What were you doing prior to the show?
Prior to the show and still now I am in real estate finance and sales.
Why did you decide to go on the show?
I decided to go on the show because I thought I could learn more about business... NOT THE CASE. I learned more about how NOT to express yourself and that you should always keep your mouth shut and definitely fly under the radar.

What did your family think about you being on the show?
My family and friends were so excited about me going on the show and were taken back and surprised at the way they "showed me".

What was your favorite part of being on the show?
My favorite part about being on the show was meeting some great people that I will be friends with for a very long time.

And your least favorite?
My least favorite was watching how they completely made EVERYONE WHO LOST LOOK LIKE AN IDIOT.. even some of the scenes were really not how things happened.

Do you think that you were accurately portrayed on the show?
I absolutely beyond a doubt was portrayed nothing like I really am. My friends watched in disgust!!

How long did the actual filming of The Apprentice 3 take?
It took a while to film the show.. I can not say exactly how long.

Is Donald Trump the same as he apprears on the show?Donald Trump in my opinion makes very poor decisions on the show and then is made to look like he made great decisions. I don't think the man really knows what is going on. If he did he would have made different

If you were asked to go back into the boardroom for future shows would you?
Yes I would go back to the board-room so I could go face to face with THE DONALD again.

When you were Project Manager what were your strenghts and weaknesses?
My strengths were organization, being able to delegate, meeting time lines, and managing my team well.(Even though they showed otherwise). If you remember clearly the only one they showed complaining about me was
Audrey. When Networth saw the episode I got phone callsright away and they said *#@!. Most of them thought I did a fantastic job. My weaknesses, I should have put Audrey in a corner and told her to sit there and not help.

What were your thoughts when Donald said you were fired?
When Donald said I was fired my first thought was that my team is going to crumble without me. Only a few of us really worked hard. The others just, well, you know...the typical nothing.

Who do you think will win?
I think Tara will win. She is by far the most capable and intelligent on our team. Lets see if THE DONALD thinks so.

Do you still compete in equestrian competitions?
I still jump horses, but I have not competed in a while. I definitely want to get back into competing.

What did you learn about yourself from being on the show?
I learned that I made a very bad decision electing to go a a "business" show. These are game shows... Whoops I forgot.

And after viewing the show on TV?
After watching the show I realized you can look however TV land wants you to. Is it really REALITY then???

Tell us something about yourself that you have never shared before.
I am a softy. I always cry during love stories.

Are you friends with any of the other Apprentice cast members?
All of us talk all the time... Except no one really talks to Audrey. hmm.. Why is that.

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