This just in from Traky, an Aussie friend of ours. She went to Whisk...

We went to Whisk, the restaurant that is on My Restaurant Rules. (Australia tv show channel 7). Attached is all the pics we took of Nathan and Georgia and of the food we ate.

Nathan & Georgia

The food was Magnificient and the staff and Nathan and Georgia were so friendly. They all spent time talking to us during our meal. They had a full house. It was really great. So they get our Vote. The food is superb; at first you think wow there isnt much of it but it is actually very deceiving. You can also tell that everything is made from very fresh ingredients. It was great.

Baked apple

A funny thing happened though , Georgia came up to us and said Happy Anniversary. And we are like how did you know... she says i have my spies everywhere. We said did our daughter Lizzy ring as she knew we were there? She looked at us strangely and said no I have great Floor staff and we said well they must be psychic as we have not once mentioned its our Anniversary. Then our waitress comes up to her and said I told you table 2 not this table LOL Georgia thought it was very funny and said i wish the camera crew were here, i would have dragged them over here to tape this LOL. So spewing that they werent there : ) Mark did go into the confessional box but of course not everything on there gets views.

Anyhow it was a great day.