9:30 The day officially starts with Dan being sent to the diary room. A round of diary room sessions for everyone and then we see an annoyed looking Danielle in HOH with headphones on listening to her music.

11:10 Dani is out of the shower in the HOH she blow dry's her hair and starts packing. The guys head up to HOH. Dan asks Dani if everything is still good and she says yes. Dan looks at the memory wall and says "Your time's up Shane. I'm not going to miss my second shot at getting you out son." He also thanks all the people who signed up at his web site.

12:38 Feeds back everyone is sleeping in the HOH room, then Shane gets up to take a shower.

2:00 Dan asks Dani if they made out the night before and she confirms, he then teases her. Dan asks her if she has her speech ready and if Shane is going to act surprised. She says pretty much and yeah that Shane is going to act surprised. Dan and Shane both confirm to each other that they are safe. Shane says he hopes nominations stay the same but ya never know. ..Dan says that he needs to pack and Dani asks him why, he says he doesn't want to be "that guy" I guess Frank didn't pack. Dani is saying she doesn't feel good and asked Shane to wake her up later.

2:50 Dani tells Dan what her veto speech is going to be and that she will say its strategy and not personal. She has Dan confirm that he's going to evict Ian. She says she's worried about Ian in future competitions and doesn't think she'd be able to beat him in a quiz. He tells her yes he's for sure voting out Ian. Ian gives Dan his monkey if he promises he's going to get him repaired. Dan says he will. (ed note and sell it on ebay most likely lol) Dan talks to himself and says who's going to see this coming? Not Ian, not Danielle and definitely not Shane.

Live show: They show the jury, Britt and Frank fight drama drama everyone talks about how they all got duped by Dan. At the veto ceremony Danielle takes Dan off the block and he chops the head off of Shane, finally we get to see what Danielle looks like when she is truly shocked and Shane pretty much bolted out the door, didn't even take his bag. We see Dan trying to calm Danielle down saying that he did it for her own good so that now she can win this game and he's counting jury votes to her but she's still just sitting there looking like she's in shock. They cut to Ian who looks like he's shocked to still be there and we are left to wonder who win's the first part of HOH because the feeds are all still on trivia.

9:00 Dan and Dani are still in it to win the first part of HOH, they are holding onto something and water is spraying on them and they are banging into walls. They are also getting dunked into the water. Ian comes out with a towel and tells them they are doing a good job. Dan asks him if he'll go inside so he can talk to Dani alone he does and Dan works his "mist" on her. Dan asks her to throw the comp to him, she gets mad and says you know this is my favorite comp right? She asks him to swear on Chelsea that he'll take her if he wins the final HOH and he does. Dani says she doesn't think she can beat Ian in the second competition and that Dan fog's her thinking. Dani says she'll drop soon. She tells Dan that if he screws her over she will castrate him. He says she'll see everything when she win's Big Brother. He does the speech again about how he's her coach and he's there to make sure she wins. At about 9:30 Dani drops off and Dan wins the first part of HOH. Ian comes out and asks what happened Dan tells him Dani slipped in the water. Ian makes them a pizza while they go take showers and Ian says to the camera that their story is horse poo. Ian and Dan talk about how they think they might not be able to have kids now because their balls got smashed in the competition. Ian sits down in the kitchen and says to the camera's that this whole season has been a prank on him. He has a mumbling session about how this game is so ugly and he feels like there's no way out. THE MIST. He goes into where Dan is taking a shower and ask's Dan how did he get her to drop.

9:50 Dani is packing up Shane's stuff for him. She's in the bathroom asking Dan and Ian "Is this yours?" on every. single. item. Ian puts two pizza's in the oven and burns his hand. He toss's his beer and says this is not the night for that. Finishes off some pop instead.

10:01 Ian asks Dan how he got Dani to drop he tells him "I misted her." and smiles. Ian tells Dani they will never see the HOH room again. She says she knows . Ian starts pacing and saying that he needs his hammock back. Dani starts crying in the arcade room by herself. Dan comes in there and tells her she needs to find a way to get Ian to throw the next competition to her. He tells her to come out that he doesn't want to be alone with Ian but she stays and really starts crying. We hear lots of construction outside. Dani tells Ian she's afraid that Shane hates her and Ian tells her he doesn't. She feels bad about the way that he left. Dani's crying about the way they did Frank and Ian says Frank was a a-hole we all lied to him and he deserved it. Dani says she's too emotionally drained for this game, Ian says they all are. She's afraid Shane hates her for how he went out and Ian says no way that their faces told the story and that he was fully expecting to go talk to Julie. He says he's not okay with what happened it's like morals.

10:47 Dani ask's Ian if they are on showtime now and he says yes. She says she's going to bed and she goes with a hand full of napkins and lays on Shane's bed and cries and calls out his name. She continues to cry and says she had no idea Dan was going to do that to him and she's so sorry . .. Meanwhile Ian is singing the duck tails theme song.

11:26 Ian tells Dan that he threw the competition. He was pissed that it was called hook line and sinker after the way that Shane just went out. He says that the cat is out of the bag that the jury is going to know about the Quack Pack now. Dan gives Ian some candy and Ian does a little dance for the camera.

11:49 Ian's in the diary room and Dan is telling Dani a story about how she can get Ian to throw the next comp to her. He says that Ian doesn't want to cut anyone so use that to get him to throw it to her. She tells him that Ian told her that he's taking Dan to the final 2. He mist's her and tells her that's not true he's got no final 2 deal with Ian. Reminds her he swore on Chelsea. Dani says she could have won the first part of HOH that she would have beat Dan and now she has the added stress of beating Ian in the next competition. Dani says she threw the comp because she cares about Dan. Dan tells her that Ian doesn't respect her and tells her how to study for the next competition. Dani's upset she says that cutting Shane was a selfish move Dan did for himself not for her. She says she was for sure going to be in the final 2 and now she's playing for 3rd. He tells her all she has to do is beat Ian in the next competition and it's over.

12:20 Dani and Ian talk. She says she knows what Dan's trying to do and it's not going to work. She wants his head on a platter so she can give it to Shane. Ian says that the audience gasped when Shane was voted out. He thinks that the viewers don't like Dan.

12:30 Dani and Dan talk. She's mad Ian is still there. He reminds her she's beaten him at comps before says Ian thinks he's the smartest one in the house and let him keep thinking that it will make him drop his guard. It's clear she's still mad about Shane.

3:48 Everyone is sleeping.

Wow. What a season full of backstabbing, lying, crying, whining, and unitards. Will this mist thing hold out? Only time will tell. . .

Thanks again to all the wonderful updaters your the very best!