With so few house-guests left in the house, the Big Brother house resembles a ghost town. The theme of the day is sleeping, but soon that can all change.

With only 5 left in the house, Jeff hangs with Jordan, Natalie hangs with Kevin and Michele is left on her own with no one to talk to. It looks like Michele has one foot out the door by the way she is treated. How will today play out?

10:00 am
Jeff & Michele are out of bed & noticed the kitchen has been taken over by ants. They go into attack mode trying to kill the ants & clean out the food that they feel the ants could have infested. Jeff sprays the place down with bug spray. This has been an on going problem for years in the big brother house.

10:30 am
Jordan is finally out of bed & is helping Jeff & Michele fight the ant problem. She's freaking out over how many ants she sees but Michele tells her this is nothing compared to what was in here when she got up.

10:35 am
The flat screen tv in the living room says NOMINATIONS TODAY

Jeff asks Kevin if he can come up to the HOH & talk to him in a little while. Kevin tells him yes.

Jeff goes outside to smoke and tells Jordan he's going to go up to the HOH & have a talk with Kevin to campaign to get Michele evicted. Jordan thinks that Jeff may be back-doored. Jeff is going to remind Kevin that his deal was if he took him (Kevin) off the block that Kevin was not allowed to nominate him and he was to get Michele out.

Jordan tells Jeff that Michele had said the three of them can still make it if one of them wins pov and Natalie has to go on the block, they can vote out Natalie.

Jordan: I'm not gonna save Michele even if I get the chance

11:00 am
Michele comes in to talk to Jeff & Jordan and tells both of them that they still have a chance.

Michele: All we have to do is whoever is not on the block win the POV and Nat will go home.
Jeff: Yeah, that's so easy
Michele: Thanks for telling me about the hold in the cup (hoh comp) I was like Yeah, Jeff doesn't hate me (giggle)

BIG BROTHER INDOOR LOCK DOWN (this is for pov set up)

Jordan blames Russ for the ant problem in the SS room and said he did it on purpose. *sigh*

11:30 am
Michele is in the HOH room talking to Kevin. She said the house has been so stressful lately.

Kevin: There was a point in the hoh comp where my body was saying go a littler easier and just walk but my mind was saying NO NO NO.
Michele: You could have cuz there is no way I was going to catch you

Michele: It's now just the five of us in this mansion, no lines in the bathroom.
Kevin: There is nothing to watch on the hoh tv screen now
Michele: I'll go down and do a booty shake
Kevin: None of them, besides Jessie, got a 2nd HOH, it's going to be weird.
Mich: I want to win because it's down tot he nitty gritty
Keven: Remember that the next HOH doesn't matter, it's who wins POV
Michele: Yeah. Whoever won this week can't play next week.
Kevin: Yea, I thought f*ck. I knew for sure that if you had won HOH, I was going home.
Michele: Are you sure about that?
Kevin: I don't know what I'm going to do cuz the nominations are today
Michele: Do what's best for you Kevin

12:00 pm
Natalie is out of bed for the day. She goes into the kitchen and starts complaining about the ant problem. (lol)

Jeff & Jordan are in the green room playing around. Jeff tells Jordan she looks great without makeup on.

The house-guests can hear construction going on outside. They wonder if it's for a luxury competition. They are hoping for a comp that takes them out of the house like Dan got to do in his season when he went to the beach or like Dani did in her season when she got to play on a game show. Jordan is convince they are all going to be on The Price Is Right (lol)

12:14 pm
Jeff goes up to the HOH room to talk with Kevin but Kevin has fallen to sleep with the head phones on so he never hears him

1:20 pm
The feeds cut and are out for over an hour. When they come back on we learn what the MYSTRY DOOR in the HOH really was & PANDORA'S BOX.

This is the breakdown of what this comp was by the house-guests conversations. Kevin is in the HOH, he goes into a secret room off the HOH where a box called Pandora's box is sitting. There is a note that he can release $10,000 to the house-guests or keep it for himself. To release it he must stick his hand in the hole on the box. Kevin stuck his hand in the box & someone grabbed it and handcuffed him. The message read that someone would have to find a key to let him out.

While Kevin is locked in the secret room, money begins to rain down in the back yard. Nat sees it and starts yelling for everyone. They are all grabbing money like crazy & are not allowed to use anything to store it in (trash bags etc). Kevin can see all this going on from the secret room because there is a screen showing him close ups of everyone. Nat goes in search for Kevin, she either hears him yelling or there is a clue. She learns that she has to find a key to release Kevin. She goes in search. Jeff starts to head up to HOH and Nat tells him it's locked. He goes any ways, learns about the key, tears everything up and finds a big key in the house that lets Kevin out.

The house-guests feel like the key is something important, like it would save Jeff if he is on the block. They also think there is more to this comp than what has happened.

Everyone is excited. They don't know how much money they won.

3:44 pm
Kevin & Michele are in the kitchen talking about nominations and next weeks HOH.

Kevin: I sense that you have something with Jeff & Jordan but I sense that you know Jeff's connection with Jordan is closer. I'm just trying to figure out what everybody is thinking
Michele: I don't really have any other options

While Michele & Kevin are trying to have their conversation, Natalie keeps walking through the kitchen then finally she sits down between Kevin & Michele and goes off on Michele. Nat accuses Michele of being in an alliance with Jeff & Jordan and telling them information Nat told her. Michele is trying to defend herself while Kevin stays quiet.

Natalie: One thing I have in this house is my word

Natalie is still angry about Michele putting her & Chima on the block. She tells Michele that she thinks Michele needs to go on the block.

Michele: I know I'm going up and I'm fine with that.
Nat: Everyone's time comes

4:00 pm
Jordan & Kevin are now in the HOH room. Kevin tells Jordan that she is not his target. He is running out of people to put up so it's not personal. He is going to put up the 2 strongest players and he figures the votes will make it a tie with him being the tie breaker vote so that even if she ended up on the block, he would not vote her out.

Kevin: I treat you & Jeff as two separate people.
Jordan: I know
Kevin: The POV dictates more who goes home than the HOH does.
Jordan: Michele said if she was hoh that she wanted you out.

Jeff comes up to the hoh. Him & Jordan tell Kevin how Michele wanted Kevin out because he's the smartest. Jeff said that Michele should have never told them how smart she is and that's why she is going home this week.

Jordan: Michele thinks Nat is some child genius and says again that Kevin would go home if Michele stays in the house. Kevin tells them that he can't figure out where Michele's head is at. She keeps her cards very close.

Downstairs Natalie & Michele are still hashing it out about why Nat doesn't trust Michele. Nat said she doesn't trust Michele because of Chima but she does understand that at some point in the game you can't afford to be 100% loyal.

4:10 pm
Jordan goes downstairs & leaves Kevin & Jeff to talk.

Kevin tells Jeff he is sorry he is not able to keep their whole deal but says that Michele is his target. Jeff is getting angry and said that was not the deal they had. Jeff tells him that the only way he is to go up is if Michele wins POV

Jeff: Who are you putting up
Kevin: You & Michele
Jeff: (mad) Why don't you keep your end of the deal and put up Jordan and Michele? If I win the veto I will take off Jordan and we'll vote out Michele.
Kevin: Jeff I can't. If I do that I would be making the biggest dumb ass move in BB history. I would be giving all the HOH power to you.
Jeff: yea, so? We had a deal
Kevin: I want Michele to go home
Jeff: I don't like that I'm going on the block when I took you off the block
Kevin: I know Jeff, I'm sorry. I would just be making a bonehead move. I realized when I was in the DR whoever is not on the block can save the two people
Jeff: So why couldn't it be me? I would send Michele home
Kevin: But she's been aligned with you since technotronics
Jeff: Who between Michele & Natalie would I want to go home?
Kevin: Natalie
Jeff: That's bull sh*t!
Kevin: She's still giving you information
Jeff: I could have just kept you up on the block
Kevin: It's not personal. I have to play the odds. It comes down to numbers. If I give up my power to decide who goes home, I would be the biggest bonehead in BB history.
Jeff: Well, I discounted my final 4 by taking you off the block. I could have walked to the final 4.

Jeff: What if Nat wins POV, is she going to take me off?
Kevin: No, she will keep the nominations the same. I'm still going to honor the better part of the deal which is you not going home.
Jeff: How do I know I'm not gong home? What if Natalie wins POV?
Kevin: She would keep the nominations the same
Jeff: Ok
Kevin: I don't want to make a dumb move when it came down to the numbers. I don't want to be another Marcellus. Ross told me not to make a dumb move. (in his interview before BB)
Jeff: I made a bonehead move when I took you off when I could have walked to the final 4.
Kevin: Well,,, it's subjective
Kevin: America would be laughing at me if I didn't put you up
Jeff: I gotta do what I gotta do... I gotta win the veto
Kevin: Odds are in your favor, I understand if you don't trust my word any more, even if I say I'm going to keep you, you don't have to trust me.
Jeff: I hope your word is good now. NO hard feeling bro.

4:30 pm
Jeff is downstairs telling Natalie & Jordan that he is pissed off that Kevin is putting him up.

Natalie: I can't stand Michele, she's a liar and I'll be voting her out
Jeff: If Michele wins the POV, I'm done
Nat: It's 5 to 1

Michele has gone to the hoh to talk to Kevin. He tells her the same thing but tries to get Michele to open up more to him. Michele tells him that every time she has talked game to someone, they have come back later and thrown it in her face to everyone what she said. She told him she's not saying anything any more that can be used against her.

Kevin tells Michele that Jeff & Jordan threw her under the bus a long time ago.

Kevin: I think Natalie really wants you gone
Michele: ya she'll just wait
Kevin: if you were not to go home and the decision was mine, it would be Jordan, you, Nat and myself...
Michele: if it came down to that then I would have to go for Natalie because she wants me gone
Kevin: Jeff & Jordan make it seem like they abandoned the Michelle and Russel final 4-ship a long time ago
Michele: ya Jordan and Jeff were telling me to suck it up and not be upset when I was crying yesterday
Kevin: I'm thinking I'm going to lose Jeff's vote (if Michele stays). You've never screwed me. next week if you were to win HOH it would be the one time in this game that i would need a favour from you. After that its game on.
Michele: no matter how it gets to final 4 or whatever nothings going to change for me. its me versus the world
Kevin: for the following week, you can screw me if you are HOH (he has made it clear he wont vote for someone who has screwed him)
Michele: this week is crucial for who you decide to keep. you will have them in your pocket for next week. I don't know if Jeff wants you out or not.
Kevin: he has a final deal with Jordan even if he tries to hide it
Michele: I'm not winning against either of them in F2 anyways. I'm playing for 50,000 dollars. i think you have a shot at the money. i don't think Russell will vote for me.
Kevin: if you win HOH next week and keep me till the next week and i get kicked out after that (even by you), you would have my vote in the jury house
Michele: well that's one (laughs). as final 2 we would make history.
Kevin: ya we would be like LGBT final 2. and married! I'm getting paranoid in this game, i feel like stuff is getting set up for jeff to win.
Michele: they want it to be cyclical and drama filled. this week was for you. i think stuffs going to blow up this week. the more i talk to you the more it sounds like I'm throwing everyone under the bus.
Kevin: this is final 5 its no joke anymore. there's no friendships. whoever says that is flat out lying. that's why its strictly about stronger players.
Michele: jeff will take himself off.
Kevin: and that's why i have to put the strongest people up. i hate making people upset but that's the game.
Kevin: i got suspicious with JJ being so suddenly on board with us after 7 weeks of being with you. it was so all of a sudden.
Michele: hes kept me in the dark the whole game. they talk to each other. i've always been the odd man out.
Kevin: i still don't know where your heads at
Michele: i have no shot of winning against jeff
Kevin: no one can. hes going to get Americas vote
Michele: the only way i can get to the end is if Jordan's gone
Kevin: jeff does not like to look bad, that's why he would never cut ties with Jordan
Michele: i was always the third wheel. its time to make some moves. people made their moves that benefited them. I'm not going to get screwed, I'm not going to give someone the money. game one.
Kevin: lets cause some drama

5:00 pm

6:00 pm

The House-guests are now in an indoor lock down. Construction can be heard outside again.

Natalie goes to the HOH and tells Kevin that she just caught Michele and Jordan in the splish splash room.

Natalie: Jordan told me that Michele told her that she would go after me & you next week.
Kevin: I still think we need to send Jeff home this week.
Natalie: Michele is for sure coming after us, you in particular
Kevin: You just made me flip to Michele. Jeff is for sure coming after us
Nat: Jeff will beat us in final 3 but we can't think too far in advance. WE have to think about next weeks POV. HOH means nothing next week. POV will be memory and that's what we have to think about.

Natalie keeps reminding Kevin that Michele is very good at the memory games and that's what the next HOH is all about.

6:14 pm
Jeff is in the kitchen by himself and mutters "fuking scumbags"

7:00 pm
Kevin & Nat in the hoh room
Kevin: Jeff actually thought that I'd basically give him HOH this week so he could decide who went out and then have him win next week when I couldn't compete for it

Kevin & Nat talk about how they lulled Jeff & Jordan into thinking they would do what they wanted them to do. They talked about how they think Jordan is stupid and they think Jeff is a liar.

8:00 pm
Michele tells Jeff this is a sucky situation because she doesn't want to be on the block against him.

8:48 pm
Jordan tells Michele she saw an alien's face in one of the mirrors.
The whole house goes into an uproar as they start watching every mirror in the house.
Michele: There are aliens, how interesting, not scared.
Michele tells Jeff & Jordan she saw one too.

Jeff feels all the aliens faces has to do with the Pandora's Box. He asks Michele what the PB story was. Michele tells him she didn't know.
Jeff: Liar

Jordan runs upstairs to tell Natalie & Kevin about the aliens they saw. Suddenly they appear in the HOH mirrors. Everyone starts laughing but Natalie who isn't very enthused. Jeff knocks on the hoh door and it scared the crap out of Kevin. They all think the aliens have something to do with the Pandora's box. They think the Aliens are only going after Kevin & Jordan. Kevin screams and runs across the room when he sees one
Kevin: They ARE faces. Jeff thinks the next time they are putting in their contacts that they will scare the crap out of him & Kevin. (lol)

9:00 pm
Michele is sitting up on the balcony by the hoh room. Natalie, Jeff & Jordan are all in the wash room bashing Michele. It looked like she could hear them. Michele is counting items in the house.

While Jeff, Jordan, Natalie & Kevin sit around laughing together about the aliens they saw & trying to see more, Michele is walking around the house looking to see if anything is missing & she's studying the memory wall of all the house-guests faces. The past F5 POV comp has either been the morph of HG faces or where there was ghosts in the mirrors then items in the house came up missing.

9:22 pm
Jeff is sitting at the dinning room table making a beer can out of play-dough. Michele comes in and sits down at the table watching him.

Michele: Why did you call me a liar when you ask if I knew the story of Pandora's box?
Jeff: (loud & stern) Because you were lying
Michele: But I had no fu*king idea... that wasn't cool. You made me sound bad.

Michele goes into the SS room and starts to cry. She's really hurt over Jeff calling her a liar. She says out loud that she has to win the veto.

Nat & Jordan heard Jeff yell at Michele and were laughing in the other room. After Michele leaves Nat goes to Jeff and ask what that was about. He tells her that it was about him saying she was lying over her knowledge of the story of Pandora's box and he still thinks she's lying. Nat ask what Michele said when he called her a liar.

Jeff: she said it wasn't cool
Nat: I hate her so much

9:42 pm
Jeff goes to bed. Nat & Kevin are counting everything in the house. Jordan is in the DR, Michele is in the green room crying and saying "fu*k him, I hate him"

10:00 pm
Jordan tells Jeff would give up the money she won today to keep him safe.

They're talking about the upcoming POV competition and that they're going to run around in the dark, since POV is at night this time.

Jeff: I don't know what's out there, we just have to do it, whatever it is.
Jordan: Duh!
Jeff: For Real. I need you Jordan. Stay focused. I don't need to tell you that 50 times.
Jordan: If we get her (Michele) out first it will be good
Jeff: real good

Natalie is talking to Jeff, Jordan & Kevin
Nat: I know that bit*h knows the story about Pandora's box, she's lying
Jeff: Well, now she's crying cuz I called her a liar
Nat: That bit*h is crazy

10:30 pm
Natalie is walking past the green room where Michele has been laying down crying and asks her why she is in there. Michele tells her that she's getting her game face on, then giggles.

11:00 pm
Jordan & Jeff are laying down in the splash room.

Jordan: I told Nat that I was worried you were getting back-doored. She told me not to worry about it. That the plan is to get Michele out.
Jeff: It doesn't matter, just win

Michele is up in the hoh room listening to music while Kevin & Natalie play chess & talk. They are all waiting on the pov competition to begin.

Downstairs Jordan tells Jeff that she just doesn't want to be used by him. He's shocked she would even think that way about him.

Michele is laughing & relaxed in the hoh room. She has the headphones on and telling a story about her college days. They talk about who has beaten who at chess.

11:30 pm
Natalie tells Michele that Jordan said that she would give up all her money she won today to take Jeff off the block

Michele: It's on, I have so much rage towards them, I'm going to win POV

Michele: Your performance in that last hoh was horrible, you so threw that
Nat: Nooo I didn't
Kevin: You should so say you thew it cuz that was just a pitiful performance
Nat: Ok, I threw it (lol)

Michele: I'm back in the zone. I was freaked out earlier but I'm not gonna let him (jeff) win. They (jeff & jordan) were so goning to cut me loose. It's so obvious. I asked Jordan, so if you win the pov, will you use it and not vote me out and all I got was "swish" (motions with hands like she's being tossed aside) And there we go, it's officially over.

11:47 pm
Jeff & Jordan are in the splash room.

Jeff: She (michele) is up there throwing us under the bus
Jordan: I wonder if Nat will vote to evict her
Jeff: It doesn't matter what anyone says, we just have to win
Jordan: Oh I know

11:51 pm
Jordan: I hope I never have to see Russell ever again
Jeff: I hope I don't fuking see him next week. He'll say they got got you.
Jeff mumbles "no they didn't"

12:00 am

3:00 am
MICHELE WON POV (on a personal note YEAH)

The POV comp was an alien morph of the houseguests. Michele beat everyone by over a minute. I believe Jeff might have come in third to Natalie second. Jeff is mad and drinking a whole bottle of wine. Jordan wants to quit, she says she wants everyone to vote her out & leave Jeff in the game cuz he deserves it more. Jeff tells her to shut up & get Kevin out next week.

Jeff tells the crying Jordan that she will float to the end, win the money & buy her mom a house.

Mean while, Michele is doing a victory dance while Natalie & Kevin tell her the plan was to take out Jeff all along & the plan worked (lol)

Michele: Oh America, your boyfriend is going home (lol)