Excuse me, would you mind not farting while I'm saving the world?
9th Doctor, Doctor Who

7:31 AM

Boogie up & to the bathroom, then brushes teeth. Ashley follows him, washes her hands then heads back to bed.

8:29 AM

We have fish as the house get’s its wake up call.

Frank is up talking to feedsters as he puts the awnings down. He hopes some people are bummed he is on the block. Hopes no one is like “Damn I’m ready for Frank to go home”, he feels like he will stay, he isn’t ready to go yet.
Frank has a job for feedsters, he says most months alternate 30 days then 31 days except for July & August which both have 31 days. He thinks that is because when they were making the Roman calendar Caesar wanted 31 days in his month, July. The Augustus wanted 31 days in his month as well. He asks us to look it up & let him know in a few months when he gets out- hopefully not sooner.
Frank says it is day 5 in the house.
Frank is saying that Janelle outright lied about him wanting to backdoor Wil last week; he wants Wil’s family to know it isn’t true & that he wouldn’t do that to Wil. He called Janelle out about it & at least she owned up to it. He doesn’t think they needed to throw his name into the ring with Shane, that they could have gone a different way, he says later down the road he will have to go after Wil but he will worry about that later. He says they didn’t get to pick their coaches, the coaches picked them & that hurt him in the beginning because everyone thought he was lying but he has done a lot to change those impressions, he believes there are people in the house that trust him. He talks about how he has been promised twice that he wouldn’t go on the block & twice he ended up precisely there, plus he hasn’t even been able to cast a vote yet. He hopes everyone back home wants to see him in the final 2- thinks he has a great speech to give, not to many people he couldn’t beat. Wil is his main worry because he is a great talker too. Says he needs to start winning competitions. Shane is killing it but at the same time the target on Shane just keeps getting bigger- he goes inside for more coffee.

10:02 AM

Frank & Boogie talking in the backyard. Boogie is saying that he’ll play it like he has hitched his wagon to Frank & that Jenn & Ian are disposable. Frank is worried about Brittney’s sympathy toward Ian. Frank tells Boogie to tell them he is more willing to play ball with Brit’s team than with his own teammates.

Wil joins them outside. Boogie asks him if there is any way getting rid of Joe works to help his game. Wil tells him Joe would be a vote for him in the end. He says Janelle is playing one way & he is playing another way. Wil says that Janelle thinks he is a “loose screw” Boogie tells him they would like to get his vote but he understands Wil would be concerned if Frank won HoH.
Wil says Ian made no promises about Wil; he thinks Ian is smart but has no social skills. Boogie agrees that Ian is smart but says he has no idea how to play the game. He says if Frank leaves that is what he’ll have to deal with & Janelle knows that. Wil says Janelle’s way of playing hasn’t worked. Boogie tells Wil Janelle would let him go. Wil believes the coaches have a better chance of winning the game & that it was a stupid move by Janelle to piss off one of her players, says he told Janelle he wasn’t kissing Shane’s a$$. Boogie tells Wil that the conversation that he & Frank would backdoor him never happened. The talk turns to Joe & Franks says that Joe stirs the pot a lot. Boogie and Frank work on Wil about his vote saying Frank comes with 2 solid votes (Ian & Jenn) & he won’t come after Wil.

10:48 AM

Wil jokingly says “Thank God my final 9 deal is still intact” Wil & Joe discuss how they feel about Janelle. Joe tells him Janelle was nervous about Wil last night. Wil tells him that Janelle told him if she hadn’t kissed Frank’s a$$ last week Wil would have been backdoored. Wil was upset about her saying that. Joe thinks Wil just took it wrong.

11:49 AM

Britney, Boogie, Ashley, Janelle, Frank & Dan in the backyard talking about baby names. Janelle tells them she really wanted to name her baby Violet but her husband want to name her Stella, one night he wanted to go play poker with his friends but she told him “no I’m pregnant” he was like “please I never get to go out with my friends anymore” she told him fine he could go play poker but she got to name the baby Violet. He agreed & they both ended up happy

Talk moves on to relationships, Frank says that because his mother birthed him out of her womb he would always stand behind her over a relationship with a girl. Dan says that he would stand behind his girlfriend even if his family disagreed with something she did, because in the end you go home with her.

Ashley & Joe talking in the arcade room. Ashley tells him if he goes home she will be all by herself. Joe says if Frank gets Wil that is his “win” so Frank is going to live up Will’s a$$. He asks Ashley to go get Janelle- Janelle joins them.
Joe tells them that Wil asked him what he thought of Janelle, and then told him that Janelle said she does all of Wil’s work for him, that he doesn’t do anything. Janelle says “Oh my God” & that she never said that. Joe tells her that when he got up today Frank & Wil were doing dishes together. Janelle thinks Wil is crazy to know what Janelle is telling Joe. Joe really thinks that Boogie & Frank already “got” Wil. Joe goes on to say Wil told him earlier that “we are in jeopardy “meaning the team. Ashley adds that Boogie wants Janelle out of the house so badly that he will get rid of Ashley just to spite Janelle. Janelle says she isn’t afraid. Joe thinks Frank sees an opening with Wil & is jumping on it.
But he thinks Wil is going to or already has made a deal with Frank & Boogie. He tells Janelle that Wil thinks Frank & Boogie are just the best things on earth. Joe thinks Wil isn’t talking to Janelle but she tells him that isn’t true. Joe says “Oh, I thought he has not said a word to you.” & tells her she needs to lay off the Frank hate. Ashley tells Joe not to worry & to wait until Janelle talks to Wil before he freaks out. Janelle also tells Joe not to worry. Joe says he just can’t wrap his head around Wil. Janelle claims Wil isn’t stable in the game, that “one little thing sets him off”. Joe asks why now when they had everything going for them. Janelle tells him she is going to talk to Britney, tells him if it comes down to it & she has to show everyone the numbers of what Wil is about to do she will.

12:50 PM

Janelle & Britney talking in the bathroom. Janelle tells Britney that Boogie is mad at her. Britney tells her she heard Wil was really pissed hearing the coaches were coming in the game. Janelle says she is having a really hard time working with Wil. Britney tells Janelle that Wil swore on his dog that she had his vote against Frank. Janelle does tell Britney that Wil won’t talk to her today, because he misconstrued something she said & now he is acting like Frank is the greatest. Britney is wondering if Janelle thinks Wil would really vote Joe out, because he can beat Joe in competitions but not Frank. Both are worried about Wil’s vote & agree Janelle needs to talk to Wil.

Janelle declares she isn’t going to stay there & let these idiots give the game to Frank. Britney thinks that maybe Janelle is just paranoid & that Wil isn’t really mad at her. Jani says Joe filled her in about Wil. Brit surmises that Frank is using anything he can to get Wil’s vote even flirting with him & if they lose Wil’s vote they are screwed, Frank will stay & he will win the game. They talk about different lies they could tell Wil to turn him against Frank.

1:23 PM

Britney & Danielle in the arcade room- Danielle tells her she cried on Shane’s chest because people keep cornering her about her vote, she wants to know if Janelle was talking about her to Britney earlier. Brit tells her no but that they do need to talk.
Brit: “I’m freaking out, we may have lost Wil’s vote”
Dani:”Wil promised me last night”
Brit:”Okay so Janelle is just being paranoid”
Dani:”Janelle hasn’t talked to me all week. Her & Wil definitely got into a fight last night. She went up to Wil last night & said “the only reason you are still here is because I’ve been kissing a$$ for you for 2 weeks, you should have gone & kissed Shane’s a$$ but you wouldn’t”. He came in & told Dan & I all about it, he was pissed. He told us that Ashley came into the HoH crying because Janelle told her to-the whole thing was fake.”
Brit:”so she tells Ashley to be friends with us”
Dani:”She tells Ashley to follow me around. Will was so pissed off last night, Janelle came in to hug him & he said “don’t touch me”
Brit:”OMG, I can’t go to bed anymore. I had no idea this was going on.”
Dani:”They are dirty players, I don’t trust Janelle at all, she just floats to the power”. She says she would put up Wil & Ian if she wins HoH.
Brit:”I know she is friends with me again this week”

1:48 PM

Shane comes into the arcade room with the HoH camera-it’s picture time. Shane wants a picture of Danielle without make-up. She screams “no” Danielle & Brit head upstairs for make-up & bikinis.

2:03 PM

Janelle & Ashley in bathroom- Janelle asks Ashley if Wil has said anything about not wanting to be with our team. Ash “just last night about the coaches coming in to the game.” The head into the arcade room.
Ash:”Wil talked about the twist messing people’s game up & mentioned the coaches coming in, That’s when I head in to take a bath cause I don’t like that Wil always brings it up.”
Jani:”You need to talk to Wil & tell him if he turns his back on Joe, he’s turning his back on you too.”
Ash:”Yeah. Is Brit worried now?”
Jani:”No, she came to see me & said Wil is starting to fracture from your team (which is the prepared lie they came up with)”
Ash:”Now more than ever I know I need to keep my mouth shut, Frank started going into the sympathy thing, about how he tried out for this game three times. He is just trying to get sympathy but I never went to Brit & said I was worried.”

2:31 PM

Frank tells Brit that he is pissed at Janelle for telling Wil he tried to backdoor him last week, he wants to confront her & Joe but doesn’t want to cause trouble.
Ashley & Janelle still talking about Wil-Ashley says Kara was harmless, Janelle agrees & thinks she should have stayed. Janelle tells Ashley that Boogie has the most power in the house while everyone has been worried about Dan. Janelle thinks it sucks that Wil is so negative & screws up Joe & Ashley’s game. She says Wil just doesn’t see he would have been on the block, she says he hates her getting involved in his game. Ashley thinks if they get rid of Frank Wil is guaranteed safety next week. Janelle asks her if she thinks Wil would screw them over. Ashley says she doesn’t think so. They both agree that if Wil goes against the house & votes to keep Frank he’ll make himself a huge target.

3:11 PM

Danielle, Britney, Dan, & Boogie in the backyard talking about doing shots. Danielle says they have to be fruity for her to do them. Brit tells her only the first few need to be fruity. Danielle really doesn’t like shots with the hot cinnamon , then Britney brings up that “stuff that is super minty” Boogie says “peppermint schnapps”. Danielle says lemon drops are good & she likes them but Britney says she can’t stand Lemon, not in cakes & not in shots. Brit “what if there was a broccoli shot, would you drink a broccoli shot?” camera focuses on Boogie then Dan both looking like they really would like to BE shot.

3:41 PM

Danielle & Britney in the HoH room-
Brit:”Are you sure Frank has to go?”
Dani:”Yes if Frank stays Shane will go up. I feel like Frank will put Shane & I against each other, since Frank has been hanging so much with Janelle.”
Brit:”Frank is good at his social game, he flirts.”
Dani:”I talked to Shane & told him I miss my friend since he stopped giving me hugs.”
Brit:”Did you hear Ashley say that you always have to feel important?”
Dani:”She said you have to make me feel important?”
Brit:”Yeah, so that is why she is following you around.”
Dani:”I don’t want to feel important because in this house that puts a target on your back, she talks such BS. Who was Ashley talking to?”
Brit:”Janelle, cause Janelle was asking if your vote was solid & I said yes. That’s when Ashley said you need to feel important, because you are insecure in the house…. Janelle just gets on my nerves, last week she was all over Franks butthole & now this week she is all over Shane. Her game is obvious.”
Dani:”I walked into the Arcade & Janelle & Ashley were in there scheming. Probably telling her to follow me around. Would it be a bad idea if I talked to Janelle and asked her why she's being awkward?”
Brit:” I don't see a reason to.”
Dani:” I don't know why Ash said that”
Brit: “I think that stuff that Janelle told you JoJo said was a lie”

Janelle comes in and says “Wil is good”

Joe & Ashley by the hot tub-
Joe:”Wil doesn’t want Janelle to talk for him.”
Ash:”That is fine he doesn’t like it but I like to have the coaches working for us.”
Joe:”Yeah she just needs to give him advice & then let him have his own conversations.”
Janelle joins them at the hot tub.
Ash:”You know they get moody.”
Joe:”the thing is he wants you not to do his negotiating. He is a strong guy & likes to take care of himself.”
Ash:”Three days ago he made a comment like WHOA you had a session after I went to sleep. I’m sensitive but sometimes it’s just so stupid.”
Jani:”The point was to do it this week cause it’s going to be endurance this week & questions next. I don’t know why he is so resistant to me helping him. I’ve been final three twice, I know what I am doing.”
Ash:”I’m a fan of this show, he doesn’t know a lot about Big Brother, he’s just letting paranoia get to him.”
Jani:”He needs his a$$ kissed. I just don’t understand why someone wouldn’t want my help. If you’re going to play this game by yourself wouldn’t you want advice?”
Joe:”He’s fine getting advice, just doesn’t want you negotiating for him.”
Jani:”Oh, Okay.”
Ash:”He’s so insecure because he hasn’t won anything yet, it’s insecurity coming in to play.”

4:22 PM

Ashley talking to Danielle in the arcade room. She tells Danielle she will have her back. Danielle asks “really?” because they haven’t talked much & she heard Ashley was talking about her, but it isn’t important.
Ashley wants her to tell her what she heard. Danielle tells Ashley it didn’t come from her team but that Ashley was talking in front of a lot of people & said that Danielle wants to feel important.
Ashley tells Danielle she did not say that. Danielle says she isn’t sure how to take it. Ashley assures her it wasn’t about her feeling important & she is mad her words got twisted. Danielle tells her to be careful what she says... Ashley says it was not meant to be malicious, she meant it as, Danielle is a part of a team.
Danielle said she didn't take it that serious because it came from people who wanted votes. Danielle says she isn’t on a power high & she doesn’t like being the swing vote. Ashley tells her when she said it was to defend her not to belittle her. Danielle says don't worry about it that she would have told her if she was upset. Ashley feels Danielle has been standoffish. Ashley says no matter how Danielle votes she will still have her back. Ashley told Janelle, that she thinks she has not been vocal enough regarding keeping Danielle safe. Ashley says she would not put Danielle up on the block.

5:27 PM

Janelle & Danielle talk by the hammock.
Dani: “So am I good next week Janelle?”
Janelle: “Oh, totally! Thats the thing, we don't even have to make a deal, you're good with us for a while”
Dani: “I just need to be reassured once in a while”
Janelle: “I talked to Dan about it”
Dani: “My vote is solid, there's nothing they could say to change it”
Janelle: “Have they tried? What did they offer?”
Dani: “Breakfast in bed, do my laundry”
Jani: “WHAT? Who offered that?”
Dani: “Boogie”
Jani: “What did Dan say? don't trust the guy”
Dani: “He asked what I wanted to do. That’s what he does, asks & then tells me where I’m wrong. I talked to Joe & assured him my vote”
Jani: “Has Frank asked you about your vote?”
Dani: “Yeah he said that he's the bigger target, better to keep him”
Jani: “Um, no, that's why you'd WANT to get rid of him.”
Dani: “Frank & I haven't even talked until this week. I'm a loyal person”

6:36 PM

Danielle & Shane in the HoH room-
Shane:”so where is your head at? Are you telling Frank & Boogie they are Okay?”
Shane:”Frank said that was why he could sleep today, cause it’s water under the bridge.”
Dani:”Are you going to be nice to me when this is over?”
Shane:”If you win HoH.”
Dani:”Is that our relationship now, only when we’re HoH?”
Shane:”I’m kidding.”
Dani:”Yeah Frank needs to go.”
Shane:”I feel kind of bad because we had that conversation with him, the three amigos. It sucks for Frank, cause it’s Boogie I don’t trust, he can’t have a strong player in the game & after Frank is gone he won’t.” They Hug
Dani:”You know how many guys want to hug me?”
Shane:”I know they do.”
Dani:”You’re a douchbag.”

6:45 PM

Dinner! Game talk paused, chit chat about Shark Tank, Janelle trying to figure out who would do All-Stars next season.

7:28 PM

Wil & Ashley are in the bathroom he assures her not to worry he isn’t wavering.
Joe & Janelle on the Back Yard couches- Joe asks if she & Wil have made up yet. She says no & she is a little upset with Wil. She is only trying to help him. Joe thinks they need to talk.
Boogie & Ian playing pool & discussing Frank being put up as a replacement nominee. Ian is saying it doesn’t make any sense- Britney comes up & breaks up the conversation.

8:45 PM

Danielle & Wil check the storage room & find alcohol.
Frank & Britney talking, Frank laughs- it’s funny I went from having a final two deal with Wil to wanting to back door him. Frank tells her that the DR is pushing for him to call out Joe & Janelle. Britney convinces him not to & assures him he has the votes, defiantly Danielle & maybe Wil. She suggests they go play some volleyball.

9:20 PM

Boogie, Frank, Ian & Jenn talk in the arcade room.
Frank: “I just got done with a 10 min conversation with Brit”
Boogie: “Game?”
Frank: “yeah.”
Boogie: “do you think I should have a 10-15 min conversation with Brit tonight?”
Frank:” It can't hurt. Ian came in when I was trying to get one on one time with her, I've had a hard time talking game with her.”
Boogie: “When you were talking did you feel a connection with her or nothing?”
Frank: “Yeah a connection”
Boogie: “Ian you need to keep doing nothing, just enjoying your experience, not a threat”
Ian: “There is no reason he should go, but if he does I am going to win HOH”
Boogie: “you also should play a little sympathy card like it’s your fault tomorrow we all need to take a big nap so we're up as late as Janelle, we can't let her get to them”
Frank:” I was out there doing cartwheels with Danielle”
Ian: “I think at the beginning of the week they planned all this”
Frank: “No they were golden this is all new. The thing was Brit wanted me up originally, not to get me out but to not make it obvious to Janelle”
Boogie: “Jenn, do you have a relationship with Danielle?”
Jenn: “Yeah, I'll set it up for you to talk to her”
Frank: “I talked to Dan but Wil came up”
Boogie:”Why don't you take them in here, they are always barging into the HOH. I would rather them barge in here, you’re on the block you should be talking to people”
Frank:”I asked Danielle if they are still pounding her, she said they are sweet talking her”
Boogie: “Hopefully her realness shines through”
Jenn: “We talk & she's always real with me, we talk game”
Ian: I was thinking HOH games, if not endurance it will be elimination rounds. Pay attention to the words, & they will rhyme to help you figure out the answer. Be thinking of challenges we've played. It might not be endurance cause the BY is still open.

10:10 PM

Janelle asks Wil to talk with her in the arcade room he agrees. Janelle is tearing up a bit with Wil. Wil says the game would be completely different without the coaches.

Dan & Danielle talk, he tells her that she is good either way she goes, keeping Joe or Frank. He does tell her that he would rather work with Boogie’s team than Janelle because Janelle lies too much.
She is afraid Frank would go after Shane- Dan tells her Shane is NOT going to be her boyfriend when they leave the house & that she needs to play cut throat. Danielle says Janelle is making her mad she keeps pushing Ashley to Shane… Dan teases her, "you're jealous, you're jealous" he say to her “no one gets between me & my Shane"....LOL!

As people float in & out of different group’s a couple of common themes stand out. One is Janelle is a liar & is playing a completely different game than she did the last two times- the other is that the coaches are coming in the game- Dan all but spells it out to Danielle. There is a lot of what ifs as well as what would you do. Britney originally says she won’t come in but then changes her mind deciding if she didn’t she would spend her life thinking about $400,000

11:47 PM

Topic of conversation turns to Dr Will & it is confirmed by both Janelle & Boogie that Will had lipo suction before All-Stars. Janelle says when she is finished having her babies she is going to get plastic surgery- says she is going to take a photo from when she was 25yrs & ask the Doctor what he can do.
Dan asks Janelle if she ever thought about Dr Will delivering her baby… they all call him a sick puppy.

1:05 AM

Janelle & Ashley talk about Shane, how he doesn’t really like Danielle, Jani asks Ashley if she made a move of Shane would he reciprocate Ashley says yes.
Danielle tells Britney & Shane that she thinks she is smarter than Janelle. Britney tells them she thinks the coaches will have a competition with the top two entering the game & the looser getting the boot.

2:13 AM

Dan & Ian in the back yard-Dan has a lot of questions for Ian.
About the coaches entering the game-Ian says he would be pissed if the coaches came in. His chances would go from 1 in 7 to 1 in 11.

What if Ian could work with some the Coaches. Ian says he would be up for that as he gets along with the coaches more than the newbies.

Would the rest of the newbies be mad if they came in. Ian says he thinks so & that none of them seem to be talking about it or expect that to happen so they would be surprised.

If Ian was in the jury what would be base his vote on for the winner. Ian tells him he’d base it onr the best game regardless of his affiliation with them.

Shane tells Danielle he doesn’t want a showmance with her. Tells her he lives in Vermont she is in Alabama –she asks about long distance he says NO. Danielle tells him she wouldn’t want to miss out on something because she was afraid to try, he tells her again his mind was made up before coming in the house-he is not getting mixed up in a showmance. She continues to baby talk while touching him- he tells her he does not like being touched. She finally leaves the HoH.

3:04 AM

Dan & Danielle talk about different theories concerning the coaches entering the game.
Dani: “I'm afraid you'll stab me in the back!”
Dan: “Why?”
Dani: “Cuz you know too much about me.”
Dan: “So what? Do you just want me to wake everyone up and tell them you're a nurse right now? No, I wouldn't do that. You're too valuable to me.”
Dani: “Aww!”
*fist bump*
4:58 AM
Lights out, everyone a sleep at last.

My thanks to all the amazing updaters- without them we might as well watch the fish!