4:11 Shane is up seems to have trouble sleeping he cleans the kitchen a bit and has a drink. Joe gets up and talks game with Shane they start studying for competitions.

10:30ish Frank is up in HOH getting his stuff together to move downstairs. Boogie Jenn Ashley and Wil are in the kitchen eating breakfast. Dani joins them with her slop. BB gives them the wake up call at 10:40. Britney, Joe and Shane ignore it and continue sleeping in the have not room. At 11 they get the call to go to HOH for lockdown.

11:00 During lockdown Jenn dye's Boogies hair, Britney uses a face mask and then we get trivia.

1:30 Feeds come back and people are making lunch. Joe talks with Ashley he says he's nervous because he thinks he has the votes but so did Janelle the week before. She tells him that Wil already knows he's going and Joe says that Wil's taking it very well. They both think that Jenn is still working with Boogie and she tells him that Jenn get's info for Boogie and Frank but that's about it. House guests muse that Ian is going to win the America's favorite house guest prize but Ian thinks Janelle will win it. Boogie says that Ian isn't like Ronnie because Ronnie was overweight and looked like a man where as Ian isn't either of those things. Boogie complains about his ear infection and says he might not be able to hear Julie tonight because of it and maybe he'd need a hearing aide. Shane teaches Britney to play poker.

1:45 Britney talks to Dan about Shane and how he told Joe that if its him and Joe he will throw HOH to Joe because Joe said he'd put up Boogie and Frank. Britt thinks that Shane is a liability because he doesn't know how to play the game and he's throwing info out into the house and it's bad. She said lucky that Joe's word is dirt around here and if it does come out they will just deny deny deny. They can't use Shane to put up Frank and Boogie because he's too afraid to do it and he doesn't think that Froogie would put him up. They talk about what to do if it's a double eviction week and Shane comes in and Brit gives him a hard time for him telling Joe all the stuff and he say he didn't say that much. Brit tells Dan she told Joe he could have her vote as long as he doesn't put her up this week if he get's HOH. She says that Dan and Shane should be worried if Boogie gets HOH.

2:06 Ian shares that he had a dream last night and Ted was on the memory wall .. . Ian and Joe go over who won what for future competitions. Boogie comes out of the diary room and he says doc said it would be 7-10 days before his ear would get better. He's not happy it's going to take so long.

2:15 Frank and Boogie talks strategy Boogie wants to back door Britney because her coffee cups in the sink offends him. They want to get rid of her before jury. They want to pull in everyone else if it's a fast forward or double eviction to use the veto so they can back door her. They want to get rid of her in fast forward so she can't give them 3 days of hell and they think she might be able to rally votes if she had the time. Brit joins them and asks if Wil is still going tonight. They say yes Joe dodged a bullet but may still go if it's a double eviction night. They seem pretty sure it's going to be a double eviction night. Brit says Joe gave the camera full frontal last night. Boogie, Dan and Danielle talk about how they think America see's each house guest and what kind of answers they should use if it's majority rules. Boogie has Danielle look in his ear. She said its got white crusty puss in it. (ewe)

Tons of trivia and then the live show where Wil is voted out and they start an endurance competition with a spoon and a greased up floor that looks like it will take forever. They have two prizes they can go for one being 10,000 dollars, big shock Boogie is gunning for it and the other is safety for the week.

7:00 Feeds are back. Looks like Shane is in the lead for HOH and Britney is in the lead for safety. Ian and Ashley are having a really hard time with the competition. Dan seems to actually be trying to win in the safety prize. 7:20 Brit got the safety prize. She went for safety so that she can go for HOH again next week. Joe asks if anyone can drop him a smoke from up there. Ian keeps falling, Dan is giving him pointers on how to walk and not fall. 7:50 Boogie gets the cork from the $10,000 bowl and wins the money.

8:30 Shane wins HOH. In the storage room he tells Frank he knew he had it the second he walked out there. People shower and change and talk about how many times they fell. Jenn thinks they should have given them something to wrap around their back. Dan and Ian say they wish they could have just done the pirate ship one again. Shane offers that Dani, Brit and Ashley can sleep in his HOH bed and he'll sleep downstairs. Brit talks about what a great spooner Dani is. Dani keeps saying how she came in second for the HOH competition. Brit gives Shane a massage and Shane has a coke saying he never ever ever drinks coke.

10:00 Joe goes to the diary room and everyone talks about his speech and how it didn't make sense. Frank says when Joe came in he had a white mohawk and Big Brother told him he had to change his hair. Lot's of fish tonight. . . .Dani wonders how many calories she burned during the competition. Shane says maybe 500. She says her back hurts where she broke it and wants to know if anyone saw her fall on her tail bone. They talk about season 9 and how much they drank in season 9. Boogie says some of the cast is in jail for drugs.

11:00 Shane get's his HOH room. His letter is from his sister.
11:30 They get 2 bottles of wine and 7 beers. They say that's a lot and speculate that Big Brother wants a fight. Everyone toast's to Joe still being in the house. Everyone's so happy there's no have not's for the week. Ashley is rubbing on Ian's hair on the HOH couch. Ian says that no one gets between him and his showmance (ed note. ha ha) Ian thinks Big Brother 16 is going to be good vs. evil and he thinks if he came back he'd be on the evil side. Everyone tells him no he'd be on the good guy side. Ashley asks him if he know's that someone writes down everything they say.

12:00 They talk about how Boogie now has won 16,000 and how he'll probably spend it all in one night. Talk about how Frank is mad he didn't get to play for the money or for safety. Frank is mad at Boogie because he didn't try to win HOH and instead went for the money. Boogie asked Shane to slow down so that he'd have time to win the money before Shane won HOH but he ended up winning without Shane slowing down because the money bowl was much smaller than the HOH bowl.

12:44 Britt, Ashley and Dani take a bath in HOH. They manage to break a wine glass. Ian gets a broom to clean it up and joins Dani and Ash in the tub, Britt gets out because she's married. Then Dani gets out and it's just Ian and Ashley in the tub.

1:15 Britt is making grilled cheese sandwich's. Dani and Brit are pretty wasted. Joe and Shane talk. Shane says he heard that if Boogie won he was going to put Shane up. Joe confirms. Shane says he's got to put up Frank and Boogie.

1:55 Dan and Dani are playing pool. Dan tells Dani if he won this HOH he would put up two floaters because he'd want someone else to make the first big move. Dan says he doesn't think Shane has it in him to stab someone else in the back but Dani does. She says she doesn't know how to take that. He says to take it as a compliment, that he know's if it came down to him or Britney going to final 2 with her that she'd cut Britt and take Dan. She says that she thinks Shane would put up Frank if he could back door him. She says that the more she gets to know Shane the more she thinks he's mean and that the way he treats her is mean. Britt comes out and joins them to talk game. Asks them what she should tell Shane because he asks her advice and will actually listen and take it to heart. Dan's pushing for Ian to go since Ian is in such a good position to stay and win. Britt wants Boogie and Frank up and for Frank to go. She says he's a doushe and rude and a total doushe bag. Also points out this is the last spot before Jury and that Frank or Boogie need to go. Ian comes out to join them. Tells them that Boogie wanted Britt up as the replacement nomination last week. Britt says she will make sure Frank and Boogie go up.

2:10 Ian and Brit talk in the storage room about why Frogie is after her. Ian wants Boogie to go because he thinks he's a bigger threat, he already won 16,000 and Britt wants Frank to go first because he's a doushe and she's afraid of him in competitions.

2:20 Shane's talking to Dan in HOH about how Frank and Boogie want Dan out. Britt comes up and says the same thing (makes no mention of her being the target last week) Ian comes up and tells the story that Shane and Dan are Boogie and Frank's targets. They pow wow about who should go. Britt finally says let it go by veto who ever wins the veto stays and the other one goes. Shane hopes Frank goes because he's scared of him as a player he's won 2 HOH's and been saved on the block 3 times.

2:30 Ash and Joe talk. They embrace being floaters. Joe says something big is going to go down and the upstairs group wants to know if they can trust Ashley with her vote. She says of course. He tells her to keep her head down and let the big players sort each other out. She agrees. Meanwhile. . .

Quack pack is upstairs. Shane decides he's going to tell Froogie that he's with the six still and everything is all good. Ian tells them he likes to flirt with Ashley but she's not his type and it's not going to get in the way of his game. They do the huddle and then most of them leave. Dani stays and tries to flirt with Shane while Dan takes a shower. Dan tells Dani not to leave Shane's side tomorrow because he's worried that Froogie might get to him if they have a chance to get in his ear. Shane and Dani talk. He wants to make sure Dan is still on board with him and Britt, Dani and Dan being final 4. She says of course he is and that he doesn't really trust Ian and no on wants to be against Ian in the finals.

3:30 Shane and Dani are arguing. She thinks he flirts with Ashley. He denies it ever happening. She tries to make him jealous of Frank but it doesn't work. She tries to get him to massage her back for her but he won't do it. Dani is upset about the Zingbot comment of her being a stalker. She's trying to force herself on Shane but he wants none of it. Shane tells her he was going to come in the house and play the gay card to get in good with all the girls and play them against each other and then at the end of the game reveal that he was straight. Dani keeps trying to get Shane in bed so she can turn off the light but he won't do it. He tells her she can stay the night some other night. She finally leaves.

Is this the end of Froogie? Can Shane get a restraining order on Dani while she's still in the house? Only time will tell. . . .

Thanks again to all the awesome updater's who give so freely of your time so that we can all know what's going on in the game, you're the best! <3