9:30am BB wakes up the HG. HG doing their morning primping, changing batteries, etc. Everyone is up except Jessie, BB sternly comes over the speaker telling Jessie it is time to get up for the day. Laura
is in the bathroom chatting with Casey. Casey asked if her stomach is better today, Laura says no and the Doctor is coming to check her out today. Casey asks if she could be pregnant, Laura says NO! Jessie slammed down his morning power-drink, Braden and Jeff outside working out. Russell and Nat in storage room talking about veto and agree to get Braden out but ponder the thought of getting rid of Jordan, leaving Jeff alone. Russell joins Lydia and Kevin in the spa room, cracking up about Chima's big lips. Lydia wishes they had someone in the house who was a ventriloquist and they all try to speak without moving their lips. Lydia wonders if Chima could do it then they all push out their lips to make them look real big and try to imitate as if Chima was doing it, they are all cracking up. Ronnie and Jordan whispering in the chrome BR: Jordan said Nat and Jessie told her he was annoying, that he always goes up to HOH and chats Ronnie said well we see what happens...they dont wanna see me with my back up against the wall.

12:45 Outside Lockdown announced then *FISH* POV Ceremony

1:45 Feeds come back, Russell used the POV and saved Lydia, replacement nom is Braden.

Casey with Kevin in BY, explaining that voting to evict Braden may not be the smartest move; tries to sow seeds of mistrust about Chima. Casey claims that a hint of truth underlies everyone and her snide comments that she attempts to pass off as jokes with her laughter prove it. Lydia walks out and Casey advises that she be a little less open and keep her cards closer around the house.

Jordan crying by the pool, Michele listening. Jordan's expressing her aggravation about the whole situation and how Braden's nomination makes her clique's survival more precarious. She's also upset that people constantly suspect her of gaming with Jeff when she just likes spending time with him and chatting, bonding. Jordan compares the athletes to the four horsemen from BB5 and how people are afraid of getting on their bad side and suffering the repercussions. Michele explains that it's not necessarily kissing ass, but saving your own ass. Laura and Jordan both feel they are in a tough situation because Braden is on their team and they want to keep him but if they do they will make enemies of the other side. Casey tells Lydia that she doesn't need to tell everyone everything. She gets a little defensive at first, but then understands that it's just friendly advice. Lydia tells Casey you're older and wiser and you don't play into this little kid bullsh*t. Casey explains that it's just good business sense and street smarts, not blabbing your business for all to hear. Jeff talking to Ronnie reassuring him that he never mentioned his as being the leak of the “Backdoor Braden Plan”. Ronnie says if it does get out he will deny it whole-heartedly and call Jeff & Jordan out. Jeff tells him not to sweat it, relax and take the day off.

2:45 DR audio leak of Jessie "I hope to God Ronnie is trustworthy. I talked to Chima, she seemed sincere"

Russ telling Jesse that he wants the following people out... Lydia, Laura, toss up b/t Michelle and Jordan. Jesse says Jeff is an asset even though he wants him out, it would be stupid. They agree they need to always try to win POV. Laura walks in and says she thinks she has a kidney infection.
Russ goes to the Backyard and chats with Casey about getting Natalie out because she talks too much. Lydia asks Kevin and Casey if they notice Jeff is acting happy go lucky and not stepping on anyone's toes. Casey thinks they will end up friends again. Lydia says Russell says once he doesn't like someone it is set in stone. She calls Jeff the dark horse. Kevin says he is a charmer (Jeff). Lydia says if Jeff was on the block he would have tried harder in the veto. She says she doesn't like how Jordan depends on the guys to give her security and saying how she was crying at the veto ceremony. Kevin says that is some *****. Kevin tells Lydia to watch out for "them" he says Jeff didn't care that she (Lydia) got put up and Jordon didn't cry but she cried when Braden got put up. Laura and Jessie come outside and join the others. Laura talking about how the doc's have to take a culture. Random chit- chat amongst the HG. Jeff is inside cooking dinner.

6:30 Michele and Russell talking in the bathroom while Russell is shaving his head. Russell saying that he is looking for someone to team up with who compliments him...trying to get info/opinions out of Michele but she isn’t giving him a thing! He tells her that she is shy but she says she’s not shy, she just doesn’t want to talk to people and give them anything to use against her. Russell is saying how he is surprised no one has approached him to work together...hinting to Michele that he’s open but she isn’t biting at all and tells him it’s so early.

Most of the HG are taking naps, so not much happening in the house.

10:30 Dinner is finally ready, hamburgers and potatoes. Everyone sitting at the table eating, chatting and getting along well (boring!).

10:55 Ronnie and Chima go into the doom room, some game talk, discussing possible future competitions. The first Veto Comp had something to do with the game being big zits that the players popped and then found letter tiles inside used to spell words. Braden and Michelle playing pool as Jeff watches. They are all being silly and having a good time with it.

In the LR, Jessie talks to Lydia and asks if she’s a happy camper since she’s been saved by the veto (ed. she must be because she is not curled up with her "baby blankie" in bed) Lydia says that Jessie isn’t that easy to talk to sometimes. And he says she’s full of ****** because she’s talked to him a lot but never tells him anything and Kevin talked to him and shared a lot more information quicker than she did. She’s now sitting on his back giving him a massage. Lydia's massaging jesse's hands with lotion that Jessie said was $100 a bottle. Kevin left to go to bed (or so he said).

Jordan/Jeff/Braden in the BY by the pool table. Talking about Lydia switching sides. Jordan hopes Lydia what Jesse and them are doing. Jeff says she screwed p his game and they should have just told her B*itch we are voting you out! Braden says she is just screwed up!Braden says this sucks, we were there for her, I was thinking if I won veto I would have jeopardized my safety and used it on her. Jordan says she (Lydia) is all about them.Braden says he is ok with it. Jordan asks what he means, Braden explains, I accepted my fate. Jordan says when she sees me talking to you she stares at me and I’m like "why ya starin'”. Jeff says, why because we're friends? Jordan says she’ always starin' though, why she starin'? Braden chimes in and says because she’s jealous. Jeff says I hope I win HOH so I can put her up then she can go to her unicorns and stick it up her f*ckin ass.

Jessie in the HOH room with Chima talking about Natalie and how competitive she is. Chima thinks Kevin might vote for Braden and isn’t too sure about Casey. Jessie talking about Jordan and how her ass isn't big enough for him. Jessie is talking about how he likes Natalie and wants to be with Natalie and then Natalie comes walking in to the HOH room. She jokes that Ronnie is guaranteed to be up there next they all laugh and Jessie turns on the spy screen. He spots Ronnie walking through the kitchen and says "oh, oh will he round the corner, nope, he's going to look outside" they all laugh, 5 minutes later, Ronnie walks into the HoH room. Ronnie's first question " have these fish been fed", Chima says "You don't care about them damn fish", they all laugh.

Casey joins Kevin & Lydia on the hammock. They talk about other people in the house that talk about themselves and turn every conversation around. Kevin was referring to Laura. When Lydia asks Casey who he's referring to, he says he won't tell her because she has "loose lips". Casey says he's ok with the Offbeats teaming up with the athletes and pick off the brains and populars one by one. Kevin doesn't want to be "used" by them, but Casey says everybody is using everybody. Then they start talking about the usage of offensive terms (racial and gay terms) and how bad they are but that they are commonly used. Casey thinks athletes will eventually reconcile. They do realize it will be tough to have them 4 together. Casey tells them that it's good to be quiet and listen, to gather ammunition for later. Casey now talking about Ronnie and how he is kissing up so much to Jessie that he smells like his ***hole." Making fun of Ronnie for talking game to everybody continuously and how obvious it is.

Jordan, Jeff, & Braden on BY couches trying to strategize how to keep Braden. Jordan thinks they have Ronnie's vote as a lock, and wondering if they can sway others' votes. They think Kevin is scared to talk to them. The hammock crew breaks up. Casey joins JJ&B on the couches and relates how he gave Kevin & Lydia advice to shut up every once in a while.

2:45am, feeds stop so I am assuming they all go to bed. Not a very eventful night in the BB house.