11:00 Big Brother wakes everyone up. Adam has a smoke, the girls go to the bathroom to make themselves pretty. Adam complains that he's really sore and Rachel asks if the medic is coming today and if he think's it's bad enough that he needs one. Adam tries to get Rachel to take him to final 2 if she win's. His points are he's never put her on the block and Porsche has, and that he can get Tori Spelling to come to Rachel and Brendon's wedding if she picks him. Rachel asks Porsche if Adam was trying to get her to take him to final 2 as well and Porsche says of course he is. Rachel says she can't blame him but she's not going to campaign because she already know's what she's doing if she wins. Porsche says she feels the same way. They have a final 2 deal together.

12:07 Adam tells the girls that today is the 10th anniversary of September 11th. Porsche wants to have a moment of silence at 9:11 PM.

12:30 Rachel and Porsche are making a tye-dye shirt for a fan. They are making it all special and all three of them are going to sign it. Rachel takes a shower sometime in there and Adam complains to Porsche that Rachel talks about missing Brendon too much.

5:00 They all talk about Shelly and her game play and speculate on how her family is going to react to her when they see her when they see her next week.

6:00 Everyone takes a nap in the backyard.

6:55 Rachel and Adam clean the kitchen.

7:58 Adam tells the camera's his master plan to get the girls to take him if they win the final competition. He says he's going to tell them both that he won't vote for them. I guess he missed the boat on if they are both final 2 he has to vote for someone.

9:10 Rachel is in the diary room but Adam and Porsche thank everyone who cleaned up, everyone who helped out, everyone who passed away and to the armed forces. At 9:11 they have a moment of silence to memorialize 9/11.

9:27 Adam gives Porsche a pep talk for the 3rd part of the competition. He says he thinks she can beat Rachel. They talk about the last competition and how the water wasn't cold but it was a hard one to do.

9:37 Rachel get's out of the diary room and eat's her tuna salad. Porsche tells her that they did a moment of silence for 9/11 and Rachel thanks America and says God bless America and does her own moment of silence.

9:44 They each get 2 beer's each from Big Brother. Rachel whines that that's not enough to do anything.

10:12 the house guests are playing cards in the backyard and talking about breaking bones as little kids. This is their idea of a fun topic for showtime. Sorry showtime.

10:26 Everyone sends a shout out to Fara and the girls say they can't wait to meet her next week.

11:45 Rachel talks about her anxiety about finally leaving the Big Brother house and going out into the real world again.

12:46 The house guests play a guessing game of what's that Disney movie. Rachel picked Tinkerbell. They all then go to bed.

Will Adam convince the girls to take him to the final 2? Who's going to win the final HOH? Only time will tell. Thank you updaters for updating a rather drab and boring season I know it couldn't have been easy but you are truely the best updater's on the web.

My thoughts and prayers go out to all the victims, hero's and survivors of 9/11 thank you for your sacrifice. God bless America!