Jeff is losing his patience and Shelly calls out the Liars.

HG are played one song and asked to wake up and start their day. Adam and Shelly are in the BY smoking and drinking coffee. Rachel and Jordan are in the bathroom and then both return to bed. BB calls Porsche, Jeff and Danielle and tells them to change their batteries, Porsche and Jeff do get theirs and then return to their beds and go back to sleep. Dani goes to the bathroom after she changes hers and then she returns to bed as well. Outside Shelly and Adam are discussing Lawon volunteering to go on the block and then acting surprised. Adam talks about other HG and Shelly just agrees with all that is said. Shelly tells Adam that if she wins HOH that her target is Porsche because she is completely loyal and committed to Dani and Kalia. Shelly breaks up the convo saying that she has to go to the bathroom and Adam says that he is going back to sleep.
Shelly starts a load of laundry and begins her morning ritual of cleaning.
Jordan and Rachel get out of bed and start their day. Jordan is in the kitchen and Rachel is doing her hair.

Rachel is talking to the camera next to the elliptical and asking questions/talking to Brendon. She had to go to change her battery on her mic because it went out and returned to the camera and continued with her venting to Brendon about how she feels all alone. Confides to him that Porsche is no longer with her and that the other houseguest play games and have talks excluding her. Says that she know that she has J/J but still feels alone, the camera gets Super Close to her face, she closes her convo with Brendon letting him know that she is confident that she will be safe with Lawon on the block with her, she misses him, blah blah blah. (ed note: I just threw up in my mouth).
Shelly joins Rachel outside and they begin discussing Lawon’s game play. Rachel is called to exchange her mic again and Kalia steps outside to join them, the convo changes to game chit-chat. Kalia sits out with them for about ½ hour then she goes inside to get something to eat. Shelly and Rachel stay outside but continue with mindless chit-chat, no game talk.
Kalia and Rachel are outside alone and Rachel asks Kalia what she was thinking when she put Lawon up.

Kalia tells her that he was put up as a pawn and Rachel asked if it was done so that she would go home and Kalia says yes but now that he is acting strange she is changing her mind on who she wants to leave. They talk game and Rachel says that if she is voted out then she will “definitely” be coming back. She also says that she feels that her putting Lawon up shows her that she may be able to work with her because she sees it as a sign that it was done so she would stay. Kalia tells her that she wants to talk to her later with Danielle in regards to how they can work together after Thursday. Rachel does not come out and say it but she is clearly not comfortable in making any type of deal with Danielle, but is careful not to say anything against Dani to Kalia.
Kalia and Rachel talking about how the miss their boyfriend and fiance. Kalia is worried she may have left the relationship at a delicate time, and wonders if everything will be okay when she returns. Rachel tells her if you are meant for each other, you just know and you can’t stand to be apart, and assures her everything will be fine. Shelly joins them outside and discuss what Kalia will write in her blog tomorrow. Everyone else is in the house asleep.

Shelly, Rachel and Kalia talking about Facebook and Big Brother fans. Shelly can’t believe that people let little kids use Facebook, and says she goes through the privacy filters with a fine toothed comb. Rachel talks about all the crazy people who tried to prevent her and Brendon from getting their dream wedding, and people that called her cell phone and threaten her, she had to call the police. Matt from last season got in trouble for something, but we get FOTH.

Jeff is up and washing up in the bathroom, and then joins Shelly, Rachel and Kalia at the couch in the backyard for random chat. Jeff and Kalia head back inside.

Rachel tells Shelly that Kalia told her earlier that they aren’t fully decided on who to keep. Rachel doesn’t see how they could have the votes to evict her. Shelly tells her they don’t. Rachel says unless Adam wouldn’t vote for her, Shelly tells her that Adam and Lawon are tight. Rachel says she hasn’t talked with Lawon more than two words the entire game.

Shelly says Kalia and Daniele are backpeddling, they are scared - she tells Rachel to work a deal with them, DON’T swear on Brendon (even though she told Kalia to get Rachel to swear on Brendon), and tell her to word it like she will keep them safe. Shelly says that Kalia has half a brain in one place and half in the other - middle ground was Lawon. Shelly says Rachel just needs to stay calm, happy and personable.

They think Lawon is completely useless, Shelly thinks he is part of a twist. Rachel says that Enzo (s12) never talked game, Dan (s10) never talked game and won, Natalie was a horrible player and she got second. Jeff comes in as Rachel starts talking about Porsche, but Lawon comes out and the conversation breaks up. An outside lockdown is called.
While the HG are getting up and gathering stuff to take outside, Jeff and Shelly are on the Patio and she tells him (talking about Rachel) that she has never met anyone that just could not keep their mouth shut as much as her. She tells Jeff how she was trying to give her advice this morning but that she is unsure if she is even listening to what is said to her. Jordan joins them and mentions that she thinks they called the lockdown to wake everyone up, Adam joins them as the rest of the HG are brushing their teeth and getting ready to go out. Everyone comes outside for the lock down and Shelly, Jeff and Jordan are the only ones sitting on the patio while Rachel works out on the elliptical. Shelly and Jordan discuss how Danielle has not been a Have Not and Shelly says she is ‘high maintenance’. She says that Lawon is lazy and that he just sits around and stares at people in the mirror all the time, then she mentions that he buys all his clothes in a Thrift Shop and Jeff says that it’s just his style. Jeff has the idea to have Shelly interview Jordan for a job. She starts asking some standard interview questions - ‘Give me an example of conflict resolution’.. Jordan talks about a time a customer was upset that her hair appointment was cancelled. ‘Do you consider yourself a leader or a follower?’.. ‘How do you prepare.. do you have a planner, write things down..’ - Jordan says normally she has a planner. ‘If you could write your perfect job description, what would it be?’... Jordan says there is only one thing she wants to do, it would be to work in a dental office - 7:30a-4:30p, 4 days a week, and then you are off F/S/S.

Dani, Porsche and Kalia are laying by the pool and talking about how dramatic Rachel is. Kalia fills Dani in on the convo they had this morning, telling her how she feels so alone. She mixes up the convo this morning and a different one that they had a couple days ago. Dani says that she is going to call her out on trying to make a deal with K to try and get her out. Saying that Rachel is promising two different things and she is going to call her out on it in front of everyone. Kalia tells her she doesn’t care and then Lawon comes near them getting in the pool. The lock down is over so Dani goes inside to eat some cereal and Kalia follows her. Dani goes to the HOH to get some of Kalai’s cereal and Porsche comes in from outside. Dani takes her cereal downstairs and joins Porsche in the kitchen. Kalia is in the HOH.

Adam comes into the kitchen to prepare something to eat and Porsche comes up to him with half a lemon and ask him to squeeze it into her hair while she works it in (ed note: the cameras move in for a close up and you can see how dirty Porsche’s hair is). She goes into the bathroom to brush her hair and talk to Dani who is in there putting on suntan lotion and she mentions that Rachel is not even talking to her. She then goes outside to the pool/tanning area where Lawon is and Dani follows soon after.

Kalia in HOH eating alone. Jordan in the kitchen making slop, everyone else outside tanning by the pool and playing TV show games. No game talk in the past couple of hours, just everyone hanging outside and chit-chatting. Production has requested that Shelly bring all the small grills into the storage room, Kalia asks her what is going on and she says that she doesn’t care who moved the stuff but that production is not happy about it and the person that moved the stuff needs to come clean and bring the bottom of the grill into the storage room. Kalia went back into the storage room and put her shoes on to go outside. Shelly is outside telling everyone what she already told Kalia, she mentions that she isn’t lying “In case you haven’t noticed, I don’ lie in this game”, no one is moving to get the bottom of the missing grill. Kalia goes to the DR to confirm that they are the ones requesting the return of the grill and they do not allow her to enter. She starts to talk into her mic that she believes that one of the crew must have taken it while they were playing in a comp because she does not know where it is. Kalia goes outside and sits with Shelly and they discuss the missing grill, then ask Shelly if anything has been going on. Shelly says that Lawon has just been hanging in the hammock and has been really quiet and that he positions himself on the hammock so that he can watch people on the patio. Kalia confides that shes in a bad mood and Shelly asks her if her and Dani are getting along and she says “Yes”. They share what they do and don’t like about lock downs and then Kalia says that she “Should work out”, the conversation returns to Shelly saying that production called her to the DR and told her to tell the HG about the grills. She says that she isn’t going to tell anyone again because it’s not her problem (ed note: why would production asks Shelly for the grill bottom since they know that Kalia and Dani are the ones that hid the items - doesn’t make sense).

Jeff is upset that Rachel marinated all the catfish, says that he is going to lose it on her. Shelly asks her if she did it and she says that there is some other left. Jeff tells her that he doesn’t want fish marinated in Italian dressing and that the fish she left is frozen in a block. Rachel then says that she only wants a couple of pieces. Jeff sits on the patio with Kalia and Shelly and they start to talk about the fish in the tank upstairs in the HOH. Jeff is just sitting there angry. The others are playing the TV game show where they have to guess the name of the character they describe.
Kalia, Jeff and Shelly are talking about Craig’s list, Shelly says that she has never gone on there before, and Kalia says that she finds everything there, for instance she says that she found her boyfriend on there. Adam leaves the TV game and joins the patio group, he lights up a cig and Jeff gets up and goes inside. The three of them start talking about their favorite shows that are currently on tv. Shelly gets up and goes inside and then Kalia and Adam start discussing where the bottom of the grill could be. Adam changes the subject back to tv shows. Shelly returns but takes her drink and joins the crew at the pool. Jordan is exercising alone. Jeff returns to the patio and says that he is defrosting the block of catfish. He, Kalia and Adam talk about going to the gym and other things they do when they are home. Conversation changes to Kalia wanting to move to L.A. when the show is over and Jeff saying that he lived there for a few years. Porsche has spent the past 10 minutes folding clothes and placing them in drawers in the Candy room.
Shelly comes up with the idea of getting everyone’s shoes together and spell out people’s name or words on the grass for people to see when they fly over in a plane/helicopter. No one really moves to do anything with the idea. Jordan is now on the elliptical and Lawon has gotten off of the hammock and says that he feels like he is going to work out as well. Porsche is taking a shower and Dani is in the bathroom talking to her.


Now Porsche, Dani and Kalia hanging out in the HOH, partaking of the wine bottle(s!) that they hid from the other HGs. They now discuss intellectual topics such as ‘Are the Simpsons human?’, Catdog, Ahhh! Real Monsters and other Nickelodeon favorites. Then they rehash “Catfish-gate”, talk about their grandmothers, and how to pronounce certain words like “Roof” and “Water”.

Jeff, Jordan and Rachel down in the BR, discussing how the twist might work. They aren’t sure if they have made jury yet. After some talk about reality show stars, to which Jeff replies ‘Reality stars are ****ing stupid.’, Jeff heads to take a nap and Jordan heads out back to talk with Rachel.

Dani, Porsche and Kalia are still upstairs drinking wine, and Adam has joined them. They are asking him to describe Farrah (his girlfriend), and talk quickly turns to sexual frustration.

Jordan and Rachel talking about whether they (Kalia and Daniele) have the votes. They have Porsche, who is useless according to Jordan and a “friend-flipper” according to Rachel. Rachel says let them think that, until their “floater army” flips. They both agree that they need to win HOH this week so that they can tip the scales back into their favor. Rachel states that she believes that Porsche is obsessed with Janelle and wants to be just like her, Rachel believes that Porsche is nothing like her and has the worst game play.

Jordan is wondering if Porsche is just pretending to be dumb, but Rachel does not agree and Jordan says that he doesn’t believe that she is acting either. They both agree that Kalia is a good game player and Rachel says that she wished she knew that before she went with Dani and became a part of her army. They both start to discuss the fact that they have been in the house for 39 days, Adam hears them and gets into the conversation. Jordan goes inside and Rachel and Adam continue to exercise.

Jeff and Lawon are asleep, Jordan is making tea, Shelly just finished eating , Rachel and Adam are outside exercising and Kalia, Dani and Porsche are in the HOH still drinking and chit-chatting.
Kalia comes downstairs from the HOH and goes to the DR. Jordan goes back outside with her cup of hot tea. Shelly joins her and Adam. Lawon is still asleep. Jeff is up from his nap and is getting ready to work out with Adam. Rachel is done with her workout and goes into the HN room to change clothes, then starts to work on her hair and makeup in the bathroom.


Rachel goes up to the HOH room finds Kalia, Dani and Porsche all laying in bed for a quick nap since they have had too much wine to drink, she gets them up and talking. Dani ask about Brendon's toe and what happened, Rachel explains that he runs track a lot and apparently when a person runs a lot their toenails fall off....AND that is how Brendon lost his big toe nail! The girls start telling stories about when they had things happen to them like when Dani got her hand slammed into a door and it tore her fingernail off. Porsche tells about a Big Wheel accident that caused her to lose a toenail, and of course Kalia had an almost identical experience with her Big Wheel. Rachel is pretending like she doesn’t notice and is acting excited that they are laughing and being nice to her. Dani is called to the DR, Kalia goes to the bathroom and closes the door and Rachel and Porsche discuss nail polish colors. As Dani goes into the DR her mic is still on and you can hear (sounds like AG) asking her to turn around so they can look at the rash that she has on her back. Feeds go out then return to Rachel talking to Porsche about (surprise) Brendon and how sexy he looks in glasses.


Shelly, Jeff, Jordan talking about Rachel and Brendon’s relationship. Jordan says that Rachel told her that her mother told her that it was her fault that Brendon did the Skype thing. Then Shelly told Jordan that Rachel confided in her that her ring was fake (they got it from Svarski) and that the reason that she doesn’t like to wear it too often is because she doesn’t want it to turn her finger green, she said that they couldn’t afford a real ring. Jordan says that she was shocked that they got engaged just a couple of months after they left the house and that she feels it’s too soon because you really don’t know the person, how they really are. Jeff adds that she is so difficult to talk to because if you say anything to her that she feels is negative she will go off in a corner and cry and pout and he can’t deal with that. They continue to talk about how they think Rachel has very low self-esteem and they all feel sorry for her. Rachel comes outside and starts toward the hammock so the conversation is halted.


Kalia, Dani and Porsche are in the HOH trying to sleep because they have all three had too much wine. Lawon is on the elliptical and Shelly just joined him on the patio and they discuss his exercising. Jordan, Jeff and Rachel go inside to get something to eat. The HG are told by production that the lights must remain on so the HOH lights are turned back on and Kalia crawls back under the covers and goes back to sleep.

Shelly gives Jordan one of her camo pull-overs. Jordan asks her if when they go to visit her if they can go to the bayou, Shelly says that it is right down the street from her. Jordan asks if they can go hunting.. Shelly talks about alligator hunting, four wheeling and skeet shooting. Jordan reveals she hasn’t ever shot a gun. Jordan asks Shelly if she told her work where she was going or if she just asked for a leave of absence. Shelly says she didn’t feel right, and plans on giving her stipend check to the people covering for her when she gets back. Shelly talks about how her Mom raised four kids and was always there for them, she couldn’t stay at home, she would be stir crazy.

Rachel joins them on the patio. Shelly is telling them about how her role is taking care of her family.. she helps her parents now, she helped out her brother when he needed money, and she was on the way to a meeting, and something happened to one of her siblings, and she canceled the meeting and paid $1400 to change the plane ticket. A big plane goes overhead, and they talk about big planes versus smaller planes, Shelly talks about her experiences on different types. Talk turns to 9/11, Rachel and Jordan say they were in school, and their teachers let them watch on TV.They all start to discuss Jeffs’ Around the World For Free trips and how it was just him and one guy filming him. He says that the guy that taped him won an award and that he learned a lot about editing and different cultures and stuff. Adam adds one of his usual jokes and it fails, Jeff tells him to stick to the Jewish jokes and leave the rest of them alone. Jordan asked Adam what the Jewish faith actually believe in, he gives her a very short version. The talk turns to people that they know in their lives that are Jewish.

Lawon joins the patio crew and they are all just discussing when the HNs’ can eat and what they will eat when they can.
Rachel, Jordan and Jeff are on the patio alone and Rachel tells them that Kalia told her that she wants to talk to her with Dani, Jeff reminds her not to make a deal. They all three start to talk about how Kalia, Dani and Porsche talk smack about them and are always talking about PT (Dominic). Jordan says that they remind her of the way the house was when Jessie left in their season. Rachel tells them about “The Renegades” and Jeff reiterates that one of them has to win HOH this week.

Jeff says that he also wants to have the POV as well as the HOH. Rachel is 100% confident that she will not be voted out this week. The three of them bat scenarios back and forth and stumble upon the idea that maybe the person that is evicted Thursday will have to battle it out with Brendon (they don’t think that the other evicted HG would be involved) to return to the house and that is why they have not been told that they are jury.


Then they start to re-think the wording of what Julie said and decide that they must be wrong. Adam joins the conversation and they start the discussion all over again, wanting his input, which is (as usual) useless. Adam and Jeff head into the kitchen, and Jeff brings up the battle to return again, saying what if Brendon does come back and battle someone.. Adam says, ‘Wouldn’t you like to see Rachel and Brendon battle it out?’ - then Jeff says ‘Yeah, but that’s just a crazy theory’.

Amid the discussion outside, Rachel says she wouldn’t know what to do if Brendon came back in - she would cry and hold onto him and never let go of him.


Lawon is now outside playing the bean bag toss game ALONE. Little talking to anyone at all today.

Adam, Lawon and Jeff are grabbing some food in the kitchen. Shelly, Jordan and Rachel outside at the jacuzzi trying to figure out where the stuff that disappeared went. They are talking about personalizing gifts and the Adam calls them over to the hammock to show them a moth that is pink when it opens it wings but is como colored on the other side of its wings. Shelly takes it in to show Jeff and he screams and asks her if she is the “BeastMaster”. She takes it outside on the patio where Porche has woke up and joined them. Lawon leaves the patio area and walks over to the pool table area. Jeff comes outside and teases Rachel and Porsche playing with the moth, Lawon wanders back to the patio and quietly sits on the couch.

Rachel, Jordan and Jeff are outside helping Shelly look for her earring. Adam is just relaxing in the hammock and Lawon is sitting on the patio. Kalia and Dani are still sleeping in the HOH and Porsche is in the kitchen eating. Jordan found it in the (fake) grass!
Jeff is playing pool with Adam and Lawon is on the patio with Jordan talking about his weight loss. He says that he dropped 8 sizes and never had a scale. He tells her that he had a large butt and when he walked it would poke out and he would lean forward. Shelly joins them with a fresh cup of coffee and he tells her the same. Says it took him a year and half to lose it all. The talk about stretch marks and other scar removal remedies.
Dani and Kalia are in the kitchen getting something to eat.

Everyone else is still out back, Jeff and Adam playing pool. Rachel starts to do her daily camera-talk to “Brendon”, but she quickly realizes that the camera is following Jeff instead of her Brendon talk! Jeff walks over and grabs the water jug from the refrigerator, and you see the camera pan down to watch him get it... Rachel is flabbergasted!

Rachel and Adam try to get the camera to show them, but all cameras following Jeff’s every move.

Lawon is outside talking to Porsche and tells her that he has been watching ‘them’ all day and they are sure that she is going to stay and they just talk about what they think the twist will be. Porsche assures him that he has the votes and he doesn’t need Shelly’s vote so not to worry about it.

Upstairs in the HOH Rachel is having her convo with Dani and Kalia. Dani questions Rachel about her telling Kalia that she would be gunning for Dani if she stayed, Rachel did not deny it but says that since she said that she has changed her mind. She says that she has had time to think about it and knows that it’s in her best interest to be with K and Dani. They both tell Rachel, “Why should I believe you, if you say one thing to everyone else and then you say something different to me”. Rachel says that she has not talked game to anyone all week except for Kalia.

Dani says that if she does decide to make a big change (meaning voting to keep her) that she wants to make sure that she isn’t going out on a limb and will end up getting screwed. Rachel keeps telling them that she doesn’t have anyone and that she needs to work with them. From a game perspective it is in her best interest to align with Kalia and Dani. Dani agrees with her but lets her know that she is not sure if she can trust her. Rachel claims she is the number one target in this house and knows that she will have to fight each week. Dani says that if she were to get the votes to stay in the game, where does that leave her? Meaning is she with J/J or with D/K?

Kalia tells her given the fact that the person evicted this week may come back into the game, the process is to either keep her or finish her and everyone is thinking of keeping her and making a deal that they have a truce and she does not come after them. Rachel confirms that she is talking about just them two and Kalia says yes. Kalia says any deal has to involve both of them (they are not mentioning Porsche). Dani adds that Rachel is constantly shouting out to everyone that she is against floaters and since she and Kalia are not floaters then they should be safe anyway. Rachel states again that since Kalia has shown her game play that she does not consider her a floater. Kalia tells her that she can not let Lawon or anyone else in the house think that she is safe on their side. K and D want her to understand that what ever is said in that room is between just them and she can not say anything to anyone period and if it comes back to them that the deal is off. Rachel ask Dani if she will not come after her and Dani says that she will only say that what they say right now is under consideration but if she doesn’t come after her that she will show the same courtesy. Rachel pulls the threatening card and says that if she is evicted and does come back in the house then all bets are off. Dani ask her who she would target and Rachel only says that she will discuss that with her on Thursday. They tell Rachel that if they tell her she has the votes that it is the way it is, if it’s a tie Kalia will vote and either way if they say she is staying then it will happen.

Dani reminds her that in the house this season a week is all it takes to ‘turn your life around in this house’. Dani says that after this conversation that she needs to act like she’s going home, she says that she has played this game before - she’s not stupid. Kalia says that regardless if she thinks that she can trust someone that no matter what, it will come back to them and then all bets are off. Kalia confirms to Rachel that Lawon actually volunteered to go up in front of people so she is not sure why he is acting like he is. Rachel ask Dani if she wants them to continue to act like they still hate each other and Dani responds that they need to just keep things the way they are with each other right now, which is cordial with each other. Dani confirms to Rachel that if she gets HOH she will not nominate Rachel. Rachel says that if that is true that she will agree to not nominate either of them. Rachel comes close to telling them that she has Porsche as her target but holds off and says that they will talk on Thursday, but does say that she hopes that she wins HOH so she can prove herself to them. Rachel asks for confirmation that no one knows about this and they tell her again that this deal is just between the three of them. Rachel says if anyone asks her she is going to tell them that I told you that I am coming back if you evict me. Kalia sits up in the bed like Jaba the Hut and basically tells Rachel that they are done talking. Rachel leaves and Kalia tells Rachel that she is very proud of her. Convo ends at 11:54
Jeff is downstairs in the kitchen with Shelly saying that he hopes Rachel does make a deal so that he won’t have to deal with her dramatics. He is pacing in the kitchen because he knows how long she has been in the HOH talking to them.
Rachel is in kitchen where Porsche and Shelly are cleaning. She goes outside and sees Jeff and Adam playing pool. She goes back in and is clearly looking for Jordan, unaware that she has gone to the HN room and is sleeping. She sits with her and tells her that she spoke with Kalia and Dani and says that they told her that they are controlling the votes and that she threatened them that if she leaves she will come back. She decides not to come clean with J/J.
She tells Jordan that she thinks they just wanted to know if she thought she had the votes. She just acts sad to Jordan and says that she is so confused and she wants to know what is really going on.

Jordan is not falling for it and tells her that it doesn’t make sense. She questions Jordan about what Shelly said to them and she tells her that she (Shelly) just pointed out the pros and cons of keeping her here and tried to help her. Shelly comes into the room and Rachel asks her what Kalia asked her what she (Rachel) was lying about and Shelly said that they are just trying to pick your brains and she needs to just say “No”. Shelly starts in on her paranoia about Lawon when he is called to the DR again and puts a hoodie on and leaves. Rachel tells Jordan that Porsche told her that she had her vote and Jordan laughed and said it would be hilarious if Porsche did vote for her. Shelly returns to the room and says that Lawon just walked past her and did his crazy laugh. She is convinced that Lawon is a ‘plant’. Shelly tells Rachel not to listen to them that she has the votes and doesn’t need them, just to shake her head and go along with them. She tries to convince her that she is safe without them. Rachel just keeps a confused expression on her face. She says that they kept telling her that they controlled the votes and that they were the ones that was threatening her instead of the other way around.

Shelly tells her not to talk to them anymore, to tell them that they had their chance and now she is done. Shelly said “We have your back” so don’t talk to them, they know she will chatter and she said that she didn’t say anything. Jordan asked her flat out if she made a deal or if they asked her to make a deal and she said no, nothing. She starts making up things that Dani said regarding her not liking her. Shelly repeats what she has been saying about not talking to them anymore. Rachel repeats that they never offered her a deal just threatened her.
Porsche and Lawon are in the HOH trying to find out what happened, basically they are all just talking about Rachel, J/J and Shelly in regards to putting them down. Kalia says that Rachel drives her crazy. Lawon says that if Brendan returns he is going to jump up and down and Kalia says why would he return. Lawon says that they brought out the manual and are going crazy trying to figure out the twist that is going to happen Thursday. Kalia says that it is stupid to think about Brendon or anyone else because Julie only said the person evicted this week. Kalia tells everyone that she no longer wants to talk to Rachel about game anymore.
Everyone in the HOH room are talking about ants biting them and each one says that it is the worst for them.
Jordan gets up from bed and goes with Rachel to the kitchen where Jeff and Shelly are. Jeff and Adam go back outside to play pool and Jordan follows and fills both of them in on what Rachel told her that they talked about upstairs. Rachel comes outside and says that she will tell them later but basically they said that they control the votes and that she would be going home. Jeff asks her if she has spoken to Porsche if she is going to vote for her and she says not in so many words, Jeff asks her what she is waiting for and she says for her to not be around Dani.

Jeff tells her that she needs to make Porsche tell her yes or no if she is going to vote for her and then tell her that if she doesn’t leave or if she does and then comes back in the house that she will be coming after her. Jeff is asking her if Dani and Kalia called her up to the room and she says yes and he asked her “They called you up there to tell you that you are going home” she says yes and he tells her that it doesn’t make sense. She tells him that they were trying to figure out who she thought was going to vote for her and she told them that she doesn’t know. She said that she told them that she has J/J for votes. Jeff continues to tell her that it didn’t make sense that they would call her up there to talk to her and that she was up there all that time with them telling her that she is going home, he says “Why would you or anyone listen to that s**t”? She just continues to respond with “I don’t know”. She tells Jeff that they did not try to cut a deal.
Jeff is getting angry that they threatened her. Rachel and Jordan go inside and get something to eat in the kitchen.
Jordan comes back outside and tells Jeff that Rachel thinks he is being mean to her, she said that she is just upset that they were bullying her. Jeff gets upset because she is acting like an idiot. Jordan tells Jeff that Shelly went upstairs to see what is going on. Jeff is upset because he has told Rachel over and over again that she has the votes and doesn’t understand why she even went upstairs to talk to them.
Meanwhile upstairs in the HOH room Shelly is teasing everyone and says that everyone in the HOH room are lying to her when they tell her that nothing is going on. No one is telling her anything. Jordan goes back outside and listens to Jeff and Adam talking about how Rachel is her own worst enemy. Jordan tells Jeff that he needs to talk to her like she is a baby because she gets very emotional. Jeff says that their dog can understand things better than her, Jordan says that she just needs to be babied. Jordan again says that she asked her if she made any deals and she told her that she didn’t. Pool game is over - J/J go to the patio and Adam covers the pool table. They continue to say that there is no reason for Rachel to even talk to them because they have the votes. Jordan says that Rachel needs some medicine and Adam says that they are doing it on purpose to rattle her. They all four discuss what they would say after the votes, blaming everything on Porsche.


Shelly joins them and says that everyone upstairs are a bunch of liars. Adam tells her that Rachel is freaking out again and went to the DR. Jordan tells Shelly their plan on throwing Porsche under the bus after the votes are tallied on Thursday. Shelly said that she just called them out on their shit. She says that she went upstairs and wants to know why Lawon is so happy. She says that when a person lies their pupils get really small and she goes to everyone and checks their eyes. She says that Dani told her she will talk to her tomorrow. Shelly says that Lawon is the one that hid the grill that production is looking for. Shelly says that she told them that she doesn’t like to be lied to or to not know what is going on. Shelly goes over Lawon’s behavior today as far as his watching everyone all day long.

Jordan says that everyone down here (her, Jeff, Adam, Shelly) have been honest, everyone up there (Porsche, Lawon, Kalia, Dani) are liars.

Lawon upstairs talking to Porsche saying that Shelly is crazy! He doesn’t trust her.. Porsche agrees, she says she has felt that way for a long time. They start comparing some notes on some of Shelly’s actions, and how she is always saying she is honest. Lawon tells Porsche his target is Shelly and Rachel, and Porsche agrees.

Shelly, Adam, Lawon, Kalia, Porsche and Dani are on the patio talking about misc things. Rachel is still in the DR and J/J are inside. All feeds on the patio. Jeff joins them while Jordan goes back to bed for the night. Rachel returns from the DR about 20 minutes later.
Rachel and Jeff join Jordan in the HN room and get ready for bed, but they all sit up whispering about how they don’t trust Dani. Lawon and Kalia are in the kitchen discussing the fact that Kalia has gas and then Porsche joins them.
Porsche, Adam and Dani go to bed and Kalia joins then and lays across Porsche's bed and talks to them in the dark - playing guessing games like I Spy. Shelly goes to bed in the HN room where Rachel, J/J are talking and they are all four discussing why they have not had the Jury Party yet.
Jordan and Jeff leave the HN room and go to the Parlour and close the door so they can talk in private. Jordan says that just in case Lawon does return she wants to make sure that he has no hard feeling against her or Jeff. She tells him that she feels it's the only way for them to cover all their bases, Jeff agrees and then Jordan opens the door so anyone walking by don't think that anything is strange. She tells Jeff that she isn't that tired and didn't want to disturb others when they are talking. They talk about personal things that they just like to talk about when they are alone "at home". They start quizzing each other on the competitions that they have had and discuss what the purpose of the Fortune Teller is there for. Just trying to guess what could be coming up in the next few weeks. The HG in the Candy room are still playing the ISpy game.
Kalia leaves to go to bed in the HOH and Adam goes to the bathroom and sees J/J in the Parlour room and joins them. They just chit-chat about the different personalities of the people in the house and Jordan says she is just bitter because she has been on slop for two weeks.
Adam tells them goodnight and goes to bed.
Jeff and Jordan finally leave the Parlour room and go to the HN to sleep.
All houseguest are down for the night/morning!

Will Rachel be able to hold it together and stay in the house? Will the HG figure out that all the evicted HG will have a chance to return? Will Jordan make it till Thursday to eat? Stay tuned....sooner or later somebody is going to lose it!!!!