10:30am BB Wake up call! HG normal morning routines.

12:00pm Natalie & Kevin in HOH, Natalie planning her replacment nom speech. She wantsto make sure Michele that it was her plan all along to get her out and that she always had Kevs back. She is going to say that her outfit during the nom ceremony was to throw her off so that in the back of Michele's head she might give up an inch in the POV and it worked. She wants Michele to know she Got-Got! Kevin talking about Michlle saying he doesnt dislike her as a person, Natalie saya I do! She's evil, she's a liar, she talks behind your back, and she's shady. One moment she's your friend, the next she's saying things about you. Kevin says Michele was playing the game. Natalie says Jordan is paranoid. evin said to let her stay paranoid. Natalie starts to rehearse another long-winded speech for the PoV ceremony. In the speech she explains what she did, who she did and why she did it, ending with "You got got." Kevin asks her why she's explaining to them, "I thought the whole purpose was to fuck with their heads, they don't need to know any of this." Kevin also asks her to mention the parts he wasn't a part of. They will not tell Jordan she's staying until the last minute. They want to confuse her [that's easy] and get her upset so she has diarrhea for the competition. Natalie goes on with her speech saying that Michele was always the target, "Vengeance for Chima."

Jordan and Michele are on the patio trying to figure out how many votes they'd get from the jury.

Michele and Jordan packing. They discuss clothes sizes again as Michele was looking for her size during the clothes competition and didn't get as much as the others. She was looking for Mediums and Jordan said she is certainly a small, not medium. Jordan giving Michele some tube tops and a little purple dress that don't fit her and she won't wear at home. She's going through all of her summery tanks and handing them over to Michele as there won't be a reason to wear them at home and Michele has sunny weather all year. Michele not sure about the tube tops and doesn't recognize herself, she's super tanned. She offers Jordan her slippers in return. They laugh. Jordan gave Michele an animal print tank top that looks really cute on her and a little short skirt that will fit her as well. Jordan is doing this because she was sorting her clothes for post-show and everything that didn't fit/unseasonable at home was going to the Salvation army. She'd rather see Michele wear them than give them away to a stranger. Michele says she takes her stuff there and they say they can't keep them because their stuff is too busted.

5:00pm Kevin telling Michele that he has never felt so unsure of himself in the game. He tells her that she is a double threat - mental and physical. Kevin does some Natalie bashing, telling Michele that Natalie trying to get information out of her and Jordan. "She's not getting jack out me." Michele tells him. Kevin apologizes for not telling her who he's voting to keep in the game, "I'm not trying to make this week torturous for you, I just haven't decided." They start talking about Ronne and the original alliances. Kevin says his mistake was telling Lydia everything, at the time, Kevin didn't know that Lydia was sneaking up to the HoH room to see Jessie, and then she'd blab everything to him. Kevin says that he believe Natalie had a secret alliance with Russ, and Kevin feels he confirmed it when he saw Natalie crying when Russell evicted. Ever since, Kevin hasn't trusted Natalie. Michele says anything I ever told you would go back to other people and you have your own schemes going so I wouldn't tell you anything. "I got burned from talking too much and keep quiet." Kevin asks why Jordan and Michele campaigned for Jeff. He didn't do anything, he would just BBQ. Michele says Jeff said some real nasty comments at the end and pissed her off - he did not like Kevin. Kevin says "He did not like you. I think he wanted to get rid of you."

6:30pm Natalie sees Kevin and Michele talking so she swoops in to break it up. Over a game of pool, Natalie gives Kevin the third degree. Kevin starts dishing what Michele was telling him, but Kevin's added some fictional stuff too, like saying that Michele threatened him, by voting for Natalie in she leaves this week. Kevin does a bunch of Michele bashing. Natalie says you better not abandon me. Natalie says that Lydia was never a part of her alliance. Kevin says that's how he was with Jessie. Kevin continues adding to his lies against Michele. Michele is now in bed in pool room. Kevin tells Natalie he told Michele he always thought of her as the brain of the operation. He told Michele about the getting Russell out plan and 'lie'. Natalie says you shouldn't have told her that as she will go tell Russell in the jury house now. Oh wait, Lydia probably already has. Natalie's talking a mile a minute not letting Kevin finish a sentence. Kevin must have gotten a lot of factual information from Michele and some of it involved Jessie, and his conversations with Michele. Every time he starts to tell Michele's side Natalie interrupts saying, "Jessie hated the girl, why would he talk to her?" The occurrences are true, and don't prove that Jessie and Michele were aligned, but it proved that Jessie was playing with HGs outside the NBK alliance. Kevin points this out saying that he just wants her to know that Jessie isn't as squeaky clean as she thinks. Kevin continues telling Natalie everything he learned from Michele, while Natalie continues to interrupt and prattle on about past events as she remembers them. Natalie is visably irritated that Kevin is saying some not so nice things about her beloved Jessie. She keeps jumping in and defending Jessie. Kevin asks her about the GR incident (Lie) about Michelle scheming to keep Ronnie. Nat rehashes the lie that Michelle confronted her and Jessie about keeping Ronnie. Kevin keeps saying but that doesnt make sense...why would she do that?? Kevin also questions Natalie about the original final 5 deal asking if HE was one of the names her and Jessie included in that deal. Natalie, of course, says they did. Kevin doesnt understand if that was true, why was Jessie always so rude to him. BB interrupts the convo because Nat & Kev left pizza in the oven and it is burning. (LOL).

8:00pm Natalie and Kevin in the HT talking game. Natalie is telling Kevin what to do in 1st part of HOH, endurance competition, once Jordan falls, Kevin and her can't fall right away, because they can't make it obvious. They discuss the best ways to make it look like they are really batteling it out. Kevin says she can say her shoulder hurts then fall. They say Kevin should win the 1st part of the comp, Natalie will win 2nd part. Then they will give Jordan the boot. They are very impressed with their plan. Natalie starts practicing her veto ceremony speech AGAIN, where she'll ensure Jordan her safety, with Michele leaving. Natalie will reveal that Kevin was never her target, it was all planned, and Michele was her target all alone. Her nomination speech and her outfit was all to get into Michele's head, as Natalie knew it'd make Michele flustered. Natalie continues, saying she knew Michele would think of Natalie's speech and cause her to lose the veto competition. She'll tell them all that Kevin gave Natalie his word that Michele will leave, because Natalie honored Kevin's HoH and Kevin is to do the same. Natalie will tell Michele that it is Natalie's fault and full responsibility that Michele is going home this week and how it is strictly personal. Natalie's speech will once again last at least 10 minutes.

9:00pm Nat, Jordan and Kevin at the HT, They are giving themselves pedicures, shaving the dead skin off their feet right into the hot tub (ewww). The conversation turns to Jessie. Kevin says he uses women and was playing Natalie and Lydia. Kevin says that Lydia told him that the reason Jessie didn't like him was because he didn't give him enough respect. "Jessie felt that everyone should bow down to him. How could I respect someone who punches women?" Kevin goes on and on, and Natalie remains quiet, because Kevin's using all factual information. Natalie interrupts to say it's not Jessie's fault, he's just a bad public speaker. Kevin said it's not true Jessie treated everyone poorly, he didn't even have any respect for BB when they ask him to read things over. Jordan said that after Jeff talked to Jessie he came out and said, "Dude, he's such a doooouche-bag." Nat gets very passionate in her defense of Jessie, she does not like the fact that Kev and Jordan are trashing him. Talk turns to Michelle. Jordan telling Kevin that Michelle will beat all of them in the finals and it is in Kev's best interest to get rid of her. Jordan is completely throwing Michelle under the bus. Jordan also tells Kevin that if he evicts her, he will not get her vote in the finals.
Kev goes inside and Nat & Jordan start talking game alone. Natalie tells Jordan that Jordan has to win 1st part of HOH competition. Natalie will throw the comp to Jordan then Natalie will win the 2nd part and then they will give Kev the boot. (The EXACT deal she made with Kevin..lol)

10:30 Michelle wakes up and joins the HT crew, unknowingly putting her feet in the disgusting dead skin filled HT. Game talk stops and now general chit chat.

12:00am Michelle doing laps in BY, Kev & Nat playing cards, Jordan in bed. No game talk.

3:00am HG all asleep.