8:10AM BB wake up call, HG doing morning routines.

Adam and Cassi talking in the Have-Not room, Adam's hope is that Cassi/Shelly get picked to play for PoV and win it. They can then remove Adam/Dominic and Jordan's only option will be to use Lawon/Kalia as the replacement nominees. Adam says then the four of them (Adam/Dominic/Cassi/Shelly) can play for HoH on Thursday.

Veto players are picked. Rachael and Brendon are picked to play along with Jordan, Jeff and nominees Dominic and Adam.

Brenchel talking about the veto competition, Rachel says Cassie would be coming after her. She doesn't think Cassie would go after Jeff/Jordan. Rach says one option would be to take Dom/Adam off and make a deal or to let Adam/Dom win and talk to them after and not win every comp. Bren says winning doesn't matter. Bren agreeing that Cassie is after them, but says Jeff/Jord are on their side. Rach worries that J/J are making deals that don't include them for next week. Rach talking about Dani telling he they could make a deal with Dom. Bren telling Rach that J/J won't turn on them until further down the line.

Brenchel meet with Daniele in the bubblegum room. Rachel tells Daniele that Brendon agrees that they need to keep Dominic in the game and try to make a deal with him. Rachel tells her that if they win the PoV, then they'll pull Dominic and Adam off. Daniele says that's really risky. Daniele tells them that before the PoV, they shouldn't say anything to Dominic and shouldn't make a deal with him until they have something to bargain with. Daniele tells them it's better that Adam and Dominic win the PoV. She tells them that if they can, they should let Adam and Dominic win the PoV. Daniele tells them if Dominic wins HoH, he will put Jeff and Jordan up because they put him up.
Rachel is afraid that Dominic would use his nominations to backdoor her and Brendon. Rachel tells Daniele that with Cassi gone, she and Dominic can work together. Daniele thinks it's risky to use the PoV if they (Rachel and Brendon) win because Jordan may not put up Cassi and Shelly. Brendon says Jordan will have to put up Cassi and Shelly because she won't put up Lawon and Kalia. Rachel tells Daniele to tell Dominic that they have a plan. Rachel tells Daniele that they're not turning on Jeff and Jordan,
but they are making bad decisions.

1:30 - 3:30 Veto Competition

3:30PM Dominic won the veto. Jeff and Jordan in HOH really upset about Rachel. Apparently After the comp, Rachel yells at Jordan saying she isnt a real competitor, or something along those lines, because she didn't try hard enough to win the veto. Rachel took slop for 2 weeks and thinks Jordan should have done the same. Jeff and Rachel apparently had words. Jeff says he'll get over it but doubts she will. Brendon thinks they both need to apologize.
They don't understand why Rachel would take slop when it served no purpose other than to say she is a competitor. Dani thinks if Jeff just explains his point Rachel will understand and see she was wrong. They turn the spy screen on and see all the noobies in the parlor, they joke how it looks awkward.
Jordan wants to tell Shelly that she is probably going up. They discuss a little about Cassi going home and how now when she goes Dom will only have Dani. Jeff thinks it sucks a little because it seems like Dom is the leader of the other side. They worry about HoH next week.

Downstairs, Brendon tries to tell Rachel that she needs to apologize to Jordan. That she has to keep her emotions in check and stop running her mouth. Dani says she understands why Rach said what she said but that she needs to see that J/J have the power and could put them up. Dani telling Rach and Bren to please not harp on it and move on because they have what they want. Cassi is going home.

Brenchel head up to HOH. Rachel apologized to Jordan and Jordan accepts. Jeff also apologizes to Rachel for yelling at her. Jeff said he didnt want Rachel to take slop either. Rachel says when she is in comp mode she is so focused. Jeff is worried that she is on slop for two weeks. Brendon says he just wants to make sure they are all still good.

5:30PM Rachel and Porche talking in bubblegum room. Porsche and Rachel talked about Rachel and others maybe making a deal with Shelly for her not to put them up the first week she can play after the keys are over, in return for keeping Shelly in the house. Porsche said ideally it would include her too, but Porsche knows she could go up. Porsche said someone was talking with her whether Adam might be America's Player. Rachel doesn't think there is one, and Porsche says she doesn't either, but if there was, she thinks it would be Cassi because Cassi was pushing so hard for Keith to stay. Porsche said Shelly was up talking to Jeff and Jordan right after the PoV comp. Porsche hopes Jordan stays strong and doesn't fall for Cassi.

9:30 Rachel and Dom in the kitchen, no one else around. Dominic and Rachel are in the kitchen, talk is getting intense.... game-on. Dominic has been working it with compliments about needing a team. Rachel asks: "You looking?" Dominic is definitely looking for a team. Rachel smiles and says she is on board.

12:00AM Jeff and Jordan in HOH. Jeff and Jordan are in HoH. She lost some of her clothes and can't find them. Jeff asks her why she's staying in the HoH. She said she feels awkward when she's downstairs with everybody else.
Jeff asked her if they left the HoH when Rachel came in. Jordan said it wasn't planned, they were already thinking about going downstairs.Jordan says she can tell Rachel is still pissed at her. Jeff agrees, says he can see it in her eyes. Jordan thinks it's petty, stupid stuff and Jeff tells her then don't worry about it so much. Jeff telling her they need to stick with the plan of getting Cassi out of the house. He thinks once she's gone they can
count on Dominic being with them the whole way. He suggests she get her emotions in check and not worry about removing Cassi. She knows it's what she has to do but it doesn't mean she likes it. Jordan says Brendon doesn't seem mad about anything. Jeff agrees and says don't worry about it, Rachel is going to dig her own grave without our help. Jeff knows people want Rachel out and Jordan agrees.

2:00AM Cassi and Shelly talking about the girls in the house. Cassi says, Kalia makes her skin crawl... she's a bitch, a genuine bitch. Cassi doesn't think Kalia actually got hurt in the food competition. Kalia is a "fat little Oprah." They don't like that Kalia told them at least they have jelly beans and beef jerky while on slop. Shelly says she never would have cried like "a sissy" like Kalia did during the food competition.

3:00Am Jeff and Jordan alone in HOH talking about how they hope Brenchel sticks to their deal and how stupid it would be if they went back on their word this early in the game.

Good night!