Good Morning BB Lovers! It's 11:00 AM in the BB house and time to wake up for the day! Today Porche and Adam will play in the 2nd part of the final HOH competition. It's Do or Die for these two today. Who will battle against Rachel in part 3? We will find out later today!

Adam heads outside for his Morning smoke and is joined by Rachel. Rachel asks him if her is nervous about the competition today, he says its do or die for him and he has to win it. Rachel asks him if he knows who he would take to final 2 if he wins. Adam is, of course non-commital, saying he cannot think that far ahead, he needs to concentrate on getting there. Rachel encourages him to relax, study the memory wall and do his best. Inside, Porche is already sitting there studying the memory wall.

12:00PM Porche and Rachel going over "what if" scenerios. Talking about if this person was evicted instead of that person, who would the final 3 be. Both have no idea who Adam would take to final 2. They discuss Americas Choice and who would win the 25K. Porche says they better not give it to Jordan! She already won 500K! Rachel says that Jordan is a sweetheart and she would understand America voting for her.

General chit chat between the final 3 about how the game played out. More what if scenerios and who would have gone after who if things played out differently. The trio play cards most of the afternoon as they wait for the competition to begin.

5:30 - 8:30PM The 2nd part of the final HOH competition is being played!

8:30PM Porche has won the 2nd part of the final HOH! Both Porche and Adam are cut up and bandaging wounds. Sounds like the competition was similar to Season 8's, underwater puzzle. Adam asks, "ok who wants to take me too the final 2!" They all laugh.

9:00PM Adam called to the DR. Once inside, Porche and Rachel start jumping up and down, screaming and dancing in celebration of Porche's win. They cannot believe they will be the final 2. They talk about how bad they feel for Adam but they will both take each other.

9:30PM Porche called to DR, Adam joins Rachel outside. Adam starts to go over his game. Saying he was the deciding vote the whole season. He is making a last ditch effort to explain why he deserves to be in the final 2. Rachel tells him she feels bad but feels she needs to tell him that her and Porche have already decided to take each other. Adam is not surprised and says
he appreciates Rachel being honest with him. He tells Rachel that she has his vote. She has battled everyday to be in the position she is in and she deserves to win it. Rachel says she still thinks she is playing for second but appreciates Adams vote.

10:00PM Rachel called to the DR, Porche joins Adam outside. Porche asks him if she makes it to final 2, will she have Adams vote? Adam says he doesnt know who he would vote for, it would depend on who wins the final HOH. Porche not hiding her excitment about winning the comp. Adam looks very defeated but Porche doesnt seem to care as she continues to gloat.

Inside after coming out of the DR, Rachel tells Porche that she told Adam about their final 2 deal. Porche is surprised that Rachel was honest with him.

12:00AM Adam alone in the backyard. He is pacing around saying how he messed up and just cst himself 500K. He cant believe he lost that competition. Cant believe he came so close to winning the season and now will be gone. He begins questioning who he should vote for out of Porche and Rachel. He says who ever wins round 3 is the person he will likely vote for.

1:00AM All three discussing the season and Rachel says no matter what we all played good games and deserve to be final 3. She tells Adam he should be proud of himself. He beat Brendon and Jeff! They talk about what they wil be doing next summer, Porsche replies that she'll probably be back for All-Stars. Rachel says she'll be married and then says maybe she'll be trying to convince Brendon to have some Bookie Jr's. Adam is laying on the hammock and Porsche and Rachel are both lounging on workout equipment next to the hammock, they are going over the fortune tellers future predictions for different HGs, Rachel says that Shelly's book will never sell. Adam says that he and Enzo are the stuipd clowns from Jersey, Enzo is the Meow Meow and he is the Growl Growl. Rachel wonders if people think she has changed a lot since last season Adam says she has changed for the good. He says that after Brendon left for the second time she became a totally different person. He says the first time he left she acted like it was the end of the world but the second time she had her head on straight. Rachel says at the beginning of this season she had to stop herself from comparing this season to last season and thinking it would be the same thing because she said last season was really hard on her but this season she had fun. Adam brings up that the people she does keep in touch with from her season are Ragan, Kristen and Matt and those were the people she hated when she was in the house. Adam mentions that he'll probably hang out with Crazy James in New York . Adam says he is glad the name Adam won't be
linked to (Rachel interjects) "a drug dealer!!"anymore! They plan to have their families meet each other on Thursday when they go out to their Final 3 lunch at City Walk (outside of Universal Studios down the street from the BB house) They talk about having sushi for their luncheon. Rachel wonders who is having a bigger showmance in Jury: Brendon & Jeff or Kalia & Dani! Adam thinks Dani is probably sick of Kalia! Rachel wonders about what the Jury House looks like and Adam tells her she shouldn't care because they are still in the house! Rachel hopes that BB will let them do a final HOH tweet together,
Adam says he'd tweet "The sexiest Final 3 of all time....was there ever a sexier Final 3?"

3:00AM Rachel and Porche sleeping, Adam restless. Adam wanders around the backyard, saying to himself that he was so close! "Dammit, I was so close". He goes into the purple room, lays on the bed, deep in thought and finally falls asleep.

*This is my final recap for BB13! Thank you to all the updaters, your dedication is very much appreciated. Thank you to Jokers for allowing me to be a part of the recap family once again this year! For the final 3, I'm rooting for Rachel! This girl has fought her butt off 2 summers in a row and deserves the win! Also, I am very happy that when she leaves the BB house this time, she will see that she has won America over and we appreciate her loyalty to the game. Go Rachel!! See you all next Summer!!!