still in the WC doing makeup…..Jessie goes up to HOH, then comes back down looking for Lydia.

It’s almost 6 am, and the gist of the Jessie/Lydia convo that follows is covered in the July 28 recap, so as night turns into morning, I am going to stop this recap, and get some sleep myself.

Once again, thanks so much to the wonderful updaters who make these recaps possible.