Jordan in is in the bathroom when BB’s 8:07AM BBT wake-up call comes. Far too early for Jessie and Lydia, who headed off to bed just 40 minutes earlier after a long conversation in which Jessie not only called her out about her conversation with Michele earlier in the day, but got Lydia to throw Kevin under the proverbial bus by assuring her that he would vote Natalie out over her if the two of them were ever on the block together. The icing on the cake was Jessie convincing Lydia that he wants it to be the two of them in the final two.

HOH Room 8:33AM to 9:00AM BBT
Jessie and Natalie are in bed in the HOH. Natalie wants to know what Lydia’s thoughts are on the whole thing.

Jessie: “She just told me that the only two people she trusts in here are Kevin and me. Oh, I don’t know what Russell’s been saying to the girls, and he probably hasn’t said anything to you because he knows you feel obligated [to tell Jessie] ,he told Kevin and Lydia and I think Chima…something about his accident and the girls are like, Ahh, and are then blinded by his actions.”

Natalie lies silent trying to process the information. “You guys didn’t go to bed until 7:20, what were you talking about until the?.” Jessie tries to avoid answering by saying, “You didn’t go to bed until 6:20.” She counters with it was 6:05.

Jessie: “Okay we talked for an hour and twenty minutes. For the first twenty minutes, I was staring at the cameras saying WTF, why does this always happen? She talked about if you [Natalie] think she’s being mean now, she hasn’t even tried and the fact that…” Natalie interjects, “Oh, I’m scared.” Jessie: “Oh, I know. I’m just trying to tell you what she said… Apparently the whole house, and I believe it is the whole house because she went through everybody’s name, whether it was Russell, or Ronnie’s going tell you whatever because you guys saved him. She goes, right there, there are five people [referring to the Athletes plus Ronnie], and I go what do you mean there’s five people? BS, you just told me that Jeff was going to be on the little team that’s going to revolt against the Athletes. Jessie explains that Lydia said, ‘Yeah, I know, but he can’t put you up.”

After a brief silence, Natalie says, “So she is trying to form a team!” Jessie: “No,no. She [Lydia] goes, Kevin is telling her this. She goes, Kevin says that we’re playing them like chess pieces. Kevin goes, both Natalie and Jess are good at chess and are thinking three moves ahead, which means that he thinks we already have a number on their head. That being said, he’s trying to over compensate and think for a fourth move, that being said, the only way is to get either you or I out, because Russell is a knight or an F-ing power player. Say they get you out, well, Kevin says if he gets you out, you’re the one making all the moves, cuz the King can’t move as far as the Queen.

[Ed. Not only did Lydia throw Kevin--one of the two people she says that she can trust--under the bus, for good measure she put that bus in reverse and ran over him two or three times more to insure that she had killed him!]

Jessie tells Chima that he does believe that Casey wasn’t coming after him directly, but that his indirect comments like, ‘Jessie won the $2,500, or Jessie’s the one that’s been here before,’ ultimately will redirect the target onto him, and Kevin’s now doing the same thing

Jessie continues, “So, obviously, all the pawns need to come together. Jordan is also saying, she feels like the super pawn bomb because no matter what, she’s always going to be put up and it’s going to be like that for the entire season. She’s making jokes about it…And he’s [Kevin] is like here’s the deal, What do you think we all get a…group together and get out Jessie or Natalie. Jessie goes onto say he doesn’t know because he does talk and you don’t talk to her [Lydia] He assures Natalie that he understands how she feels, how Lydia makes her feel, but that Lydia said straight up that she wouldn’t put them up. He admits that Lydia could be “blowing smoke” up his butt, but assures Natalie that he’s got her back.

Natalie, who has been uncharacteristically quiet through Jessie’s explanation, insists that she is still going to ask Kevin a couple of questions. “Why,” Jessie asks. Natalie says, “Cuz, I’m going to say, so Kevin I hear you’re going against the Athletes. Or that you want to break up the athletes--specifically me and Jeff.” To assuage Jessie’s concern about the confrontation, Natalie says that she’ll tell Kevin that she overheard his conversation with Michele when they were in the hot tub. Jessie’s still against it, and explains that what he’s trying to say is that Kevin’s just going to deny it. And now [all you’ve accomplished] is that Kevin will freak out on Lydia, and Lydia will freak out on Jessie. Jessie repeats “this just doesn’t make sense, it just doesn’t make sense. I’m not trying to defend Lydia by any means, but, I promise you, I understand that you are completely upset, but she’s not the one.”

Jessie tries another ploy to keep Natalie in check by explaining that Casey wasn’t coming after him, he was coming after Natalie and Russell. “And that’s a fact.” But because Casey was trying to protect Jessie, what he was actually doing was making Jessie the target in everybody else’s eyes so he wouldn’t have to do the dirty work himself. And that’s what Kevin’s doing. At least with Lydia you know what’s she’s doing, while Kevin will sit there and tell you BS straight to your face. Nat says she’s going to call Kevin a liar. Jessie asks about the time, rolls over and tells Natalie, Good night. Then adds, “So if you’re still thinking about putting Kevin and Natalie up, at least you know you got the right one up there.”

8:40 Chima arrives in the HOH with her morning cup of coffee, and Natalie tells her that Kevin is the one responsible for trying to rally the pawns to rise up against them. Chima asks how they found that out, and Jessie explains that he stayed up until “7:30AM with f*cking Lydia.”

Natalie says that she still thinks it’s both of them, but she does believe that Kevin’s behind it because of the chess analogy, because Lydia doesn’t know anything about the game of chess. Jessie pretty much runs through the entire chess analogy again for Chima, and then explains that the bottom line of the analogy is that Natalie is the Queen, and she’s the one making all the super moves and, therefore, the one that has to go. After confirming that all of this was said to Jordan, Chima says that’s who she’ll blame it on, so Kevin doesn’t know the information really came from Lydia. Jessie says that Kevin believes that if they take out Natalie, then Jessie has figuratively lost his Queen and with her, his power in the game.

Chima’s skeptical. “I hear Kevin, but I still think Lydia’s behind it. After a bit of clarification from Jessie and Natalie about how and why Lydia was up at that time of the morning, Chima wants to know if Nat still plans on putting the two of them up if she wins HOH. Natalie says that’s still her plan, but wants to talk to Kevin anyway. “Not call him out to the full extent, but have him talk to me.”

Chima tells Natalie that if she confronts Kevin, the jig is up and Natalie’s lost all her power, and advises her to keep the information to herself. Jessie agrees, and says that Natalie has done this with too many people, and that every time she does that, she’s given up the element of surprise, and therefore the advantage. Chima tells them about a conversation she had with Kevin last week, in which he was complaining that he doesn’t have any power, but admitted that nobody is coming after him either. Chima told him that he should be happy about that, because with nobody gunning for him, he’s safe and should leave it at that.

Natalie says that Kevin doesn’t have the balls to come after her. Jessie explains that the plan is to put Ronnie up with Natalie, and if one of them wins the POV, Russell will be the replacement. That way Kevin will still get out someone he wants out of the game.

Natalie changes the subject, and tells Chima that she lost the HOH key, and had to knock “hard” to get into the HOH this morning.

After brief Foth, Jessie is explaining something about Kevin’s plan. Chima questions whether Jeff or Jordan would listen to Kevin. She said that she wouldn’t listen to him, that she would be more inclined to listen to Lydia if she was in Jeff and Jordan’s place. Chima says, so what you’re saying is that you think Lydia is on our side. Jessie is quick to say, “No, no, no,” and Nat throws in a “f*ck no” for good measure. Jess continues to push that it was Kevin’s idea.

Chima’s not buying the innocent Lydia argument, and continues to say that she believes that while Kevin may have been the mouthpiece during the conversation with Michele, that Lydia is behind it all and she doesn’t trust her.

Natalie remarks that she’s not going to play chess with Kevin anymore. Jessie comments that Kevin thinks that he can rally the troops into doing what he wants. After brief Fish, Jess adds, “Kevin is pumping people full of false hope to rebel against us.

Shortly before 9AMBBT
Natalie leaves the HOH, and Jessie continues to rehash Kevin’s plan and reassures Chima that her name never came up during the entire conversation. Chima comments, “That’s interesting,” and then asks Jessie if he thinks that Michele is embellishing the story. Jessie doesn’t think so, he believes that the story she told was pretty much verbatim, and believes that Ronnie and Russel probably did have a conversation in the storage room because that’s what they do. Jessie says he would never be stupid enough to say, ‘Hey, let’s go talk in the storage room,’ because, not only can the conversation be overheard in the Splash Room, but then you’ve got to walk out of there together.

As conversations with Jessie usual go, the next five minutes is repetitive recap of everything that’s already been said. He moves toward the HOH door and tells Chima that he’s going to head downstairs for a while. Chima says, “Okay”, she’s going to fall asleep in the big chair.

The house is quiet as Jessie makes his way down the stairs and to the SR, where he changes his batteries. When he comes back out and starts back up the stairs, he’s called to the DR.

9:21AM BBT: Natalie confronts Kevin in the shower.
The cameras switch to Kevin, who is gathering his clothes and headed toward the shower. Shortly after Kevin enters the shower, Natalie appears in the bathroom and say’s “Good morning,” enters the WC, comes right back out, and walks up to the shower. “I’ve got a question to ask. Are you after me?” sheasks, in a tone that sounds like she’s really hurt by the thought.

“Oh my God, no! Why would you think that?

Natalie is noncommittal as to the source, but says that’s what she’s heard. Kevin assures her that he’s not coming after her at all. She tells him that she’s heard this from more than one source. Kevin asks again who told her this, because he needs to know. She says that she can’t give him names.
“Is it Ronnie?”

“No, it isn’t Ronnie.”

Kevin admits that he does want to get the Athletes down to three, so it’s fair. Natalie said that she heard that he wants to put her and Russel up. Kevin wants to know if Russel is the one who told her this. She replies with an emphatic, “No,” and a shake of her head. Again Kevin asks, “Who’s telling you this sh*t?” Natalie looks towards the floor, shaking her head, letting him know she can’t tell him. She then explains that no one told her directly, but that she overheard a conversation. “That’s BS, Natalie, BS.”

Kevin now takes a new tact and tries to explain to Natalie that there are only four people who are safe in this house. “There’s you, there’s Chima, there’s Lydia, and Jessie.” Natalie replies, “That’s what I thought,” the tone of her voice sounding as if that belief is in the past tense. She goes on to tell Kevin that’s the way she felt about him, that he can ask anyone in the house, they all know that she wasn’t after Kevin. Kevin swears that he has never, ever mentioned her name, and ‘whoever’s saying this is starting BS, because…You know, like, I want to get Jeff and Russel up…” His raised hand and a nod of the head asking, you get that, don’t you? She reassures him that she does, and that she never really believed it. Again Kevin tells her that he would like to know whose conversation she overheard so he can confront them. She refuses to name names, saying that’s why she came in to ask him, why she’s asking him to his face whether what she overheard is true or not. Kevin tells he no, and then asks, “Why would I target someone who is protecting me?” Natalie reminds Kevin that Jessie was never coming after him. Kevin says that there are two people on the Athletes team that he’s protecting, “So why would I go after the two “who are protecting me?” Natalie shrugs her shoulder. “I don’t know.”

Natalie is picking at her fingernails. Kevin is watching her, shaking his head in disbelief. “Huh, this must have happened last night.” Natalie denies it, saying it was a couple of days ago. Kevin smiles a nervous smile and shakes his head again. Natalie turns and walks away.

9:26AM BBT Natalie returns to the HOH
Natalie tells Chima about her conversation with Kevin, and assures her that she didn’t go into the whole chess board analogy, how she had overheard a conversation and wanted to confront him, because it really hurt her to hear that someone that she had no intention of targeting was coming after her.

Chima says again that she thinks Lydia is full of sh*t. Natalie agrees, but adds that she thinks there are half truths. Because Lydia doesn’t know about chess pieces and how they move, that Kevin had to be the one to come up with the analogy.

Chima explains that the only thing Kevin has ever complained about to her is that he is considered a weak player, and that she told him that was a good thing, and not to worry because nobody wants you to go home.
Jessie returns to the HOH, and Natalie repeats the story for him. Jessie listens then chastises her saying, “You do understand that he’s going to relate that back to Lydia? Lydia’s going to directly relate that to me.” Natalie cuts him off by saying that Kevin said that this must have happened last night, and she threw him off by telling him that she’d been sitting on this information for days and it had been eating her alive, so she had to confront him.

Despite Natalie’s reassurance that Kevin has no idea that the information came from Lydia last night, Jessie isn’t happy because Kevin went to bed early and has no idea how late Lydia was up last night. Jessie tells Natalie that she doesn’t understand that Lydia isn’t stupid. Natalie asks Jessie if he really thinks that Kevin is going to believe that Lydia said something. She says no; Jessie says an emphatic, “Yeah!” He then explains the logic that would lead Lydia to believe that the information came from Jessie.

Chima agrees with Jessie, that Natalie’s confrontation opened a can of worms that didn’t have to be opened. Natalie tells Jessie that they will never see eye-to-eye on this. Chima repeats what she’s said earlier about sitting on information being a better strategy than confronting the person, so they can begin to cover their tracks, or get more information while he’s covering his tracks.

Natalie just doesn’t get it, and now suggests that they bring Ronnie into the mix and ask him to find out who’s telling the truth, Kevin or Lydia. Jessie is upset now, and explains that people are just sitting and waiting for the next big thing in the house to happen after the thing last week with Ronnie, and that Natalie is about to give it to them. Of course, Natalie denies it, saying all she wants to know is who is telling the truth. Again, Chima tries to be the voice of reason, and tells Natalie it doesn’t matter who’s telling the truth, because neither Kevin nor Lydia have the power. Jessie says, that this can wait until Natalie wins HOH and has to decide who should go out the door.

Natalie goes off about how she has the need to confront people, because that’s who she is, and leaves the HOH to find Kevin.

9:33AM BBT Natalie finds Kevin in the bathroom
Natalie tries to cover her tracks saying that she heard this info several days ago at the hot tub. Kevin says this is sh*t, that someone is just starting sh*t! He explains that he doesn't completely trust Ronnie, and Natalie reminds him that Ronnie is on his [Kevin’s] team too.

Kevin tells her that he saw Russel and Ronnie enter the storage room together, walked to the door and heard them talking. He talked to both of them later, and each of them claimed that they haven’t been talking to each other. Catching both of them lying led him to believe that there is some inside dealing going on between the two. Natalie listens to the story without comment, and goes right back to saying that she heard that Kevin was targeting her, and that she heard it two days ago. Kevin denies it again, and wants to know who’s saying it, because he has been damaged by it. Natalie refuses to tell him.

While the conversation between Kevin and Natalie is going on downstairs. Jessie and Chima are having a conversation in the HOH room. Jessie explains that Natalie is just like he was last season, when he called everybody out on everything, it made for good TV, and everybody knew that he was right. He is implying that he has learned from those mistakes, and isn’t at all happy that Natalie is following in his footprints.

9:49AM BBT Kevin and Natalie are still in the bathroom.
According to Kevin, Ronnie is disseminating information through other people, and smart enough to use people like Russell, Casey, and Lydia, because they all have big mouths and can’t wait to repeat what they hear to other people. By using this ploy, Ronnie is able to get information from and about people who won’t talk to him.
Kevin goes on to explain that Casey leaving doesn’t really help him, because a clique mate being evicted reduces the Offbeat’s changes of winning HOH. He said the DR asked him why he would want to do that. He’s happy about getting rid of Casey, but isn’t thrilled. Kevin asks Natalie if she would tell him if she knew of inside sh*t going on in NBK. Natalie says that she doesn’t know anything like that. He then asks her to repeat what she actually heard, and based on what Natalie tells him, he thinks it might be Russel. Natalie doesn’t confirm or deny.

10:06 AM BBT: Natalie returns to the HOH, and repeats her conversation with Kevin to Jessie and Chima. Jessie suggests that they should pin it on Casey. Natalie and Jessie don’t believe anything Kevin says, because both Michele and Lydia have told them that Kevin is coming after them. Chima believes that Michele is telling the truth, because she’s desperate to attach herself to an alliance. Jessie agrees.
Small talk continues for a while in the HOH room. First the group trash talk about Michele, saying that she is weird and socially awkward. Then Chima and Natalie tell Jessie about Ronnie’s explosive poop yesterday, how it clogged the toilet, and how Kevin cleaned it up. Jessie says, “That’s disgusting.” Chima goes on to tell him that when they all had green paint on them from one of the comps, someone got the green paint all over the toilet seat, and she knows that it was Ronnie.

Chima says there are three crazy motherf*ckers in here: Russel, Lydia and Michele.

10:52 AM BBT: BB calls for and outside lockdown.

11:00 AM BBT: All the house guests are outside now, most are sleeping or soon to be.
The lockdown is over at 11:13 AM BBT, and everyone but Casey and Russell head inside. Natalie and Jessie are in bed in the HOH; Chima is in the big chair preparing to sleep.
The highlight of the next hour is a man in a banana suit doing laundry, beat boxing and singing his Man in a Banana Suit song in the backyard.

12:08 PM BBT: Casey is making a pitch to Russel for his vote. “I ain't thrown nobody under the bus. People come to me and vent, but I ain't said nothing to anybody, especially Jessie.”
Casey asks, “You got your own vote or you got to do what Daddy says. Russel says, “To be honest, I gotta do what daddy says.”
Casey reminds Russ that the votes in the DR are anonymous, and Russel could lie about it like someone did last week. Russel doesn’t budge. Casey says that without Russel’s vote, he doesn’t have a chance of staying this week. He doesn’t give up though, saying that he wouldn’t have put Russel or Jessie up this week. He believes that the only reason he’s on the block is that Lydia ran to Jessie with a couple small remarks he made. He says Lydia denies it, but he doesn’t believe her.
Casey is obviously a deflated banana man at this point. “I guess I just not good enough at scheming.” He then reminds Russel that he did NOT petition for Russel’s ouster the first week. Casey says that he’s disappointed but not mad. He goes on to say that everyone is having meetings with Ronnie in the storage room, to which Russell quickly replies, “I’m not meeting with Ronnie!” Casey says that he sees Jessie’s team fracturing.
Russell and Casey both claim they are being honest, and agree to keep everything they say to one another between them. But Casey goes on to say that when five people come up to him and tell him that they have a deal with Russel, he doesn’t feel very special. Russel smiles, and tells Casey that he’s someone he would like to keep in contact with after the show.
Down, but not yet out, Casey suggests that if Russel wants to raise a stink, Casey could do things that Russell can’t. Casey then redirects the conversation to back to Ronnie. He says that Ronnie is not very intelligent, and that if did go to college, it must have been just for a week. He said that he’s had to bite his tongue so many times this week to avoid calling Ronnie out, and promises that he’s going to call him a “dorkappotomas” on national TV Thursday.

Casey then reminds Russel that his vote is anonymous, and it would be awesome to see the look on Jessie’s face. He then insists that he wasn’t the vote for Laura last week, and believes that it was Michele because she came up and hugged him right after the vote. No one else like Laura, and Michele was the only one on the fence. He says that Lydia is the tough one out of the five, and is pleading with Russel to shake things up, and reminded him that he’s said how tired he is of Jessie and Scrappy walking around like they’re king of the castle.

He realizes that he can’t get Jeff’s vote, and has said several times that he’s not even going to ask. He comments that p*ssy makes a man do strange things, but would like to tell Jeff that he shouldn’t let the little head lead the big head.

Casey says that Russel doesn’t have to worry about Jessie this week because he can’t play in HOH, and Ronnie can’t win anything athletic. Russell, who has been the sole audience of Casey’s filibuster to stay in the house, explains that if he made a move like Casey would like him to that Ronnie, Chima and Natalie will make sure that he goes home.

The conversation now turns to Ronnie bashing and their belief that he has a God complex. Russel wonders if the DR has been feeding Ronnie information. Casey said he directly asked production if they were feeding information to anyone, and they said no. Russel asks if they could lie about it, and Casey says that he doesn’t think they could because it messes with the integrity of the…FISH

Casey and Russel are equal opportunity bashers, and spend the next 20 minutes bashing Ronnie, Michele, and even Jessie for his bad spelling.

12:51 PM BBT: Kevin comes out to the couch and the conversation stops, and Casey begins singing his banana man song. Casey tells Kevin that he was asking Russ about staying. “You gotta know that I’m counting on you and Lydia as guarantees. Kevin tells him that Casey can count on him if he tells him the truth. Casey says that the truth is that he wants to stay and knock off Jessie and Natalie, because they’ve got to be broken up. He explains to both Kevin and Russel that he is just asking.

After Russell leaves the couch, Kevin tells Casey that his previous conversation with him still holds true, “I am voting for you, but if Russel asks Casey, he has to say that he isn’t. Kevin then goes over to Russel and assures him that he’s not voting to keep Casey.

12:55PM BBT: Russell and Kevin are having a conversation at the hot tub.
Kevin asks Russel if he thinks talking to Ronnie is a mistake. Russell says, Are you kidding? Is that a joke?
Russ wants to know who Kevin he would want to keep most: Lydia or Chima? Kevin says, Lydia because she's my clique-mate, and then asks Russel if he told Jessie or Natalie that Kevin said he was coming after Natalie. Russel denies it. Russel tells Kevin that if wants information to get back to them, then he will have to tell them himself, because he does NOT relay information.

Russell tells Kevin that he’s got a good shot at this game if he keeps his head straight; Lydia doesn’t. Kevin replies that he thought Casey had a good shot at this game. Russel changes the subject to working out, but Kevin says it’s too hot for him.

1:40PM BBT: Natalie and Lydia are in the storage room. Natalie asks if Kevin is coming after her. Lydia runs through Kevin’s chess analogy, explaining that Michele, Kevin, Jeff and Jordan are the pawns, Nat is the Queen, Jess is King, and she’s a rook, because she moves diagonally though the house. Natalie says so Kevin wants her out because she’s the Queen. Lydia assures Natalie that Kevin are not coming after her, they are after Russel and then Jeff. Nat says that from what she’s heard, Lydia is trying to draw lines and get numbers for the other side. Lydia says she’s not. Kevin is the one thinking three steps ahead, and that while Nat and Jess are a package deal, she doesn’t share Kevin’s mind set, they are separate people. Natalie says that the only person she trusts is Jessie, and insists that it’s obvious that Kevin is going after me. Better believe that if you come after me, I will come after you. Again, Lydia assures Natalie that she isn’t their target.

Natalie tells Lydia that she doesn’t think that she would ever put up Jordan. Lydia makes a face, moves to the door and tells Natalie that she’ll see [who she will put up] when she wins HOH. “You would never put up Jessie, would you? You wouldn’t put up Chima. Lydia says that she never promised Jordan that she wouldn’t put her up. She’s made that promise to two people, and Jordan wasn’t one of them. Natalie wants to know who else heard Kevin’s chess analogy, and Lydia tells her only Michele.

1:5 PM BBT: HGs just received new Asic tennis shoes. Ronnie insists that this is proof of what he’s been predicting about the upcoming HOH comp being endurance, and explains that BB has to give them all new shoes to insure that they all have equal footing.

1:59PM BBT: Jeff, Jordan and Lydia are talking at the pool. Lydia tells about Natalie confronting Kevin this morning, and that Michele told Jessie’s side that Kevin, Lydia, Jeff and Jordan are “gunning for them.” Lydia tells Jeff that he should stop cooking and cleaning up the kitchen for everyone, and let them to it for themselves.

2:45PM BBT: Jordan and Jeff are in the kitchen. Jordan tells Jeff that Michelle is a legitimate target for them now that she’s on Jessie’s side. Jeff said he was willing to put her up anyway…Jeff says that if he doesn’t win HOH, he’s probably out.

3:01PM BBT: Kevin tells Jeff and Jordan that he's worried he's a target this week, because people are spreading things about him. Kevin says that one of the reasons they kept Ronnie is because he's now a bigger target, and if Jeff or Jordan wins the HOH, they would probably put him up. Then we get FOTH.
When the feed returns, Jeff is saying that Michele is a sellout, that she's crazy. She makes crazy sounds like R2D2. Jeff says he'll only go up on the block if Ronnie, Michelle or Chima wins HOH. They talk about HOH comp again, and think that it might be something where people have to running around, or it could a standing endurance comp. Jordan says she will hang on until she passes out. Kevin says he will too.

3:15 PM BBT: Lydia assures Kevin that Natalie is just being paranoid. Kevin wonders who told Natalie about his conversations. He adds that it had to be Michele or Casey, and that Chima blamed it on Casey.

Lydia says she heard that Natalie was going to pin this on Casey, so it clearly is Michele. Kevin says he's going to confront her, but Lydia says she will just lie. Kevin assumes that Ronnie must have seen them coming out of the green room with Michele and told Natalie, who must have then confronted Michele to get her to spill the whole conversation.

Kevin wonders why Michele would share that information with the Athletes. Lydia says it's because she's a dumb b*tch. Kevin doesn't believe that Michele is dumb, so he’s sure that Jessie must have given her an offer [she couldn’t refuse]. He wants to talk to her. He also wants to talk to Jessie and Natalie to clear the air... he gets up to go see them.

Meanwhile, Casey tells Jordan that he intends to campaign to stay, but promises that he will never say a bad word about her. That while he will ask others for their votes, he will never throw her under the bus, and if anyone tells her different, she should come and tell him.

3:23 PM BBT: Kevin arrives at the HOH room to talk to Jessie and Natalie, who is fresh out of the shower. Natalie tries unsuccessfully to wake Jessie and get him out of bed.

Kevin and Natalie move to the HOH bathroom, and Kevin says that it was either Casey or Michele who relayed information to her, but it really doesn't matter who she heard if from, because he never said Jessie, Natalie, or Chima's names as people he would nominate or go after. He explains that he never tells Casey anything, because he doesn't trust him. Kevin admits that he had a conversation with Michele, but the only thing he told her was that he had nothing to do with the backdoor plan.

Natalie assures Kevin that she's aligned with him, trusts him, and takes what he says at face value.

3:24 PM BBT: Jordan and Lydia are in the backyard tanning and talking game. Lydia tells Jordan and Natalie said that Natalie said that she would never put Jordan on the block. Jordan is upset. Russell wants to know what they are talking about. Lydia hushes her. Jordan says, “I will tell you later.” In a whisper, Lydia warns Jordan not to have an outburst when Russel is around.

3:29 PM BBT: Kevin tells Natalie, “I know someone who is really after you.
Natalie says it doesn’t matter; the whole house is probably after me.
Kevin says coyly, “I’ll tell you my source, if you tell me.” He pauses briefly, then adds, “I’m Joking.”

Meanwhile, Jeff and Jordan are in the hammock. Jordan whispers that things could easily get switched this week…something about talking to Natalie and Chima soon, because she needs to cover her ass. She doesn’t trust “nobody.” Jeff says that Chima likes her, and that Chima is in the shower right now. “Why don’t you to in there to wash your hands and talk to her. ” Jordan hops off the hammock and heads inside.
When Jordan reaches the bathroom, she asks Chima if someone told her that she was forming an alliance with Kevin and Lydia…the feed switches to the HOH room.

3:36 PM BBT: Jessie, Natalie and Ronnie are in the HOH.
Jessie tells Ronnie that Kevin caught Ronnie in a lie about having a conversation with Russel in the storage room. Kevin was outside the door and overheard the two of them talking about Lydia. Ronnie denies it, and then says, “Oh, maybe I did.”

Natalie asks Ronnie what’s going on downstairs. Ronnie says, “Oh Russel and Lydia are conspiring in the big bed, and before Russel joined her it was Lydia and Kevin who were giving me death stares while I was talking to Michele about what food we wanted to eat--completely innocent talk.”

Natalie interjects that Lydia is always telling her how she doesn’t like Russel, how he is making deals with Ronnie, that they “seen Russel call Ronnie into the storage room and they’re conspiring.”

Ronnie says that’s true, he [Russel] did [call him into the SR]. Jessie says, that’s the one thing Kevin asked you about. Ronnie sound indignant when he tells Jessie, “That’s a lie.” Jessie says that he saw you go into the SR with Russel and heard you talking about Lydia…something about you can’t trust her and have to get her out. Ronnie denies it, “That was never said by either party.” Jessie tells him that Kevin’s ear was against the door…Ronnie: “Kevin’s just completely crazy, because that conversation was the one I told you that Russel said, ‘Hey Dude, I told you I’d keep my word.’ And I thought, Yeah, sure you don’t have any power and it wasn’t your decision. Ronnie says that it’s true that Russel called him in there, but there was nothing said…no, wait a minute, Russel did say in that conversation, now that I think about it, Russel did say that he wanted Lydia out.

Natalie doesn’t trust Kevin at all; she told him everything was cool but if she wins HOH. “I guarantee that 100% he goes up against Lydia. Maybe between the two of them they can figure out who’s lying.”

Like a knight in shining armor protecting the tattooed princess, Jessie says that he honestly believes that it’s all Kevin. [Ed. If Jessie really believes this he deserves to go out week 4.]

Lydia is checking out her new tennis shoes, and tells Jessie emphatically that she prefers Natalie be the one to go.

Jessie said that Kevin is smart enough to know that there’s a bigger picture and that he’s not part of it, and he’s trying to stop that and squash the momentum. He said he talk to Lydia last night and she said there are two people going around…There’s a knock at the door, and Jessie says, “I hope that’s Chima, please let it be Chima cuz I can only say this once.

Chima enters stage left. Ronnie tells Chima she’s looking good on her birthday. Jessie asks, “Hey, who did I say was going to be the next person to walk through that door?”

Chima is obviously upset, she turns to Natalie. “Natalie you know I love you, right? F*ckity, f*ck, f*ck, f*ck! Why did you have to do that?” Nat doesn’t know what she’s talking about. “Jordan just came up to me and said someone is going around saying that Kevin and she and Jeff were forming alliance.” Natalie denies that she said that to Jordan. Chima is really frustrated, and wants to know who’s doing this. Jessie tries to pass it off on Jordan just trying to wiggle their way out of it. Natalie reaffirms that it never came out of her mouth, except personally to Kevin

Jessie explains to Natalie that she opened a can of worms when she confronted Kevin, so now they’re scared. The f-ing village people, the sheep are scared. Chima asks, “But didn’t Kevin say that he had all these other people in an alliance?” Nat and Jess both tell her no. Ronnie explains that Kevin told Michele that she had to pick sides and decide if she was part of their alliance or the other side of the house. Chima doesn’t understand why, if it was never part of the conversation, why is Jordan coming up to her saying she doesn’t know who it is, maybe it’s Casey, but someone’s going around saying that she’s in an alliance with Kevin? Jessie says if anything it’s Lydia and Kevin throwing Jordan’s ass under the bus, getting her scared and running to you.” Chima’s still confused, and fumbles for the words. “Now that Natalie’s gone to Kevin, why do we have to keep protecting Lydia, at this point? If she’s…I mean did she go to Jordan and say that? Who said it?” Ronnie says that it has to be either Kevin or Lydia.

Natalie said that she thinks that they should go to Kevin and tell him that it was Lydia. Chima runs through the conversation she had with Kevin and how she told him that it was a male because they had agreed to point the finger at Casey. But now Jordan comes up to her and says that she knows it wasn’t Casey, and maybe it’s Ronnie, but I don’t really know.

Natalie says that means that Kevin and Lydia are talking to her because that was never part of the conversation. Jessie explains that it would be natural for Kevin and Lydia to put it off on Ronnie, because he’s their common enemy and it would be their way of getting Jordan and Michele to jump on the let’s-get-the-Athletes-out bandwagon.
The girl’s both agree that it’s Lydia. Jessie quickly jumps in again to insist that it’s Kevin, because Kevin was just up there and lied to their face. Chima is totally frustrated and says that none of this is necessary. The girls agree to go talk to Jordan. Jessie doesn’t quit, and continues to throw Kevin under the bus. Ronnie tells them to just wait, when they find out that it was Lydia that ratted them out, they will all implode.“ Natalie has her hand on the door handle, when Jessie adds that all you can do is put them both up against each other. As the girls walk through the door, Jessie reminds them that anything they say to Jordan will get back to Jeff. Chima asks what they are supposed to do? What is our suggestion? Jessie’s working hard to keep them from opening another can of worms, that there’s no reason for another confrontation. Chima says that she didn’t come up here to start sh*t, it all started this morning when Natalie confronted Kevin. It doesn’t matter what Jessie says, just like she did this morning she insists that she’s going to talk to Jordan. Natalie wants to do it now, nip it in the bud. [My head is dizzy trying to follow this stupidity!]

Jessie loses this battle, and Chima goes into the backyard to find Jordan and bring her inside to talk with Natalie. Natalie tells Jordan that she never said that she was in an alliance with Kevin and wants to know who said it so she can confront them. Chima tells Natalie that she doesn’t have to confront then. And Natalie says, okay, just tell me who said it. Jordan said that somebody is just going around saying that she, Jeff, Lydia and Kevin are in an alliance. Natalie: “And they said that I said that?” Jordan: “Yes.” Natalie: “Who said it?” Jordan hems and haws and finally says that it had to be either Ronnie or Michele that said it.” Natalie says, no, it was either Lydia or Kevin who said it, and Jordan tells her it doesn’t matter.

Natalie absolutely will not let it go. Chima says that Jordan doesn’t have to tell her who said it, because she’ll just run off and confront that person. Natalie is very manic, talking a mile-a-minute, insisting that she just has to know who’s lying about her. She assures Chima and Jordan that she won’t confront the person, but may put them on the block if she wins HOH, because she doesn’t want someone who lies about her to be in the house. She pushes Jordan to give up the name of this villainous creature who concocted this lie about her. She eliminates everyone in the house until it’s only Lydia and Kevin, and pushes Jordan to tell her which one it is. Chima comes to Jordan’s rescue, by taking on an authoritarian role with Natalie, who is acting more like a 13-year-old rather than the 18-year-old she’s supposed to be. Protecting Lydia, Jordan finally says that it was probably Michele who said it. Jordan shares her concern about being on the block every week, and Natalie assures her that she’s safe with her. Chima tells Natalie the girl doesn’t want to tell you. You can hit her in the head with a brick and she’s not gonna tell you. Natalie asks why this liar should be exempt from being called out, after what happened to Ronnie. She doesn’t want to quit, and wants to call a house meeting and call everybody out and oust everyone who’s lying. Chima says that she’s game for that, turns and walks away.

3:43PM BBT: FoTH

3:50PM BBT: The feeds return. Natalie waits in the kitchen while Chima goes to the backyard and asks Jordon to come inside. As soon as Jordan comes in, Natalie starts questioning about who it was that told her that someone was spreading the rumor that Jeff, Jordan, Lydia and Kevin are in an alliance. Jordan is hesitant, but says that it had to be Ronnie or Michele. Natalie says that she wants to know who’s saying this, so she can confront them. Chima tells Natalie that it’s not important to know who told Jordan, that Jordan came to her because she is tired of having her name drug into things. Natalie assures Jordan that she has no intention of putting her up, and just wants to know who told Jordan, because she wants to know and promises that she won’t confront them. [Natalie has the tenacity of a rabid pit bull and just won’t let it go.] I want to know who is lying about what I said. Jordan is nervous and it shows, but explains that she doesn’t want to stir things up.

Natalie again promises that if she wins HOH Thursday, that Jordan won’t go on the block, hoping the promise will make Jordan open up.

Chima steps in again, trying to calm Natalie down. “Jordan doesn’t want to start any trouble, so she won’t say.” Saying it doesn’t matter anyway now that Jordan knows that it wasn’t Natalie who said it.

Jordan says that she thinks she will go up every week. Again, Natalie assures her that won’t be the case if she wins. Jordan says that she’s worried about being backdoored. Chima and Natalie both assure her that she doesn’t have to worry about that.

Natalie says that someone is lying, because she never said that Jeff and Jordan had an alliance with Kevin and Lydia, that this was not part of the conversation she had that morning with Kevin.

Jordan repeats that she thinks it was either Ronnie or Michele. All three girls agree that Michele is playing both sides. Natalie asks if Michele is the one who told her. Jordan says no, but she thinks that Michele is the one who started the rumor.
Natalie again insists that she has to know who’s lying, and now decides that it’s time to have another house meeting like they did when Ronnie was called out for lying. Chima tries again to be the voice of reason, and asks Natalie again to stop asking Jordan about it, because she doesn’t want to tell you and start trouble.

Jordan goes back outside and tells Jeff what happened inside with Natalie and Chima, how Natalie kept asking her who told her that they had an alliance. She tells Jeff that she blamed it on Michele. Jordan now wonders if they can trust Lydia. Jeff explains that Lydia is doing whatever Jessie wants her to. Lydia wants Natalie gone, but won’t do it because of Jessie. Jordan says that from what Natalie and Chima were saying, it sounds like they want Kevin and Lydia gone before them.

4:13PM BBT: Natalie goes to the HOH room. Jessie, Ronnie and Russell are there. Natalie tells them that she wants to confront Lydia and Kevin. Russel gets visibly upset. None of them want her to do this, and tell her that it won’t do any good. Natalie is upset that Lydia is blaming everything on Kevin. Russel says that it’s just a scheme to get everyone to fight. Russel advises Natalie to be smart about it—try to control her emotions. Jessie points out that there’s no benefit to telling Kevin and Lydia that they are f*cking each other over. He assures Natalie that it won’t do any good to confront them and create more drama. Ronnie says that they just have to win HOH and get them out. Jessie reminds Ronnie that they can’t get rid of five of them at one time. Russ says, “Lydia out the door, Kevin out the door, Jordan out the door.”

4:50PM BBT: Lydia and Kevin are upstairs, a pitiful pair, debating which one of them is in the worst position in the house because of what’s been going on all day.

4:54PM BBT: Natalie, Chima, Michele and Jordan are in the back yard. Natalie is telling Jordan how much Jeff likes her, and that she should go for it. Jordan says, maybe after they get out of the house. They tell her that he is a great catch. They are also cracking up about his love for the movie March of the Penguins. Jordan says when she first saw Jeff she was like "mmmmm". The girls tell her that’s good; that’s the best kind.
Jordan tells them that she can’t stand the way Jeff says tuna. Natalie tells Jordan that Jessie will let her borrow the HOH room if she and Jeff want it. Jordan says, No booger! She then wonders if Jeff would look weird if they died his hair to cover the grey. The other girls think grey hair is sexy, and Jordan says that her mom loves grey hair too.

Michele leaves to go make something in the kitchen, and the talk turns from trying to get Jordan hooked up with Jeff to game. Jordan says that this game is so much harder than it appears to be on TV. She tells the girls that she doesn’t trust Ronnie, because he talks game 24/7. Natalie says that she talks with Ronnie because she feels sorry for him, but that she never talks game with him. Chima says she talks video games with him. Jordan doesn't like that she keeps getting put up. Natalie promises that Jordan will be safe next week if she wins HOH.

5:45PM BBT: Jessie and Natalie are in the HOH. Jessie is visibly upset with Natalie, and says he can’t figure out who said what to whom, but that Natalie running around the house confronting people only made things worse. Jessie tells Natalie to listen, but to stop telling everyone else what you hear. Natalie is angry too, but not at Jessie. All of her anger is focused on Lydia, who she insists is the one who is spreading lies. “But she comes up here and you believe her…” Jessie denies it, and says that Natalie will do whatever she want to do regardless of what he says. Natalie explains that she wants Jeff and Jordan and Kevin to know that Lydia is lying so that they will put her up and get her out of the house. If she wins HOH, she will send Lydia home, and won’t care what Kevin thinks. She tells Jessie that if Lydia wins HOH, she is guaranteed to be on the block. They agree that Russel needs to get his hands dirty. They make a deal.

If Lydia wins HOH and does not put up Natalie, she promises she will listen to everything Jessie has to say to her in the game. If Lydia does put her up Jessie has to listen to everything Natalie says. They shake and then horseplay for a sec.

Jessie says Nat has f**ked herself and Jessie with Kevin.

Natalie says if she goes up she has Jessie, Chima, and Michelle's votes to stay. Nat says Kevin is not dumb enough to put up Nat and Jessie at the same time. Jessie says he's worried about Russell playing veto if they are up on the block together, and not using it to save one of them. Natalie says she will play so hard in the veto she would kill someone. She says she would choose Chima over Russ. Jessie says Russ told him he'd throw HOH to her if it was down to the two of them. Jessie says to let Russ be HOH on Thursday so that he has to make enemies. He needs to have blood on his hands. They want to vote to evict the one he wants to stay.

Natalie says if cliques are over, she is not going to throw HOH to anybody even Chima until she is guaranteed to reach the jury house.

Russ comes into the HOH for a banana. BB tells him to put his mic on. Russ yells: My mic is on! It's on! Then warns Natalie to watch what she says in front of Ronnie.

The next two hours are filled with non-game related chit chat. BB must have noticed, because at 8:15 PM BBT, BB tells the houseguests to check the storage room. The liquor arrives early.

8:32PM BBT. Casey confronts Ronnie about the remarks he’s made about Casey not being a good educator. Ronnie says, “I believe teachers need to live up to a higher moral and ethical standard, and you don’t meet those standards.” Ronnie points out that Casey has a beer in his hand, and drinks every time alcohol is available, while he has had two glasses of wine and a single Schmirnoff Ice the whole time.

“You can’t judge my 15 year career as a teacher by what you’ve seen in this house!”

“All I’m saying is, I’m the same person at home as I am at work. I don’t go judging bikini contests, using every foul word in the boo, and drinking in public.”

“You don’t know about all the special needs fourth graders I’ve helped and got them into fifth grade, where they won improvement awards. Or the kids I gave lunch money to, because they came from homes that don’t have no money. I don’t judge bikini contests at school, and what I do away from school is not their business.”

Ronnie leaves, and Casey breaks the now awkward silence, “I think I defended myself well. Maybe if they’d pay teachers a decent wage, they won’t need to take side jobs.”

Ronnie runs off to tell his version of the story to Chima. “And I told him, the challenges he faces are no different than most educators face. These are the things my wife and I deal with all the time. And when I get out of here, I’ll be secure in knowing that I didn’t do anything that would be looked at as inappropriate.”

8:55PM BBT: Kevin confronts Michelle about telling Jessie’s alliance about their plan. Michele says that she’s grouchy when she hasn’t slept. Kevin says that he wishes that she hadn’t told them. She replies, “You shouldn’t have woken me up,” and walks away. Kevin is left standing there in shock.

9:00PM BBT: Kevin and Lydia are in the Splish-Splash room. Kevin tells Lydia about what just took place with Michele, and says that she is on a vengeful mission against them, and that she is tight with Ronnie too. The only person who didn’t lie about being angry with Ronnie was Casey, and now he is going home. Lydia adds the Jeff and Jordan hate Ronnie for real, and Kevin agrees. Half joking, Kevin says that they need to start liking Ronnie. Lydia tells Kevin that Jessie confirmed that it bothers Natalie when she and Jessie hang out.
Kevin wants to confront Jessie and Natalie and get to the bottom of the lying business. Obviously, Lydia is opposed to his plan, and they argue back and forth. Kevin finally tells her that he’s going to go up to the HOH and talk to Jessie. That he will be doing this independently, and won’t bring her name into it, but if Jessie asks her anything about it she needs to back him up.

9:14PM BBT: Kevin enters the HOH room and tells Jessie and Chima about his conversation with Michele. He defends himself about the "lie" that has him targeting the Athletes.
They are talking about Casey, saying they like Casey as a person but in the game, he just didn't go along with the "plan". Jessie says that putting Casey up was in his best interest at the time. Kevin rehashes what happened earlier with Casey and Ronnie. They all agree that Casey is a good guy but can't be trusted in the game, so he has to go this week. Kevin says it does suck to lose a clique-mate. Jessie tells him he’s sorry. Chima says, “I don’t care. He would have put me up.”
10:25PM BBT: Kevin, Lydia and Ronnie are in the pool room. Ronnie is telling a story about a previous season competition. Prompted by Ronnie’s story, Kevin and Lydia want to go outside and practice with the golf clubs and over-sized balls that BB put in the backyard. Instead, they continue talking. Ronnie tells them that they are two of the people he has never lied to. They don’t seem convinced, but Kevin says, “Oh, okay.”

The trio doesn’t know that Russel is right outside the door, listening to everything that’s being said. Casey joins Russell outside the door just as the conversation in the pool room turns to Lydia and Kevin bad mouthing Russel. Ronnie again rehashing his conversation with Casey about being a responsible educator. Lydia says it’s funny, because both Casey and Russell had questioned the fact that he was a teacher. They said he’s probably just a gamer. [Ronnie sits with a completely deadpan expression.]

Lydia is spilling her heart out to Ronnie, telling him what a hard day she’s had. How Jessie told her that he has to stop hanging out with her. Then goes on to tell Ronnie how Chima and Michele really trashed him while he was the outcast. Kevin says that because he and Natalie talk to everyone, their conversations with so many people are easy to twist to meet the needs of those who want to use it. Lydia is talking about how she got scolded for calling out Stranger Danger when she talked to him, when Jordan joins Russell and Casey outside the door. Lydia continues to bad mouth Russell, how he calculated everything. Lydia says, I don’t know, maybe you’re a super mastermind and have some kind of deal with him. Ronnie has a rat-like smirk when he denies having a deal with Russel.

Ronnie says, “I will be honest with you, I am not in any alliances.” Outside the door, Russell’s face expression is one of astonishment.

Ronnie rehashes his HOH, and advises future HOH winners not to put someone on the block that they don’t want to go home. He’s working hard to win Lydia and Kevin’s trust, and throws Jordan under the bus again, telling them that Jordan used him as a scapegoat. [Ed. I doubt very much that a girl who can’t tell time knows the meaning of the word.]
Jordan joins the boys outside the door right after Ronnie had completed his indignant spiel about Jordan being the one who threw him under the bus.

10:48PM BBT Jordan and Casey go to the Pool Room. Russel runs like the wind up to the HOH room, where Natalie, Chima and Jessie are sleeping. Chima stays in bed, while Jessie and Lydia to get up and follow Russel to the Green Room. Russel is very exciting, whispering, but talking very quickly as he explains that he’s been standing outside the Pool Room door listening to Ronnie, Lydia and Kevin’s conversation, and how Casey and ultimately Jordan joined him. Russel tells them that Ronnie told Kevin and Lydia that he never threw them under the bus, but then threw Jessie, Natalie and Russel all under the bus, and not only swore that he had no alliances with anyone in the house, but that he promised to take Jessie out. Russel working hard to convince Jessie and Natalie that Ronnie threw them all under the bus.
10:53PM BBT: An angry Casey confronts Ronnie in the Pool Room about being a liar. Casey explains that he was outside the door and heard everything. He’s angry that Ronnie has the nerve to question his moral compass. “You can lie and cheat if you’re playing a game?” Ronnie says, “Yes.” Casey says that his future in the house will be short because of Ronnie’s lying and cheating. Ronnie tells him that he “accepts that.” Ronnie is being extremely condescending, and says. “When I’m evicted, I will take it with grace and honor.” Casey wants to know what he’s done that was without grace and honor. Ronnie: “I’m not going to dignify that with a response”

Casey follows Ronnie, Kevin and Lydia outside, arguing as they go.

10:59PM BBT: Jeff, Michele, Jordan and Casey on the couch in the backyard. Lydia and Kevin are practicing in the yard. Ronnie is near the pool table. Casey and Ronnie are talking at each other. Casey become more heated, and yells over to Ronnie, “You’re gonna spin it” Lydia has a complete and utter meltdown that ends with the line of the day, “You’re bitter because you’re in a banana suit, and you’re going home!”

11:00PM BBT: Russel calls Natalie to the Green Room.

Outside Ronnie continues to clarify what was said about why Jeff and Jordan are mad at him. He says that the only reason they are mad at him is “because he tricked ‘em.” Casey waves him off, and tells Ronnie to have a good night. Ronnie smiles smugly and says, “I’ll have a better night than you,“ as he enters the house.

Lydia comes to Ronnie’s defense, and she and Casey exchange words. Casey explains that he doesn’t have to be happy for Ronnie for f*cking me and sending me home this week. You guys are staying. You’re more than welcome to make allies with whoever you want to align with, that’s your business…it’s not a big deal, but don’t yell at me because someone questioned my character, and especially last Thursday, and then sit there and act like he didn’t do anything.

Lydia goes on to explain things from her perspective, defends Ronnie again, trying to clarify that he had admitted to tricking them. “I understand you’re upset for being f*cked in the butt, but I’m sick of you going on and on about it.”…”When you talk, you can be charming and charismatic, but as the day goes on, you start cutting us down to make us smaller than you. You don’t let things go. Get over it, he’s not the only one who f*cked you! …”You fucked me and Kevin, and now you’re going home because of the shit storm you created.” [Ed. Lydia believes that Casey is responsible for the mystery vote for Laura last week, which she sees as a betrayal of their trust.]

11:08PM BBT: In the HOH room, Natalie suggests that it’s possible that Russel’s lying. Jessie says that there isn’t a single person downstairs that he trusts, and that sucks. Chima says she has to win HOH to protect them. Jessie mentions a couple discrepancies in Ronnie’s past conversations. Natalie wants to talk to Casey to see if he says the same things as Russel about what they heard.

11:13PM BBT: Chima suggests that maybe they can trust Russell more than Ronnie. Natalie says, “Maybe we can’t trust either one of them.”

11:22PM BBT: In the backyard, Russel has joined the backyard crew and listens intently to Casey tell the story of what he overheard in the Green Room as if it’s all news to him.

11:28PM BBT: Ronnie in the HOH room explaining what happened in the Green Room to Jessie and Natalie.

Ronnie: I was just talking when Lydia starts talking about being an outcast and that Jessie can’t hang out with her so much because Natalie doesn’t like it.

Eventually it turns to last week, the whole deal with me, the only thing I've lied about is the vote, one vote, I admit I lied to them but not you guys. Jordan saying that I started the thing to get Braden saved is a lie.

Remember when Russel fought with Jeff? Jordan said that Russel told her that I started that fight somehow.. He throws Lydia under the bus saying that she was the one down there saying it all, not him.

Michele comes in...

Ronnie continues. Lydia said do you have a deal with Jessie? And I said, at this point in time, Ii have no deals with anyone but the Brains. It was none of her business the rest of it.

Lydia said, Ronnie we won’t put you up, we have nothing against you. And I said that’s fine, I don't need any more enemies... I don't know what they heard that everyone doesn't already know.

Natalie asks if he said that you were playing us. Ron says, “No, no, nope,” followed by an uncomfortably high-pitched female laugh.

In the meantime, in the backyard, Russel and Casey are whispering. Russel asks if Casey told Ronnie that he was one of the people listening at the door. Casey gives Russel his take on Lydia’s reaction to getting busted, said that she’s “passive aggressive. Referring to Ronnie, Casey says anyone making deals with the guy is “retarded. Russel tells Casey that he’s going to backdoor Ronnie’s ass. Casey reminds Russel that was the plan for this week. Russel explains that “it wasn’t his choice” to make.

11:35PM BBT: Russel enters the HOH and asks Ronnie to tell him what happened. Ronnie pretty much recites the story he just finished telling Jessie and Natalie.

Russel is standing with his arms crossed listening to everything Ronnie has to say, then asks, “Why are you shaking, Dude?” Ronnie explains he always gets an adrenaline rush when he argues, and he just went two round with Casey. Russel says, “And your face is flushed.” He then asks on to ask Ronnie, “Why is Casey all pissed?” Ronnie says, he doesn’t understand why Jeff, Jordan and Casey are so pissed because he tricked them. I wouldn’t treat my worst enemies the way they’ve treat me.

Russell wants to know what he said about him. Ronnie says that he respected him.

[Ed. I’m sorry to cut this recap short and upload so late, but I had a family emergency that had me out of the house from early this morning, until two hours ago. I’ve done my best to cover the major confrontations of the day.

The Russell/Ronnie saga continues a bit beyond this. Casey spends hours venting his anger with the rest of the backyard crew, while Natalie suspects that Russel is lying about Ronnie, Jessie believes that he’s f*cked, and Chima isn’t sure about Russel.

You can catch most of the “action” in the Updates. But I will tell you that the most interesting thing that happened late last night was Natalie trying to created HOH rain garb for the girls out of trash bags. They are all convinced that HOH will be an endurance comp with water and they want to be prepared.