Happy Saturday! Boogie is the first one up at 7:30am and decides to sit on the backyard couches and talk to the viewers. Boogie says while we have fun he will be there doing WORK. Boogie goes on to say that Wil has copped an attitude this week & Wil said that it's Frank's HOH but Boogie is doing the talking, Boogie says Hello do you know who I am? F*cking damn right I am doing the talking dog. He says problem is Wil has done too much talking, now he is starting to think that he knows a little too much. He explains to viewers that don't know him too well that when people get to know too much & wear it on their sleeve they get shown the door. Says Mr. Wil may need to go but he's not saying that yet but he will continue to do the talking. Says how Joe could use a few friends in there & that could help them. Says the veto hasn't been played yet so who knows. Says maybe it's cocky of him to act like the HOH is his but he has been loyal to Frank. He then apologizes to Jokers Update’s viewers for getting Janelle out but says she had a sloppy game and just couldn’t work with her.

Houseguest are slowly waking up, doing morning routines, pretty quiet in the house.

11:30AM Frank & Boogie in HOH discussing pending POV. They wonder if Jen wins, would she use it. Boogie says they don't really have to even tell her the plan.. If the group flips on us, they flip on us, but I don't think they'll do it for Wil. Britney and Danielle will stick with us I think. Frank says Danielle spent a lot of time outside with Wil last night. Boogie says, You, me, Dan and Britney are the only people who know how to play. Boogie says Danielle thinks it's more important to her to look good romancing Shane. Frank says well, she was tryin' out for a dating show. Boogie says she constantly needs to be reassured. Frank thinks sometimes she's got a gamer in her, but then there's the silly sorority girl. Talk turns to Janelle.Frank: She's got the Superpass for life. I hope she's watching us right now. What's up, Janie? Maybe she'll start rootin' for us. Boogie says, Doubtful. Frank says truth is, when I sat you down in the bathroom that day, we were serious about workin' with you. Boogie says But.. now you're home. Frank says something tells me we’ve got a while till the PoV, just because they didn't start setting it up til 8. Boogie says he loves that Brit and Danielle are have nots this week. Who of the 4 would you like to see go home? Frank says Dan or Shane.. Boogie says Shane is great for comps and he's loyal. Britney's great to compete against.. it's a super advantage. She would have to go, but not by our hand.. The only thing that's dangerous is the link between Danielle and Shane. I'd like to make a run at them when there's 2 or 3.. Dan will cosign it at some point.. Taking Shane out.. And Brit, well, obviously anyone can win anything, but percentage wise.. Brit as a have not is great.. Just make her more miserable.. And Ashley, I hung with her this morning.. and I was like, let me play up this back thing.. She could stand at a buzzer and get lucky.. Her vote counts just as much with a broken back. Frank says We get Wil out and we can scoop up Ash and Jenn.. Boogie says It's risky, but it might not be a bad idea to dump and HoH or 2.. Lemme ask you this? Between Danielle and Britney, who would you like to see go first? Frank says That's tough. Boogie thinks Danielle would need more time in Jury to get her head right. Britney would vote for the best player. Frank says if Danielle and Dan are gone, Britney doesn't really have anyone else.. It probably is best to take out Shane over Britney.. Boogie says Then we'll have the 3 top males. Just when we take out Shane. If Britney wins that HoH, you and I are definitely going up.. But if he's not there to win the Veto, that's helpful.

1:30PM Frank asks Ian who they should go after after they get Wil and Joe out. Ian says they might want to keep Ashley around. Frank agrees she could be a vote - especially after Wil is gone.Ian says it's good Shane is on their side...Frank says they have to think about who would be coming after them. Ian says it's fruitless to think beyond 2 weeks ahead because things change.Frank asks if he's still on board with Wil going over Joe and Ian says he is. Frank says he thinks Wil will come after them if he stays but Joe won't.

Sat 6:50 PM BBT ZING BOT just entered the house! Time for POV…

9:00PM Veto over and Frank is the winner! Apparently one of the zingbots remarks to Danielle was “Danielle, Shane has a surprise for you when you get out of the house…..a restraing order! Zzzzzzzing!!

In the bathroom, Shane is concerned Frank may backdoor him, b/c that is what he did to Frank 2 wks ago. Shane says if they change noms do you think that would be a deal breaker? Dani: of course. Shane thinking about votes in case he goes up. Shane thinks he has Ash b/c he took her off the block Brit says be careful Shane says yea, I'll go up & talk w/ them later. Brit says just don't put anything past Boogie.

1:00 AM Boogie and Frank talking about maybe keeping Wil so that he goes after the other 4 from the silent 6. They don't think anyone else would win and go after those 4. Brit comes in and game talk ends for the night.