At this time, the square house is without a doubt the more dysfunctional of the two houses, though neither is turning out to be a barrel of monkeys. Saturday night, after Irena's eviction, everyone consumed alcohol. Belinda got really drunk (it didn't appear that she had much experience with drinking). During her drunken ranting and ravings, she attached herself to Carlo in almost desperate need. He has been rejecting her in many ways and it has affected her feelings of self worth. Belinda tells him that he reminds her of Richard (her boyfriend). She says she has secrets and reasons for not sharing like the others. Allegedly, she drunkenly confesses that her younger sister, who lived with her, has committed murder. Her sister and friends murdered a gay guy, only because he was gay (a hate crime). Her sister is 18 (not under age, but she was when the crime was committed) and in prison for the murder and won't get out till she is 21 years old. This is a source of great shame and pain for her, and she wishes she could have done something to help her sister, crying and mumbling, "Why couldn't I do more?"... This was possibly the worst circumstance to reveal such personal and legal information about her sister. The only witness to this part of the episode is Saxon and Carlo. Carlo in fact has a gay brother and displays shock at her revelation. At one point, when he is telling Claire about it afterwards, he says, “That could have been MY [Beep] brother!“ Carlo really overplays the situation and when he might have been more helpful to Belinda, he just rejects her further leading to her physically lying in his lap and continuing to attempt to befriend and connect to him, while nearly in a drunken stupor. Carlo's says outside later while sharing a pee with Saxon that Belinda was in fact groping his balls and gave him a “semi-chub” and proceeds to show it to Saxon and the entire world. He says he tried to place a pillow between her hand and his balls to protect himself from her groping.

Vincent sees that the situation is out of hand and that Belinda is saying things in a drunken stupor that she shouldn't. He reprimands Belinda and demands that she go to bed. He is the one that finally removes Belinda by lifting her and carrying her into the bedroom . He then puts puts her to bed with a fatherly goodnight kiss, which doesn’t last because soon Belinda is up and heaving. Vincent is called to the Diary Room and when he comes out, he tells the rest of the group, "this is never happened!" and proceeds to tell them that is how BigBrother says they are to treat the whole incident as though someone got too pissed and talked too much (which is basically what happened), because there are contractual and legal problems with what has been said. (Only family members and friends who have signed a release may be discussed on air legally). There are lots of rumblings and Claire, Saxon, and Carlo continue on with their disbelief and amazement. “How are they supposed to forget about that!?” It seems (from Saxon's point of view) that this incident is a result largely of Carlo's behavior toward Belinda. "Dude", Saxon repeats over and over. "Dude", he says, "You did not give Belinda the same attention that we do and she is craving it!

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