Of all the episodes we've seen
Where alliances are made
I've never seen one quite so packed
Where everyone is played!

She says this, and he says that
"We are the final two!"
But then they go behind their backs
To others, "I'm with you!"

We get a break from strategy
When seamail beckons all
The reward challenge is at hand
And boy it's one big haul!

The winners get a spa escape
With dinner and a shower
On top of that, a deep massage
The losers, left to glower

Jeff split them into teams of three
Each one must do a task
Dear Sandra got the hardest job
Her distain, she didn't mask!

Off they went across the board
When Sandra quickly fell
She struggled hard to save herself
Like timmydownawell

She battled back but falters when
She couldn't untie the oars
Like dear old mamma used to say
"Child..when it rains, it pours"

Needless to say, the other team won
And Burton looked on in defeat
While Jon, Darrah and boyscout Lil
Head off for a luxurious treat!

The strategies drone on and on
And on and on ad nauseum
This might be a good time to tell your child
There's no such thing as Santa Clauseum

Ah! Immunity Challenge is at hand again
They get to fire old muskets
The task: take aim and fire flares
To light up three of their targets

First was Christa, bless her heart
She's never even held a gun
But wouldn't you know, she hit her mark
It alit like a fiery sun!

Back and forth they all took aim
It came down to Christa & Dee
Christa missed, it's Dee's turn now
She nails it for immunity!

We interrupt this part of the show
To earn us a little money
So while your at it you might wanna add
There is also no Easter bunny!

Tribal Council finally arrives
Jeff quickly cuts to the chase
He exposes all the lying and cheating
That's rampant throughout the place

Each survivor admits they've lied
It's all a part of the game
But naively trust in their "allies"
Which to me, is pretty lame!

So off they vote, who could it be?
I patiently wait to know
With four votes of a possible six
It's Christa's turn to go!

I'll meet you all again real soon
Same time and place next week
I hope on all that's good and holy
Jon's future is looking bleak!