730am Shelly up doing her morning routine. While the rest of the HG’s are sleeping she ends up cleaning most of the backyard, does some laundry and does her nails. At about 930am the rest of the HG’s get up. Adam goes to the BY and talks to Shelly saying he has the most to lose if he keeps Rachel around. Shelly tells him she thinks Dani and Kalia think they have Adams vote. They talk about how Lawon hasn’t campaigned for votes. They both think that is odd.

In the early afternoon Rachel and Adam talk in the PR. Adam semi-assures Rachel that she has his vote. He also gives her a talk about her needing to stay in control of her emotions and to keep cool. He tells her that is the biggest downfall to keeping her in the house. Rachel agrees.

Dani and Kalia think Brendon is coming back. Dani says that she will self-evict if he comes back into that house. They talk about the possibility of Brendon coming back and Rachel leaving. Dani thinks it would be worse to have Brendon in the house.

Rachel and Jordan talk about someone being America’s Player being in the house. They throw out the possibility of Lawon being America’s Player because of the fact that he hasn’t asked anyone for their votes. That thought is quickly dismissed after they both agree that he hasn’t done anything around the house that would make him America’s Player.

At about 2pm Kalia starts taking HOH photos. None of the HG’s were really into picture day but they went along with it.

From 6-8pm The HG’s were treated to a celebration party for making it to the half-way point in the game. They had pizza, pasta, wine and beer. They were able to listen to music. The have not’s were able to eat during this party as well. They were also given a big cake that had all of their photos on it.

At about 10pm some of the houseguests were getting worried because they had not been called to the DR to give their good bye messages. This caused some uneasiness and the possible twists came up as a topic again.

Rachel and Porsche talk in the PR at around midnight and Rachel asks Porsche if she would vote to keep her in the house. Porsche says yes.

Before everyone heads to bed Kalia talked with Shelly about what the plan is regarding the votes. Kalia thinks it will be a 3-3 vote and she will have to break the tie. She is not sure which way to go.
Kalia thinks that maybe she should get Rachel out while she has the chance. Shelly says she is 99.9% sure it is Rachel or Lawon coming back. Shelly doesn't think BB will pay for Keith to sit there for 4 weeks and then pay for the others to be in sequester too. Kalia said Big Brother has done it before. Shelly tells Kalia it sounds like she thinks she will have a bigger target on her back if she has to break a tie. Kalia says yes and she is tired of being the bad guy this week. Shelly started to tell Kalia about a big lie that Lawon told her yesterday and Kalia cut her off and said how everybody lies in there about something. Shelly asked Kalia why she suddenly trusts Porsche. Kalia says she seems more genuine since Porsche realized the vets weren't really her friends. Shelly thinks Porsche is deceptive and said if the wind changes so will Porsche. Shelly said she is not worried about the twist because they really don't know what to expect. Shelly said control what you can and don't worry about what you can't.

At 530am all HG’s are asleep