Eighteen days have come & gone
The tribes are cut in half
Shouts and hollering come from Drake
Looks like Rupert's having a calf!

"Who the hell voted for me??"
'Twas his bellowing roar
With seething anger Rupert stomped
Looking to settle a score!

Meek as a mouse, Jon fessed up
Knowing he'd catch the dickens
He plead his case as best he could
Then took his proper lickins!

At Morgan it was wet and rainy
Not a one could catch a wee fish
Tired of beans and scarce on rice
"Bring back Rupert" was their wish!

I'd like to say more about this tribe,
But Morgan is simply quite boring!
Unfortunately for us loyal fans
They've been met with the sounds of snoring!

Seamail arrives with the hopes of a merge
But all that awaits are some keys.
A sweet challenge awaits, what could it be?
Don't stop now, read on, if you please!!

At the challenge Jeff advised them,
Of a twist so devious and cunning.
The outcasts they methodically ousted
Surprise! They're back in the running!

Their challenge was to work their way
Through each cell one by one
Digging tunnels and untying ropes
The race was only half done.

Next the tribes had to fashion sticks
And make a pole to snatch a key
Releasing themselves from the final cell
They'd race on to victory!

The race underway, Outcasts in front
But Drake soon took the lead
Rupert was reaching for the keys
When his pole snapped like a reed!

With fervor, the Outcasts battled back
Snagging keys with a pole knotted strong
Whoever doubted Lil's Boy Scout Training,
"So there! take that! You were wrong!"

With the Outcast win, both Morgan & Drake
Must vote out a member each!
Osten addressed his fellow tribemates
"Vote me out, I'm done" he beseeched.

Back at Drake, the choice wasn't so clear,
It was down to Shawn or Jon
They gave them time to plead their case
As to why they shouldn't be gone.

Later that night at Tribal Council
The votes cast at one to four
After snuffing the torch Jeff pointed
Showing Shawn the exit door!

Next up was Council for Morgan
Where Osten was ready to walk
But Jeff wasn't making it easy
Of Osten's quitting the tribe did balk

When asked if they were in his shoes
Would they simply do the same.
Each one in turn said the same thing,
"You'd have to drag me out of this game!"

So with that Jeff snuffed out Osten's torch
Then his mouth began to foam
With anger, Jeff seethingly spat,
"Osten, per your wishes.....GO HOME!"

Now I know, the title mentioned popcorn
But I didn't want to break up the flow
You might be sitting there wondering,
But if you watched the show, then you know.

Tune in next week as two survivors return,
From the tribe formerly known as Outcast
Will Morgan & Drake be forgiven?
Or gravely haunted by their past?