It’s day twenty-two in Survivor land
Last week they merged as one.
With Andrew gone, the dashing Ryno
Thinks he’s all but done.

Determined to go down swinging,
Ryno conspires with Burton
As long as Rupert’s in this game
We ALL are gonna be hurtin’

With that in mind, Burton goes fishing
He catches a big ol’ stingray
But in the process of gutting it
He’s shocked, yippee! Hooray!
Curious Rupert has to check it out
And quickly sticks his fingers in it.
Surprise, surprise! He’s shocked too!
There’s a sucker born every minute.

Seamail arrives to beckon the group
To a challenge of great reward
Breakfast awaits with all the fixins
For the winner to greedily hoard.

Their task before them was quite simple
Using a slingshot, break their plates
Working their torches up to the top
Where a haystack patiently waits.

Three heats were played with winners of each
Moving on to face one another
Where Rupert & Ryno were left in the dust
By a scoutmaster, wife and mother!

But the Curse of the Islands struck our Lil
This win just wasn’t to be
With renewed fervor, Rupert battled back
And lit his haystack for victory.

Instead of bringing someone to join him,
Rupert passed the reward to his chum
Who quickly chose Lillian to join him
While the others looked on very glum.

The next morning a boat awaits them
To take them to their feast
Bacon and eggs and sausage and fruit
Enough for ten people at least!

Burton and Lil discuss strategy
That together they’d reach the end
Lil’s putting her trust in him fully
Considering him.. her only friend.

When deciding what to say to the others
Lillian spouted something quite odd,
“Don’t make me out to be a b!tch,
Just make me some dumb broad!”

With time on their hands, the scallywags
All furtive and sneakily talked
It’s time to force our burly Rupert
Onto the plank and make him walk!

Immunity is up for grabs again
With questions on this historical place.
If they get it right, they place their coconut
With whomever they want out of the race.

Since Rupert seemed like the obvious target
I was taken aback and surprised,
When everyone avoided him like the plague
Guess maybe they feared for their lives!

At tribal council late that night
We watched as they cast their vote
Then pulling out the parchment papers
Jeff read what each one wrote.

First vote Ryan, then Christa the next
Then Ryno, Ryno & Ryno
With 8 votes stacked against him
It’s pretty boy’s time to go.

Stay tuned to your sets this coming week
The smell of mutiny is in the air..
Will Rupert’s reign come crashing down…
Are they gutless, or do they dare?