After years of trying I finally managed to get 4 tickets to the Oprah Show!

I live about 45 minutes from downtown Chicago & with morning rush hour we wanted to get there early.

We started our day at 4:00am, got on the road at 5:00am and arrived at Harpo Studios in downtown Chicago at 6:00am. We were supposed to be there by 7:00am and were so pleased with ourselves when we arrived early!

Much to our surprise, there were already 30 people in line at 6:00am!!

They began letting us in at 7:30am, we had to show our Drivers License and turn in our cell phones & cameras. We were given a ticket to retrieve them after the show. We had been told to wear bright colors and could tell they were checking out some peoples outfits (where they could sit that would be best for the cameras) Guest of the show, their friends & family were all in the front row seats already.

The first 50 people were ushered in and we were pointed to some of the best seats....we got 3rd row up with Oprah facing us!

An announcer whipped everyone up, gave us some tips and then in walked Oprah at 9:00am.

We were given the topic only 1 minute before she walked in. Its all very hush hush ahead of time so we all don't talk about it or walk out. lol

(the show will be aired April 27th)

The Topic was "What if you Googled your name, what would you find"

One guy did and his name is Wes Moore. He was a decorated combat Veteran, Rhodes Scholar, speaker at the 2008 Democratic Convention & listed as Ebonys top 30 most influential Future Leaders.

What he found was another Wes Moore who was heading to prison for life for murdering an off-duty Police Officer. It turned out they grew up several blocks away from each other, both ran in gangs but ended up in 2 very different circumstances.

He was one of the most charismatic speakers I have heard in a long time!

He wrote a book about meeting the other Wes Moore (which we all got a copy)

Then in between breaks, they moved in new furniture and ran out fluffing Oprahs hair & dabbing her face.

The next guest was a guest named Jim Killeen who found 8 other Jim Killeens & they all met in Killeen was very funny

The show was an hour and afterwards Oprah stayed for an additional 30 minutes answering questions and meeting people from all over the country.

It was an amazing time & the amount of people needed to put this show together was crazy.

I had a great time & I'm pretty sure Oprah looked right at me & waved! :-)