The HG’s were woken up to the sweet sounds of Bob Marley this morning.
9am Shelly and Brendon up, making coffee and having their morning talks. Rachel comes out soon after and her and Brendon talk to Shelly about voting Jordan out. Rachel says if they think she is going to crawl into a ball and die if Brendon goes home they are wrong.

At around 1130am the rest of the HG’s begin to get out of bed. At noon Dani takes HOH photos.
At 3pm Shelly talks with Jordan about everything Rach and Bren had told her this morning.
At 3:45 Dani tells Shelly she gave a shout out to Josie and Tony in her HOH blog. Rachel hears this and starts to get upset. Rachel goes to DR and then goes up to HOH to ask Dani why she did a shout out like that.

Rachel says Dani did it to make Shelly cry. Rachel asks why Dani would write about Shelly’s family. Dani says she just wrote that Shelly missed Josie and Tony and wished Josie a good first day of school. Rachel says she isn’t allowed to write shout outs, and she knows this because she won HoH twice. Dani told her it none of her business what she writes and that in her season she was allowed to write shout outs. Rachel says how dare Dani use her blog to make Shelly cry and to emotionally use her.

This is when all hell breaks loose.

They both charge out of the HoH. Rachel stormed off toward the bedrooms. Dani goes outside and said “I did NOT do it to influence you for a vote as Rachel says.” Shelly says she wasn't upset she was happy that Dani did that and thought it was really nice. Shelly had just been talking with Jeff and Adam about how nice it was that Dani wrote that and Shelly was crying. Jeff and Adam back Shelly up. Dani says she isn’t mad at Shelly, she is pissed at Rachel. Dani was so upset she was shaking.

Brendan goes outside and starts’ yelling at Dani, Rachel follows and tells Dani she is using manipulation. Dani finally fights back and tells them it's none of your business. Brendan starts yelling at her and Dani says they're trying to turn things around. Brendon and Rachel go back inside and Jeff tells Dani that it was a personal attack and it had nothing to do with game. Dani says "I'm sorry that I actually like people in this house! I was just trying to be nice!"

About 15 minutes later Brendan comes out and tells Shelly that he's sorry that Rachel did that. She came out like a truck. Shelly was still sitting shaking her head. Porsche came over and hugged Shelly. Shelly said when they came outside she thought she was going to throw up. They are all agreeing that it's just a high stress time and Rachel is just upset. Jordan got up and walked away and Jeff soon followed. They had a short discussion about what just happened and Jordan said she didn't say anything while Rachel was yelling she just sat there. Jeff said good.

Jeff then goes inside to talk to Brendon (in the living room) Jeff said he knows B/R are trying to get votes but the way they are doing it is splitting the house up. Rachel comes in and continues to say that she didn’t do anything wrong. Jeff continued to try to calm the situation down and Rachel ends up going back to the HN room crying.

At about 430pm Brendon goes in to ask Rachel if she wants them to leave the house together? Rachel is extremely emotional and Brendon said he doesn’t want to leave the house knowing Rachel isn’t ok. At one point Brendon became angry with “production” and told Rachel he had asked for the doctor to come meet with Rachel.
At about 445pm Jordan starts packing her bags. In the HOH room—Kalia and Dani talking about Rachel’s outburst.

From 520pm to about 6:30pm Rachel and Brendon in hammock. Rachel was sobbing uncontrollably several times during this hour. Brendon again asks Rachel if she is going to be ok. She says yes. She said the only thing she will be able to do is compete and if she loses a competition she feels she will be voted out. During this time the rest of the HG’s are making dinner.

Around midnight Jordan went to bed and Rachel came in to talk. Jordan was trying to give Rachel a pep talk to cheer her up. Rachel leaves still upset and Jordan goes back outside. Jordan, Jeff, Adam and Shelly were outside talking about the relationship between Rachel and Brendon. Porsche, Dani, Lawon and Kalia were upstairs sitting at the chess set and talking about “non game” related things.
Rachel and Brendon were in the Have Not room packing Brendon’s bags.

At 2am Adam, Jordan and Jeff are in the Candy room playing “guess the person.” Porsche heads to bed soon after and starts playing the game. Shelly is in bed sleeping. Kalia, Lawon and Dani are in the HOH room talking and goofing around.
Lawon goes to bed and Kalia and Dani beginning taking items from inside the house and hiding them outside. (2 pans, the small BBQ and some other items) They are trying to throw the HG's off for tomorrow's comp by making them think something is up due to the missing items.
By 4am HG’s were in their beds…..possibly sleeping….possibly plotting their moves for today’s HOH comp.

Who will be evicted? Who will win the next HOH? Stay tuned to tomorrows Daily Recap to find out.

(Thank you to all of the Updaters…..You Peeps Rock!!! and we couldn’t do it without you)