Opens with voiceover (by our beloved trivia guy Mike Goldman):

"Birthday boy Patrick gets a present to remember ! (shot of Jo pashing Pat in the spa) but it's party girl Joanne who steals the show" (shots of Jo doing similar with Vince and Saxon) "and has the boys fighting for her affection" (next shot with Jo in the bedroom with Pat and Sax) apparently trying to arrange the timing of something ..

Jo: "My boys will wait for me ! Hang on, hang on !"
Sax: "But.."
Jo: "No, my boys will wait for me !

and so the tone was set for how this episode was going to unfold.

[I have spent quite a bit of time trying to get all the dialogue verbatim mainly for the benefit of our overseas viewers who may have the live feeds but not only miss a lot of the conversation due to audio problems and whispering and accent problems, but also don't get the benefit of the sub titles provided in the all important daily packages of the last 24 hours]

9.01 am. Regina up and trying to organize a breakfast in bed for Patrick who comes into the kitchen and spoils the surprise. Jamie comes into the kitchen and says he was going to do the same thing but Patrick points out that it's hard to beat Reggie up in the morning. Reggie says she's going to be Pat's wife for the day but admits it won't be much since "I'm a bad wife, hey ?" <cackle>.

Pat back in bedroom when Jo wakes up and says 'Happy Birthday and gives Pat a hug. Pat says he's been up for a while and had breakfast in bed.

Jo sits up and says "Who ?!". Pat says it was Reggie.
Jo shakes her head a bit and says "Honestly.."

(This could have been an inconsequential exchange but the BB team certainly seemed to want us to read more into it).

12:15pm Quiz with Chrissy in the chair who does well except for the rapper who got killed. Applause from the HMs who are watching.

2:18pm Jo & Vin in kitchen with Jo asking why Vin is being a bit stand-offish lately. Vin explains he didn't want to intrude on her and Sax, giving them privacy. Says he got funny looks from Sax. Jo poo-poos the very idea. Then Vinnie saying "I'll only tell you this once", <sigh, sigh, sigh>, "I don't want you to go " and opens his arms for Jo to give him a hug, and she obliges with giggles and a "That's why I love you Vincenzo !"

<Obviously the "It's Vincent !" rule doesn't apply to her, eh ?>

4:47 pm In bedroom Jo iis reciting this conversation to Saxon, which she does in whispers. I really don't know why they bother since BB thoughtfully provides us with verbatim sub-titles. Basically, Sax denies giving him a look or anything. Yeah, right Sax

6:59pm The party begins, Scottish theme, kilts and swords, and a piñata which Vince smashes to bits with Star Wars laser effects . <frustration ?>. Music and dancing, all having a good time.

9:31 pm. Jo goes over and gives Sax a hug.

<Warning to those with weak stomachs - this is Jo being Jo & Sax being his usual smooth articulate self..>

Jo: "I'll miss you my love (or baba) (?). I hope you'll remember me"
Sax: "Oh ! Remember you ?! I'll have to ..<unintelligle and no sub-titles> to try and forget you !"
Jo: <ever fishing, fishing, fishing for those compliments> "You'll get out of here and say "Jo ? Oh, yeah that's right it's Jo.."
Sax: <just gobbling down that bait> "Oh, god ! Don't you think you'll have a thousand million guys just waiting for you when you get out ?!"
Jo: "I don't care about them"
Sax: "Why not ?"

Jo, carefully, just smiles enchantingly and shakes her head.

Sax: "OMG, Why did I have to meet someone like you in here ?"
Jo:<smiling in delight, hugging and stroking the poor panting puppy> "Love you lots !"
Sax: "Cheers, cheers"
Jo: "Oh, that's all I get back ?"
Sax: "I love you too"
Jo: <gazing into his eyes> "Ohh..."

9:50 pm Pat & Reggie dancing and some cryptic comment about Romeo and Juliet to which Reggie just says "Yeah ??"

Then Jo sidles up to Vinnie who says "Come to give me a hug ?"

Jo: "Yep. I'm so going to meet up with you in Melbourne"
Vin:" Yeah ? I'd give you a kiss but I'd get paint over you"
Jo: "You can give me a kiss"

Peck on the cheek and more junk about meeting up in Melbourne and going shopping and maybe staying with him and 'how many friends can I bring' which isn't quite what Vinnie had in mind I guess.

A few minutes more of Jo being totally insincere, not that Vinnie minds, until both Pat & Sax approach. It's Pat who takes Jo off to the dance floor, leaving Vinnie sitting alone, looking like the just-dumpred wallflower he is.

Then Pat & Jo dancing and hugging and Jo assuring Pat that 30 isn't so old yada, yada then

Jo: "I can't explain, but I feel so in tune with you.."
Pat: "It's the yin and yang thing... after the cameras.."
Jo: "We'll have a chat"
Pat: "Yeah it's silly to have a chat here..
Jo" "I love my Patrice.."

Ad break. "If you want to evict Joanne..."

10:07 pm Jo in bathroom wiping paint/make-up off Pat and hugs

Pat: "Ohh, thanks Joanne"
Jo: "Ohh, Pattie...I can't wait to see you when we get out"
Pat: "Don't go this weekend !"
Jo:" Well, you tell everyone else not to vote me out !"

<lotsa hug and kisses - well, pecking type kisses - throughout this>

Pat: "We'll chat when we get out. Definitely"
Jo:"I love you Pattie ! No, I really do ! It was instant."
Pat: "Yeah, I know. Ditto"
Jo: "And I haven't had instant before with anyone except you"

They break to get ready to get in the spa, but Jo wants to persevere with the "instant" thing which they do for a bit until Sax comes in (they're now in the bedroom) so they switch somewhat clumsily to 'instant pasta' with excruciatingly bad Italian accents.

Sax susses, or at least is upset by, the Pat & Jo 'togetherness', turns around and leaves in a huff.

Jo loudly orders him back with a 'Hey ! Hey ! Que Cosa ! <?> Come here ! Come here !
Sax: "No, it's all good !" <still trying to leave>
Jo: "What is going on ? Sax ! Sax ! Sax !"

Jo grabs him and tries to pull him back, while he protests that he's going to the spa, Pat intervenes and she has them both now and this is where she says "My boys will wait for me !" as at the beginning of the show. "Both of my boys will wait for me !" <She's momentarily forgotten about Vinnie apparently>.

Jo says she just wants to know what's happening ? <Like, duhhh>.

Sax pulls away from Pat also, shaking his head, and heads for the spa.

Everyone in the spa for some 'suck and blow', which is passing the parcel (bits of cardboard) from mouth to mouth.

Reggie insisting that if you drop 'you've got to kiss !'

Shot of Reggie all over Pat with Pat obviously reluctant, then Jo's turn with Pat and it's a different story

Sax: "That does not look good !"
Kim: "It's good, it's good !"
Sax: "That looks so f*& bad ! I suggest we cancel this game !"
Jo: "I think it's fun !!!!"

1:25 am. Jamie, Pat and Vince in kitchen with Jamie saying how great the party was. In the spa are Dan, Jo and Sax with Sax kissing Jo's toes and Jo & Sax singing (?). Dan just looking on from the other side of the spa in bewilderment.

Jo says she's going to go get into her 'jammies <Pyjamas that is, not Jaimes or Jamies or even Jaime2s, just for Bill's benefit>

Sax: "Night Joanne"
Jo: "It's not goodnight, it's just jump into the jammies time"
Sax: <to Dan> "F*&K. It's been a bad night !"
Dan: "Bad ??"

1:35 am Kitchen, Jo in 'jamies being hugged from behind by Vince, who is also trying the 'growl'. Poor sap doesn't realize it's all over, red rover, but Jo is still leading him on. Jamie & Chrissy also there.

Sax is in the spa alone singing (?) loud enough to be heard "I just watch my life go by...Jo Jo is a waste of time..."

2:23: Sleepless Sax decides to clean the kitchen, Jo comes in, and they argue about doing it now or waiting till the morning. They clean anyway.

2:46: Sax and Jo sitting down having a drink, with Sax looking exceptionally adolescent and goofy. Maybe it's the lighting or the camera angle ?

<It looks to me that this is the 'Time to drop Sax in a big heap moment'>

Sax: "All you do is smile, eh ?"
Jo: "What do want me to say ? ... just remember everything you do in here is amplified...when you get out it will all be different.."
Sax: "Why will that change what happened here ?"
Jo: "It will bring it all into perspective"
Sax: "NO ! Things are so clear it's frightening ! That's why it's so gay. That's why I'm having all these moods because it's so clear !"

Pat comes in "Everyone's gone to bed. I definitely want to get married in a kilt.."
Jo:"No underwear ?"
Pat "Nope"

Sax goes to the bedroom where others ask what's happening and where's Jo and Pat ?

Sax: "I have no idea !" <hehe>

The others speculate that probably Pat is alone somewhere pondering what it's like to be 30 yrs old.

3:10 am Pat & Jo are briefly joined in the kitchen by Vince who goes to the fridge looking for the left-over pizza. Vince is very hurried, clearly not wanting to intrude yet again.

Pat wants to talk about hanging out with Jo in the future but doesn't want to talk about it here. Jo thinks it's cool that Pat wants to do that. "That's all I wanted to know"

3:19 Sax comes back to the kitchen and sits down with them. Difficult moments, but eventually says "I'm saying goodnight"
Pat: "Oh, Goodnight then "
Jo: "Are you going to bed ?"
Sax: "I think so, because you're tired, so there's no point pushing myself"
Jo: "Are you tired ?"
Pat "Not really"
Jo "I'm not tired, I'll stay up for a bit"
Sax: "How long's a bit ?"
Jo: "I dunno"

Sax gets up to go.

JO: " Are you having qualms ?
Sax: "No, I'm cool"
Pat: "Sleep well"
Sax: "Will do. Happy birthday Pat "

Shot of a sighing Sax forlornly trudging the long lonesome track back to the bedroom.

Pat:<holding Jo's hand> "I'm really, really, really, really, really, really, glad that you're here. If there was anyone in the house that I want to be here it's you !"
Jo: "I got my wish !"

[Ed: What's that all about, he asks ??]

Pat growls (?) "That's cool", and they touch heads, still holding hands all the while.

Pat: "I'll tell you my wishes when I get out"

Final ad break: "Tomorrow night - Joanne and Patrick, where does it go from here ?"