When last we left the island
Burton was gone in a flash.
No sooner had he left the tribe
That Shawn started talking trash.

Thoughts now turn to Rupert
That his visit to Morgan's not good.
Everyone's starting to wonder
If he's saying more than he should!

Meanwhile folks at Morgan camp
Think that Rupert is a Godsend
He showed Ryan how to spearfish
And shelter troubles he did mend.

Seamail beckons both the tribes
With everyone wanting the treasure
A portable shower and loofah sponge
And smelly soaps for their pleasure.

Their task was to dive after rungs
To assemble a ladder on land
While someone went in the forest
To a well for a golden man.

The tribes set out on the ocean
Paddling in their canoes
Morgan tribe pulled out in front
They were determined not to lose!

Drake was falling quickly behind
Their canoe had begun to veer
Seems they, in their infinite wisdom
Gave Jon the task to steer!

Like usual, I was glued to the action
But the part I liked the best
Was Jeff mocking Drake's slowness
"Hello Drake, welcome to the contest!"

Morgan tribe went and won the reward
Like there was any suspense,
With Rupert finally able to flee
Back to his side of the fence.

He was welcomed with awaiting arms
All wanting to know how it went.
He told them that they always bicker,
And their food supply nearly is spent

Later that day or perhaps the next
Andrew came to pillage Drake
Instead Rupert gave him some rice
And said that's what he could take.

The Seamail heralding immunity
Warned of a seafood dinner
The tribe who drank what was given
Would be declared the winner.

After round one, the teams were tied
A bonus round two of them faced.
A concoction of all sorts of critters
Not a drop of it either could waste

Sandra was called to face Darrah
Things started off fairly well
But try as she might Sandra faltered
Giving Morgan the Immunity Idol.

Back at Drake camp, Jon is furious
That Sandra didn't do very good.
And also that Michelle didn't fake it
Being girly like she said she would.

Michelle goes to Rupert to beg
Vote Shawn off is her plea.
"He never does very much at camp
And he eats twice as much as me!"

That night at Tribal Council
They talk about throwing a game
Rupert said it was the worst mistake
Things will never again be the same.

One by one they cast their votes
Was it going to be Shawn or Michelle
By a tally of six votes to one
Michelle, so long and farewell!

Be sure to turn in next week
As a pelican stops by with well wishes!
Let's hope that Morgan tribe keeps it
Throwing Osten out with the fishes.