10:30AM Good Morning Houseguests, it's time to wake up for the day!

10:50 While the other HG are starting to stir, Michelle & Jordan in HOH wake up and start talking gaem. Michele explaining the various final five - four and three scenarios to Jordan. Michele and Jordan are discussing how dangerous Kevin would be if he is to stay as he would win if he were final won, because with a biased jury, they would give the money to Kevin. They even run through a scenarios with one of them in the final three with Lydia. Michele stated that her friendship with Chima was strategic, but hers with Jordan not the same. They are saying that they have had an alliance all along with Jeff and no one found out. Michele agrees that Kevin will be very dangerous if he is in final 4 or 3. But that ultimately winning HOH in the final 4 and 3 weeks is key, and that JJM must win HOH the Final 4 week so they have a chance to be final 3. They wonder whether Lydia could possibly win
they don't think so, but you don't know what the people in the jury house will do. Michelle says that it almost doesn't feel right to bring Lydia into the
final 4 if it comes to that. They talk about how people in the jury house might vote. Michelle says that Chima is probably the only reason she's still in
the house, and that she made a strategic friendship to keep herself in the game because Jessie was so against her. Jordan says she stuck up for Michele
even when she saw her talking to the other side. Mi said she had fun lying to the other side about hating Jeff.They talk about Ronnie and how he was
counting everything and keeping track of dates/numbers. Michelle says that she & Jeff came up with different numbers than Russ and Ronnie had, that they need
to come up with a calendar and hide it somewhere. Jordan says to please pick Jeff over Russell if she gets HOH. Michele says that she'd pick Jeff because
she knows Russell will screw her in the end. Jordan says this talk is making her nervous. Jordan says JJM have to alternate HOHs for the rest of the game.
Michele says as a sign of loyalty, she'll throw HOH to Jeff if the opportunity arises. She also smetions that Russell has screwed them in the past. Michele is surprised at herself by putting herself in so many fake alliances, and that this isn't how she expected to play the game coming into here. That she was planning to play the flirty married person and had talked about it with her husband.

1:00PM Kevin and Natalie talking in BY about their planned lie (about Russell and Michele) and that they didn't say anything before out of respect for
Chima but now that she's not in the house fuck it. Natalie says she can say that when Jeff was grilling the hotdogs Michele and Russell were in the room alone for awhile. That's when their 'lie' happened. Kevin says yeah but were we sleeping? Natalie says no, we were standing outside at the bar stool. They
debate back & forth when to tell Jeff, Nat wants to do it today, Kevin wants to wait until after nominations. They seem to finally agree to tell him
later tonight when they can get him alone. Nat goes inside to let Lydia braid her hair, since they are now BFF. (LOL)

3:00 Jeff and Jordan in the pool, she tells him about talking to Russ on who she is putting up. She tells Jeff that Russ is asking questions being a lil paranoid. Jeff just says he wants to relax. Michelle in DR writing her HOH blog.

5:00 Michelle, Jeff & Russ taking HOH pictures. Having a good time posing for the camera. The rest of the house is sleeping, except Kevin who ismaking
a calendar out of play dough. Kevin joins in on the picture taking action. Jeff preparing steak fajita's for everyone.

6:00 Jordan whispering to Michelle that Russell said to her while she was looking at the memory wall "What are you looking at your picture? Very sarcastically Jordan says.. No. I'm not looking at my picture. Then he says "No matter what they say to you about me and Michelle don't believe them.". Michelle pipes in " NO. Don't believe them." Jordon continues.. "He just keeps making these little comments.." Then FISH. Comes back.. they are still whispering but hard to hear. I just hear Jordan say.. "Well your safe.
But Jeff and I aren't."

Everyone, except Lydia & Nat, in BY talking about the BB experience saying how much they appreciate it. Also discussing past jobs, friends, etc.
Random chit chat.

7:00 Jordan heads up to HOH, Jeff follows. Jordan tells him that Russ is paranoid. Jeff says he is pissed at Russ! Jeff says he knows Russ is
the one who voted to keep Jessie and he cannot believe that Russ would do that to him after he saved him. Jeff & Jordan begin discussing talking to Kevin and try to get him on their side (oh boy), They would like to take Kevin with them to final 4 but know they will have to get him out at that point because the Jury would give Kevin the win. Jeff continues to go off about Russ and his betrayal. Jeff is really upset with him. They begin discussing options on getting rid of Russ and decide to wait until after POV to decide what to do.

8:00 Jeff & Kevin alone in BY. Kevin asks Jeff if they can talk. Kevin begins telling the LIE....saying he overheard Russ and Michelle in SS room talking about splitting the couple (J/J) up and making a finall 2 deal with Michelle. Kevin is stammering his words but Jeff doesnt notice. Kevin says he specifically heard Russ saying he is taking Jeff out next week. Kevin tells him that Nat & Lydia were listening at the door also. Jeff seems to appreciate Kevin's sincerity (ugh). Jeff tells him that he and Jordan were just talking about this type of thing and wanted to talk to him. Kevin says he doesnt want anyone to know he told him and Jeff says he will not say anything. Jeff talking to Kevin about the possibility of backdooring Russ this week.

10:00 Jeff in HOH with Jordan, talking fast because Russ & Michelle wil not leave them alone for more then a few minutes. Recapping his convo with Kevin telling her that they need to talk to Kevin alone. Jordan still plans to nominate Lydia and Natalie. If PoV is not used, they will vote out Nat. If Pov is used, nom Russ as replacement and vote him out. They Decide to still talk w/Michele and see if she will admit this convo with Russ. Jeff is really upset that Russ has done this to him after he saved him.

10:30 Michelle enters HOH. Jordan askes her if Russell said he wanted me and Jeff out?

Michele: Yes. He keeps saying that you guys are fooling around.

Jeff: Yeah, because he's a paranoid mo'f'er.

Michele: Yeah. He's said alot of nasty stuff today.

Jeff trying to get Michele to admit to the LML that didn't happen.

Jeff: Didn't you go into the splish splash room to talk

Michele: I don't think so.

Jeff: You guys didn't have a conversation?

Michele: I don't remember.

Jeff: Did he ever say he wanted me out next week?

Michele: Umm, he's said that before, but I don't think next week.

Jeff: He didn't say next week?

Michele: No I don't think so.

Jeff: He said, wait for next week and Jeff is out of here. So much for us f'n four going to the final four.

Michele: I don't know why he's saying that f'n bullsht. What the F? He's trying to work both of us over.

Jeff: I know. He has something with Natalie.

11:00 Michelle taking a shower in HOH, Jordan & Jeff head outside. Jordan wants to talk to Kevin but he is in the DR. Jeff & Jordan quietly talk game again, throwing out different scenarios of final 4. Still debating about Russ. Both knowing that he cannot be trusted but not sure if this is the right time to get him out.

11:30 Jordan back in HOH with Michelle. Michele tells Jordan, Oh yeah, in the shower, I rememberd that convo w/Russell. For some reason, Michele falsely admits to Jordan that while she was in the shower, it came to her that she in fact had that discussion with Russell yesterday. Michelle says I've not been sleeping. I've gotten a little crazy. Like when Jeff was, Remember that conversation you had with Russell?", and I'm like, "No, No." And then in the shower, I'm like, "Oh yeah." Jordan asks What all did Russell say? Michelle says I seriously, really don't remember. Something about us being in the final two. He said it with the door open and I'm like, Why are you having a conversation of the final two, with the door wide open. Whatever he was saying, think he wanted it to be heard, to make me look bad.
I'm not being shady, I'm just like seriously, I just don't remember stuff. Michele: If we put up Russell, we're going to have Hell on Earth. Michele playing out scenarios with Jordan saying If we put up Russell, we're going to have Hell on Earth in this house, and we'll have Natalie and Lydia going to get all stirred up all over again, because they'll have Russell on their side now, if he survives. No matter what, he'll probably be able to play for POV, so if he wins it, he can't be backdoored. That's a scary situation. I think the longer we keep him, the harder it will be to get him out.

12:00 IN RR, Lydia is telling Nat & Kev that she & Jessie made a tent & had some 'good times' but won't say doing what. Natalie wanted to know the number of times they did it. Natalie wanted to hear the specific number of times they did it.

Lydia refuses: I don't kiss and tell.

Natalie: I already know. Jessie told me. I know everything. I just want to see if Lydia will tell me the real number, the one Jessie told me.

Lyd: Jessie didn't tell you.

Natalie: Yes he did. You'd be surprised all of what Jessie would tell me afterward. He would be like, Come here, I have to tell you what just happened. So how many times did you two hook up?

Lydia: How can you ask me that?

Natalie: You said I could ask you anything. So, how many times?

Lyd: Well, if you already know everything, then you know how many times.

Natalie: I just want to hear you say it. How many times?

Lydia: God, Natalie. I don't know. How embarrassing. You're putting me on the spot.

Nat: How many times?

Lydia, now giggling: Hold on. Silence as she actually counts in her head.

Kevin interjects: . . . 42 . . .43 ... 44 ....

Lydia: Shut up Kevin.

Kevin: . . . oh, and 45, yeah, that was a good one . . .

Lydia, laughing: Shut the F up, Kevin.

Lydia says Natalie wearing Jessie's 'used' sweatshirt is not my fault. Nat really getting mad abt her sweatshirt & Lydia laffing at Nat asking
"what is this white shite on my sweatshirt". Natalie says Jessie is NOT cute, "he looks like Jimmy Neutron, he was just a good friend to me".
Nat playing up that she has no romantic feelings for Jessie.Nat saying Jessie was NOTHING but a good ally for her, it made her sick when peeps
said they were a cute couple. Natalie says Jeff is very hot & he & Russell are the only guys that had a chance. Natalie is saying she thinks Jeff is the hottest & Lydia says Russell is the hottest & Natalie is completely saying Jessie was not attractive at all. Lydia says 'well look at me, come on' like Lydia thinks she can't do any better than Jessie cuz of the way she looks.
Kev & Nat saying the cameras picked up everything.

1:00 Back up in HOH, Jeff/Jord think Mich may be lying. Jord says well why would she want him out? Jeff wants to get Mich/Russ together Jord says someone is lying. Jeff says what if its just a back and forth like you said this no you said that.Jeff asks why are we fighting each other (F4) when there's 3 other people? Jordan just thinks if they have a chance to send him home she will be mad. Jeff says if we send Russ home then it's 3-3. Jord thinks they may get Kev. Jeff says not with Lyd still here. Jordan is gonna go with what Jeff says. Jord says Jeff is more of a threat to Russ than Kev. Jeff says well then why wouldn't Russ let me get all these other ppl out? Jeff doesn't understand Jeff wondering if the LIE is true. Jeff also doesn't understand why Russ would tell Mich. Jeff says Mich lies about sh!t. Jordan thinks its too soon for Mich to turn her back on them, doesn't want Mich to sleep down there bc she might talk to Russ Jeff says they talk all day what's the difference. Jord says Mich might set them out so they get Russ out and they'll be screwed. Jeff says Mich just agreed with whatever we said Jord will trust Mich over Russ, even though she lied to others. Jord thought it was weird about Mich not being straightforward about putting Russ up. Jord says they cannot piss Mich off bc they need her. Jordan to Jeff "what if its all an elaborate plan (the Lie Kevin told) to get russell out for them"? Jeff/Jord don't want to make wrong decision then regret it. Saying Russ is all about F4, acting all stressed--so they don't know who to believe. Jordan says to Jeff, we need to just think about us.Jeff if Russ is still on our side, we are losing one of our players. Jeff says Mich may be stretching the truth. Jordan/Jeff just going to stick to getting Nat out for right now, even though Nat is not that strong. Jeff says hopefully I can win POV and confront Russ. If not we just stick with the plan to get Nat out.

2:00 Lydia and Nat in GR talking about nxt wk and bashing Jessie. Lydia says she hopes Jessie isn't like this in real life, and that this is why she doesn't trust in guys as boyfriends and prefers to be single. In real life when she tells her friends something that's suppposed to be a secret, it stays a secret. Lydia thinks Jessie will get a "d-bag edit" again. She says that she had hoped that he would get a good edit this year -- but not anymore. Natalie says she really hasn't heard of the person Lydia is a babysitter for, and that she and Lydia don't know the same people. Lydia says she isn't a babysitter. Natalie says if the three of them can all stay this week, they just need to win HoH and get one of the others out. They say they need to win the veto. Lydia wonders if the other side would really take Russell out this week.
Lydia and Natalie talk about Natalie's boyfriend Jason and how Natalie knew he was a good guy. Lydia says she can't believe she's asking an 18-year-old for advice. Natalie says she just has a good intuition.

3:00 Jeff in HOH bed with Jordan getting ready to sleep, gives Jordan a kiss goodnight.
ALL HG are now asleep.