Gizelle Fernandez - Tango. I thought she did an incredible job. She was the only one who did the distinctive quick snapping of the head and movements. Sure she was rigid but that's the tango. I thought the judges were trying to nitpick and destroy an incredible dance. After all, she is definately not their favourite. She deserved a 23 or 24 instead of her 22.

Jerry Rice - Jive. I thought he did fairly well. I don't think his moves were as sharp and pronounced as they should be for a jive, but I definately think the "jerryatric" comments were uncalled for. His 19 score should have been around 21-22.

George Hamilton - Tango. For the first time (i believe) the male and female stars were allowed to switch their gender's assigned dance. I sum it up to George's inability to be able to perform such a physical dance as the jive. While George has all the charisma in the world, he's taken every dance he's done and mutated it to suit his physical ability to where it's hardly recognizable. Sure he entertains you but c'mon, do the dance or get out. His 22 score was a joke. The judges like him and will always score him higher than he should. I feel that he and Jerry should have swapped scores putting George at 19 instead.

Lisa Rinna - Jive. In order to keep it 50/50 jive/tango, Lisa dances the jive. I think she did a fantastic job for a celebrity and got the appropriate comments and score of 25.

Master P - Jive. I'm most certainly not a fan of him. He can't dance, lacks enthusiasm and refuses to wear the proper dance attire. However, I also see that he *is* trying and *is* improving. While I think the judge's comment telling him that he and the competition should part ways was exceptionally harsh, the scores were well deserved. I believe Master P made it through because of 3 things. 1) you can see he's trying and improving and they didn't show much of his attire resistance this week. 2) Spite vote in retaliation to the judge's brutal comments. 3) Pity vote as Master P is saying he's doing it for his partner Ashly as this is her life-long dream. (guess the Katrina victim angle didn't work so well for him.)

Stacey Kiebler - Tango. I think she did a bang up job. Her stone cold lifeless facial expression for 90% of the dance was disturbing though. However i think the scores were ludicrous. How can the judges make comments like they did (can you say cold fish anyone?) and then *still* turn around and give her 9's for a score of 27. She is obviously their favourite to win and even if she goes out and farts the national anthem, she'll still get 9's across the board. While she did a great job, she should have been down around Lisa Rinna's score of 25.

Drew Lachey - Jive. This guy is awesome. He and his partner have the total package. They can dance their asses off, the work well together and they have this incredible dynamic that just radiates in their performances. Excellent choreography tops it all off giving them the appropriate score of 27.

Tia Carrere - Tango. O..M..G.. I adore Tia and have been hoping she does well in this competition though i know she doesn't have a hope in hell with Drew & Stacey around. Her Tango blew my socks off. It was smouldering, sexy and just incredible. I can't even pick a favourite part. I just want to watch her performance over and over. She definately deserved the judges comments and score of 26 however I think she danced circles around Stacey and should have received a higher score than her.

Scores, mine and theirs
Drew Lachey - 27
Tia Carrere - 26
Stacey Keibler - 27
Lisa Rinna - 25
Gizelle Fernandez - 22
Jerry Rice - 19
George Hamilton - 22
Master P - 14

Overall, the judges scoring was not TOO terribly outrageous but they definately have their favourites in Drew, Stacey & George and their non-faves in Master P, Jerry & Gizelle.