9:00 AM
The Big Brother wake up call gets little response from the Houseguests today. Jordan and Rachel manage to get up and eventually meet in the Purple room. They are propping each other up for the Veto competition today and studying for questions.

They wonder if Porsche really got $5K or if that is a cover for what she really got. We get a little Rachel insight, “I'm more feisty when Brendon is here because I feel he will have my back. I'm more confident and feel safe.”

11:00 AM
Rachel goes to the HOH room to try to schmooze Porsche. Porsche wants to know why Rachel didn't vote for Dani to stay. Rachel said Dani got rid of Brendon twice and she would've gotten rid of Rachel too. Porsche also noted that Rachel and Jordan didn't celebrate her HOH win. When Rachel asks, Porsche fesses up that she did hide the duck. They laughed and hugged and Rachel leaves.

Next up, Porsche tells Kalia about what Rachel was doing with her. She says "I hate Dani” (ed. for telling Rachel about the duck).

There is a lot of speculation among the Houseguests as to what the Veto competition will be. There is also talk that production told them to hydrate and eventually we hear they will not play until later due to the heat (ed. Close to 100 degrees there with high humidity).

Jordon warns Adam about Shelly being a liar and can't be trusted. He says he knows. He makes a point to say he trusts Jordon, but not Rachel. Adam tells Jordan he was really hurt when Jeff thought he didn't vote for him to stay.

1:00 PM
Porsche tells Adam that Rachel tried to make a deal. She also gloats “that
Jeff can talk [bad] about me, put me on the block, put me on slop and I beat his ass in a physical comp.”

Kalia and Shelly join them. Shelly is happy, she spoke to Jordon and she’s receptive to talking again later. They all agree that is helpful to their plans.

2:30 PM
Jordon reports to Rachel about Shelly wanting to talk to her later. Rachel is suspicious and advises not to do it until after the Veto in case it is a ploy to distract her.

Not long after we learn that Shelly has stumbled upon her own distraction. She has locked herself in the Purple room because she noticed the ‘Don’t Touch’ sign was gone from the Fortune Teller. She figured out how to turn it on. The Fortune Teller moves around, her lips move and her eyes light up, but nothing more happens.

When Kalia comes to check on her, Shelly tells her she is hoping it will give her something to help her in the game, "I've been good, please. I cleaned your room like a million times."

4:00 PM
Adam tells Porsche if he wins HOH next week she is safe with him. Porsche says Jeff threw him the veto because he didn't want to make the decision to choose between saving one of the "floaters" or keep the noms the same. Adam says, “Well I'm an idiot for thinking I won that fair and square”.

Meanwhile Shelly is still trying to figure out the Fortune Teller.

5:30 PM
Everyone except Shelly has assembled in the Living Room ready for the Veto competition to begin.

She is still in the Purple room trying to figure out how to get the Fortune Teller to throw her a bone.

7:30 PM
Feeds return and we learn quickly that Rachel won the Veto. Details were revealed throughout the day: It was endurance where they had to hang on to a dummy that represented their evicted partner.
Order of elimination:
Adam – 5 minutes
Jordon – 9 minutes
Kalia – 33 minutes
Leaving Rachel as the winner.

We see Kalia has wrapped one arm in gauze for brush burns.
Elsewhere Shelly looks like she is really hurting too.

Adam asks Rachel and Jordon if he should start campaigning. He jokingly gets on his knees to beg for them to keep him over Shelly.
When he leaves they realize its better they didn’t win HoH because now they can both play the next HoH. This is our last chance, from this point forward we have to work hard. They are called to the storage room and Rachel does a happy dance.

Rachel thanks God for duo twists

Porsche and Rachel notice the Purple Room is now locked. They can’t get it open with the combination.

Shelly realizing she is the likely target for eviction says, “I’m not moping in the least. I’m a happy camper. She knew when she saw the Veto set up she wouldn’t win and didn’t want to mess up her back. She tells Adam, “You'll have to kick ass now” and props him up.

Shelly goes back to try to unlock the Purple room, “This was my last hope."

She tells Kalia and Adam in the Kitchen she is fine with going home. She has her dignity, grace, reputation, and integrity. She gives them a pep talk.
Shelly doesn’t want Rachel to get the money but notes nobody will vote for her. She'll touts she will be influential in the jury house, “That’s what I do for a living,”

Rachel hears some of what Shelly is saying and reports to Jordan that Shelly is bashing them in the kitchen.

9:00 PM
ShoToo Crawl
In a special Double Eviction Episode, both Daniele and Jeff were voted out of the house. They join Brendon on the Big Brother jury. The Newbies now outnumber the Veterans 4 to 2 in the house. The next HoH competition will air Sunday night.

Porsche Shelly and Kalia run game scenarios in the HoH using colored markers. Shelly still pushing hard that Rachel should go before Jordon. Shelly reminds Kalia to think about the jury votes. They do "worst" case situations. Shelly leaves to go get her meds.

Kalia remind Porsche that Shelly doesn't know about their deal with Jordon and Rachel. Kalia says that this competition was what Rachel does best. Porsche says yes, wrapping her legs around Brendon and Kalia finishes her sentence with "and never letting go."

After Shelly leaves them, Kalia lets Porsche know about Shelly and the Fortune Teller.

10:00 PM
Adam finds Porsche to let her know if he wins next week he would nom Jordon and Rachel. If one wins veto, he would pawn Kalia.

Kalia tells Jordon she thought Adam was a white supremacist. She thought the show would do that to create drama.

Kalia is called to the Diary Room just as she was getting ready to shower.

She is not amused.

Jordon tells Adam and Rachel that Thursday was her breaking point. She didn’t know she could yell that loud. Adam asks if they would do this show again. Jordan says no. Rachel doesn’t think she’ll be asked back again. She would do Survivor. Then says she is going to retire from reality shows.

During this time Shelly is shown wandering around by herself. First looking at the memory wall, then staring at the Purple room door, then sitting in the living room in one of the nomination chairs.

Kalia wonders to Shelly if maybe Adam got a special power. Shelly fuels this by saying he's not worried about competitions. Kalia says her biggest worry is that Rachel has a power she can use it whenever she wants.

Just as Shelly is called to the Diary Room, lockdown is over. Jordon is very happy to be free.

Everyone gathers at the hot tub for general chit chat.Adam in the hammock and is Shelly still in the Diary room.

Shelly finally emerges after about an hour and a half. She spends some time outside then wants to talk to Jordon.

1:30 AM
Kalia tells Adam about the Fortune Teller and how Rachel might have a special power.

Shelly and Jordon start a very long conversation. They apologize to each other. Shelly starts to lay it on thick with a combination of truths and lies and she also cries.

She was tortured over her decision to keep Dani. She didn’t want to lose Jeff and Jordon as friends, “All I've done is stand up for people, help people”. She bashes the way others talk nasty. She then bashes on Rachel.

Shelly makes a point she didn't back stab Jordon. She backstabbed Jeff. She says telling Rachel that Jeff threw the Veto was a "slip" in conversation.

Shelly says, “I can't wait for you to see the show… There has not been 1 second, DR, word, comment, slight, zing, that I have said anything bad about you and Jeff… (still crying) It was an honor to play with you and Jeff...
I have never ever done anything but held you in the highest regard. She says something about Jordan calling her a bitch. Jordon calls her out on that and she backtracks that “Well Rachel did.”

Shelly spins a version of how she approached Dani to further herself and her family in the game (ed. That I’m sure had many yelling at their screens as she talked).

They start to talk in circles. Jordan is crying too and Shelly hugs her.

Elsewhere Rachel and Kalia have a chat. Mostly Kalia rehashing the early weeks from her perspective. Rachel tells her, "you definitely had the 2 most difficult HOHs." It also seems Rachel has overheard some of what Jordon and Shelly were saying to each other. She is stewing about it.

2:30 AM
Back in the bedroom, Rachel wants to know some things from Jordon. Was their alliance ever real? Jordan swears on her life it was real. They go back and forth about past events. Just as Jordon is giving Rachel a pep talk, Adam comes in to go to bed.

3:30 AM
Kalia and Porsche are eating and studying Memory wall for future Morph competition.

Just before 5:00 AM Kalia and Porsche are in the HOH bedroom talking about Shelly being shady. They will talk to Jordon and Rachel about moving forward together. They both go to sleep in the Hoh and the house goes quiet.

It’s almost certain Shelly will be the target. Will Jordon really let Shelly back in her good graces? Does Shelly have anything else up her sleeve to stay? Will the Fortune Teller and the non-existant power drive them all crazy?! It’s a long way to Thursday, so hold on to your hats!

Much appreciation to the Updaters! It was a long night. And of course the Houseguests…