Ok, is this it?
Is that all there is to it?
Twenty four hours of hype
And it’s only this *****?

Twist means to change
To alter or circumvent
But all we have here is
A PB&J non-event

Arnold it’s time to give it up
You’re too old for this show
Let someone with brainpower
Give it some get up and go

The twist was lame, admit it
Not worthy to be called cool
You’re giving ‘net viewers nothing
And you look like a fool.

All the the other reality shows
Have twists that are outrageous
But all you can offer is this?
Can’t you be a bit more courageous?

This twist is like a slap in the face
Give Dave or Amanda back!
Offer money for someone to leave
Give Robert some good prime crack!

We go along with you in good faith
As you manipulate the game each year
But this may be the end of Big Brother
Now the ‘net viewers may disappear.