It’s an early 7:30AM wakeup call from Big Brother in preparation for the POV competition today. Houseguests are complaining about getting called into the diary room so early. Much tension is displayed as everyone thinks this is the most crucial POV this season.

Its Wil’s 25th birthday today and he feels that he will win the comp and remove Joe from the block forcing Shane to put up one of Boogies players and Jani’s team will vote them out, keeping their team intact.

9:30AM Ashley goes to Frank hoping to clear the air. Frank says he swears he never said he was putting her up, but 2 of her teammates, last week, went straight up to Shane and threw him under the bus. Ashley says that Joe said you wanted me out. Frank says Joe and Wil said they wanted you out last week. They tried to make a deal with me last week, then as soon as Shane wins HoH, they throw me under the bus. Frank tells her if she gets a houseguests choice today, she should pick him. You are not going home this week. As long as you are on the block against Joe, you are not going home. Britney and Shane know he floats to the power. I had things in order long before Shane won HoH. Just to make sure my butt was covered. Ashley says it just sucks, she was always going to vote with her team, but it wasn't because she was a floater, it was just that they were the ones who were talking to me first. Frank understands and he knows Janelle has said several times that he is beast and wants him out. Wil joins them at the table, ending the conversation. Team Janelle then goes to the arcade room where Ashley tells them about her conversation with Frank. Janelle tells her not to pick Frank if she draws HG choice. Ashley says she is not stupid and knows Frank would keep the nominations the same.

10:00AM And the veto players are Shane, Joe, Ashley, Frank, Will and Danielle. Jen is the Host.

Jani’s team is back in the arcade room strategizing. She is telling them they have to start winning comps. The house is gunning for them and they have to step it up. In the bathroom, Danielle and Frank are having a heart to heart. Frank tells her that he trusts her and Shane and Britney and he promised to stay loyal to them.

1:00PM Ashley and Will in the Arcade room. Ashley says she feels like all of a sudden, Danielle's off the radar and Janelle isn’t a good coach. Will says the only people he trusts in this house are Ashley and Joe. He says he just feels like, if we take you off the block, they're deifnitely gonna put Danielle up, because they know she's safe. He says he is more inclined to go with Joe, just because he knows he's the intended target. Ashley syas “ I gotta win PoV”. Danielle joins them. Wil says he just got threatened by Frank that if I take Joe off the block that I'm the number one target next week. Danielle says Frank threatened you with that? Wil says well it was more of advice than a threat. He asks her id Frank and Shane are working together she says she doesn’t know. Wil says he thinks Ashley has a stronger chance of staying if she's on the block, but then there's a possibility of them putting her up as a pawn, and we're sure as hell not gonna vote for you to go home. Danielle says but if shes against Ashley…. WIl says that's the sticky part. Wil says If you win it and take one of them down, he has to put someone from Boogie's side up, and we can get him out and offer you and Shane safety for next week.

2:00 – 4:30 POV Time! And the winner again is …………………… SHANE!

Britney and Shan in HOH saying what poor sports Janelles team are. On cue, Janelle comes up to HOH to chat. She tells them that he team cant win shit! And that they are not threats, Shane should use the veto and backdoor Frank. Shane and Brit keep reminding her that last week her team didn’t talk to them at all. Boogies team has not screwed them over (YET). Wil and Ashely joins them. Jani’s team throwing Boogies team under the bus saying that Frank is the one responsible for throwing Shane under the bus and turning the house against him last week. Shane and Brit are taking the info in but not buying it.

Jani’s team back to the Arcade room to figure out what to do next. Wil says I'm not a physical threat in this game, it's a joke. Janie says she thinks he's thinking you can win endurance next week. The only people he is talking too is Frank and Boogie. You have to keep going up there, talking to him, work together work together work together. Ashley says she thinks he's loyal. Janie says he won't backstab us. Janie thinks they just want to teach them a lesson. So we just keep going up and saying your right, we deserve this, but we will keep you safe next week. I have a good feeling about it. Even though Boogie is up there, which makes Ashley nervous. Wil asks if it is too early to try to make a final 4 deal with them, Janie says to go ahead and throw that out there. Ashely says all Britney wants is an apology because she felt slighted by the Willie thing.

7:00PM Dan, Boogie, Britney, Janelle, Danielle and Shane are getting ready fro their Sushi party in the backyard that they won during the Coach’s competition. Finally after hours of primping, the backyard open and they see a beautiful set up by BB. With Sushi, Martinis and cozy firepit. Meanwhile, inside the other decide to end gametalk for the night and celebrate Wils birthday. BB has provided 7 beers and a bottle of wine. Wil is sporting a speedo, jacket and captains hat, Ashley her clown suit, Jenn her pov host outfit. This crew is having a great time, laughing, dancing, drinking and getting wild. Its like a circus in there! Outside, the elegant Sushi party is getting lame and they can hear all the hooting and hollering coming from inside and wonder what the heck is going on! Finally BB opens the backdoor to allow the outside crew in. They are greeted by cheers as they walk in. Janie requested more wine and to everyones surprise they got it! Everyone laughing, chanting and having a great time. Ian decides to streak through the house using his hat to cover his genitals. The crew then decides to play spin the bottle, first kiss is Boogie and Ashley! The kisses go like this… Ashey and Boogie (make out), Ashely and Ian (Peck), Ashley and Brit (Peck), Janie and Jen (Peck), Dani and Shane (short makeout). Janie also does a wine shot out of Wils bellybutton. Dani acts like a 12 yr old in regards to her kiss with Shane saying she doesn’t know if he liked it, the other girls try to convince her that he was just nervous. Ashley says she really ewanted to kiss Frank, so the girls drag her over to him and she gets a peck. Outside is now open and Wil streaks outside and jumps in the pool. Everyone laughing and having a good time. Gane talk ends for the night and everyone just chills and heads to bed early.