Rachel maybe HOH but the puppet master Dani is running the house!
8:45 am – Brandon, Rachel and Shelly is the first ones up. Brendon tells Shelly that once he wakes up he can’t go back to sleep so they just got up. They made breakfast and had general chit chat about where they live. By 9:30 BB woke everyone up. Kalia joins them and she tells them that her friend is a juror on the Casey Anthony trial. Since it ended once they were in the house they don’t realize that it is over and she walked. Brendon made the comment that the jury will be out like 3 months and the end is so obvious.
A bit later Brenchal had a bit of a tiff. Seems Rachel got a speeding ticket and didn’t pay it, and Brendon told her it will triple within 3 months, she said that it was taken care of that she talked to an attorney, and this pissed him off.
Brendon and Shelly clean the bathroom, Shelly the toilet and toilet area while Brendon does the shower.
Lawron is first to approach Rachel in the hoh room. She is alone and he basically tells her that he is playing the game strategically with her. That if he wins hoh he would check with them first before nominating anyone. He tells them he is loyal to them.

11:00 am – BB tells Rachel and Brendon that they are closing the HOH room for a few hours so they had to take what they want and leave.

Rachel meets Porsche in the storage room and Porsche tells her that she is in their alliance to final 4 and Rachel told her she better win HOH. Porsche tells her she wants Kalia to go home because she is a pain in the ass. Rachel then told her that last summer she won every quiz competition because she knows everything and everyone. That you have to think like the audience and know who is popular etc.
At 11:45 we have trivia on the feeds for the competition. While they were on trivia we got a quick glance of the house for a second. We saw a bell in the living room and Rachel sitting there, Jeff sitting on the counter and Adam sitting on the table, there was also a microphone behind Jeff in the kitchen. The feeds returned at 3:30.
It was luxury competition, hosted by David Hasslehoff. He even kissed Jordon’s cheek . The winning couple got to pick 2 more people to watch his new show “ same name” which starts this Sunday right after BB on CBS. . Jordon chose Kalia and Shelly for the showing and really pissed of Rachel. Here are some details reported by an updater: It seems like the competition was to guess a celebrity that you could switch lives with (hinting at the TV show "Same Name"). Guesses were based off random objects placed around the house, including the microphone seen earlier. The bell on the stand in the living room was used to ring in and answer the celebrity in the diary room. Other objects included soap and something to do with a knight. (Similar to the Coup D'etat comp from All Stars)

HGs made a lot of guesses, including Keira Knightly from Rachel and Michael Jackson from Porsche (?). Jordan guessed David Hasselhoff and won. Then he entered the house and hung out with them.

Jordan won a viewing of the new TV show "Same Name". Jeff was invited because he's her partner, and she was allowed to pick two other HGs to view it with them. Jordan picked Kalia and Shelly, and they went up to the HOH, ate sushi, and watched the show.
Dom talking game said he wants to backdoor Jeff to get him out. Just what Rachel needed to hear since she was not picked to view the show by Jordon and she felt she should have because “she is the HOH” you know. Dom said that Dani told him last week that if Brenchal had won VETO they were going to take him off so he wants to work with them now. Dom said Jeff is a bully and Jordon will be nothing in the house without him. Dom then asked him if Adam was their target and Rachel answered yes.( wait a minute, she will change her mind). Rachel said that Jeff made first strike last week (calling her out) and the second strike this week (not picking her for the show) so three strikes and he will be out.
Dom reported back to Dani (like a good little soldier) about his conversation with Brenchal. She teased him some and thought it went well.
Brenchal was pouting in the hammock because they didn’t get to see the show and Rachel was saying that Jeff and Jordon should come and talk to her that she is HOH! (She is really high on herself and being HOH) Dani listening to Brenchal bitch tells them that Jeff and Jordon don’t act like they are part of their alliance and will throw them under the bus. She wants them to put them up. Dani also said Jordon was the one that started the gossip saying Rachel was jealous of Cassi, really laying it on thick and trying real hard to have them put up.
Meanwhile Shelly, Jordon and Jeff discuss Rachel’s behavior and call it childish and think she should grow up. Shelly commented saying she was done talking to her about her behavior. Jordon said that Rachel better not wonder why people hate her, her behavior is so immature.
4:00pm – Dani tries feeling out Kalia and Dom on how they feel about backdooring Jeff. They listen and agree with her but once she is gone Kalia told Dominic that it was too early to get Jeff out and he agreed. (The seed has been planted).
Porsche and Dom talk and Porsche told him he needed and alliance and nobody not even Rachel has talked to her. Dom agreed to be part of her alliance but wants to keep it a secret. She tells him that Dani during her season used Nick until she couldn’t anymore then ganged up with her father to make it to the end and that he should watch out. Then they talked about approaching Shelly next week if Dominic makes it through this week.
Dani meanwhile approaches Rachel and starts to work her to put Jeff and Jordon up.
After a feed outage of almost an hour they return and we find out that Dom and Adam are nominated.
We then see Dani talking to Rachel and Brendon in the HOH. She is again talking about back dooring Jeff. Brandon said that if everyone is happy to take out Adam then they should. He kind of shut her down. Rachel said Jordon never approached her about nominations and Dani said that was weird. Rachel thinks Jordon thinks that she is mad at her over the show thing. She wants Dani to go downstairs and tell Jordon that she was mad at Jeff not Jordon at that time. Brendon blankly asked Dani if she thought Jeff and Jordon would put them on the block and Dani said YES. Dani said they would never do it themselves that they would get someone else to do it and look good.
Porsche and Rachel have a discussion the Hoh here it is: Rachel and Porsche in HOH room talking game. Porsche says that the sub-alliances are going to have an impact on the game. The sub-alliances are outside the main alliances. Rachel asks who her sub-alliance would support. Porsche says you and Brendon. Porsche says she is playing for the jury. Porsche says that Dani was her favorite HG and that she had many, many fans. Porsche says but actually, Dani's plan was getting a strong guy and going with him. Porsche says she really likes Dani's plan, then clarifies that was from last season.

Rachel says she and Brendon met last year on the show and played really hard but made a lot of mistakes. Rachel says she's trying to correct her mistakes from last summer, but it's not easy. Rachel defends her yelling about Jordan not taking slop. She said she was not trying to be a jerk, but Jeff went off on her. Rachel says Jordan hasn't wanted to really be on Rachel's side anyway, that Jordan likes Dani. Rachel says she doesn't know what they are thinking.

Porsche says Jordan has won before so she has some knowledge and that Jeff is very competitive. Rachel says that she and Brendon wants the money because "like every little girl wants a wedding." Says they are in for the money. Rachel says I want to win, I want to win money, I wish I had taken advantage of prize money last year and not cared. She says she should have come in last summer and not cared and just said "screw this person."

Porsche asks who she liked last summer and Rachel said, well only Brendon.
Porsche then calls Dom Dani’s little puppy dog. She then pushes for Jeff and Jordon to replace nominations if VETO is used. She said that Jeff is there to win and that she thought it was messed up that Rachel was not picked for the luxury prize by Jordon. She thinks that Jordon protects Kalia and Shelly and that those 4 will come after her. She also said that since Jeff and Jordon went on the amazing race and Jeff went around the world that they should give others a chance. She is really pushing Rachel to put them up.
Brendon and Rachel finally get a chance to talk. They talk about Dani and what a great position she is in and wonder if they should believe her. Brendon does not want to take Jeff out yet because they might need one of them later down the road. Rachel thinks Dani is playing the two couples against each other. Brendon wants to talk to Jeff and Jordon and see if Dani talks game with them because Dani told him she doesn’t talk game with them. Brendon said Dani gains a lot by sticking with them since they are the target.

Meanwhile Dani is talking to Adam telling him to win POVC so that Rachel can make a big move this week and get rid of Jeff. Adam thanks her and agrees to try.
1:00 am – Adam was explaining to everyone how people write up dates about each and every move they do in the house on websites. He said like right now someone is typing Adam is explaining live updates to Dominic. They all laugh.
Dom and Shelly have a chance to talk before going to bed. Dom said that the 5 vets have to win comps or they are done. He said that they have to turn on each other eventually. Dom said he does not trust Adam and thinks he is working with them. Shelly said as soon as she can she is going to win something; She said she wants to put Jeff and Jordon in the jury house together. She wants the girls (Jordon and Rachel to play the game with their men) She said she feels like she is dancing with the devil with those folks! She said how she has talked to Rachel about changing her image but she does nothing to change. They both mention how they miss Cassi today. Dom said that when Dick and Dani walked in he thought they were a couple. Shelly then explained how Dick worked and wished he had stayed around some because she thought she could work with him. Shelly asked Dom what vet group he would like to work with. HE said he didn’t know that he would work with Dani then asked what kind of a player she was in her season. Shelly said she won a lot of comps and that she was loyal. She then said that Dani looks at Brenchal as expendable and thinks that Dani and Jeff are close. Dom then said both couples want him to play for them. Shelly and Dom agree to keep talking on the down play and not let anyone know. They finally say good night at 3:11 am. By 3:30 all house guest are asleep.

Since there was no food competition this week they all get to eat….which means that next week’s HOH will probably be endurance. Clear your calendar now for a long Thursday night!
Who will actually confront the puppet master Dani? Will she continue her ways and get Jeff out this week? Who will win VETO? Will they use it? How many times will Rachel pout, cry, stomp or pull a fit? Only tomorrow will tell!