8:20 AM Shelly gets up for the day, uses the bathroom and then we get fish, likely the wake up call. Brendon and Rachel are up in HOH talking about who they need to talk to in HOH, they decide Cassie, Shelly, Dominik and Adam. Brendon and Porche discuss the early wake up and assume that the POV ceremony will be this morning. Brendon talks to Shelly and asks her and Cassie to come up to HOH to talk, Shelly says that soon as Cassie wakes up they will go up there.

8:36 Lawon gets up and gets dressed. Rachel is in the kitchen and made it wrong and she's all upset about it. Dominic is in HOH talking to Brendon and Rachel he says they didn't put him up so he will not put them up. Adam comes in and says the same thing, and that they will vote however Brendon and Rachel want them to vote. Keith goes in next. Keith asks them if they will use the POV and they said they haven't decided yet. He tries to make amends and says he would love to work with Brendon and Rachel. Rachel trusts him but Brendon does not. He says that they can't trust everyone. Rachel wants to get them all to promise not to put up Jeff and Jordan too and Brendon says then we have to talk to everyone again, and that they can't do that too with all the other promises they are making. Rachel says if Jeff and Jordan go on the block they will win POV and save them.Brendon goes down to get Shelly and runs into Lawon and asks him and Kalia to come up.

8:50 Lawon and Kaila are up in HOH talking about future competitions they think the next HOH will be mental not physical. Brendon says Cassie, Shelly Lawon and Kaila should be broken up for the next food competition so that they are not all have nots again. Lawon and Kaila are complaining about how hungry they are. Brendon talks to them about not putting them up at the POV ceremony and says if we don't you shouldn't nominate us next week and also not nominate Jeff and Jordan. Says if they win HOH next week they will be more than happy to give advice (see also tell them who to put up ha ha) and that they are the couple that the veterans trust the most.

9:04 Cassie and Shelly on the couches talking about Porche, Shelly says that Porche is dangerous because she will float to whoever has power that week. Sounds like they want Brendon and Rachel to use the POV or at least decide to take out Porche instead of Keith. Shelly says they give Keith more credit than he deserves because he's not good at competitions but people think he will do well because he's buff. Cassie says they need to word it carefully so Brendon and Rachel don't think they want to keep Keith because he's on their side. Guess they forgot who they are playing with . . . They talk about Brendon and Rachel and Cassie says that she won't put them up next week because that would be breaking her word. I guess they made a deal with Brendon and Rachel for four weeks not to put each other up. They think that they are the only ones Brendon and Rachel have made a deal with. Cassie says that Brendon and Rachel have to think long term and if there's lots of newbies on the jury they will not win the money in the end. Cassie says out of all the new people the couple she would be least likely to put up are Lawon and Kaila. Shelly thought she'd say Adam and Dominik. Cassie says that Lawon and Kaila suck at competitions and that's why she'd keep them around. Adam pops in and says he needs to win HOH this week. They talk about the vets and how they need to get them out during the golden key period or else they are toast. Adam says worst case it will be five to five at the ten person point. Adam says you can't backdoor people week one or else you send out the message that your going to screw everyone over for the rest of the game. Adam talks to Lawon and says if he wins HOH he's going to put up Jeff and Jordan saying its a game and Jordan's already won. He asks Lawon if Jeff and Jordan win POV would he have to put up Brendon and Rachel? Lawon says no but they don't have any other choices because Dick is gone. Porche comes out and wonders about veto rules and how that works with the couples. Sounds like Big Brother needs to clarify the veto rules because what if a couple can't decide to use it or not? Interesting point. They then talk about production and finals and Porche is wondering why they couldn't find 6 more people out of the 40 that they had. Adam speculates that they had the couples twist in mind when casting. Fish.

9:19 Brendon talks with Cassie and Shelly giving them the speech about how they are the two that they trust most in the game but he's worried about their relationship with Dominik. Cassie is afraid of Brendon and Rachel's relationship with Jeff and Jordan. Cassie and Shelly think they have a deal with the vets to get to final 7. Brendon and Rachel promise they won't blindside Shelly and Cassie and that they will re-evaluate the alliance when it gets to that point. Shelly points out that it might not be a good idea to have Jeff, Jordan and Dani around in the end. Cassie says her true alliance is with Shelly.

10:00 Brendon and Rachel tell Porche that if they don't use the veto not to worry she's safe, that Keith is digging his own grave and she doesn't have to campaign hard to just lay low and she'll be safe. They tell her to go get Dani and Jeff and Jordan. She goes.

10:20 Jeff goes up and jokes about being summoned. Brendon and Rachel tell him that when they ask for people not to put up Jeff and Jordan how everyone reacts like they won't make any promises and how Cassie even said they may not want Jeff and Jordan there in the end. They talk about future competitions and say they need to get to know the newbies for quiz competitions. They think the next one will be "majority rules" and they want Jordan to win it. They collectively decide that they need to take out Dominik Cassie and Lawon, looks like the "regulators" are so not on the down low, and they think they can trust Kaila. Dani goes up and talks to Rachel complains that they have nothing to do after the POV ceremony till Thursday. Rachel complains about her CD "Spice World" and who can blame her. She thinks maybe CBS just didn't have anything ready since she was the first HOH. She then starts reading Bible verses to Dani.

Cassie, Shelly, Lawon and Porche are all in the backyard discussing their HOH conversations and how everyone has the everyone's back in the future.

11:30 we get trivia, most likely the POV ceremony.

12:30 feeds are back and we find out nominations stayed the same. Not much going on except Cassie is trying to get people to vote to keep Keith.

1:25 Jeff Brendon and Dani talking about the golden key and how long it's good for, Dani thinks the last week it won't mean anything because it will already be down to the final 9. They call Adam in to think of a name for their alliance, Adam thinks of "Adam's Angels" but decides that won't work. Jeff thinks of "Jeff's jerk offs"

2:10 Cassie Lawon and Dominik in the have not room talking about how to keep Keith. They think that no one suspects that they are an alliance and thinks that they are just flirting with each other. Cassie says she doesn't flirt with Dominik that he's like her little brother and she just wants to give him a noogie.

2:25 Brendon, Rachel, Shelly, Keith, Jordan, Kaila, Porche and Dani are laying out in the sun. They talk about Cassie and how pretty she is how she resembles Olivia Wild and Angelina Jolie only without the big lips. Kaila says she used to model but she hated it. Then they talk about Disney movies and hidden perverted things in them, we get a "We'll be right back" from Big Brother. They then talk about how they are not allowed to wear white. Rachel was called to the Diary room and they told her to change her suit because the color doesn't work.

5:30 The vets are in the HOH room talking about how Dominik can't win competitions or else they are in trouble. They think Kaila and Lawon will throw HOH because they are trying to float. Rachel tells Jordan she has to win HOH this week or they are in trouble. Brendon tells her to ask for a better CD. They discuss who to take out and decide Dominik next over Cassie. Someone predicts that Adam may change his vote like Ronnie did if he thinks that they can keep Keith. Jordan is shocked and dismayed at the very idea. They complain about how they can't know who will win HOH and start talking nail polish. Dani says she's going to the diary room to make a new alliance. Jordan talks about the live feed and how she watched it one night with Jeff and it was very boring and doesn't understand how people could just sit and watch it. (Thank you updaters!!) Jordan said that Rachel and Brendon won so many competitions last year she thought one of them would win. Brendon said there wasn't any way because everyone was against them. Said he was worried about Matt because he was smart and small and could easily win endurance competitions and on his week he wanted to put up Brittany but Rachel left him the pretzel message about Matt so he switched it. They talk about how the vet's know their weaknesses for competitions and how they can improve on them. They then say the only newbies they are afraid of are Dominik and Adam.

7:50 Brendon and Rachel discussing being backdoored and Rachel is very distressed about it. Says how they got screwed because of Dick being gone and how with the couples they have to work as teams. Jeff made dinner and a few people are eating pork chops salad and I guess there's pasta too. Some people are working out in the back yard as well.

8:50 Dani in the back yard talking about Nick from her season how he gave her a key and said it was the key to his heart. She said it was sweet till she realized he used the same line on some other girl. They talk about how he dated Kristin from another season and how it started fast and ended fast. Rachel said he was very controlling and tried to control Kristin's life.

9:00 Jeff and Jordan are playing pool and Jordan is winning, but Jeff comes back for the win.

9:20 Adam talking with Cassie, Lawon and Keith about the hot tub and that's where Chill Town started, they talk about season 2 and all stars. He says that he was worried the second time the bell rang that it would be Will and Boogie.

9:30 Jeff and Dani talk game in the kitchen. It seems that the newbies are targeting Jeff for next week. Jeff gives her crap about being in the jury since she has the golden key and says that must be nice (to be safe till jury time)

10:00 they are playing a drinking game everyone is getting tipsy and giving Lawon lap dances and proposing marriage to Jeff, oh and spinning in circles.

11:30 Dani Rachel and Brendon complaining that they don't really have a chance to win and how they got the short end of the stick. Brendon says they will be fine they just have to win everything. They feel they are just there for ratings and complain that the newbies got to go in first and bond before they got there.

Sorry for the world longest recap it's my first time. Thanks to all the updaters your the best!