Her fancy heels were polished
Her dress was pressed just right
She waited for the limo
She expected on eviction night

Her eyes were getting blurry
From the diet of PB&J
She’d told her story to Julie
Had nothing left to say

It was then she saw it
Out of place without it’s golf
She stared until her eyes bugged out
Then she got pissed off!

The fringe on the top of it
Added nothing to its style
A golf cart is a golf cart
From ten feet or a mile

They told her this was the ride
She’d take to her next abode
She climbed in daintily
Went off down the studio road

And there it stood alone
In the middle of a parking space
A double wide house trailer
Dana’s smile froze on her face

She started to swear a lot
Called Arnold every evil name
then she realized she wasted
Four years of her life on this game