9:13 AM Jordan get's up to use the washroom, passes Shelly on the way after she gets out Shelly uses them and then goes to make the morning coffee. She then goes out in the back yard kills some ants has a smoke and folds laundry.

10:00 AM we get tree's for the morning wake up call, a few house guests are on the couch talking about birthdays. Not much going on other than people getting ready for the day. Around 10:30 Brendon tells Shelly that once they get rid of Lawan and Kalia they will have a nice house. And that Dani has a black heart. After that Shelly says that that wasn't a very nice thing to say. Shelly, Adam, Brendon and Rachel start talking about Dani and Kalia and how they never take the blame for anything and how Kalia just likes to complain. Brendon leaves and Shelly Adam and Rachel talk about Kalia and Lawan and how they are just floating threw the game and how they didn't have to do anything to be there and are just skating by.

Brendon wish's it would rain once while they are at the big brother house. About 15 minutes after he says that it starts raining. He runs in to tell Jordan and some other house guest's that it's raining, they go back to bed. He then proceeds to worry about leaving things in the yard in the rain. Shelly tells them what should be brought in and what would be ok out in the rain. Everyone goes inside except for Brendon who's outside playing basketball in the rain and talking to the camera's about it.

11:00 Shelly Rachel and Brendon have a long discussion in the back yard throwing Kalia and Lawan (but mostly Kalia) under the bus for being floaters. Saying that Kalia faked being hurt during the food competition so that big brother would not make them have not's for the week. Brendon complains that she eats too much. Then it moves on to talk about Dani and how she's living in her father's shadow and how he carried her all the way to final 2. Rachel said that they understand why on day 2 Dick told them that his daughter was a little bitch (his words not Rach's) It starts raining hard again so Brendon gets a trash bag to put over his shirt and starts dancing in the rain.

12:45 Shelly and Brendon are talking about Cassi and her being a model. Brendon says he'd never allow his child to be a model. Shelly says that Cassi started modeling when she was 10 and she helped support her family by doing that. Ironically they then talk about how pretty girls get into trouble for being beautiful. So much for Brendon winning the veto to save his fair lady, he's going to use the veto on himself because he doesn't think he has the votes to stay if he stayed on the block. Shelly asks them who Dani is going to put up in his place, Rachel says that she hasn't talked to Dani but that she thinks she's going to put Jordan up in her place to make sure that Rachel goes home. Shelly ask's Rachel what she'll do if she goes home and she says that she'll go live with her parents for awhile because she doesn't want to move by herself.

1:00 Brenchel and Shelly are still talking now the topic turns to Dani and how the moves she's making is going to have the whole house against her next week. That she can't be too happy in the HOH room with Kalia because she did nothing but talk crap about her before but now they are like best buddies. Brendon says she doesn't have a choice because everyone else hates her and she's just acting out because she's mad that Dominic went home. She's got no guys left to try and seduce to get them to do her dirty work for her! Bummer. Shelly says out of everyone it bothered her most that Kalia beat her in the endurance HOH competition. 1:08 Finally some fresh blood as Porsche comes outside and complains about the snow still being on the ground from the competition. Brendon says out of Dominic and Dani he would have loved to keep Dominic and send Dani home instead and the others agree that they think Dominic was a good guy.

1:20 The feeds switch to the kitchen where Lawan, Jeff and Jordan are cooking. Jeff mentions how Russel used to eat his slop raw he would put cinnamon on it and just get it over with. Jeff and Jordan head up to HOH to talk to Dani. Dani says she's scared to put either of them up because people are acting weird and she really wants both of them to stay this week. Dani says she's willing to put up Porsche to show that she want's them to stay, Jordan says if she does Porsche might go home (shh Jordan! Honest to a fault she is) They think that Adam will vote to keep Jordan, Dani is scared to trust Shelly though because she thinks Shelly is tight with Brenchel. Dani knows if both Brendon and Rachel stay they both will be going after her next week. Jeff tells Dani that if they make it threw this week they will show her the love back. They are confused about Brendon using the Veto on himself because before he said he'd use it on Rachel. Dani ask's them if they can find out who he's going to use the Veto on. They aren't sure where Shelly's loyalties lie and Jeff says that Porsche is already eliminated in his mind because he blocks her out when she talks and he tell's Jordan not to listen to her. He goes down to get Adam. Adam get's dressed and heads up to HOH.

2:00 Adam is up in HOH he tells Jeff, Jordan, and Dani that he would keep Jordan over Rachel, that Jordan is the safest choice if she really wants Rachel to go home. He said that the votes to take out Rachel would be Jeff, himself, Lawan and Kalia. He also throws Porsche's name out there because he knows she would vote for Rachel so that would be one less vote for Rachel to stay.

3:43 Porsche is told Adam that if she goes up on the block she's going to bang pots and pans like Dick did and put bloody tampons in people's beds (eeewwwee)

4:24 Dani wakes up from her nap outside and offers to make Shelly a burger, Shelly says no thank you. Kalia then asks Dani to make her a burger to witch Dani reply's "I'm going to make it spicy and I know you won't eat it because it's spicy." lol!

4:45 Rachel and Porsche are talking. Porsche is scared of being backdoored. They aren't sure who's going to go up with whoever stays on the block but their thinking its either Jordan or Porsche. Rachel tells Porsche not to worry that even if she goes on the block she won't be going home. Brendon get's angry about the possible replacement nominations so he goes to find Dani to talk about it. He's mad that Dani isn't thinking about putting up Jeff. He thinks they made a deal with Dani.

5:30 Jeff and Jordan are talking with Brendon in the backyard. Brendon tells them he's going to use the POV on himself get HOH next week and get Dani out. He's angry that Dani is going to take Rachel out and he want's Dani gone. Jeff and Jordan talk game Jeff think's Jordan has a good shot at getting really far again. She tell's him not to jinx it. Jeff says he's glad Rachel is going because he won't have to worry about sneaky shit and if Dani goes next week they will be strong. Says its 6 against 2 and there's no way Lawan is going to win the next HOH.

6:12 Dani is talking to Lawan about how she's nervous about the next HOH because she can't play in it and has no control over it. Lawan say's he's going to fight really hard for it because he wants it.

8:00 Shelly Jordan and Rachel are making a mock wedding dress out of garbage bags for Rachel and Brendon's mock wedding they are doing on Wednesday. Jeff says it's bad luck to see Rachel in her fake dress and that he doesn't want to be part of all this womanry. A few minutes later he and Jordan are on the hammock cuddling. He tells her she needs to eat something because she's been eating nothing but pickles and that she's going to pass out. She says that she doesn't want to eat slop because it hurts her belly.

All the girls except Dani are making Rachel's trash bag wedding dress, they make flowers and bling out of paper and tin foil. Tomorrow is supposed to be the party day with the strippers. Porsche is going to be the stripper for the guys and Adam is going to be the stripper for the girls. Sounds like Lawan is going to be the minister. Adam is going to be the ring bearer. All the girls are supposed to wear black dresses for the wedding.

9:49 They get booze. 5 beers and a bottle of wine.

10:50 Dani is shaving in the HOH tub talking to Kalia who brought her two beers. Dani talks about Brendon and she's scared that he's going to be coming after her because she thinks he's the best player in the house. They talk about how Rachel and Brendon want her to put Lawan up and it sounds like she's thinking about it so Brendon won't come after her (Lawan would be out) she then decides that she's not going to take Brenchel's deal. Kalia says that she really needs to win this next HOH or else her and Dani are going to go on the block. Kalia tells Dani that production told her that she HAD to go hang out with Dani.

12:38 Porsche sells out and says to Dani that if she doesn't put her up this week and she wins HOH next week she will keep Dani safe. She's also worried that the fact that she knows Janelle outside of the house will hurt her game. Dani tells Porsche that she would like to work with her. Porsche says sorry for getting Dominic out but if she voted the way she wanted to she would make enemies in the house. Porsche throws Jeff under the bus and says she'd love to see him go home because he already won the 10 grand.

Pretty uneventful day in the house. Who will the replacement nomination be? Will Rachel go home? Will her trash bag dress fall down in the middle of the wedding? Only time will tell! Thanks updaters you rock!