First, I should start off with some facts.

1. There are 10 people left. David, Jack, (nominees) Dana (HOH), Justin, Robert, Jee (Stooges), Erika, Nate, and Ali (O8) and Jun.
2. David is targeted as leaving (the votes are already in), but the Stooge alliance is pretending they may keep him to play around with the O8ers.
3. Nathan and Ali hate Justin and Dana.
4. See above and reverse it.
5. Nate and Ali are after Dana and Justin and vice versa.
6. Ali has sworn to get HOH
7. Jack and Erika have talked about abstaining from HOH. It is unsure if they will do this.
8. Robert also mentioned sitting out HOH but was told not to by Dana (not sure what he will do).
9. Dana is not able to win HOH tonight.
10. The next vote will be comprised of six people with the opportunity for a tie breaker decided by the new HOH.
11. There was some kind of rendezvous between Ali and David last night (which may affect the outcome.. read on).

I think that's a pretty good list to work with. Those are the basic facts. Now, let's get down to business.

As mentioned, David is set to go home tonight (sadly). A new HOH will be crowned and the war begins in earnest. Justin and the other stooges (Jee and Robert) will go for HOH like dogs in heat. Dana can't. Jun is an uncertainty. But (another fact) Jun has confessed that she hates Ali. The stooges also want Nate and Ali out.

Bottom line: Nate/Ali/Justin/Dana (not necessarily in that order) will be the next 4 evictions after David.

Remember the fact that David and Ali fooled around last night? This could be a nail in Ali's coffin if Nathan finds out. This is a big variable that could totally ruin this prediction, but I will chance it.

After the 4 boneheads "revenge" each other out of the game, we will be left with Jee, Robert, Jun, Jack, and Erika. This is the end of the 1 month vacation for these people.

Jack and Erika will target Jun as the next biggest threat to them. The stooges will work against Jack and Erika. This is also where Jun officially becomes the 3rd Stooge.

I believe that the next nominees after Nate, Ali, Justin, and Dana (not necessarily in that order, remember) will be either Jack and Erika or Jun and Jee. Why? Jun is a threat. Jee is the house doofus. Robert is a better bet in a final vote if it comes to that. No one will give him money, plus he is an Ex. So is Jee, plus Jee is easier to guile.

Based on the prediction that the nominees will be Jack/Erika or Jun/Jee, here are the Veto scenarios:

Jack/Erika = HOH, Jun/Jee = noms, Jee/Jun save his or herself, Robert nominated.
Jack/Erika = HOH, Jun/Jee = noms, Robert saves Jee/Jun, Jack/Erika nominated.
Robert/Jun/Jee = HOH, Jack/Erika = Noms, Jack/Erika save his or herself, Jun/Jee/Robert nominated.

Interesting stuff, especially the idea of forcing the HOH to nominate one of their own. But that doesn't make it easy to predict.

So I will go for this:

Jack wins HOH, nominates Jee and Jun. Erika wins Veto. Nominations stand, and Jun goes home in a tie breaker. Ok that was tough to do. But I think that is a good way to go. It could have been interesting if things worked out differently (remember Marcellas last year? This is where he ruined himself).

Jack, Erika, Jee, and Robert are left. Now if Jee/Robert wins HOH, Erika and Jack are the nominations. If Erika (Jack is ineligible for HOH now so I choose Erika) wins HOH, the nominations are Jee and Robert.

The Veto can save one, but the HOH group is unlikely to use it since it is unlikely that Jack/Erika or Robert/Jee would betray their partner, the only way the veto is used here is if a nominee wins it. Saving themselves? Betraying their partner? I think at this stage in the game you do. Everyone would save him or herself for the chance for 500k.

Now, one person decides who goes home. Erika, as HOH, puts up Jee and Robert. Jack votes Robert out, wanting to spare Erika the ugly potential of spending a week alone in the house with Robert.

The final three are Jee, Jack, and Erika.

The final HOH is a dogfight. A big multi-stage dogfight that will most likely include knowledge of houseguests, the house, perhaps opinions of the others about them, and physical endurance. Jee doesn't work out well in any of these things but at the same time Erika and Jack are pretty iffy too.

I pick Jee to doofus himself out somehow leaving Jack and Erika as the final two.

The winner needs 4 votes out of the 7 sequestered evictees. These are Jee, Robert, Jun, Nathan, Ali, Justin, and Dana.

This is interesting. Would it be a gender vote? 4 men and 3 women? Would it be a vote on game play? What about personal feelings?

I think Jack wins Big Brother 4. I think it will be a 5-2 vote with (surprisingly) Robert and Jun being the only votes for Erika.

Remember, this is all prediction. If you want to rub it in my face when I am proven wrong, feel free to message me on Jokers. Oh, and if somehow, I am spot on with my predictions, send me a few bucks!