10:00AM Wake up call. HG doing morning routines, bathroom, breakfast, primping.

Keith is in the purple lounge trying to convince Brendon that they should keep him in the house. Porsche is in the hall listening to them. They don't see her. Keith is saying that he had to lie and that everyone knows and says that from day two or three. Lawon told Kalia said that Rachel and Brendon told him they wanted Keith and Porsche gone and that Porsche was taking with Dick behind everyone's back. Keith says that Porsche was backstabbing their alliance and lied about it. Keith said Lawton was backstabbing the newbies. Porsche is still listening in. Keith is throwing Lawon under the bus that he is the one talking and telling crap. Keith says that Lawon lied about what Jeff said about him and that Lawon thinks his shit does not stink, and that Lawon is a player that will pit each couple against each other in time. He's apologizing again for being happy that Dick left. Now he's saying he's a trustworthy person. He sounds nervous. He's throwing Lawon under the bus, He's definitely campaigning against Porsche now. He's saying that Lawon is going to end up pitting everyone against each other. He said that Lawon is the one who caused the trouble between him and Porsche. Says Lawon is stirring the pot. Says he has no problem confronting Lawon if they want him to. Brendon tells Keith he needs to talk to Lawon, to call him out. Brendon telling him they can talk later with Rachel, after Keith has calmed down. Brendon said they need to bring it out, the ones that lie will be squirming so they will know. They end the conversation for now.

Whispering in the storage room, Keith tells Adam about his plan to get Lawon/Kalia put up and send Lawon home. Lawon was the one who had originally caused a problem between Keith and Porsche by telling Keith that Porsche had gone to Dick about Keith and Porsche going over to the veterans' side. Keith said Brendon told Keith to confront Lawon about his accusations, because people thought it was Keith stirring things up not Lawon. Keith thought Brendon believed him about Lawon. Adam, mostly listening, said he could not vote to keep Kalia and save her for 3 weeks. Keith said Kalia would be up too. Adam said Keith's plan was better than what Adam's plan had been.

11:30 Brendon, Rachel, Dani, Jordon in HOH. Brendon tells them about his conversation with Keith earlier. Brendon says he went in there to talk to him and he was telling him I that he needed to tell him about people being dishonest. And that Keith blamed everything on Lawon. Brendon said he told him if he was him he would confront Lawon. Jordan says Porsche told her she threw the competition; Jordan said she was upset as she was at the same pace on the puzzle (POV comp) as Porsche was. Brendon thinks it's not smart to throw a competition. The girls suspect that she might not have tried to throw it but that she wasn't good at it, either. Conversation interrupted by BB telling the HG to the backyard ASAP! (Have no idea what that was all about).

12:30PM Keith tells Dominic about talking to Brendon about Lawon. Dominic advised Keith not to confront Lawon in front of the whole house. Keith agreed, it would just make him and Porsche a target again next week. Dominic said if Keith's plan to get Lawon/Kalia put up works, it works, but if not, then Keith is definitely a goner. Dominic said Keith could trust Dominic and Dominic wants Keith in the house, it helps Dominic, because if Keith coasts for 4 weeks and comes out swinging ... Keith said if he is pulled off, he might not coast for 4 weeks though. Seems Keith is going to talk to Brendon and Rachel with Porsche and Lawon there and lay it out. Dominic suspicious that Brendon wanted Keith to have a house meeting, maybe Brendon wanted Keith to put a target on himself. Keith thinks Adam will flip to the vets and would vote Keith out. Keith thinks Porsche is reluctant to get taken off the block because she thinks she has the votes. Dominic thinks Adam is with Dominic. Keith says he doesn't want to tell Dominic something Adam told him. Dominic persists so Keith says Adam told Keith this morning things he would use against Dominic with the vets if Adam were up against Dominic, like that Dominic and Cassi were really tight and might have an alliance. Dominic denies he and Cassi have an alliance, he says people think that because Cassi hangs out with him a lot. Keith says he doesn't care. Dominic is nervous this all comes down to one speech Keith will have to make. Dominic says he will do his part afterward, tell Brendon and Rachel something about Lawon they have agreed Dominic will say. Keith says he is loyal and has Dominic's best interests in mind, Keith is doing this to keep Dominic off the block. Keith told Dominic that Lawon "doesn't have our best interest at heart" (meaning the new players) but that Kalia is alright. Keith says it's Lawon that went up trying to stir stuff up, not Kalia. Keith says he plans to get himself off the block, with the implication being that he wanted Lawon/Kalia to go up. Keith told Dominic not to say anything to "her" (unclear who he meant with that pronoun) and Dominic said okay.Right as Dominic said okay, Porsche entered the room and jokingly prodded Dominic and Keith about "still being in there talking" just as they were when she went to get lunch. Dominic left the room, leaving just Keith and Porsche. Porsche cautions Keith about calling Lawon out, saying that if he does they are going to think it's crap because everyone likes him. She asks him to just think about what he's doing. She also talks about how much he hangs out with Cassi and Dom. Keith says that he doesn't. Porsche wants to think of a way that would put up a newbie now and put them on the block again the next time. She said that Keith is being used to keep the target on them and off of Brendon and Rachel by causing trouble between Lawon and Keith.

After Dominic finished talking with Lawon, he went by the pool with Jeff and Jordan. Jeff and Dominic mentioned that they've never talked game before. Dominic says everyone knows the house is divided from day one. Jeff wondered if it's still divided. Dominic says if one of our side wins HOH happens, we'll see. Dominic says if anyone comes from our side of the house to yours, they'll make enemies with all of us. Jeff says who says someone hasn't yet? Jeff explains, It's up to them (Rachel/Brendon) on using the POV. Jeff points out that, with Keith and Porsche causing problems, that there isn't motivation for Rachel/Brendon to change the noms. Dominic asked Jeff if he and Jordan are loyal to their side; Jeff avoided giving a direct answer. Dominic kept talking about sides whereas Jeff says not to necessarily believe that there are sides. Jeff says with all of your secret talks back there, do you think we don't know? Dominic asked if he's happy with how things are. Jeff pointed out that it's early, implying it's too soon to know. Jordan tells Dom, once you feel safe, you're going home. I only felt safe when I was HOH or he (Jeff) was. The rest of the time, I was on edge. Brendon walked over and Dominic said that he and Jeff were talking game. "You're playing this game?" Brendon asked semi-jokingly. Dominic brings up that the first six keys to come out at the nomination ceremony were all veterans. Brendon said that the key order didn't matter. Jeff explained the mindset he would have on why he'd put someone up, that he would use strategy on who he picked versus rookie or veteran. Jeff says old and new is over . Dominic asks, why would you trust us? Jeff explains that you have to trust somebody in this game. Dominic says, to me, if one from your side won HOH, why would you put up one (couple) from your side? Jeff asked why he would put someone up (Rachel/Brendon) who didn't put him up. Jeff told Dominic that him thinking the eight rookies would stick together is a naive mistake. Dominic asks "Do you guys trust me?" Jeff explains they have nothing to go on other than what we've said in the last 20 minutes. Jeff continued to mention that Dominic hadn't made an effort to talk with him until this point. Brendon explained his thought process as who can I leave in this game who I can beat? Dominic asked who Brendon's target is. Brendon said they (him and Rachel) put up who they thought were the biggest threats to them. Dominic says that Keith and Porsche don't have any friends anymore. Brendon says why not take someone like you who has drawn a line in the sand? Why not keep two crazies in there who don't like each other and take out someone like you? Dominic kept talking about sides; Brendon/Jeff kept saying there are no sides. Dominic then said he never drew a line in the sand. Brendon says it sounds like you (Dominic) still have your line drawn. Brendon explained that it's a couple’s game for now and that the veterans have only two couples (with Dick gone). Dominic says his target is Keith and Porsche. Brendon says you're telling me that if you won HOH next week that you wouldn't put any of the four of us (Brendon/Rachel/Jeff/Jordan) up? Dominic gave a non-committal response. Brendon (on trusting others) says If somebody is backstabbing their partner in the first two or three f---ing days, that is a red flag. There's more of an advantage with (one of) you guys with us than us with you. Brendon and Jeff caution Dominic that if word of this conversation gets back to them, that it would show him not to be trustworthy. Basically, Jeff, Brendon and Jordan are letting Dominic know that lines shouldn’t be drawn yet (knowing they really are drawn).

Back inside Rachel calls Jeff over and tells him about Keith's offer. She lamented that the HOH is locked, meaning they had to talk outside. Jeff seemed against working a deal with Keith, noting that Keith would say anything to stay and that he can't necessarily be trusted. Jeff told Rachel briefly about the conversation he and Brendon had with Dominic and how he got Dominic to believe that the veteran side already knew everything the rookie side was saying. Jeff said that he and Brendon were mind f---ing Dominic and the rookie side. Rachel said she didn't think Adam would be loyal to the veteran side, but Jeff said he thought Adam would be.

5:30 Keith and Lawon are going back forth about he said she said over on the hammock. Brenchel are listening. The argument is that Jeff and Jordon laughing when they were packing up Dick's stuff. Lawon said he said they were laughing. Jeff is called over and said they were not laughing, they were pissed about Dick leaving. Lawon admitted he said J and J were laughing. Jeff said they were not laughing. Lawon and Keith still going back and forth about other stuff. Lawon said why would he lie, he is not playing the game that way. Jeff leaves. Lawon said I admitted I said that about Jeff and Jordon an Kalia but that is it. He is not playing the game like that. Keith said he opened his mouth about other stuff, Lawon said no and if Keith thinks that then that is on him. Lawon said Kalia did not have Keith's best interest in the beginning but does now. There's a lot of discussion about where this stuff is coming from and who's saying what. Lawon say he doesn’t play that game. Keith says, well then where am I getting information from? Lawon says he doesn’t know. You can play that game if you want to. Keith brings up something Lawon said in regard to Kalia outside the storage room. Lawon says please bring her over here. Brendon goes to get her. Kalia joins group at hammock. Kalia denies saying that she didn't have Keith's best interest at heart at the beginning. Keith begins throwing his hands up and saying see what I'm saying. Kalia says she was pissed at him. Kalia says that she never once said she wasn't voting for Keith to stay? All she said was that she was going to do what was best for her and for Lawon. Lawon says maybe he got the wrong impression, and that he was upset with Keith for trying to call him out like this and that he didn't say anything about Keith's human resources thing.Kalia interrupts and reminds Keith about his own behavior the night that Dick left, and points out that everyone is saying things and that Keith is more on edge because he is on the block. Kalia says that Keith always goes to extreme and that it all explodes. Lawon and Keith are talking over each other. Lawon says I don't operate on damn lies. Keith says as Lawon leaves, "He (Lawon) needs to go home."
Now, Keith is talking to Kalia about Lawon "talking garbage". Kalia, says he said he is voting for you (Keith) to stay.

Lawon in Have-Not room with Daniele and Adam rehashing what just happened outside. Adam said Keith's back is up against the wall. Lawon said he did not say he would put up Jeff and Jordon. Lawon now crying and said Keith will not get his vote to stay. Daniele said peoples true colors come out when their back is up against the wall. They are being sympathetic to Lawon. Lawon said Keith if trying to cause a riff between him and his partner. Lawon is a social person but he will get street on Keith's ass. Adam said actions speak louder than words. Lawon said he has to watch how he says things now. Lawon is pissed that Keith tried to call him out since Keith is on the block. Lawon said he gave Keith his word and that is how he treats me? Lawon said Keith will not get his vote. Adam thinks more people trust him that not. Lawon is pissed that his character is tarnished now.

Now Keith, Porsche and Brenchel are talking at the hammock saying Lawon is a liar and everyone knows it. The conversation is between Porsche and Keith. Rachel says maybe her and Brendon should leave and let them talk. Porsche and Keith are having a little tiff. Porsche said she could beat Lawon in challenges and everyone now knows he is a liar. Porsche does not want to play by other people’s rules and Keith lost her trust week 1 and she did not come to BB to play with a partner. They walk away from each other.

Rachel and Lawon in Have-Not room. Talking about Keith and how he is just trying to save himself. Lawon is saying again that Keith is trying to cause a riff between him and Kalia and He has Kalia's back. Rachel tells him to go talk to Kalia and tell her that. Lawon said he never told anyone what Keith does for a living. Keith and Rachel both say they are bad liars.
Lawon and Kalia in H/N Room. Lawon, agitated, said Keith threw him under the bus. Cassi was in the room for a bit with Lawon and Kalia, and then left. Lawon apologized Kalia, he did say Kalia didn't have someone's best interests, but that was by her actions. He didn't say Kalia had said that. Later, Kalia says she will always be honest with Lawon. Lawon apologizes for something. Kalia says Lawon needs to calm down before talking to people, because people want to stir the pot.

Now Brendon and Rachel are having a spat. Brendon is upset that Rachel is talking game without him. She is crying and asks him to stop and go away, but he doesn't stop. He keeps saying he has only asked one thing and that's not to talk game without him there. Rachel says, why do I even win HOHs? Why don't you win them? Now Rach says this is embarrassing because it's on the feeds and asks him to please stop embarrassing her by fighting like this. Rachel says she thinks she would be way better at this game if you weren't here. Brendon says, really? Do you want me to go downstairs? Rachel says, "I said don't be stupid -- that's not calling you stupid!" Brandon started to speak but Rachel asked him not to interrupt her. Rachel said that her relationship with Brendon is more important than the game; she asked him if he agreed, which he finally did. Rachel said she's going to just hang out with Daniele, "because that's the only thing I don't get in trouble for doing."

10PM Dom trying to reassure Keith that he is voting Porche out. Keith told him he knows Dom is playing him. Dom says that isn’t true and that Dom promised him a vote to stay and will vote for him to stay. Keith says they are cool but he played him and he is lying to him. Dom keeps saying that isn’t true. Dom asks why Keith thinks that, Keith says he is telling him why, because he has to go against them. Cassi enters. Dom says he is telling him to his face that isnt true, and promised him his vote. Dom walks away.
Keith says it took him awhile but he realized Dom is playing him and everyone. Cassi asks why he thinks that, is it just paranoia? Keith is quite then says he is just going to sleep. Dom comes back and asks why would he would throw keith under the block? Keith says its ok, he accuses Dom of telling Rachel and Brendon about votes and says the old HG have the majority. Dom walks away. Keith heads outside.

Keith and Kalia in the back yard, speaking quietly. Keith pressed Kalia about her voting plans; she told him she will vote with the house. Kalia praised the producers for the social experiment that is Big Brother. Kalia says she has accepted Lawon's apology and that was it. She said she was mad at Lawon for "throwing her under the bus" but that it's over. Kalia asked Keith about him not being a matchmaker. A jet flew over so Keith's response was mostly inaudible, but the point was that Keith said he told Lawon something about his job to see if it would leak out. Kalia said she wishes her boyfriend was there so she'd have someone to have in a hammock to spend time with (looking at Jeff and Jordan in the hammock at that moment). Kalia told Keith she doesn't hold grudges, that as soon as she gets over being pissed off, it's over. "It's just a game." Kalia said it's not life and death in the BB house. Kalia said she wished they had a volleyball net, citing that it would allow more people to interact within a game. Kalia asked what's waiting for Keith in Chicago. He said family, and clarified he lives in the suburbs. Kalia mentions having several family members in the Chicago area. Kalia asks Keith what he would do over again if he could. Keith says he would do a Showmance with Porsche and for them to work out a deal with the HOH. He said he still would be partners with her. Kalia asks why a showmance would work; Keith says it can be if you make the right alliances. Kalia points out that you have to get past the first week; Keith agreed with that point but said he should have made a deal right away with the HOH to promise not to put them up for the next 3 weeks. Keithsays "I played it wrong, and I'm probably going home." Kalia told Keith not to give up and encourages him to make the rounds. She said, after the veto ceremony.

11:30PM The houseguests who are allowed to drink are divvying up the wine. There was some discussion about who would get red wine and some would get white wine. The five veterans were discussing who will drink what. Lawon and Porsche were in there as well, watching the veterans with their alcohol.

1:30AM Cassi, Adam, Dominic, and Lawon by the hammock, talking about Keith.
Lawon says It's a game, but I have integrity. Cassi said Keith will be embarrassed when he leaves the house and sees video of how he acted. Dominic predicted that Keith will be considered one of the all-time worst social players in BB history. Adam said Keith told him that he (Keith) "had to save himself" when he called out Lawon. Adam expressed his confusion over that strategy, saying that Keith didn't need to do that before the POV ceremony. Dominic assured Lawon that, if Rachel/Brendon change the nominations and put up Lawon/Kalia, that Lawon will be safe and Kalia will go. Lawon said Kalia warned him to watch out for Keith before the problems began. Lawon said that he would continue to be himself in the house. The four talked about how they would vote if the noms stay the same. Cassi said she would talk when the people upstairs (Brendon/Rachel) before she decides on how to vote. Cassi played devil's advocate on voting out Porsche and keeping Keith, saying that Keith would keep things stirred up and keep the target off of the rookie side after the teams split. Cassi said, if it's split 5/5 (rookies and veterans) after the team play ends and Keith wins HOH that she thinks he would put up two veterans. Dominic urged the group to stop thinking about the final ten and instead think of the near-term. Cassi urged Dominic to think ahead about the long-term for his game. Daniele came outside and game talk stopped.
Dani asks Lawon who him & Kalia would nominate if they won HOH? LaWon thinks about it for a second and says Dom & Adam. Dani says she likes Dom but down the road he could become a big threat. Lawon says Adam is a big threat too. They agree that Adam knows a lot. Dani "yeah I think he's a huge threat! He is good in physical competitions" she says he stayed on the banana a lot longer than she thought he would, he outlasted Jordan & Jeff. (Dani & LaWon are laying on the big purple lounger in the fortune room whispering all of this) Adam comes in and is checking out the fortune teller, he leaves and Dani & LaWon continue whispering, he is asking her about the schedule for the upcoming week. They start talking about Kalia and how much they like her. LaWon says it is a good match for him.

Elsewhere, Cassie and Dom are talking in the HT. They are talking about who should go home first Jeff & Jordan or Brendon & Rachel. Dom says if Jeff & Jordan go then the'll run the house with Dani. He says if they send Brendon home Rachel will be a head-case without him. He says Jordan will be worthless alone if Jeff goes. Cassie tells Dom that she told Jeff & Brendon today that there hasn't been much game talk going on except for the first few days when they were all talking about new vs old. Dom thinks maybe the two of them should pair up with Dani and LaWon. Cassie thinks they should wait to talk to her about that until one of the couples is gone. Cassie says one of them (newbies) has to win HOH and then they have to win the veto! Cassie thinks if one of them wins HOH they should put up Jeff & Jordan because there is a good chance that Brendon or Rachel would win the veto....but then she changes her mind and says they should actually put up Brendon & Rachel and hope they don't win veto but if they do then they could still put up Jeff & Jordan. The three are all throwing out different scenarios. They can't decide which duo should go up.

Dani comes outside and the group calls her over, she sits down next to the HT. They ask Dani if the veto is going to be used. Dani says she doesn't know if Rachel is going to use it yet. She says Rachel is still thinking about it. Cassie thinks that even though the vets don't have the numbers they all still have a good chance at staying around a long time. Lawon thinks that would be boring. Dom agrees and says that would suck, Lawon says "That won't happen!" Cassie tells Dom & Lawon that Porsche took some of her cigarettes and denied it. Cassie only brought 3 packs in and they are gone and Shelly told Cassie that Porsche was taking her cigarettes last night- Porsche had cigarettes inside but didn't want to get up so she just took some from Cassie's pack. The group say that Porsche is dumb, they can't believe she'd do that especially when she's on the block! They are talking about how the veto ceremony goes. They are hoping Rachel uses the veto to put up Lawon & Kalia. Lawon thinks there are more twists coming in the game. They are now going over days, they say they should remember that the fortune teller's eyes moved on Day 9! Cassie thinks they need to start quizzing each other. They try to remember what comps happened on what days so far.

4:30AM HG all asleep….Goodnight.