Poor Saxon ! With the aid of repressed-memory treatment and a medicine chest full of pharmaceuticals I have finally been able to identify with him.

The show was all about the conflict between Reg & Jo over Sax, and was interspersed with several DR visits over the day by both Reg & Jo (before noms) for advice on how to nominate each other without revealing that they didn't like each other much and how each other was being silly about little Saxxy...

It starts early morning when there was a bit when Jo & Reg met in the kitchen and exchanged socially correct 'pleasantries', then cut to Reg & Sax in the showers with Reg saying she was worried about her & Sax 'mucking round'. Sax unconvincingly reassures Reg...

Then next in the shower Patrick has told Sax about poor Jo's sore eyes.

Sax <sprinting to kitchen>: "I was worried about you .. I came running out of the shower to see you, and here I am in my towel, nude, to see if you're all right "

Jo: "Ohhh, thank you ! You're so cute ! "

Later, Sax to Reg: "You're both so cool, maybe if I wasn't here there wouldn't be a problem, janowamean ?"

Reg: "We better stop mucking around "

Sax gibbers on, with sub-titles to assist the non-Saxon speakers. Got to wonder why they bothered really

Diary Room: Jo asking BB about how to handle Reg. "I don't know if it's jealousy.."

BB: "Well, in your best legal mind..."

Jo: "It's gone to mush..."

Reg gone to DR for same reasons

Reg: "I'm getting funny looks...mucking around with Sax....dirty looks from Jo .. etc, etc"

No comments from BB shown for this, then noms.

Lots of hugs and stuff with Kim wondering why everyone is being so dramatic about what essentially is meaningless in the scheme of things.

Saxon reassuring Jo about "Stop it ! We don't want to hear about you saying you're going !"

Reggie:" I've been getting vibes all week. I'm paranoid"
Kim:" You're not paranoid, you're just a raving lunatic!' <cackles>

Saxon on the couch, Jo pacing around dramatically..

Sax: "I hate you for being the way you are about it"
Jo: "I can't be any other way"
Sax: "Just for once, shut your mouth and realise that you are on the same level, if not far above, every single one of us. If it's taken 7 weeks for you to be nominated it's because you're so special ! Why is so hard for you to understand"
Jo: "Yeah.."

..now Sax laying it on with the proverbial trowel..

Sax: "I've known you for 3 weeks, janowamean, I feel like I've I've had in you in my life since birth and I want you there until death....Ohh God....You're so hurting me and you don't realize it !" with groans and burying his head in his hands and <Saxon-brand emoticons>.

Jo: <gleefully>: "Am I hurting you Sax ? I can't see it because I'm so blind! I'm sorry, sorry !", moving over to the couch to stroke and comfort the poor lil puppy.

Sax: "I want you to go " <actually crying now>
Jo: "What ??!"
Sax: "I'm such a little kid ! What am I doing !"
Jo: "Sorry, I'm so sorry"
Sax: "If I try to cuddle you every 20 minutes this week, don't get angry with me.."

Ad Break "If you think Regina should go, phone...."

Kim to Jamie, still wondering why all the dramatics about eviction.."No-one's getting executed, can't understand it"

Later Sax and Jo in the kitchen yet again..

Sax: "Like I've met people of your intelligence and and I've met people of your appearance but I've never met a mixture of the two until you. I didn't think a mixture of the two would work, like they'd be so up themselves, but you're so not up yourself, janowamean, etc, etc.

Sax: So if I can see it, why can't the rest of Australia see it ?

Jo: I hope so !

Sax: So don't think my thinking you're amazing is any less an effect than everyone else thinking you are.

Jo: Thanks <head down on the table with Sax stroking her hair>

Switch to Reg in the bedroom: "All day I've been thinking and thinking and you think and think and think and then forget what you were thinking and then you go back and think again and ..

Back to Sax & Jo, arms around each other walking out of kitchen, pretty intense now

Jo: Saxamaphone
Sax: Joanne.
Sax: You're not going anywhere and neither am I..

Ad Break: If you want to evict Joanne, phone...

Final clip of Reg in the DR with voice-over.. "Is the pressure too much for Regina ?.."

Reg <crying>: I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
Stay tuned, I'm sure there'll be more ...

At least for a week anyway :)