9:00 AM

The houseguests have received their wake up call and are milling around. They got to listen to Justin Timberlake and NSYNC. Natalie was very happy.

Ronnie is quick to corner Michelle. He offers full disclosure about his HOH week. When Michelle asks if he had any deals, we learn his definition of ‘Deal’ is two people to the end.

10:00 AM

Veto players have been picked. Jessie, Michelle, and Kevin will play along with Lydia, Ronnie and Russell.

There is lots of joking and paranoia about who has the magical power.

11:00 AM

Jessie makes a case to Russell to throw the POV to him so he will be safe from the magical power.

Chima works Michelle to keep Ronnie. Then decides it’s better to go with Russell’s plan to get Ronnie out.


Everyone is resting up in preparation for the Veto. Jeff and Jordon do some cuddling and flirting under a blanket fort.

Feeds out for Veto Comp

3:00 PM

We learn that Michele won the Veto. It had to do with guessing the numbers of arrows, feathers, graves, and rats. They wore togas or Greek themed costumes.

Ronnie mentions he could have ‘stayed in’ and it would have taken Russell out. Russell uses this as an opportunity to yell at Ronnie that he lost and he’s going home. (ed. It must be getting old as no one even flinches and just keeps right on talking).

Russell and Jessie have a chat where Russell says he is not into Chima and would rather she not hang all over him and tell him who he can talk to.

4:00 PM

Jessie relays to Natalie about Russell’s aversion to Chima. Meanwhile Ronnie is making a case to Chima to get Michelle to use the Veto.

Ronnie finds Michelle sleeping and he makes a loud noise. Michelle does not wake up so Ronnie pulls out his bible and camps out in another bed.

Chima makes an attempt to talk to Russell, but he does not answer the HOH door.

Jeff comes in and announces there is a basketball net in the pool now. Michele hears this and heads outside to see. This leads to a private conversation between Michelle and Jeff. Michelle goes into full out game mode, feels Jeff out about things, and throws out a vision of a Jeff/Michele final two (with a Jordon third wheel along for the ride).

5:00 PM

Jeff is more into a Russell, Jordon, Michelle team up than anything else. Jordon joins them in the backyard and they bring her up to speed. Jordon says she wants that “mystery thing”. They realize they control the vote this week now. Michelle notes that with the Veto she is now “free from wizardry”.

They continue to have a bonding session until Michelle goes inside, leaving Jeff and Jordon alone. They review their game situation. Jordon wants to put up Jessie and Natalie. Jeff says Jessie has the “personality of an orange road cone”.

6:00 PM

It’s the Jeff and Jordon hour. They are still alone in the back yard rehashing the game. Jordon is a little scared about Michelle. Jeff says you have to trust someone. They nap, they flirt, the watch a big spider and wonder how spiders mate. They play a game of random questions. If Jordon could be any animal she would be a squirrel. Jeff gives her a hard time about that one.

7:00 PM

Michelle makes a brief appearance to say she is out of the diary room.

Jordon eventually gets up and goes on a cleaning spree in the kitchen.

8:00 PM

Sleeping houseguests begin to stir. Lots of primping. They get alcohol before BB After Dark begins.

9:00 PM
Natalie tries to motivate Ronnie. He is still in bed reading the bible. Natalie advises he has to work on Michelle some more. Ronnie doesn’t think she’ll use the Veto but thinks he has her vote.

Almost everyone is in the back yard getting along and drinking.

Jordon decides to take a bubble bath in the HOH. Elsewhere, Natalie announces she will not be showering for the rest of the week.

Jessie chases Michelle into the back yard. He has a handful of squid and is playing like he is going to throw it on everyone (ed. Now there’s a sentence I never imagined).

10:00 PM

Backyard crew still getting along talking about Casey setting the bar high with his speech when he left.

Jessie sits down inside at the table with a heaping plate of squid he has prepared.

11:00 PM

Lots of random chit chat everywhere. Folks still getting along nicely.
They talk about two people that were in the house for the Veto and that they all drank wine during the competition.

Michelle takes a meeting with Russell in the HOH. She fills him in on all the things Ronnie is saying to try to get her to help him from being evicted. They have common ground and appear to be working together now.

Elsewhere Lydia and Kevin want to make sure Ronnie leaves, but want to make sure they are still ok with Jessie.


Lydia and Kevin are still conspiring. Kevin wants to find an excuse to nominate Natalie. They’ve switched gears and Kevin mentions it would be great if Jessie were evicted in the fourth week again. They are leery of trusting Russell now too.

Meanwhile Michelle and Russell continue their meeting. Michelle mentions that they are now a foursome (Jeff Jordon, Michelle and Russell). They switch to personal talk and Michelle tells him she has a PHD in neuroscience.

Jeff and Jordon are in bed playing around. Jordon asks Jeff to pull her finger so she can poot. She wants to have a farting contest.

1:00 AM
Russell and Michelle still having the personal chat. It is a bit bumpy and awkward at times. Jessie and Natalie have been camped out at the HOH door playing chess. Russell has been keeping tabs on them on the spy screen and notes that “they gave up” when they head back downstairs.

Elsewhere Jeff says he wants the power so he can tell people to "watch their tone." He says he wants to be the "Tone Ranger"

2:00 AM

Michelle and Russell finally leave the HOH.

Jessie and Natalie catch Russell and the three of them head back to the HOH.
Jessie is irritated and probing why they were in there so long. Russell lets them know she is not using the Veto and that she has been afraid of Ronnie since they have been in the house. Jessie and Natalie continue making a case to keep Ronnie.

Jessie and Natalie continue complaining that Kevin ate a grape. This has been an underlying theme all day. Natalie heads downstairs.

Michelle, Lydia, Chima, Kevin, Jeff and Jordan are in the Red bedroom. Jordon gives up her bed so Michelle can stay in there instead of with Ronnie. Chima says it will be like a Jonestown here if Ronnie cooks.

Somehow Natalie has Michelle alone making a case for Ronnie. She is trying to be sweet and nice. Michelle shoots her down at every turn, but Natalie just pauses and tries again and again. She finally gives up and goes to report to Ronnie.

Natalie tells Ronnie that Michelle is not using the Veto and in so many words, will not vote to keep him. She advises he go talk to Russell.

Ronnie heads up to the HOH and requests a meeting with Russell. Jessie lets them alone. Ronnie almost immediately seems nervous on the verge of tears. He move through anger, frustration, desperation and lays it on thick that he’ll do anything to stay in the house.

3:00 AM

Michelle chats with Kevin. Informs him she will not be voting to keep Ronnie.

Meanwhile Ronnie has left the HOH in search of Michelle. He finds her just before 4:00 AM and they go to the back yard by themselves. Ronnie makes case after case why she should trust him now. Michelle counters him at every turn, but undaunted, he just keeps trying. Finally Michelle tells him he couldn’t even admit he had an alliance with Jessie and Natalie. She stands up, announces forcefully, “I’m done!” and leaves Ronnie sitting on the couch. (ed. It was quite the moment and certain to make the show).

The rest of the evening/morning consists of Jessie and Natalie avoiding the Have Not room and still trying to figure out how to get their way. They eventually go to sleep in the green room (ed. And BB shows leniency to not call them out about it).

It was certainly an entertaining day in the house. Will the Russell, Michelle, Jordon, Jeff alliance take hold? Will Jessie and Natalie figure a way out for Ronnie? What will Ronnie try next? And who in the world will win the magic wand fairy godmother Harry Potter super wizard power?!

Thanks go to the updaters, especially those that stay up so late!