It's a standard day in the BB house with Kalia starting and ending the day very confident.

Shelly is up and heads outside for her morning routine. All other HG are still asleep


Adam gets up and heads outside. He and Shelly talk about upcoming situation. Shelly tries to work her ‘magic’ on Adam but he still says that he wants to get rid of Dani. She uses the “Big Move” idea and he doesn’t fall for it. They continue to discuss how they think the alliances will go when Rachel shows up and breaks up the game talk (9:14).
Rachel and Shelly in BY watching a bird when R is called to the DR. Adam is in the kitchen.
Adam and Shelly are alone in the BY and resume their game talk. Adam explains to Shelly why he thinks of Shelly as a threat and Shelly tries to convince him otherwise.
Rachel returns from the DR. Adam doing his morning walk and R eating a banana and chit-chatting with S about her family and how it was when she left her family to come here and how she is homesick. R just replies with Aww’s and Ummm’s. They start to exchange college stories about when they were living in dorms, in sorority's, etc.
Rachel and Shelly still in BY continuing their walk down the college days memory lane. Adam has completed his shower and is now in the kitchen preparing himself something to eat. All other HG are still sleeping.
Shelly starts her yard cleaning including taking care of all the mirrors in the backyard. Rachel sits alone on the patio for a while then goes inside where Adam is eating alone at the table. At 11:38 Adam leaves the table and goes to his luggage in his sleeping area and gets some type of medication, he takes that and then returns to the kitchen where he gets a packet of vitamins supplied to the HG and returns to the table. Rachel is out of camera - two feeds on A and two on S cleaning outside. A few minutes later R returns to the patio area and sits quietly reading the Bible. Adam cleans up after himself in the kitchen.
Shelly finishes her cleaning and sits on the patio w/ Rachel then Adam joins them outside and they continue to talk about their lives outside the house. Everyone else is still sleeping. They begin having a conversation regarding evolution vs Bible and how different people have different beliefs.
Shelly is lounging in the pool and Adam is alone on the patio looking through the Bible and smoking. He then gets up and goes inside to lay down. Rachel is preparing to work out.

Kalia wakes up and goes in to talk to Adam where he is just laying down and thinking. She tells him that she is having trouble this week because she is in the block with Dani and that she is just going to lay low this week, just chill until next week and then go on from there. He agrees with her and tells her that the main problem with this game is not making it personal cause it is just not possible.

Dani is up as well and in the bathroom brushing her teeth, washing her face, etc.
Porsche follows moments later and starts her morning routine. Rachel is done walking and is now sitting at the pool talking to Shelly telling her that she believes that she still has a shot in the game. They start going on what has happened in the house in regards to competitions. Kalia and Adam are talking and Dani comes in and gets something and they continue talking about the way that being a HN feels. K starts to get ready to go to the pool. Adam talks to her like she is going to be there next week, confirming that she has his vote to stay. R is doing her stretches by the pool and talking to S about her relationship with J/J and how they are comfortable with each other. Porsche and Dani join them in the room and they are getting on their suits to go out to suntan. Adam gets up and follows Porsche to the HN room for her to give him the ‘gifts’ they made for him last night, she shows him the other things that her and Dani made and then they both leave and head outside. As they start to come outside R and S break up their convo of home talk and R says she is going to continue her workout. D says hello to S as she begins to lay out.
J/J are awake in the HOH, Jordan is in the BR and Jeff is laying in bed thinking. S is out of the pool and now laying out with D, P, and A is laying in the shade. S is talking to D about her talking to A this morning, telling her that she asked him what it would take for him to change his vote from keeping K to keeping D. Porsche joins them and they stop talking game. Kalia is in the kitchen making something to eat and R is on the elliptical. Shelly gets up and goes inside to the kitchen and then Jordan comes downstairs. The three of them talk about working out and what their normal routines are.
Dani comes in from outside to get something to eat. Dani mentions that her glasses and her nail polishes are missing and that it’s really weird. Shelly is sitting at the table eating and Jordan is at the counter preparing something to eat. J and D do not say anything to each other. Three minutes later Jeff comes downstairs and goes straight to the garbage where Dani is and she just moves away without making a sound. She went outside with a boiled egg and Shelly says “Awkward” to J/J. They don’t make a comment. Jeff snaps at Jordan she she asks him what is wrong with him, he doesn’t answer. Shelly ask him if he is having a bad morning and he says “Yeah”.

Jeff starts talking to S saying that he is upset that everyone is feeling sorry for D and he says that no one felt bad when he got BD’d. He is upset about her slamming doors and the attitude that she has. Shelly is agreeing with everything that Jeff says, he is mad because she told people that he “swore to God” and he said that he would never have said that. Jeff goes out to the patio where Jordan is and sits next to her and has a cig while he talks to A across the yard. J and R talk about how much she has worked out today and R talks about how she needs to tone up so she can fit in her wedding dress.
No game talk from anyone. D, P, S, and K are sunning - A is laying in the shade - R is laying on the patio and Jeff is in the pool. No feeds on Jordan for a while so currently she is M.I.A. R gets up and goes and suntans in the hammock.
D gets up from tanning and goes inside and talks to S in the kitchen where she is making something to eat. She whispers something and S responds with a laugh and says “I know” and then the talking stops because A comes in from outside. P goes inside and talks to A about the peppers and who is hiding things in the house. Jeff gets out of the pool and goes to lay in one of the lounges, K is still laying out and is quiet. R is still in the hammock. All feeds remain on A and P in the kitchen cooking. P is trying to work A into working with them to keep D. She starts to give him reasons why keeping D would be better for them (A, D and P) to keep D since she does better in the comps and that it would be the smartest move for the both of them. He doesn’t say no, but he doesn’t say yes either.

Shelly is laying down and D comes in to talk to her. S tells her that she is going to keep working on A and says that she still doesn’t know if they can get him or not. D is doing her quiet whispering and S responds with “I know” and “I didn’t lie to him, I don’t have a problem with it”. She says “I told him that I have to do what I have to do, I asked him at what point he is going to make a move” D says something but it’s not possible to hear her. S just repeats her argument to A and that he says that he can not shake the idea that D will put him out if he keeps her. S tells D that he just doesn’t believe her. D tries to find out who A would put up if he won and she said that he told her R and K. D questions her on how hard she is working on him and D just keeps repeating “Are you kidding me”? S says it is like pulling teeth to get him to flip and D says that she thought she would have more trouble getting her to flip and she never thought she would have this kind of trouble with A. S says that his idea is to let K or P to make HOH and let them get J/J out so he has no blood on his hands. P joins the convo and they say something about Dick and S tells them that they are so bad. P lets them know that she was talking to him when they were in the kitchen cooking and that she feels confident that he might be getting close to flip. They end the convo, P goes into the HN room to nap, and D goes and gets some of the things that she and P made last night to show S. D returns to the NH room and she and P do their low whispering, they say it is going to be really tough but they may have a chance, that they need to keep pounding him into the ground. She leaves the HN room and goes to the kitchen to eat. K is now talking to S about the HN food.
R is on the patio reading the Bible. P is napping, D is eating and K and S are just talking about the mood in the house.
The HN’s are in the HN room doing ‘crafts’’, no real game talk. Jeff is on the patio with Shelly and they are listening to Jordan and Rachel talk about season 10 and what they (J/J) did prior to the show and afterwards, production finally pays attention and they cut the feeds. When the feeds return, Shelly is in the kitchen getting tea and then returns to the patio and chats with Jeff.
Kalia stops with the crafts and heads outside to sit on the patio with Jeff and Shelly. Porsche fills Dani in on her convo with Adam, how she had asked him if he really wanted to play in a game where he didn’t even have a shot and his reply was no. Dani is pleased that she has two people working for her when she knows that Kalia is not campaigning for votes at all. Adam briefly comes in there to do a ‘funny dance’ and then leaves and returns to the patio. Dani is quietly whispering to P the types of things that she needs to be saying to A. The talk then turns to the crafts they are making. It is just K, S and A on the patio and Kalia shares that she is going to get a new tattoo when she gets out, A asks her if it will be a BB one and she says absolutely not. She then goes on to describe the one she wants and how she wants it to go up her arm. The talk reminds A of one of his dreams so he starts to discuss his dreams again and then K chimes in. Then P comes out and gives S one of the crafts and S gets excited and thanks her for it. K and A start talking about their dreams and S starts to tell Jordan about it and the other ones that they have made.
Shelly and Jordan are in the kitchen and Dani is asleep in the HN room. Jeff and Adam are working out at the weights and Rachel is next to them on a towel. Porsche grabs a pickle and returns to the HN room and lays next to Dani and they start talking again about how they may be able to get Adam to flip. The two of them talk quietly. Kalia then joins them and lays down to nap and Rachel comes in and ask to see the things they made. Porsche and Kalia acknowledge her but Dani just lays there and watches them. After she leaves they all three laugh at her and K talks about her asking about them outside, they all laugh about her thinking that they were made with spoons. Dani says that it would be hilarious if they could talk Shelly into taking quackers into the HOH bathroom so that Thursday someone can go in there and say “OMG, where did this come from” and just watch Rachel’s face. They all agree that she thinks that they are responsible for everything that is done to her when it is Shelly that actually destroyed quackers.
The three of them agree that she (Rachel) tries to be funny but is just rude. They then start talking about different foods they want, D wants Pizza and K wants Dairy Queen. K puts on her sunglasses and the camera zooms in to show D trying to sleep.

Jeff and Adam are outside working out and Jeff is repeating his thoughts about how Dani is making up lies about him saying that he swore to God that he would not BD her and he said that she is just trying to start crap. Adam confirms that he does not like Dani’s game play and he just doesn’t have any respect for her. Jeff starts to remind Adam how Dani was constantly trying to make deals and that it is time for her to go, he says that it would be horrible for Porsche and Kalia to be in the final two and that is what would happen if they don’t get rid of their best player.
Jeff says that he would rather get knocked out by a person that he respects. Adam starts his campaign on getting Rachel out because in his mind she is the ultimate floater and that he does not trust her at all. Jeff admits that he has no doubts that Rachel would get him out the first chance she got and then goes on to tell Adam that he will have Adam’s back and needs to know that he can depend on him to do the same. Adam says that they are good. Adam tells Jeff that he is confused about Jordan saying (a couple of weeks ago) that Adam would be gone at the final 8 and that he has not had a chance to clear that up with her. Jeff tells him that aside from Jordan, he will keep Adam safe no matter what - but reminds him that no one will come before Jordan to him. Jeff points out what a great player that Dani is and Adam agrees that she is considered a roadblock and it would be the smartest move to get rid of that roadblock so that it clears the way for him to get that much closer.
Jordan joins the guys outside and tells Adam that the reason the Brigade (last season) works was because no one flipped. She said that as long as on one flips that they will make it to the end. Adam tells them that he keeps thinking about that each time this week when they have come to her to get his vote, he has yet to mention that Shelly is trying to get him to flip. Jeff mentions to Adam that they (the HN’s) are being mean to Rachel trying to make her go off on them and she keeps trying to keep her cool. They told her that she can’t use their eggs and are just really being mean.
Rachel is in the kitchen boiling her own eggs. The guys are outside working out with Jordan sitting in the hammock telling the guys that she isn’t even going to touch an egg because she knows that Rachel is just going to bring them outside and the second they start playing with them they are going to come out there and talk about how they took “their” eggs. Jeff agrees and says that he isn’t even going to touch an egg.
Adam is telling Jordan his convo with Dani where he told her that he wasn’t going to vote to keep her because he sees her as a threat and that he doesn’t think that he can trust her. Jordan sees Kalia walk by the doors and head to the bathroom and warns Adam that she is coming. Rachel is on the patio and Jordan tells her that it is good that she only made five eggs because she doesn’t want to get screamed at. Rachel is going to color them with some dye that she found in the storage room. Kalia returns to the HN room and tells Porsche about Rachel using the eggs and the playdough. Porsche is awake and working on her crafts. Dani and Shelly are sleeping.

Kalia and Porsche are playing “cards” in the Parlour room.

Jeff and Jordan walking in the backyard, they are talking about Adam. Jeff says he made comments that tells him he is definitely with Porsche. Jordan says “Do you think we made a mistake getting rid of Brendon”, and Jeff says “I dunno, do you want to go back in time and get him?”. Jordan says that Shelly acts fine and asks if she is worrying Jeff. He says not really, he just wants everyone out of there. He says he is definitely not getting rid of Rachel, he already got rid of a good player, he isn’t getting rid of another for “them”. Jeff says that they (Adam and Shelly) are playing the ‘I love everyone card’ and he doesn’t respect that. If he gets out, his vote is going to someone that played. He thinks that Adam would definitely take Porsche over Shelly. They say if Adam does put up Rachel (w/ Kalia), they will use Shelly and tell her that he wanted to bump her out of final 4 to get her to vote out Kalia and keep Rachel. They move on to discuss the egg situation earlier with Kalia and Rachel (looks like Adam came out back and stopped the talking). Jordan says she is getting annoyed being in the house, and is ready to get out. Jeff says just three more weeks, and maybe you’ll get another free house!

Jordan now going to lay down, and Jeff and Adam talking on the back couch. Jeff says “Why do you have to make Jordan worried”, about him. Adam says there is no reason for them to be worried about him, he is just worried about Rachel.

Jeff is telling him he knows Adam would like to have Porsche, but she has done nothing in this game. Adam says he hasn’t talked to Porsche since the week of Lawon. Jeff tells Adam that he can make sure Rachel won’t put him up next week, but if he wins and puts her up, she will come after him. He says if Adam wants to go final 4 with Porsche, then it is a different story. Jeff says if Porsche hangs around and knocks him out “I will f**** kill myself”. He tells Adam he needs to make a decision between Shelly and Porsche. They talk about Jordan beating Natalie in S11, and Jeff says that the argument for Jordan was that she stuck to her alliance the whole time. He tells Adam slyly that if someone flips on him in this game, they won’t get his vote in the finals.

Jeff leaves, and Shelly joins Adam on the couch. Adam says he still doesn’t see the benefit of keeping Dani. She asks him if he thinks they can get through the game the other way? He says, with Jeff and Jordan, yeah. They start talking about the ‘Adam wanting to put up Rachel’, and where she sits in the game now. They start talking about jury votes and if Rachel could get them. Shelly asks Adam, if Rachel is up against you in the finals, and she won the last 3 HOHs, she should beat you? He says yes. She says, so it doesn’t matter to you if people lie, cheat and steal to win this game (referring to Rachel).. and he says no, he is voting on the best game. She says well, why wouldn’t you flip to the other side with Dani then? He explains the talk he had with her when she asked why he wouldn’t keep her.. he said because she is dangerous. He knows Dani could beat him in competitions, and she is just using him for a vote. Shelly continues to push to keep Dani, but it doesn’t look like Adam is budging.

Jeff goes upstairs and rehashes his conversation with Adam to Jordan. He tells her that if Kalia and Porsche go, she is almost guaranteed final two. They start going over scenarios, and agree that they definitely want to keep Rachel in the game, and a double eviction week coming may be a good time to do this. Jordan thinks there maybe another twist coming, like DPOV, but Jeff thinks it is too late in the game. Jordan heads down to take a shower, and Jeff to cook some food.

Adam was sitting at the table eating and Dani sat with him and started her quiet whispering. Jeff was in the kitchen making a plate of food and Shelly was sweeping. He was responding and one of them said the name Porsche then Adam got up and took his plate to the sink. Jeff took his plate outside on the patio (where Jordan was sitting with Rachel as she is eating). Dani starts talking to Shelly and says “I have never met someone so...what is the word I am looking for” then Shelly starts talking about the Playdough. Porsche is called to the DR as Dani and Shelly walk towards the bedrooms. Rachel comes inside and comments that the Halibut Jeff made was the best ever and she is going to save the remainder of hers for later. Kalia walks in and Rachel asks her if she cheated and she just replied “What? No, Porsche was just called to the DR”. Then Rachel makes the comment “Why does food taste so good in this house” smirks and then returns to the patio. No one comments on her statement.
Dani goes into the bathroom and tells Dani that he loves her earrings and she just comments on what Rachel said, Adam said that he doesn’t think that she meant that, Dani tells him “Oh absolutely she knows exactly what she is doing”. He turns and goes out to the patio.
R is called to the DR and as she is going in S is coming out to the patio with her beer. They (J/J, S and A) start to discuss what they would get in their HOH baskets, S says that she wants to get Patron and Jordan says it would be so nice if she could get it. They talk about how R does not know how to drink in moderation and then they start talking about how each of them drink. The talk moves to them being the final four and S starts stroking Jeff on what a great speaker he is, Jeff says tell me that when we are the only ones left. She says that they are a solid four. A says that he just wants to have a luxury comp and says that he want’s to win something. S starts telling Jordan that she will get her some Victoria Secret Pink shirts and stuff in exchange for Jordan getting her some of the shampoo and conditioner that she uses. S says that she does not want to tan anymore. She mentions AGAIN that “her girl” got her the phone call and how it saved her (ed note: yet she is willing to stab her in the back less than a week later). Kalia joins them outside and they start talking about songs that get to them, emotionally. Christmas songs and then Jordan starts to sing one of them, feed cut.

Porsche and Dani are in the kitchen talking about what will happen if Adam doesn’t turn. Porsche is playing with the Playdough and Dani gives her the idea to leave it out and let it dry out. Dani tells her that she needs to find out what Shelly is saying to Kalia and see if she is saying the same thing to her as she is telling them. Dani says that she can’t ask her because that would be weird but Porsche says that it’s ok. Rachel walks through from being in the DR and just smiles at them as she passes them, neither acknowledge her. Porsche makes the comment that Adam needs to go so that they can for sure have Shelly on their side. Porsche tells Dani that Rachel was asking about some of the things they were making and Dani ask if she thinks she knows what they are and Porsche says “No, she just thinks they are things we are doing for fun”, she has no idea. Jordan comes through on her way to the DR so they stop talking but Dani looked very concerned. Porsche makes the comment that she has to make HOH. Dani starts talking about how Rachel just make a big mess and just leaves it. Shelly comes in and says she is going to take a shower. Dani just sits there deep in thought while Porsche plays with the Playdough. Porsche asks her if she has any suggestions on what they were going to do and she says she has no idea. Jeff then comes in from outside with his dishes and takes them to the sink and washes them.
Jeff, Adam and Rachel are at the pool table starting a game.

Dani and Porsche are in the kitchen - P is making Playdough people and Dani is watching her and thinking. Jordan is in the DR and Shelly is in the shower. P asks D if Adam doesn’t vote for her, what does she want her to do? She says that Jeff is the bigger threat than Adam and that’s who she needs to focus on. She tells P that A will never ever win this game because no one in jury would vote for him. She tells that that she is not stupid that she can study just like he does, she says that she can use A as a pawn and stuff. Dani tells her that she doesn’t need to vote for her if they can’t change A, P tells her that she doesn’t want her to leave with no votes and D just says “You’re so funny” and then looks sad. They start to discuss how long the DR’s are taking and Dani reminds her that they are doing the goodbye messages today. P asked her why does she scare A so bad and she replies “I don’t know, because it’s just me so I don’t get it”. P ask her if she offered him a three person deal or anything and she says not yet but she is going to. Jordan walks through and then Jeff is called to the DR. P asks Jeff a question about how many games can be played with 2 dice and he ignores her (ed note: He probably thought she was talking to Dani) after he passes through Dani just rolls her eyes and says “Some people are just so rude”. Then they start guessing what type of questions are asked in the comps.


Kalia and Jordan are outside on the patio and she is apologizing for “anything that she may of done that cause problems between them”. Jordan says that she is fine now but that Jeff tried to explain why he did what he did but that doesn’t mean that they are angry with her. Jordan tells her that she needs to campaign and not just sit back. She tells her that when she and Jeff were on the block he campaigned and she didn’t. Jordan tells her that she is sorry too, but she says that everything she has said in the house is true and that she knows Dani thinks that is not true. Jordan tells her that flat out Dani is lying because they NEVER swore they would not put her up. Jordan says that she really likes Dani but this is a game and you can’t look at it as something else. She explains that last night that was what caused Jeff to be so angry because he does not like it when someone questions his integrity. Kalia just continues to make amends for the time when she was HOH and J/J came up there and she (Jordan) got so upset with her. Jordan said that she was just having a bad day that day and she probably should not have gone up there. Porsche come out there nd starts to sit at the jacuzzi and their conversation seems to wind down. Jeff returns from the DR and rejoins the pool game. Jeff hovers in the area and listens, making sure that Jordan is not saying things she couldn’t say. Rachel joins Porsche at the jacuzzi and Adam joins Jeff at the outdoor refrigerator. Jordan gives her a pep talk and tells her to regroup and get herself re-charged. Everyone in the BY starts to talk at once about what they are going to do first when the show is over.
Adam and Kalia are in the kitchen talking to Dani and Porsche about past seasons and the fact that Kalia will not shower when she is a HN. Shelly walks in. Adam walks back outside where Rachel and J/J are on the patio.
Rachel comes in and Dani gives her the devil stare as she walks by, then after Rachel is out of earshot she says, “Who taught her how to dress”? They have already asked Shelly to tell her to clean her mess up. R comes back through and ask if they have seen her sweatshirt and K is the only one that answers her. R comes in from the bathroom and stands at the open refrigerator, no one talks to her - they just continue with their crafts. After she leaves they talk about how gross she is and act like 12 year old girls.
Jordan comes in to clean her beer glass and ask R if she is done with the dye for the eggs, she ask the three at the counter if they are going to use it and K replies for all of them and says “No”. So R finally starts to clean up her mess that they have been complaining about for the past couple of hours. Jordan starts towards the HOH and R ask her if she can go up and listen to music, she follows Jordan into the HOH and tells Jordan that they have to go over every single Zongbot quote verbatim. R says that she thinks it will have something to do with the next HOH comp because she asked production how many republicans are in the senate and they told her no, they could not give her that answer.
(Porsche) “Your parents named you after a Porsche, they should have named you after a car with a bigger trunk“.
(Jordan) “The only reason Jeff hasn’t proposed is because you are not good at answering questions”
(Rachel) “It seems like there is a glitch in your system because every word out of your mouth is the ‘F’ word..’Fiance, Fiance, Fiance”.
(Rachel)“Rachel I hardly recognized you without those tears”.
(Jeff)“They call you Big Jeff, it’s not because of your Big Brain”.
(Adam) “When you shaved your beard, I thought there would be a handsome face, I guess not”.
(Adam) “Adam’s fiance says she like bald men, I bet she didn’t know she was marrying Uncle Fester”
(Shelly) “What do you call someone that smokes, hunts and fishes...a dude”
(Dani) “What’s up with you and the showmances, first Nick then Kalia”
(Dani) “Do you own a car, Or do you just ride on your father’s coattails”?
(Kalia) “I read your blog don’t sit by the mailbox for your pulitizar”.
(Kalia) “You write a relationship column, but it seems that you know more about what to do after sex...sleeping”
R asks her to go and get Jeff and Jordan says no because he is down there making sure that no one talks to Adam. R also says that she doesn’t want to study around Shelly because they need to make sure that it is one of them that gets the HOH. R says that she doesn’t care what they say she is sure that A will nominate her if he gets HOH.
Jordan and Rachel stop studying and head outside. The plan is for Jordan to question Shelly on ones that they can’t remember and Rachel is going to play pool with Jeff and Adam and see if he knows any of them. Jordan tells Shelly about Kalia coming to her earlier and apologizing to her. Adam is called to the DR so Jeff goes to the kitchen for some pizza. Rachel follows and ask Porsche if she wants to play Rumy with her and she is talking to Dani and just says “No, Thank You”. Jeff takes his pizza out to the patio. Jordan is telling Shelly about how she was telling Kalia that she needs to fight to stay there and that she hasn’t done anything. Shelly tries to find out if she said anything else. Rachel joins them at the end of the convo and Jeff says “If Kalia comes out here, let’s be nice cause she just had to say goodbye to Dani” everyone laughed except for Shelly.
Kalia, Porsche and Dani are getting ready for bed. Shelly has already left for bed.
Jordan and Rachel are sitting at the jacuzzi talking about past comps and trying to figure out the order that people were knocked out of the comps for a Before/After game. The guys are playing pool.
All HG are now asleep.

Will Dani be able to pull off the impossible? Will Jordan be able to remember all the Zings? Will Shelly gets exhausted from all the flipping? We'll see....

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