It's a nice day for a....White Trash Wedding!

8:30a Shelly is up performing her morning ritual. Brendon and Rachel join her outside, and they discuss that Porsche may now be working with Daniele. They all think it was a stupid move, and she is just putting a target on herself. Shelly says to Rachel and Brendon that they need to stick together. Shelly says she wants Daniele and Kalia out, she would backdoor Daniele.

They start discussing jury votes, and agreed that if Daniele were to make it to final 2, they would not vote for her to win. They talk about their need to bring Adam along, and make sure he doesn’t work with Porsche. Conversation continues with guessing what type of HOH comp it will be this week, followed by some more Dani-bashing.

10:30a Other HGs still asleep. Brendon is still sitting outside with Shelly talking science, and explaining his thesis for his PHd.

At 11:00a, everyone starts getting up and getting ready for the day. As Jeff steps outside, Shelly quickly mentions that she doesn’t trust Porsche.. Jeff replies ‘No ****!’. Once the feeds return all HGs except for Dani and Kalia, the conversation turns to drug use and Brenden admits that when he was ‘a kid’ he tired it but it was only for research purposes. Jeff admits that it is the only drug that he has ever done, then production closes all feeds.
Jeff goes inside leaving Porsche, Shelly and Brenchel outside alone. Brenchel start on both of them letting them know that the smartest thing they should do would be to get Jordan out.

Rachel makes a point to remind them that Jordan has already won and everyone loves her. Porsche does her best to convince them that she is voting to keep Brenden. Shelly leaves them to talk alone and goes inside to chat with Adam and Lawon. Adam comes outside and Rachel immediately starts on him with reasons to keep Brenden over Jordan. He agrees with all she says and when Jeff comes outside Rachel ends the convo with “Bottom line, Dani is the most dangerous person in the game”. All game talk stops outside.

Inside Jordan, Shelly, Lawon, Porsche and Dani are in the kitchen chit-chatting. Dani heads outside to tan.

Shelly and Porsche have a private convo in the PR regarding who is on who’s side. S asked P if she would put her up if she won HOH and she said “I don’t know”, S said what do you mean, I can tell you that I won’t put you up, you need to tell me the same.

S tells her that if she ever repeats what she says to her she will be irate. P tells her that she is probably going to vote to keep Brenden and she wants S to tell her who she is voting for, S says that Dani said that she was putting up J as a pawn and she feels bad for Brenden but she gave her word to J/J. 12:30 K is listening outside the PR door.

At the time that K started eavesdropping they are really only talking about how people change in the house and don’t really mention names. S gives P advice on what she should or should not say to people in regards to making promises. K hears P say that if she doesn’t vote to keep Brenden that she is sure if R wins HOH that she will put up her and Dani. P asks S if they can have a deal not to put each other up, they hug, then open the door and walk outside.

Cameras don’t show us where K ran to, probably the bathroom.

12:45 all houseguest are on lockdown outside.

Jeff, Jordan and Shelly in the kitchen. Jordan is trying to confirm she has the votes to stay. Shelly tells Jordan she’s fine. Jordan asks her what she thinks Porsche will do now - Shelly says Kalia and Lawon are her targets, and that Porsche told her she would put up Lawon and Kalia if she won HOH. After Shelly leaves, Jeff confirms with Jordan that Porsche appears to be working with Dani. He said it was stupid of her to make a deal with Daniele.

Shelly at the pool talking with Kalia and Lawon. Kalia and Lawon tell Shelly that they haven’t even thought of putting her up.

Lawon says all the people he talked game with are gone, and Shelly says you know you aren’t alone. Kalia says she didn’t understand what the purpose was of Brendon saying he was going to save himself, then using the POV on Rachel. She says you have to get out the biggest threat at this point. Random chit chat with them and others continues pool side.
Shelly in the kitchen making Lawon some slop pancakes. Jeff and Lawon on the patio chit-chatting. Dani laying in the sun while Kalia is laying in the shade. Porsche and Jordan are tanning in the lounges. Jeff goes inside and mentions to Shelly that she is like a Trojan the way she is making the rounds talking to everyone. She tells him that she is confident about everyone except for Adam. Jeff returns outside to Lawon and they chat about the last comp and Jeff repeats (for the six hundred and seventy fourth time) that he and Jordan just want to make it to jury, that is all that matters to them.

Shelly folding towels, Dani laying out in the sun alone. Lawon eating his slop pancakes and sitting outside. Porsche, Brenchel, and Jordan napping. Jeff upstairs in the HOH listening to music while Kalia is sleeping in the HOH bed. Dani gets up and joins Lawon on the patio and they discuss what Brenchel has said to him. She tells him to be very careful about what he says to Rachel because she will twist his words.

They talk back and forth about how Brenden is going to treat Dani before he leaves and how they think Rachel will act after he is gone. Lawon says that it is gross sleeping in the HN room with them and Dani confirms that Rachel has the worst smelling gas of anyone she has ever been around in her life. Shelly joins them and lets them know that Brenchel are awake from their nap. Rachel joins them outside and they all start discussing Dani’s yawns and the sounds she makes. Soon the conversation shifts to them telling sad stories of people that they knew or heard of in their lives, stories from the news,etc.
Dani leaves to go to the HOH room to take a nap. Kalia is napping on the couch and Jeff is laying on the floor between the bed and the door listening to music. Dani wakes Kalia and brings her into the bathroom so they can talk. Jeff gets up and leaves so they move into the room to talk. They share what they have heard from other HG. Kalia shares her convo with Porsche.

Dani tells Kalia that Brenchel both scolded Porsche for talking to her, she says that she was told that she was not to leave their side and that Porsche told them that she was still going to hang out with people that she wants to. Kalia then starts to tell Dani that she listened in on the convo between Shelly and Porsche. She tells her what she heard and how she listened to them for almost 20 minutes. Dani was pleased because it confirmed to her that Shelly and Porsche are on her side. Kalia asks Dani if Jordan or Lawon should be in their final 4.. Dani says ‘I don’t think it matters’, she tells Kalia that likely it won’t work out the way you plan it. They continue random chit chat about today's events.

Rachel is outside on the Patio pouting, Shelly is making the tux out of garbage bags and Jeff is on the elliptical. Rachel starts practicing her vows for the “white trash wedding” tonight. She begins to paint Brenden’s tux with nail polish while Shelly continues making bow ties and flowers for the ceremony. (Ed note: this wedding is a big mistake and will probably haunt Brenchel for the rest of their lives).

Brendon and Rachel spend some time together, with Rachel giving him a massage.

Brendon now outside with Shelly, wants to find out what is going on with Porsche. Shelly says that Porsche is voting for Brendon (to go/stay?). Dani/Porsche/Kalia were trying to figure out whose side she (Shelly) was on, and Shelly says that Porsche made a deal with them (Dani and Kalia) two days ago.. she said she asked Porsche who she would put up, and she said she was still loyal to Rachel. She then tells him about her conversation with Kalia and Lawon earlier. She said Lawon watches everyone and tries to just get information, but never gives any.

Jeff, Jordan and Brendon now outside working out. Some talk about what is the proper weight. Jordan asks Jeff if he used to date super skinny girls, he says no, he likes some junk in the trunk. Brendon says he doesn’t think there is much of a market for super skinny girls, everyone likes a little junk in the trunk. Jordan says she doesn’t like real buff guys. Brendon says he doesn’t think there is such a thing as a natural blonde anymore.. and Jeff says ‘Jordan!’.

Adam comes outside and Jeff comments that he and Porsche slept ALL day.

Rachel out with Adam and Lawon, and has confirmed that the mock wedding is on for 10:00, and they just can’t sing or do anything copyrighted. Adam tells Lawon about his Big Brother dream, where he wasn’t allowed into the DR and they were targeting someone he didn’t even know existed. Another guy was a guy he worked with, and they were filming him saying who he was targeting.

Rachel now working out on the elliptical. Lawon says she looks like she has lost some weight, due to the slop. He asks her if she gained weight last year, and how much? She said she gained about 20 pounds last year, but when she got to jury house, she started working out. She tries to stay between 125 and 135. If she gets past 145, you can tell.

Jordan now working out with Brendon. She says she feels bad because when they came into the house, she had a bad impression of them prior to entering, but they are the total opposite of what she thought... they are really nice, and Brendon is so funny!

Brendon says he didn’t realize how funny Jeff was. Jordan says they would have so much fun in the jury house! Jordan finished working out (she wasn’t really in the mood), Brendon and Rachel continue. Brendon comes over to Rachel and says at least it won’t be a surprise if he goes. They try to confirm if they could get Shelly and Adam’s vote. Brendon gives her some advice if she stays without him, not to be antagonistic, and “Don’t do stupid Rachel decisions”.

While Rachel and Porsche are working out, Rachel realizes that they are actually a week ahead (week 4, but 5 evictees). Brendon says that doesn’t matter, they will still stick to the schedule. Rachel says she expects a new twist, likely this week, and they start discussing possible twists. Porsche thinks it might be something to do with the fortune teller. Talk turns to insects going in a persons’ ear and laying eggs, and then moves to them playing a mental I SPY game. Lawon is on the elliptical, Adam is smoking, Brenden and Jeff are chatting and Kalia is eating.
Lawon is outside on the elliptical while Jordan is talking to him and eating her pickle.

They are discussing country music. Lawon says that he can sing too, he tells her that his father used to tour with “Earth Wind and Fire”. Rachel interrupts their conversation to ask Jordan what she is wearing to her wedding tonight. They continue with their convo and he tells her why his father lives in London. Brenden has been following Adam around becoming his “Best Friend” for close to an hour now. When Adam goes inside to lay on the couch for some quiet time, Brenden follows and sits across from him. When Adam goes outside for a cigarette and joins Jordan and Porsche on the Patio - Brenden follows and sits with him, engaging him in further conversation.
Everyone (except HNs) go into the kitchen and eat the Shepard's pie that Kalia made.
All are preparing for the Mock Trash Wedding.
All rehearsals are done, Porsche is cooking the reception food, the Groom is in the shower and soon the Bride will finish getting ready .

10:15 Kalia is assisting Rachel in her final preparations, Brenden is finishing up and everyone else is outside waiting for the ceremony to begin.

The ceremony begins
Brenden and Jeff take their place at the alter

Adam is first out with the pillow holding the rings

Jordan follows in a lovely creamy pink gown.

Porsche is next in a similar color gown and stands next to Jordan.

Dani is making bubbles as they all walk down the isle.

The Bride arrives as everyone sings “for she’s a jolly good fellow”

Lawon gives a ceremony to be remembered!

Rachel recites her vows which was a Big Brother original poem that she memorized.

Brenden recites his vows that he memorized, mistakenly referring to ‘ABC’ instead of ‘CBS’! (He says ABC is the Bachelor)

They each exchange rings.

Lawon announces them Husband and Big Brother Wife. They kiss and then dance/skip down the isle, followed by Lawon dancing, Jordan, Jeff, Porsche, Adam and Shelly dancing in a circle.

Wll the time Dani is just standing there in her white gown and blowing bubbles. The Bride and Groom go back to the alter and do the unity flower ceremony and then the reception commences. Everyone except the NH’s (including the groom) get their glass of champagne and go outside for Jeff (the best man) to give them a toast.

Rachel throws her bouquet to all the single ladies and Jordan catches it.

Jeff looks a little... happy?

Brenden removes the garter belt with his teeth and he tosses it to the single men and Jeff catches it, in his hat!

Brenchel sneak off to the hammock, Dani and Jordan both go in to change out of their gowns. Jeff sings their theme song for them to have their first dance while Porsche gets Rachel some wine. Brenchel change out of their wedding clothes and Jeff comes in to change as well. Shelly, Porsche and Kalia are the only ones still in their gowns.

Everyone except for Jordan and Shelly are on the Patio chit-chatting. Jordan and Shelly are in the kitchen talking while Jordan is cooking herself some slop and Shelly is cleaning up in her gown. Shelly steps outside and Brenchel come in and end up sitting at the counter and talk to Jordan while she is cooking her slop. Brendon and Rachel start discussing plans for a real wedding. Rachel wants to have it right away, but Brendon says he doesn’t want them to rush it, and Rachel wish she had took more time to prepare. This starts yet another tame Brenchel argument.

Brenchel and Jordan are still in the kitchen talking about their friends and stuff. Jeff and Adam are shooting a game of pool and everyone else are just hanging out on the patio chatting.
After the game Jeff and Adam go in and join Jordan and Brenchel in the kitchen.
Jeff, Brenden and Adam go outside to shoot pool.

Everyone else is on the patio or at the hot tub chatting.

HG play stupid games
All HG are asleep!

Will Jordan be safe to maybe have her own wedding? Will Porsche remain faithful to this alliance? Stay tuned, same BB Time, same BB channel.....