Ah, mother- in- laws. Aren’t they a bitch? I suppose in this case, Cora’s a witch but you catch my drift. She’s a hard one to make out, that’s for sure. Can she be trusted or can’t she? I was hoping Cora would have had time to brood and come to her senses, but such are the fancies of an optimistic viewer. Instead Cora proved she is as selfish as ever by tricking Snow and Emma into revealing the last portal out of Fairytale Land. Isn’t that always the way? I absolutely loved watching Emma sacrifice the one hope she had of getting back home in order to protect Henry. It depicted a side of Emma we rarely get to see.

Emma is a very stoic and strong woman who, I believe, is afraid of showing emotion. She may be scared that if she reveals her feelings she will get rejected or hurt. It’s completely understandable, given her early rejection by her parents who gave her away at birth, unwanted. After her realization that Snow and Charming had done exactly that, why would she then relinquish Henry as a baby? That strikes me as odd. What do you think her reason was? Share with us here. Do you think she had a choice? Overall, I think Emma’s character needs a lot of maturing. Tonight surprised me: I was very happy to see her finally express her feelings to Snow. Emma shows that it’s permissible to be emotional but never to let them control you. Tonight’s episode only reinforced how attached Emma has become to Henry and what she would do to protect him.

Quite honestly, who wouldn’t? Henry is incredibly adorable! I love his little, rosy cheeks. They make me want to just kiss him, which would be kind of odd for us both, but I wouldn’t care! This kid is awesome. Jared Gilmore, who plays Henry, is the sweetest little boy I pretend to know. If you follow him on twitter (@Jared_Gilmore) you’ll see exactly what I mean. His tweets are so honest and simple; it makes me wish I were his age again. Jared does a fantastic acting job on this show. It’d be hard for me to keep a straight face (especially when the fabulously sexy Captain Hook is around.) Henry’s character is evolving into one far more complex. I love that he hangs out in Emma’s car; it’s so cute. I’m sure we’re in for a big surprise from him; Charming is teaching him how to sword fight after all. Maybe he’ll turn out to be an important figure in the Fairytale Land? That would be exciting!

Moving on, let’s discuss Aurora for a moment. This girl is seriously getting on my nerves. First she’s bitchy with Mulan after Mulan saved her ass and then she has the gall to attack Snow? Slow it down, Miss Priss. I understand you’re upset but damn, don’t go Norman Bates on everyone. Take a chill pill and consider saying something useful instead of complaining every time you open your mouth? Oh and thanks for totally getting your ass handed to you by Snow, as your first line of the episode: it was absolutely worth hearing your later complaints. Was I the only one to sense some sexual tension between Mulan and Aurora? It’s definitely there and tangible.

On a lighter note, how about that Jefferson and Grace reunion? I teared up a bit when I saw her face; she was ecstatic to have her dad back. Of course, Henry’s young wisdom likely accounted for Jefferson's change of mind. “Anything is better than nothing,” Henry said, and how right he is! I’m miffed at not getting a longer glimpse of Hook this week. Bring on the sexy! I would love to play a role on "Once Upon A Time." Maybe I could audition for Hook’s long lost love? Who am I kidding; I’d probably die of a heart attack the moment he looked at me. The guy’s seriously so frickin’ hot, just look at that face! Needless to say next week’s episode can’t get here fast enough.

If a potato and a slug were to mate, we’d have an Ogre. Am I right? Those things were absolutely hideous! Then of course we could put all the blame on Emma for even having drawn them out of hiding. She just had to completely go against all advice and fire off a gunshot. Naturally they all took off running and Emma, acting like the klutz I know I would be, trips and nearly gets eaten by the beast. He’d have no trouble locating me at this point; I’d have already wet myself. Now, possibly the best scene in the whole episode is Snow’s archery skills. She headshot that S.O.B! Who knew princesses could be such badasses?

Despite the things that some of the characters have done, I think they all deserve a chance at happiness. Regina may not have made the best choices but can she be blamed? I have a deep sympathy for Regina and hope that we see a positive and permanent change in her. I’m having trouble staying positive about King George. In some ways he is worse than Regina, Rumple, and Cora. Going after Charming’s mother, for example. How low can you go, George? I cried when Charming’s mother sacrificed herself for Snow. She was such a nice woman, I wish there was a way she could come back. Lancelot’s demise was a sad surprise; I was hoping we’d get to see more of him in future episodes. However, knowing the writers it’s entirely possible he will return.

Personally, I thoroughly enjoyed this episode. I just wish Henry and Charming could find a way back to Fairyland to save Emma and Snow. The fight with Cora has just begun and won't end anytime soon. Next week’s episode looks fantastic when Hook's and Rumple's paths collide; the results should be entertaining. I think we, the viewers, are in for one wild adventure. Let me know what you thought of this week’s show by answering me on the forums. You can also share your possible spoilers and theories! Join the conversation. Can’t wait to hear what you all have to say!