I must preface this with the fact that the Paso Doble is my favourite of all ballroom dances so I was looking forward to this episode....

First up:

George Hamilton - Paso Doble. While George is entertaining to watch, he includes very little of the actual technical components of the dance into his performances. In part it may be due to his age and current injuries but I feel like the majority of it is due to his flair for the dramatic! The paso doble is extremely difficult to perform but I felt with its lack of extremely fast movements and overabundance of strong confident strides, this dance would have been nicely suited to George's ability and personality. Unfortunately, I felt he took the easy route again. Judge's score of 21 was appropriate.

Tia Carrere - Fox Trot. The foxtrot is again, a very difficult dance to perform as there are all sorts of starts and stops and tempo changes. There were a number of little footwork bobbles but overall, she pulled it off with alot of grace. You can see on her face that she fully gets into the performance and tries very hard. I'm afraid though, that this was not her best performance. The judges score was higher than I thought it would be at 25 points. I would have dropped it down to 24 at most.

Master P - Paso Doble. Honestly, I don't know how Carrie-Anne could say it was his best dance yet. It was an assault on my visual senses. At the very best of times, he was stomping from left to right foot like Godzilla out to conquer Manhatten; at the worst of times, he stood there, hunched over with his hands at his sides with Ashly having to guide him through the whole thing. Between Len's plea to the public to stop being cruel to P, Ashly and viewers by voting him to stay and the lady host raking him over the coals about his 20 hours total practice (compared to 130? hours for the rest), the show made it abundantly clear they want him OUT NOW! Unfortunately I think he'll stay. If they score via the ratings system like they did last season, he'll stay. If it's based on total score, hopefully the 8 points total will be enough to compensate the perfect scores his fans will be giving. Maybe instead of us all voting to keep our faves in, we should be voting 1's and 2's for Master P!

Stacey the Kiebler Elf - Fox Trot. I hate ringers. Period. Ok, ok, I'll comment on her dance. She did an excellent job with fluid graceful movements and plenty of leg extentions. Show off! lol. Ok, back on track..she definately deserved her score of 26 as she did dance wonderfully. Next!

Drew Lachey - Paso Doble. I said to my husband that *now* we'll get to see what the Paso Doble is all about! I was a little taken aback by the choice of song (thankfully it was a re-mix and not Mikey's piercing version) but surprisingly, it worked. I even liked their little Thriller moves tossed in there. The one thing Carrie-Anne said, that sums up how I feel about Drew, was that he approaches his performances with integrity. He wants to master the dance first, then add his performances and routine into it. To date, Drew has never (insert bad word here) the dances to the point of them being totally unrecognizable! His score from the judges of 28 was well deserved.

Jerry Rice - Fox Trot. The trip to the ballet studio did wonders for Jerry's movement and ability to blossom into a great ballroom dancer! (gah i sound like Bruno with his overexuberant comments) I still felt like he was dancing in slo-motion and playing it "safe". While all the moves were there, if he had only picked a slightly more up-tempo song and kicked it up a notch, it would have been a much much better performance. The judges' score of 24 was about perfect.

last but not least:

Lisa Rinna- Paso Doble. O..M..G!! She blew my socks off! She was agressive with sharp demanding movements and *finally* I got to see my beloved skip stomp that I love so much in the Paso Doble. The only thing that left a bad taste in my mouth was the fact that while it's supposed to be the bull and the matador, the matador is supposed to have total control over the bull. Agression, but control and domination. I found at times, that Lisa was controlling her partner instead of the other way around. But that's just the purist in me. Lisa's footwork was phenomenal and the passion was just oozing out of her performance. Toss in a musical soundtrack with trumpets blaring that gets your heart racing to begin with and you get an unbelievable heartstopping performance. The judges' score of 26 was the only one I disagreed with. It should have been at least 27 or 28.

Can't wait to see who goes home tomorrow night. After tonight's performances, I will stick with Tia going home with the slim possibility of Master P.