*warning: y'all may hate me after this..but read on**

Where, do I start? I'm not shocked in the least bit that La Toya is gone. In fact I told RabHubs before it started that she'd go tonight. Why? Because it always happens at this point in the competition!!
First season saw Nikki who most deservedly needed to go, move on, while Tamyra was booted. She was arguably better than Nikki and for some folks, the shoo-in to win.
Second season saw Joshua who like Nikki, had outstayed his welcome. Everyone knew it was his time to go, but instead, he went on while Trenyce left the show. Now while Trenyce was not a shoo-in, she was by far better than Joshua and should have stayed. (yes this was in the 5th place spot but still illustrates a crunch time upset)

Do I think it was Jasmine's turn to go? Yes! Should La Toya still be here? Absolutely! But like it or not, that's how America voted. It seems at this point in the competition the supporters of the front runners think their idol's are shoo-ins so they get complacent, and those that know their idol is on the chopping block come out with a vengeance. It's not the Jasmine supporters that are to blame, it is the La Toya fans that fell complacent that should be held accountable.

It's been mentioned here tonight that race is an issue. I'm going to pick my words carefully because I don't want to offend anyone and if i do, i apologize, but there have been several "races" in this competition. African American, Caucasian, Hawaiian, but *noone* yells racism when it was all caucasians in the bottom 3, or when it was both hawaiians in the bottom 2. Why is it that it is racism when 2 African Americans are in the bottom 2???? When you think about it, 4 of the top 12 were African American. That's a 1/3 chance of one being in the bottom 3, but everytime someone of that race is, ppl cry foul! As the competition progressed, that ratio went up dramatically! In fact, 3 of the top 5 idols this year, were African American and now of the top 4, half were! That meant both La Toya & Fantasia had a 50/50 chance of being in the bottom 2. But still, people cry foul! It doesn't make sense. If it was racism, George, La Toya, Fantasia & Jennifer would have been continually showing up in the bottom 3, and booted early on in the game. Thankfully, most of the voters are more intelligent than that and voted based on ability and not on the colour of one's skin.

I was confused at Simon's comments tonight. He understands why Diana is not in the bottom 2 as she did well. He went on to say that he was shocked Fantasia was in bottom 2, and couldn't believe La Toya was either! someone has to fill the second spot, but he is shocked that any of them were besides Jasmine. What does he want? A 'bottom one' spot? It's down to a handful of people...half of them had to be in the bottom 2, end of story!

Other folks tonight are saying people are giving Jasmine a sympathy vote cause she was crying, or that ppl are voting in retaliation to Simon shoving La Toya & Fantasia down our throats. That may very well be true but I seriously doubt there would be that many that vote that way to counteract those who voted based on the performances last night.

People are also quick to say it's all rigged! That's the *only* explanation that makes sense as to why Jasmine could have beaten out La Toya. This makes no sense at all to me. First off, AI *wants* La Toya and Fantasia. They've been pushing them for Final 2 since the start. Why would they *rig* the votes, to get rid of their favourite?? The answer is, they wouldn't. Now if La Toya had had an off night and did horrible, and Jasmine did amazing, and somehow La Toya still ended up being safe...then you have some grounds for you *rigged* theory.

There are many possible reasons why La Toya is gone, and why Jasmine is still there and undoubtably we will never know why. But please, don't cry racism or rigged votes out of anger cause neither one of those theories hold any water. Instead, turn that into fervor to ensure that the idol you like,that is still in the competition gets the votes and backing she needs and deserves.