9:00 AM

BB has awakened the houseguests to ‘Under the Sea’ from The Little Mermaid.
We immediately hear Lydia comment she dreamt she had sex last night. (ed. Umm, it wasn’t a dream and we have the Flashbacks to prove it!)

Natalie tells Jessie “Next time I vote, I am going to vote right. That way when Casey goes up against Jordan they will think it was Casey who voted Jordan out last time.”
When Jessie says he is going to pick Ronnie to host the POV, Natalie gets mad because she wants to host. She says as Co-HOH she should have some choices and benefits. Jessie reminds her that he is the HOH.

Ronnie is alone on the dining room and does a pirouette. Just when we wonder if we actually saw that, he walks back and does it again. Moments later Natalie coaches Ronnie to use the Veto on Michelle if he wins it.

11:00 AM

Players were picked for the POV and it takes us a little while to figure out, Jessie, Michele, Casey, Jordan, Chima, and Jeff are playing.

The house is very quiet and we get Fish for the POV about 1:20 PM for three hours.

4:00 PM

It doesn’t take long to figure out Michele won the POV. Other gems from throughout the day: Chima has to wear Red Unitard, Casey will wear a banana suit, Casey won a margarita party for the house, and Jessie won $2,500. They had to wear unitard costumes during the competition. Michele got to choose a player for Veto and picked Chima.

Ronnie emerges from the DR and tells people the ‘Have Nots’ cannot participate in the margarita party. They worry about Chima since it will be her birthday and decide not to tall her just yet. (ed. After her live speech the other week, I’m thinking the producers aren’t too concerned).

Lydia and Jeff go to the HOH. Lydia takes the bed. Jessie comes in and lies next to Lydia. Natalie comes in and lies next to Jessie to complete the Jessie sandwich.

5:00 PM

The HOH crew seem to have gone to sleep, Meanwhile Chima is downstairs in the bathroom disinfecting cuts on her knee from the Veto comp. She puts on some tape then some more tape, then some gauze, then some more gauze (ed. I think she’s got it covered).

Casey expresses concern to Chima that his banana suit could be a yellow unitard with a banana hat.

Jordan tells Chima how Ronnie should be nominated. Chima doesn’t let on there is another plan.

Casey wants to win HOH next week so he could be ‘top banana’.

6:00 PM

Casey noted that during the POV, Michelle picked up a game piece that had plasma TV on it and she threw it out. We also learn that Michelle "face planted" according to Jeff.

Casey wonders if Laura has the feeds and was watching them today. They wonder if she’s sequestered and if someone will come back.

7:30 PM

Casey emerges from the DR wearing the banana suit and announces “You can't put me up as the replacement nom. That would be a ba-no-no!" Casey gets on a roll and everyone is laughing it up.

There is an interesting exchange where Kevin and Lydia talk about the DR trying to stir things up regarding Jessie and Natalie. Kevin tells Lydia whatever she is getting out of Jessie to make sure it's 50/50, not 75/25.

8:00 PM

Jessie shaves Casey's back hair and this sparks off a wave of hair care activity.
Natalie cuts Jessie’s hair. Jeff helps.
Lydia gave herself crazy hair spikes. Kevin helps.
Jeff cuts his own.

Michelle tells the house that they have beer and wine.

9:00 PM

Show2 Crawl: Jessie is the HOH, Casey is growing suspicious for Russell’s true feelings for Ronnie, Russell wants Jessie to keep Ronnie safe this week so the target will be on Jessie next week, Natalie and Lydia’s jealousy toward each other’s relationship with Jessie intensifies, The nomination ceremony will air Sunday night.

They start to have a discussion about abortion, and quickly decide to change the subject. They wonder when they will be able to go back outside. They’ve been on lockdown since the POV competition. Apparently there was a lot of mud involved and its taking time to get it all cleaned up.

Lydia tells Natalie "Most 18 year olds I know are reckless. You're not that way."

Russ does an imitation of how Chima would have acted if she had to wear the banana suit. Chima is laughing. They are teasing her and her prima donna tendencies.

Casey thought his prize was a trip to the Bahamas until he realized it said Banana.

10:00 PM

While everyone is having a good time in the kitchen, Jessie is in the DR. We get a long shot of Lydia sitting alone in the living room with a glass of white wine. She doesn’t look at all happy and her eyes dart back and forth as she overhears the kitchen crew.

Ronnie notes they are supposed to be using the compost in the backyard to fertilize the garden. It's in the rule book in the storage room.

BB announced the Lock Down is over and everyone gives out a loud cheer.

11:00 PM

Casey tries to talk a little game with Kevin, “Wanna scheme with a banana?" Kevin complains about the meatballs having too much garlic, but continues eating. Casey goes back inside saying "Don't hate the banana, hate the game".

Kevin asks Lydia where she is sleeping tonight and says it better not be with Jessie again. She said she's not, “The infamous two fingers are not living up to their reputation”.

Casey returns outside and makes another comment about putting Ronnie up. Kevin goes to play pool with Russell and Lydia goes to gets more food. (ed. If I’m Casey, I’m getting a little worried it’s more than the banana suit).

Inside Chima, Ronnie, Jessie, and Natalie are talking about putting Casey up assuming Michelle uses the Veto. Casey makes a timely entrance and game talk stops.

Outside Jeff asks Lydia if Ronnie is still going up and Lydia says she thinks so.


Natalie tells Jessie if she wins HOH next week she wants to take out Lydia. Jessie says ok. Natalie says, “No one has the guts to come after us!”

Kevin joins them and tells them they are becoming a target because of their partnership. They seem worried and Jessie asks “Are you going to put us up? Kevin says no, but this is the talk in the house.

Jessie finds Lydia and they go into the green room. He says Kevin was asking why they fight all the time (Jessie/Lydia). Lydia is upset that Jessie asked her to cut his hair and then had Natalie do it. She can't understand why he would get someone who doesn't even brush their hair to cut his. Michele can be seen eavesdropping outside the Green Room door.

3:30 AM

Russ, Chima, Jordan, Jeff and Michelle are in the red room talking about random subjects and having a very good time. Russell and Chima are cuddling. Jeff and Jordan are on another bed flirting. Talk about gay marriage, then penguins. Jeff has strong feelings about penguins. Everyone has a good time with this and they laugh a lot.

Meanwhile upstairs Kevin and Natalie play chess with Lydia watching. Jessie joined them. Not much chatter.

5:00 AM

Kevin is gone but Chima has joined Natalie and Jessie in the HOH. Natalie makes it known she would put up Lydia and Jordon and backdoor Michele as a backup. They leave Jessie alone and the house goes quiet.

Overall it was a quiet house with everyone thinking things are going their way. What will happen when Plan A (Ronnie) and Plan B (Casey) collide? I, for one, am ready to find out!

Thanks, as always, to the Updaters!