After an exciting night BB woke the house guests up at 9:45am, some did not even go to bed till 6:00 am. Boogie immediately whined about almost being blindsided last night with a Frank eviction and that the coaches are in the game and how much he misses his son etc. Frank chimes in and starts complaining about the HOH competition saying it was made for a women to win and it was rigged blah, blah blah. They agree that they don’t trust anyone any more. That everyone lied to them. They call Brit a liar and then start on Ian because he did not win the HOH after he said he could. They pretty much start trashing on all the players, not one in the house they trust, like or want to work with. They pretty much have given up. He said he is mad because now he has a 1 in 12 chance of winning, that he wouldn’t have minded if it was 1 and 8 but he wished he never signed up for this, that he left so much behind. Frank said they have to get Janelle and Dan out that they are the masterminds. He said he is done making deals with anyone. That this reset button just allows Ashley and Jenn to sit around and get fat. That he looks like a complete idiot on TV because everyone knew they were going to get blindsided. They both sounded very defeated.
Bogie left and Joe came outside. Frank asked him about Wil’s vote, if he knew about it. Joe said yes that he was promised Dani’s and his vote. He then told Frank that Brit knew about Wil lying to them about his vote. That he had been told not to do it but did it anyway. Frank said Brit is a little too good at lying.
Meanwhile, Dan and Dani discuss the nom’s in the HOH. Dani does not want to put up Wil because he never lied to her. She wants to put up Janelle. Dan said the only way that Frank will leave is if she puts in up against Wil so Wil can’t vote for him.
Ian went up to the HOH. Dani reassured him that he is safe (she promised him that in the HOH competition). HE said he does not talk game a lot he keeps his cards close. That he feels close to Dan but that is it. Ian said he has not given his word to anyone. Dan came in and said he like Ian and wanted to work with him. Dan said he did not know if Ian gets the team concept. Ian said he wanted to work with Boogie but Boogie just was not into it. Dan said that when he is in an alliance he does not tell anyone, it is hush hush. Ian again said that he was going to bust his ass next time for HOH.
Ian leaves and finds Frank in the back yard. Frank starts rattling on about how not to trust Wil. He is a liar etc. Same stuff that he just discussed with Boogie. Boogie warned Ian to be careful of Wil.
Brit, Dani, Dan and Shane are in an alliance. They want to bring in Ian as the fifth wheel. Ian was not buying it so Dan left the HOH to try to talk to Ian by himself.
Wil went up to Hoh and started ragging on Janelle. He said she can’t be trusted and that she lies. That she wanted to keep her team together but he didn’t want to play like her. Shane said that Frank will not even look at him. He asked Wil if he threw him under the bus. Wil said no, he told Frank the truth that he was going to be blindsided and that he was going to vote him out.
After he leaves Brit said he is so gross. Dan said that the Wil/Frank nominations would make Janelle happy. Brit said that making Janelle happy grosses her out.
Dan talks to Dani about the order of the keys. He advises her to put him, Shane, Brit then everyone else but to put Boogie last. She then tells Dan that she has shown all her cards now, she is athletic and a genius. Dan said not to worry about it.
Boogie and Frank asked Brit why she told Frank she was 100% sure he had the votes to stay when she knew right along that he was going to be voted out. Brit denied saying it and said she did not know how Dani was going to vote. Frank told Brit that she owed him and Boogie and apology, she said Ok as long as they know she was not the only one who did this to them,. Brit apologies and then Boogie said he can’t believe Dan did this too, that Dan was such a straight up guy and he lied to him. That now he had no one. Frank said they all owe him an apology.
Dani tries again to get Ian to agree to be in their alliance. HE skirts around it. She told him that if anyone else to tell them he was just up here making sure he was still safe. Ian agrees to that.
Brit comes in and tells Dani about her conversation with Frank and Boogie at the pool. How Boogie expects her to go to him about noms and he is not coming to her. She said he does not care if he goes home. She tells her they are pissed. They discuss getting Janelle out. Then Janelle walked in. She gets caught up on the hate conversations going on in the house. How everyone is crabby etc. Then they discuss the showmance between Shane and Dani. Dani is so for it. Dani can’t wait to see what everyone is saying online about it. She also said she blacked out when he kissed her so she does not remember it so she asked the DR if she could watch it again.
Dan gets Wil to go to the HOH. Dani asked him if she was his target. He said no, he said that he understands if she puts him up. Dani said she wanted to know if he had anything going on with Frank. Wil denies it. Wil said he does not know who to trust now. That he can’t trust Brit because she saw her talking with Boogie. Will then said he wanted to work with Dani but again he understands if she puts him up and he is ready to go home. That he tried real hard for HOH to get his letter from home. Wil said he would stand by Dani, draw the line in the sand and was not afraid of Janelle or Boogie.
Jani and Brit came back in the room. Jani suggested backdooring Frank. Said he might win VETO. Dani said she could not put up two pawns. That if one of the pawns did not get pulled down and went home she would feel awful. Dan comes in and told her not to put up to pawns. Dani keeps saying she feels bad about putting up Wil. Dan keeps telling her not to put up Boogie and Frank. She said she is afraid of Boogie. Dan said that once one coach leaves that all the other coaches will follow because everyone will be against them. Dan said if Boogie wants to go home not to give it to him. Don’t give him the chance to win VETO and take down Frank. Then Frank would still be there. They keep discussing in circles that if Boogie is not up then the odds are slim he would get picked for VETO. That even if he took Frank off they would get someone else out. However if both played maybe Boogie would take himself off and Frank would still go. Dani kept saying how can I get Frank out tell me how. She is not following how Dan thinks at all. She kept telling Dan to tell her what to do. She said she would not blame him if everything blew up after, just tell her what to do.
After an hour of feed outage when they return we see Dani did nominate Wil and Frank. As of today Frank is the target. Frank and Boogie were talking and he told him that they were going to backdoor him. He said he was pissed because he was not put up. He then told Frank that Ian is annoying. He also was complaining about everyone in the house being safe. Boogie was just in a real foul and Bit$%^ mood. Wil did corner Dani and said he understood and no bad feelings. After Dani told her that Dan told her that if the VETO is used to put up Boogie. That Ian is a rat and immediately after the ceremony went to him. Dan said that Boogie would not even look at him. Dani then told Dan that she is a girl and she is now kicking all the guys asses.
Brit came up to the HOH and Dan told her about Ian being a rat. How he would not commit to an alliance before noms and how after noms he followed Boogie and Frank in to the bedroom. Brit said Ian is waiting for Boogie to start an alliance with him.
Here is a conversation Boogie and Frank had at 8:40-
Frank: They made it sound so finite that you weren't coming in the game. We would've sent Dan's ass home.

Frank: He knows if he can't backdoor you this week...

Boogie: you're the next best choice, right.

Boogie:: I just wanna say "where's this from?"

Frank: He's been lying to us for 4 f-ing weeks.


Frank: Do you think it's partially him that talked Danielle into it?

Boogie:: Yeah.

Frank: To get rid of your tightest ally. America, Janelle and Dan are two of the biggest phonies to play this game. This is real talk right here.

Frank: Honest f-ing Dan my ass. I've been cussing so much.


Frank: When is that ***** gonna open up, I just wanna go outside and not think about this for a minute. ***** Dan and Danielle are so ***** ungrateful, that's what kills me the most

Boogie:: We could have knocked them out,

Frank: Both of them. I mean (shaking head) ***** me,

Boogie:: I'm sure he was really slick telling her not to say anything when they dropped the news.

Frank: When Dan says anything I want to say ***** you. But I have to act like a gentleman. What a freaking day. I've been nervous every other time, but I just wanted to get it over with.

Boogie:: Yeah, same thing

Frank: Spend like 16, 17, 18 days on the block

Boogie:: He just wants to be like I knocked out the great Mike Boogie, I backdoored him. I'm the only one who stands in the way of his legacy. If he gets me out he's the only winner. It's very important to him.

Frank: If somehow they get you, I'll f'n scalp him next week. Seriously though. I'm going to check the f'n door.

Boogie:: Just give me a holler if it's open.

Frank: It's still closed. - To BB: Just open the door up for us yo.

Boogie:: Huh, I just realized I threw this on the floor. I might need to keep it up here for a vote (Ian's Teddy)

Frank: So hard to just f'n stay nonchalant.

Boogie:: I'm just mad I came here under false pretenses. I give up a lot to be here. If you said to me what was really going to happen, I don't know I might have still come but I might not have you know.

Frank: If we would have know in the beginning, we would have sent Dan's ass home.

Boogie:: It's like playing 2 games in one season and the first one didn't even matter.

Frank: I should have never even opened my mouth up to him

Boogie:: I don't get what is going on through Dan's head.

Frank: i think you got it right, and

Boogie:: you're the next best choice

Frank: he's just not going to fight back

Boogie:: I know how to get under peoples skin a little bit, I just want to say it, what is your deal dude.

Frank: Telling us that you want to roll with us for four weeks. lying for four weeks..... God.....

Frank: Do you think it was him who talked Dani into getting me out

Boogie: Yeah

9:00 PM Bb came over the microphone and told the houseguests to clean the bathroom today including the mirror!
Dan left the Hoh and talked with Janelle. They talked about forming a coach’s alliance. They think Brit would be onboard but Boogie would not be. They talked about how bitter Boogie is today. Janelle said that she wished it was Will in there rather than Boogie. They can’t understand Boogie not understanding that they need to get Frank out because he was coming after the coach’s. Dan and Jani decide to talk to Boogie and see if they can talk some sense into him. Dan wants to talk to him alone without Frank around very casually and without Janelle. He wants Janelle to keep Frank away from them.
Janelle tells Brit their plan and they both agree that the coach’s have to stick together.
Dan finally gets his chance to talk to Boogie alone in the storage room. He attempted a few times outside but Ian would not take the hint and leave. So Dan had to wait. Boogie tells Dan that he feels these noms are a backdoor attempt to get him out. Dan said no he wants to go the distance with him. Dan told him he was never going to put him in harms way. Boogie asks if he is n an alliance with Janelle and Brit , Dan responded no but wants all the coach’s to come together. Then Boogie said that he was probably in the DR saying he is the great Dan and Dan said he never does that. Boogie said he is asking him to cut the only person which has been true to him and stick with a bunch of liars. Dan said again he coach has to stick together and that he will throw Dani out too. Boogie asks Dan if he really wants to work with Janelle. Dani said no but they have to. Boogie really tries to convince Dan to keep Frank and work with the coach’s. Janelle interrupts and Boogie again pushes for Frank to work with the coach’s. She does not agree and leaves. Dan asks him yet again to work with the coach’s; Boogie said he does not want to work with Janelle she has lied like three times to him. Boogie wants Frank to be in the alliance. Boogie said Shane would put up the coach’s. Dan said no Brit can control Shane. Boogie then told Dan that if he wins POV he is taking Frank down. He then told Dan that he positioned himself nicely and he applauds it, Dan again said he wants to work with him in the game with the other coach’s. Boogie then asked if Brit or Jani asked Dani to nominate him, he said No they both want me to reel you in to the coach’s alliance. Boogie kept trying to get Dan to keep frank in their alliance. Dan finally said if he could convince Brit and Jani to keep him would he work with them Boogie said yes. Dan was very patient and listened to Boogie’s self pity. Boogie kept telling Dan he was mad because he would have looked like a fool had the eviction gone down as planned. Dan asks Boogie how Frank would ever trust him or Dani again after he comes off the block. Boogie said he wants to believe Dan but can’t. Dan again told him that he was never in harms way. Boogie said let’s see what happens in the next 48 hours and talk after that.
Dan goes and talks to Janelle. Janelle thinks Boogie is being stupid to be so upset over a blindside when he does it all the time. Dan said there was nothing he could do to save Frank. Janelle then said at least Janelle, Brit and him could work together. Janelle said that Boogie does not like strong women. Dan can’t believe that Boogie knows him from outside the house and still believes that he would go in the DR and scumbag him. After Janelle left, Dan talks to the live feeders and said that Boogie has only child syndrome, that he thought he was a bad ass BB player but he needs Dr. Will to hold his hand, and now he has to coach him along.
Wil meanwhile was outside telling Jenn, Joe and Ian that Dani lied to him. She told him he was safe and put him up. He said it did not bother him to be put up, that he has been in a sour mood all day. Will said he does not want a coach to win the game. Joe said none were nominated. Joe said he did not want any coach’s to win, that it is a backdoor situation. Will said that Dani feels safe with Dan and must not have watched his season.
Boogie told Frank about his conversation with Dan. He told him about the coach’s alliance. He then said if Dan helps him out this week (saves Frank) then they can think about working with them.
In bed, Ashley, Will and Jenn again talk about getting the coaches out of the game.
Dan tells Brit Jenn said after the Noms that they were bad noms Brit "Whatever Jenn you aren't even in this game" "Just keep eating, reliving yourself then doing it again the next day". "You aren't even in the game"
Janelle and Dani do some training for competition. Not too hard since Shane has won POV so many times. They drill for like two hours. Dani offered Jani to sleep up in HOH with her but Jani declined and said she has to make it look like they are not working together.
3:00 am all were snuggled in their beds!

What will tomorrow bring? Who will play in VETO? Can anyone stop Frank from wining it? Will Dan even consider Boogie’s offer? Thanks Updaters!