Mike Malin Makes an Elegant Exit

It is Friday morning and a confused and humbled Mike ďBoogieĒ Malin took the time to talk to Jokers Updates about his upset eviction at the hands of his trusted ally Ian. He admitted to being ďcompletely fooledĒ by Ianís double-cross and saluted his gameplay saying it sent chills down his spine. He still thought Ianís plan had holes in it and not voting to keep Boogie exposed Ianís double-dealing and left him vulnerable to attack.

This is Jokerís Updates time with Mike ďBoogieĒ Malin.

BestBBever: Ian voting for you to be evicted didnít necessarily expose his hand, he spent last night blaming everything on Dan, does that surprise you?

Boogie: [laughter] I donít know what happened once I walked out the door because Iíve been sequestered but you know uh, Ian could have just voted to keep me & it could have been 4-3 like everybody predicted and he wouldnít have exposed what he was doing. But, immediately upon that I told Frank, Ďyouíve got to watch out for Ianí and I wouldnít have been able to do that if the vote was 4-3. To me, he did a great job and I salute him but he kind of messed up by doing that.

BestBBever: You and Frank had conversations about ďis there a chance that Ian is betraying usĒ but you didnít think he could but admitted it would be great gameplay from Ian, do still feel that way?

Boogie: I actually remember one of those conversations and Iím happy about the way this went down. If I was evicted because Joe was too much of an idiot to join us and I lost 4-3 because of that, I would have been bitter and this way Iím so proud of Ian.........I think itís great, I think itís great for the show and great for the fans and I loved his goodbye to me, it gave me chills.

Iíve been saying itís kind of like that movie Primal Fear with Ed Norton, itís an innocent choirboy accused of murder and then at the end you see he planned the whole thing and he fooled Richard Gere and thatís exactly how I felt and it makes me prouder to be a part of this season because I felt I was being ganged-up on by all the players with the exception of Dan, of course and this way I am happy that, Ďif I am gonna loseí itís at the hands of Ian.

BestBBever: Did you know Frank won the HOH?

Boogie: Frank won HOH? I didnít know that but I am very happy to hear it! THATíS GREAT!

One of the very thoughtful people on the line, interrupted at this point to clarify for Boogie the series of events that happened after his eviction; Ian won the 1st HOH, nominated Frank and Ashley, Frank won POV and saved himself, Joe got the replacement nom and after Ashley got evicted 6-1, Frank won the 2nd HOH. Thank you kind lady for that clarification, these interviews are fast and intense!

Boogie: Poor Ashley, I love that girl, she got a raw deal. We both left the same day and she has to go to jury. [lots of laughter from Boogie thinking about Ashley being stuck in jury but I think Ashley is loving it....if she realizes she is there....]

Boogie talked about being aware of the fact that he is not a popular Big Brother player because he plays an aggressive, villainous style of game. He admitted to using a lot of negativity to express himself when he is down but he felt this time around was different for him. He said he thought Britneyís goodbye message to him was a great use of the ďphone thingĒ and made for good TV and was a little bit of the ďgirl thing.Ē

BestBBever: Did you realize the house turned against you because you went for the 10k prize instead of trying for safety or even the HOH, how do you feel about that decision now and do you think that was the ultimate mistake in your game plan?

Boogie: Definitely NOT, I have no regrets for the 10 grand or any other thing that I played, at the time I completely trusted the Silent 6 [his alliance that betrayed him and voted him out] which seems so ridiculous to say now, but um, Iím happy that I took the prizes.

With the way things have gone and the alliances in the house that I was not a part of, it would have been a hard uphill battle for me to win this game. It would have been [hard to win] anyway. So, I basically left with third place money. Iíll make more than the person who finishes in 3rd place. If I canít sit in the F2 seats, Iím ecstatic that I took the money.

Um, nobody was really mad that I took the money [in that comp] but the bottom line is that if Frank didnít win the count [on the POV comp] he probably would be doing this interview right now and not me......so, I messed up in that veto, he won it and thatís why heís still there obviously he was a huge target as well, they probably would have voted him out if they had the choice.

NOTE: This would have been a perfect time to tell Boogie that the target was Frank, not him and that many of the HGís believed keeping him in the game kept a big target in the house and if Boogie made it to F2, most of the HGís felt they would be a lock to win against Boogieís ďsleepingĒ strategy and lack of comp wins....but Boogie kept talking and what he had to say was interesting and ultimately I forgot to ask the next question I had queued up in front of me.

I hope he comes to Jokerís and letís us know how he feels about that juicy bit of information.
It might have frustrated him all the more and ended the interview too early and he had lots more to say so, back to the interview!

BestBBever: You had no way of knowing but on the live feeds, the other players; Britney, Ian, etc had a lot to say about you going for the money. They werenít going to say it to your face and risk your wrath but it was on the live feeds and............

Boogie: [getting just a little heated] Thatís fair enough, Iím sorry, I donít know who Iím talking to, who are you with? Obviously you know more than me, there was always a thing in there about me having money and a life and them not having...........youíre always going to have to deal with that when you go on these types of shows, people are always going to scrutinize whether or not you need the money if you have more than them.

Iím not going to get wrapped up in that, I took 16 thousand dollars away from this experience and as soon as the twist happened [the reset] I knew it would be almost impossible for me to win the 500 thousand again.......so I donít have to sit there all summer, I can go be with my family and enjoy the rest of my summer and everybody else has to be on the jury.

One person is going to leave happy and 8 others are going to leave unhappy.

BestBBever: For clarification, I am with Jokerís Updates. After the Reset, what do you think kept the Coaches/Mentors from forming a tight alliance and going against the newbies? What broke down that alliance?

Boogie: Hey before I answer that, did you notice I gave JOKERíS a couple of shout-outs? I was nice this year, did you guys notice that?

BestBBever: Yes, we noticed and Jokerís Updates appreciated them, but since you brought it up, I do want to ask you about your demeanor. You talked some absolute smack on the feeds and then you turned around and you were a consummate gentleman and made an elegant exit, but sometimes.....

Boogie: Fair enough [interrupting my question/his voice louder/more animated] the thing is, before I answer the other question, when Iím down, Iím down, and I wear it on my sleeve and even sometimes itís partially strategy to fire other people up and I say incredibly mean disgusting things but Iím in there 24/7 for a long time, stripped of everything in my life and when I get mad at someone in there I say horrible things, thereís no doubt about it......

You know, I did go in there a little differently this time, I never said a bad word about internet fans and stuff. Will [meaning Dr. Will from BB2 and BB7, Mike's infamous Chilltown partner] used to kind of rile me up about that and be kind of mean and stuff, but I never said anything bad about you guys and I gave you plugs sometimes and Iím glad you noticed.

[this is totally NOT where I thought he was going with this but it kept getting more interesting ]

BestBBever: We loved it, but is that a formal apology for the things you said because I love that youíre owning them?

Boogie: Yeah, I definitely did apologize. Can you repeat your question again, I forgot it ?

BestBBever: After the Reset, I was wondering why the Coaches werenít able to form a stronger alliance and go after the newbies?

Boogie: Oh, ok, gotcha! Well the thing is that Janelle was playing such a nasty game. One strategy of playing with rookies again, which I hadnít done in eleven years was Ďif you got to someone first and you said that someone said something about themí and I kind of forgot that you could do that and I wasnít going to stoop to that level.

And so, if someone talked to XYZ contestant and said Ďhey Boogie said you uh are fat and stupidí and then they say Ďwell they told me you said I was fat and stupidí and Janelle really bought into that game this year and this is just from my perspective, you guys out there know more than I do and she couldnít be trusted.

I also, the person I disliked the most in the house was Joe and for some reason Janelle kind of didnít put much stock in Wil and Ashley and she sort of used Joe as like her number one guy and it disgusted me so much. You know that week, I was willing to put up one of her guys and I assume that episode, that segment aired where I tell Janelle, Ďlook you want to work together? put up one of your guys.í She wouldnít do it and so, no one was willing to sacrifice one of their players in order to work together so, we were at an impasse and there was no way it was going to work.

BestBBever: After winning HOH Frank immediately said he was going to put up Dan and Shane but Britney and Shane immediately moved to the power and convinced him to put up Dan and Dani.........

Boogie: What? You mean last night after he won HOH?

BestBBever: Yes, Britney stayed the longest in the HOH after his reveal and she convinced him to put up Dan and Dani [another clarification here for Boogie - Frank was convinced to put up D&D so that Dan wouldnít have Daniís vote].

Boogie: Well.........thatís pretty stupid on his part, I canít imagine that heís actually going to do that. Itís not that bad of a move but you guys know so much more than I do and after everything Iíve learned this morning my mind is so scrambled I canít even think of how many votes there are.

The problem for Frank is that you canít trust anyone. Joe will run to power, Jenn will run to power and obviously Ian is a wildcard and Shane showed over and over that he canít be trusted. Like, he lied to us sooooooo many times and he constantly did things that he said he wouldnít do, which is ok.....thatís part of the game but I think the thing that was most annoying is that he would jerk us around.

He would make us beg and grovel for days on end for him to do stuff when, now knowing what was going on with the ďQuack PackĒ [said with jovial disdain] clearly they knew what they were going to do all along with me and Frank and they should have just saved us the drama.

BestBBever: I have two last questions for you. Why were you interested in trading Jenn when you were still her Coach and what advice did Dr. Will give you before you went into the house and have you spoken to him since you were evicted?

Boogie: Uh, you bring up a good timing of that question because Jenn was playing the classic 2nd place game; stay out of the fray, play a decent social game and get to the end but you canít stand up........there is no speech you can give that will get you the votes in that position.

So, you want a player, especially dealing with a pack of rookies, who is like that because if a floater is sitting next to someone that won five competitions........[obviously the comp winner is going to win the 500 grand].

As far as Dr. Will, he told me to pick [something/there was static on the line, we will have to ask him what he said here, it sounded like precision?] males, they usually go far and do well.

BestBBever: Ouch.

Boogie: [chuckling] I have not spoken to anyone except my Mom for two minutes and other than that I have been sequestered and have no idea what is going on in the world or the Big Brother game except what you wonderful people have told me.

Boogie talked about his favorite move in the house being voting out Janelle and getting all of the house to join him in doing it. He said it was a strategic move but the way Janelle was badmouthing him made it feel especially satisfying. He felt it took a lot of work and saved Frank and got out Janelle so it was his best moment in the house this year.

(At this time, the CBS moderator informed us that we had time for one more question)

BestBBever: That makes two women that you have burned in a major way on Big Brother, what do you think that says about Mike Malin?

Boogie: It says absolutely nothing! The only thing it says is that this year Janelle was a very big threat to me and I played a nice Ďfair and squareí game and got her out of the house. I donít know how I burned someone before.....I guess youíre referring to Erika......

BestBBever: I am.

Boogie: You are. You know I have apologized profusely over very stressed out behavior that was under duress and comments that were made. You know people make mistakes, unfortunately it was in front of several million people but I have apologized and moved on and I hope she has too. Thanks a lot, I appreciate your time.

With that, he was gone but never to be forgotten in the history of CBS Big Brother.

Boogie summed up the intense adversarial gameplay that is Big Brother 14 saying that he got Janelle, they got him and now Frank is gonna get someone else, it is the nature of the game.
He said he and Dan didnít speak for over a week at the end of his time in the house and they patched it up a little but he regrets that he couldnít have played a tighter game with Dan. In the end he thought the other HGís were threatened by him and Frank and wanted them out and since Frank is a beast at comps, Boogie is the one that got evicted first.

Boogie was very impressed with Ianís last moves against him and felt he had to totally reassess his abilities as a serious BB game-player and truly thought Joe was a complete idiot. He thought that Dan deserves to win against anyone except Frank and thought that Danielle has a good chance of sneaking up to the win.

There are a million things to say about Mike ďBoogieĒ Malin and the way he plays the game of Big Brother but in the end, what matters in that he played the game. Time and life have dealt him some blessings and some hard blows and it seems to have mellowed and matured him, just a little bit. I hope he builds a good life for himself and his son and I really hope he comes to Jokerís to say hello and answer that burning question I forgot to ask.