I became a huge Big Brother fan during season 7. Chilltown did it for me. I loved the way they played the game. I also realized that I could do very well in this show. I wasn't really in a position to audition for season 8 or 9 but thought I would give it a go for season 10. I was working in Houston at the time but living in North Carolina. I decided to look for when the casting call was going to be in Houston. I flew home every other weekend and worked everyday I was in Houston so I didn't know if I was going to be able to make it. Houston was one of the last cities to have a date and time posted for the casting call. When it finally popped up I checked my calendar and it just so happened I would be in town and it would be after work hours. I thought it was destiny.

On the day of the casting call, I decided I was going to leave work early so I could get there and not have to wait forever in line. I almost got fired from work for leaving early but that's another story. When I got there the line was already about 200 people deep. It just so happened to be on the day Natalie was evicted and we had to miss it. They tried to play it on this screen outside but it malfunctioned. Everyone was cheering that Nat was evicted except for me. So if you were there, I was the booing guy. I made some friends in the line while waiting for 3 hours so it wasn't too bad. When we finally got in, the casting director conducted a debate and then asked one question to each of us. It seemed bizarre and pointless and I left unsure about anything. Apparently I impressed because I received a call a few days later to do an on camera interview for semi's in Houston. It just so happened I was in North Carolina visiting my family when I received the call. So the casting director gave me my alternative, Memphis, in 4 weeks.

I had to arrange my time off in order to make this happen and really didn't know if I could get the time off. Not only that, I had to arrange a multi-city flight between my home, Memphis and Houston for that weekend. When I finally arrived in Memphis, I was 5 hours early for my appt. I toured Beall Street and ate some Memphis barbecue over there but still had like an hour left. So, I walked around the meeting places neighborhood for a while. I went and checked in about 15 minutes early, then sat and waited to be called in. I thought I did okay and the casting director seemed genuinely interested in me but if that's your job I guess you would be good at it. I did butcher a couple of the questions but it wasn't because I was nervous. I think I was too caught up in the other questions and didn't mentally transfer over in time to effectively answer the ones I killed. The casting director knew all of my troubles to make it, and I was wanting no sympathy, but if she read this she would know who this is. LOL Either way, I was hoping for that call back to California.

Well, I never received such a call. I am not really bitter but I bet I will be overly critical about the contestants this season. Based on the questions they asked I think I have a feel on the theme and I don't think it was for me anyways. I still wonder how I would've handled the questions if I would've been there for the Houston camera interview. I will try again next year and hopefully I will be able to shout out Jokers and all my BB fans that frequent the site.