12:00pm Wake up call from BB, the HG slowly rise and begin their morning rituals. Jeff & Jordan sit at the table and eat breakfast together and start playing the "what-if" game. What if they had kept Lydia instead of Kevin? What if Lydia won HOH, would have really put them up? Jeff lightens the somber mood by saying "What if YOU won this veto"? LOL.. After breakfast, Jeff in Jordan retreit to the S/S room and begin playing games with each other. They are having a great time playing the "what animal am I " game. One person thinks of an animal, the other asks questions and tries to guess what the other persons animal is. Michelle, Kevin and Nat are all still asleep. Michelle is sleeping in HOH alone for some reason. Kevin and Nat in RR.

3:00 Michelle wakes up and finds Kevin & Nat's calendar of events and begins studying it. She seems to be messing with it. Meanwhile, Nat and Jordan at pool. Nat says that if Michele wins then she is leaving. Jordan says if it was between you and Kev I would pick you over Kevin. Nat says same here. Jordan says if Mich doesn't get HOH she prays to God she doesn't get Veto. Jordan says Mich would take Kev. Nat says it's us two against her. Jordan says she really thinks those two (Kev & Mich) have a deal. Jordan says she thinks me and you haven't done anything this game. Nat says if she was smart she would send Kev home because he would beat her in F3, that he's smart.

Jordan says she doesn't really talk to Mich because she's weird, but I'll tell her that Kevin would beat her. Jordan says if it comes down to it and Kev got POV he would pick you for F2. Jordan says she's gotten cocky about it, a big head.Nat says "pretty much WE need each other". Jordan thinks Mich has made a deal with Kev. She thinks Mich was up there saying all this stuff. Jordan says I really like Kev but she would be dumb he she kept him. Jordan says she just wishes Jeff wasn't leaving this week. Nat says "Yes, I wish it was her". Jordan says he would for sure get her out and Kevin. (No response from Nat). Jordan says she keeps asking her "why all of a sudden do you want to keep Nat?" Says Michele asks her why she wouldn't want to keep Jeff, Jor and Mich? Jordan says she has made comments about why everyone wants to keep Nat around. Jordan says she told her I won an HOH and a Veto and Nat hasn't won anything. She said you were dead weight or something. Nat says she won the first competition actually.Jor says she told her that Kev was lying, but she didn't believe her. What's the point of lying, it's not going to get you any further. Jeff comes out and game talk ends between Nat & Jordan. The three sit and chat about common interests, games, people etc. Michelle is catching some rays in the hammock.

5:00 Kevin & Nat are outside bashing Jeff and his game play. Rehashing thier lies and events that Jeff should have figured out. They seem very eager to get him out this week. Jeff & Jordan in GR, Jeff teaching Jordan how to play blackjack. Kev & Nat decide to play pool, Michelle doing laundry. Nat calls over to Michelle and asks if she saw a white bag in her room (it is missing), Michelle says she did not touch it. Nat rolls her eyes. Kevin tells Nat that their calendar has been messed with. Nat checks it out and confirms it has been tamped with and insists its was Michelle.

7:00 In BY Kev/Jor/Nat on couches, Michele running/walking/exercising. Nat is playing cards, Kev playing with his HOH key, swinging it all around. Jordan asks if Michele is mad at anyone? Nat says she never talks to me, she says to Kev, the Bit** just let herself in your room. What the Hell are you doing in my room. Kev asks if Jordan has talked to her. Jordan said a little bit and last night when she was tipsy out here. Nat says what did she say when she was typsy. Jordan said she said Nat needed to go, she hasn't won anything, everyone in this house are liars. Nat says I actually earned my HOH and she didn't she just took everyone out and she was left. Nat says did she tell you that she wanted Jeff to stay and her to go. Jordan says "Heck no, she didn't tell me that". Jordan says I know I'm the next one out. Jordan says I know Kev will pick you (Nat) over me. Nat says quit saying that, I actually prefer to go to the Final with you over Kev. I don't know if I should be saying that, but it's true. Jordan says if Kev wins the veto I think Kev would pick Nat over me. Nat says I hope he does, but I don't know if he will. Kev says "Uh". Jordan says if she wins HOH and you two are up then Michele would probably vote out Nat, it use to be Kev, but now it will be Nat. Kev says "If I win HOH next week, I'm not getting you out". Kev says Michele is saying that she will take out Jordan next week. Jordan says "Why, I haven't done anything, she's getting cocky". Jordan says I'm aggravated, I'm not giving up, but maybe Jeff should stay and get her out. Nat interrupts, "it's us 3 against her
next week, we can get her out!"

Jordan tells Jeff to go talk to Kevin. He said he didn't want to talk, that azz hole stabbed me in the back. Jordan says They told me that Michele said she was going after me cuz I haven't won ***** in this game. Jeff says Nat hasn't won ***** in this game either. They are telling you that to get you to go after Michele.

Kevin & Michele in the KT, Kevin says When Jeff comes around me he won't even talk to me. The way he's acting there isnt any way I can keep him. Mich explains that she thinks he's just hurt right now, He's defeated Kevin says I'm considering all my options & one of them is even to put up Nat but he won't even approach me. Nat comes in and breaks up the conversation. Jordan joins Michelle in KT. Jordan asks Michelle about some of the things she has been told by Kev and Nat and wants to know if they are true. Mich says I've been honest. Jordan says she told them if she gets out Mich it would leave the two of them who would pick each other. Jordan says she would want someone she had been closer with in the game. Mich admits she has said some stuff, because she had to stay in the game. Jordan feels like Kevin & Nat are trying to pit them againt each other (ed...you think??). Michelle goes to Jeff in GR and tells her about her conversation with Kevin and suggests he talk to Kevin. They both agree that Kevin saying he may put up Nat is bull.

Jeff: If I tell Nat I want you out. Kevin wouldn't have put me up if he thought it was best for me to stay

Michele: No, he wanted me out

Jeff: I don't understand why he wants me to gun for you

Michele: No, he didn't say it, but that's what he would use you for. At some point we all have to lie. We are both fuked and we have 2 people that didn't do jack ***** in this game.

M: I just hate it cuz whatever they said about me upset Jordan & it upset you and it's not true. The things they are telling me about what you guys are saying I know isn't true either. Kevin lies

Jeff: I don't' think Kevin is an option. I think he's cool with his power right now & I don't' think he's going to take any chances. I can talk to him. The worst thing he can do is tell me to fuk off.

Michele: Tomorrow is Monday, the veto meeting, he could very well put someone else up

Jeff: Yea, did Kevin tell you you were taking crazy pills after he told you he would put Nat up?

Mich: giggles, no. Kevin does not think I'm trustworthy. I think he would want to take someone who's word is best in this house.

Jeff: Well that didn't work. Watch what you say to him cuz he can't be trusted.

Mich: There is no trust left in this house. I don't know who's going home, it's a toss up

Jeff: That's why you need strong players in this house. As long as I know I have your vote then that's something

Mich: I don't care what they think, you have my vote. I think the reason he was worried is he saw you looking sad and didn't think your head was in the game any more

Jeff: He's feeding you bullsh&t

Mich: I know

Jeff: I'm going to ask her about the Russell thing. She said she didn't' like Russell so what's up

Mich: she said that a lot so I don't think she didn't dislike him

Jeff: She said that about me

Mich: people are so fake in here. Who knows how much bullsh@t these too spread. The whole plan was suppose to take you out cuz you been running the house for how many weeks?

*Jordan joins the conversation....

Jordan: There's no way all 3 of us can stay?

Mich: No, cuz we're not suppose to get Kevin out, we're suppose to turn on each other. He's not stupid

Jordan: since you have the veto, can you save yourself & someone else

Jeff: she's on the block. If she takes herself off or me off you go up

Jordan: What if she took you (jeff) off & they put Nat up

Mich: *laughs) it's not going to happen. It would be like, vote Michele out. He's not going to give you guys the power. I have to use it on myself or I go home so that's what is going to happen tomorrow.

Jeff: so what's the difference if I talk to him

Mich: I think maybe he just wants you to kiss his butt or something

Kevin & Nat come inside and are looking for the others. They see them all in the GR and head to the RR to start trashing them for talking to each other. They both agree that if Michelle wins Veto next week they are screwed.

12:00AM Jeff & Jordan in hammock joking around about Hawaii trip, earrings and various random topics. Jeff wonders if the key he found means anything, Jordan doesnt think so. They both think it's wierd that BB has not told them anything about it yet. Nat & Kev playing pool, Michelle snacking on
everything she can find.

2:00AM Kev and Nat planning another GR lie about Michelle. Sounds like Nat is gonna tell Jordan that she heard that Jeff & Jordan wanted Nat up as a replacement nominee. If she has to confront Michelle she will do it.

2:30 AM All HG asleep....